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  1. The crack potatoes were a big hit with the baby. Her mom would give her a little spoonful and when she wasn't ready with another one, the baby would start waving her hand and then look at her father like "Can we hurry this along?"
  2. How great of a city is Chicago? During the commerical breaks and lulls between matches, there were chants of "Fire Nagy!"
  3. AEW opens up their TV show with a 20 minute promo segment. And it freaking RULES! It's not the kind of thing that I want to see from them every week, but in capable hands like Punk and MJF, it worked perfectly.
  4. We are making the turkey and green been casserole (). My mother in law is making her mashed potatoes. Or, as my sister in law and I call them, her crack potatoes. I'm not sure what my sister in law is making, but she's bringing my neice (five months old today) so she's really making the biggest contribution.
  5. Until two weeks ago my wife was an assistant school librarian. She had to leave the position because the full time librarian was making her life a living hell. To the point that she wouldn't even talk to her directly, but would instead fire out nasty emails with the principal copied to them. My wife told the principal that it's not working out and as much she loves the library (she's actually taking classes to get her librarian license) and wants to be there full time, this is going to make her hate it. The principal has her working with Special Ed (her job before the library) and doing any other misc duties that they need, and she's been assured that when it's available that the next librarian is going to be her. The librarian's last name is Mitchell, so we've taken to calling her "Bitchell" and playing the Cartman song about Kyle's mom.
  6. One of my work buddies and I were watching a video of a dude ranking all of Stephen King/Richard Bachman's novels, mostly for him to decide what he wanted to read next. He wound up choosing "The Stand." More than a year ago we listened to the audible version of "IT" (narrated by Stephen Weber, and made us laugh our asses off), and he hasn't read anything since that has really stuck with him. During that video, I saw a book that I'd never heard of called "Mr. Mercedes" which I'm currently reading and absolutely loving. I've always been a big fan of murder mystery and private eye stories anyway, so this is a match made in heaven for me. I understand that this is actually the first part of a trilogy, but I'm gonna wait a bit before I dive into the second book, just because I'm loving this one so much and really want to take it all in.
  7. Tony Romo said it best. They were an absolutely stout defense for fifty-eight minutes!
  8. The coach who actually went onto the field in order to stop a Ravens kickoff return for TD is in favor of cleaning up the game.
  9. The penalties absolutely hurt us, especially that taunting one after the sack. But holy shit did the refs screw Chicago over tonight. That TD coming back was criminal, and the cheap shot on Fields after that was just adding insult.
  10. I honestly was. Just so the brass could tell Rodgers “no thanks” whenever he’s ready to come back.
  11. Does anyone else think that Lambert pins Jericho at the PPV?
  12. At the risk of sounding like Cornette, I really hope Cole vs. Siver doesn't happen on Rampage. Cole's sell job with that conchairto was fucking great, espeically the twitching fingers. Let him put that over for a full week at minimum! The Elite can trot out Cutler or someone as a replacement and let Silver go over him.
  13. My daughter's dedication to flag football apparenly knows no bounds. Yesterday morning, neither of my kids nor my wife felt very good. She tells the girls that they can stay home, and that she'll text the coach and tell him that she won't be able to practice. My kid's reply "You know mom, I don't feel horrible. I think I'll go to school and see if I feel better later."
  14. No, it looks like you might have Blake Bortles!
  15. On my father's recommendation I'm reading "The Friends of Eddie Coyle." Dad and I have both become big fans of Law and Order: Organized Crime, and during one of our text conversations about it, he told me to check it out. I was really taken aback by how short it appears to be. My e-reader tells me it's only 141 pages, and after going through the title page, other works by the author, the usual extra pages that nobody reads, and then reading the intro, I'm already 11 pages deep.
  16. I've been in New Mexico for four years now. The wife and I both have friends, but nobody that we'd really classify as a best friend or even a really good friend. More like people we happen to know from our jobs or other places, that we consider to be friends. We've always just chalked it up to our being older now, and that sort of thing not really applying to us anymore (she just turned 40 and I turn 39 in December).
  17. Halloween Kills hits the 'Cock tomorrow. I'm planning on a Halloween refresher course before I dive into it. Thursday Night: Halloween '78 Friday morning/afternoon: Halloween '18 Friday Night: Halloween Kills
  18. Being the huge horror nerd that I am, of course I watched "Chucky." At first I felt more or less the same that Curt McGirt did. It seemed fine, but it was moving slow and I was waiting for something to happen. Then, something finally did happen. After that talent show scene, the only thing that I can say is that Chucky really is a friend to the end.
  19. With Alexander and Bahktiari both on IR, Chicago could make this an interesting game.
  20. I finally sat down and watched Malignant after close to a month of meaning to watch it, and then not being able to for various reasons. I enjoyed it for the most part. The best way I can sum up the plot is to picture Drop Dead Fred, provided that Fred is actually a homicidal maniac. There's a few plot points that don't quite make sense, and the ending feels like it was thrown together because the writer couldn't think of a way to actually finish it.
  21. My daughter shows me a listing on Amazon for a halloween costume based off Squid Game. I tell her hell no, because that's not appropriate. Her argument is "The Principal said it's OK" My reply: "OK, next time that you have school, go find the principal and ask her if she'll adopt you."
  22. Matt Nagy’s job security depends on him doing as little as possible. Fields throws the ball Lazor calls the plays Nagy talks to the press and yells at the refs….
  23. I've occasionally mentioned my father in passing a few times on here. He's 63 and currently resides in a nursing home in Geneva, NY due to having issues with diabetes and the fact that his knees are completely shot and he can't barely get around without a wheelchair. NY State's vaccine mandate for healthcare workers went into effect recently, and the malcontents decided to try a novel idea. They're just showing up to work as thought they think they still have jobs and nobody will notice. It didn't work. So, now that are cops posted at the door, lest someone else try and be smart like that.
  24. It's amazing what Justin Fields can do when the coaching staff decides to let him play to his strengths.
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