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  1. No, that’s what my crazy girlfriend is going to do.
  2. Also, he and Dakota were something like the tenth pair to do that drill, so Kenny should have known it by the time they got in, and it prompted Harley to yell at him for not paying attention.
  3. Because two dogs, a hamster, and a bunch of fish weren’t enough animals in the house. My kids decided they needed a bunny too. His name if Roger, because my wife has no imagination or originality. I call him Cadbury.
  4. Cornette's interview with FTR on his podcast was fan-fucking-tastic. Anyone, whether they're in the business or not, interested in the artform or technical side of tag team wrestling ought to give it a listen. He also reads an email from someone who was a trainer at Harley Race's school at the time Omega was down there, and gives some details as to why Omega isn't a huge fan of Harley.
  5. One of the cool things about working for the county is that you'll get a pay raise for having a degree. It took me a good three months to get my transcripts, because of the pandemic, but I finally got them. I dropped them off at HR, and on Tuesday I signed the paperwork to officially get my raise. Not only that, but I'll have been with the county for one year next week. Which will mean my yearly evaluation, and another pay raise.
  6. At the moment, I'm not reading anything. In the last week, I got a bootleg eBook of the out of print "Rage" by Richard Bachman. And, after reading it, I can fully understand why Stephen King felt the need to have it taken out of print. I followed that up with the SK essay "Guns" since he goes into details about writing Rage, and his reasonings for having it taken OOP. I'm not sure what my next book is going to be, perhaps another of the Parnell Hall "Stanley Hastings" series. After hearing about it on a Joe Rogan podcast, I'm getting my father "Nights of the Witch" for Father's Day. He's always been interested in the Native Americans, and anicent civilizations, so it seems up his alley. A couple of years ago, I got him "Don't Call Me Fake" the David Schultz biograhy, and he went crazy.
  7. Tony: AEW has the best tag teams in the world. Cash: .... now. That cracked me up! I really dug the TNT TItle match. The blood wasn't necessary, but at least it was made to mean something, with JB showing how aggressive he's willing to be. I'm bummed about Tony's slip of the tongue where he said Fenix was going to be challenging next week, since I'd rather see that, than Marq Quen.
  8. It's one of those rare times that I get to be right about something, and throw it in the wife's face. While I was working, I got a call from the bank about a possible fraud alert. I ask her to call the bank and find out what's going on. She insists that it's probably some kind of scam call, but she calls anyway. She's allgedly told that there's no fraud alert, and that I got a scam call. But, just to be safe, they're going to cancel my debit card. Since they don't have a debit card desgined for "You're an asshole" I'm getting one with kitties on it. Two hours later, her sister (who is a supervisor at that bank) texts me for some more info about the number that called me, and what info they gave me. She sends both of us a group text, telling us that the call I got was from her bank's fraud dept about a suspicious charge, and that my wife can "suck it." Unfortunately, it's too late to cancel the kitten design on the debit card.
  9. My part time side gig at the grocery store, which I took on to help cover my wife's medical bills after she had surgery last year, is rapidly becoming a mini full time gig. But, they gave us all temporary $2/hr raises, until this settles down.
  10. They tried cover for it on commentary, Tony or JR said that Jericho and Sammy jumped Darby.
  11. You sure about that? I googled March 15th just for the hell of it, and it is listed as the day that Julius Caesar was assassinated.
  12. It sounds like Dave is saying they probably don't have one, without actually saying that they don't have one.
  13. That's not what he technically said. He's said that he hasn't heard anything about them having one, and, that he'd have heard about it if they did......
  14. Aside from the occasional one with dinner or at family gatherings when there isn’t much else available, you can count the soda’s I’ve had since summertime on one hand. I’ve been drinking sweet tea and gradually working my way down. I used to drink Arizona Sweet Tea by the gallon, but now it tastes like tea with five pounds of sugar poured in.
  15. I once took an interview, strictly out of politeness, because I'd already been informed that I was getting selected for a different job (for more money, better hours, and much better benefits). While I was in the waiting room for the interview, I got a phone call from HR telling me that I'd passed the drug screening, and that they could now officially offer me the job. It made for a very easy interview, since I really didn't give two shits if this place offered me a position or not (they didn't).
  16. Isn’t that pretty much how Bischoff has always been? Anyone who doesn’t see things his way isn’t allowed to have an opinion.
  17. “The Match Beyond” - I’m guessing the Inner Circle vs. Mox/Dustin/Darby/Jungle Boy/Luchasaurus.
  18. I guess it depends on if there's any hard feelings on either side over how Kondo left DG. I'm guessing that Kondo and/or Kaz Hayashi will go back to All Japan, given that the junior divison still has a void in it from Aoki's death.
  19. According to Jim Mitchell (note: someone not named Cornette), the Prince Kharis conversation went something like this. Rubin: I want you to have a wrestling mummy. Cornette: That's not going to work with these fans, with the type of wrestling that we're putting on. Rubin: I'm footing the bills for this company and that's what I want! Cornette: OK then. Truthfully, do we really know exactly how much input Tony Khan has in things? All I've really heard is that he's been more hands-on in the last few weeks, which seems to coincide with the show having a pretty big improvement in quality. Things that didn't seem to be clicking with the fans, like the whole Nightmare Collective angle, and the Janela/Sabian feud seem to have gone by the wayside. Marko Stunt hasn't been wrestling. MJF gets regular promo time.
  20. Demos would suggest it, but they'd be incorrect, in this case. His favorite wrestlers right now are Pentagon Jr. and he always gushes about how much Tessa Blanchard reminds him of watching Tully back in the day. I hope you're right. Like I said earlier, I know damn well he can tear down the house when he gets the chance to. I'm hoping it's coming soon. The last couple of weeks, whenever he's done the pockets routine, he's gotten attacked, or nutted, for it.
  21. It will be awesome, if Tony Khan, Cody, or whomever is making these decisions decides to pitter patter their feet and get there before we all die of old age. I was as big a fan of Fire Ant as anyone, but, when I first saw this Hands in his Pockets nonsense, I wanted to scream. It's stupid indy garbabge that has it's place in comedy matches involving Ebessan and Stoker Ichikawa. It's not the kind of thing that will play to the casual and lapsed fans that AEW needs to try to convert. My 62 year old father saw lie down on the floor after the dive sequence a few weeks back, and promptly sent me a text asking "who is this asshole?"
  22. Well with the buzz that this show is creating, it'll be interesting to see what next week looks like. But, if it doesn't jump, then it's a good indication that 900K is the ceiling. I honestly don't know what else they can do to drump up higher numbers.
  23. I think Daniels is too. Just for that spokesman saying over the mic “Where is Christopher Daniels?”
  24. Yes they did, JR even got in a comparison to Dr. Death last week. I was waiting for another one when Cobb did the Stampede.
  25. None taken, that’s why I tried to qualify it as “one of the few” benefits, if you want to put the strap on Dr. Baker, and not hurt Nyla’s aura. Personally, I hope Nyla keeps it for awhile.
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