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  1. I actually watched that on a little portable DVD player on the counter at Kabuki's restaurant. Kabuki had the same take as me, pills and coke are bad. Kabuki takes credit for teaching the Road Warriors about the fine points of face painting. This series is definitely Tales from the Territories, not History of the Territories. Just some guys that were there bullshitting with each other. Another thing from this series is that I didn't realize that Mike Masters was Rocky Jones.
  2. Hager has been quietly hilarious for a long time now. His five words or so and faces and posing during the JAS promos crack me up every time. That is a really nice hat too.
  3. You are right. Pentagon started as an evil Octagon. He was already evil. And yes, Fenix kicks ass.
  4. Thanks. I will do my best to get there next time in Japan. At this point, I could enjoy a trip just going to wrestler's restaurants, snacks, and bars. I make sure to go to Genki Misae, Great Kabuki, and Kyoko Inoue's places every time that I go to Japan. Kyoko and Yumiko Hotta are in the same building with Noriyo Tateno (sadly no longer with Harley Saito) and Kahoru Toguchi having places around the corner in Musashi Koyama. I was only allowed into Noriyo's and Kahoru's places after telling them that Itsuki's husband told me where they were. Noriyo's place just has a very small sign that might be 3 by 6 inches that says GOHAN members only on the door. No mention of her and Harley. I hope that Natsu Sumire makes my rotation. She kicks ass!
  5. Is Sumire a mama san at some bar? I would 100% go there.
  6. Throw in some various berry and you have a Konnan promo.
  7. I saw that NJ is selling a package tour for US fans to go the the Dome show. I thought that the prices were reasonable, but then someone showed me that airfare is not included. They are charging $1200 - 2000 for what I would spend $500 for with the current exchange rate. I decided to skip this year. I will go to the Muto Dome show instead. If things go well for me (I'm a fat old man having mobility problems) I will go back for GW into the May Sumo.
  8. Party with pictures was this weekend. Check around. An amazing amount of wrestlers were there.
  9. Rin Kadokura got married and had a reception with most everyone who is part of the Chigusa tree of wrestling there. https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=822354415684386&set=pcb.822354489017712
  10. Common for punk bands to say see us at the van after the show to get shirts.
  11. The long shows running too late is an issue why I don't go. I take mass transit to the venues. I need to be leaving for the last train home between 11:45 and 12:45 depending on if they are in Queens, Newark, or Brooklyn. The no cameras allowed policy also keeps me away. The damn fans standing up and holding up signs even higher is just the cherry on top of reasons that I don't go. I like the TV for the most part and really want to go, but I just know that I would not like the live experience. UFC is just as bad. Dana White thinks that the whole world is Las Vegas. I left one show before the decision was announced, left one show before the main event started, and stayed for one show to see the main event, which led to me having to drink until 4 AM and then wait in Penn Station for 2 hours hanging with the bums waiting for the first train in the morning.
  12. The Raiders would work heel. The building would determine if they were cheered for doing it.
  13. Masa Saito could have gone back to Japan instead of prison. He would have never been allowed back to the US. He chose prison so he could continue to get and work with gaijin for New Japan. He also was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. It was all Patera's fault. The story is that Charly Manson was a hero in prison after he went there for beating up a bunch of cops. That was a crazy story too. He was so drunk that he lost his car. He went to the cops to report it stolen, however they arrested him for being loaded in public. He beat on the cops with rocks in his hands. I guess he couldn't get the traditional wrestling roll of quarters.
  14. I like Dory too. Something that Dory did that is very lacking from modern wrestling is trying to hold down his opponent's shoulders to the mat for the pin. I watched the Asahi TV Inoki show with the 70's matches today. There was plenty of trying to pin the shoulders action in that. The "hook the leg" that is used by the wrestlers and talked by the announcers now is stupid half the time. Hook the leg is good if you want to pin his ass, not shoulders. Watch some Dory from Puerto Rico or from when he was booking Florida as a heel. He did the same Doryism, but bled, cheated, and hit people in the head with a cowboy boot. I thought it was cool to have a dirty heel still doing double arm suplexes and headlocks.
  15. Last weekend's World Pro Wrestling on Asahi TV was an all Inoki show. Were there any longer shows on any of the Asahi BS/CS channels?
  16. Oh come on. We all know that shoe! shoe! shoe! was the best thing that he has done.
  17. Are there any other katakana to English mistakes in that (I assume) game?
  18. Why does this Excalibur keep saying sole butt?
  19. Yes. Tokyo Sports and Osaka Sports are like the same papers with a different name. This online stuff from them looks good.
  20. Does Tokyo Sports still publish? I expected to see a new cover layout from your post, I'm old and still buy a newspaper at my local conbini every day.
  21. The bein Sports TV show is still on, but it is repeats recently. Waiting for that new broadcast deal that has been teased for most of the year for new content.
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