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  1. Beating Brodie Lee was special because only Moxley and Cody did. Beating Chris Jericho is special because only Moxley, Orange and MJF did. Beating Cody is special because only Jericho, MJF, Brodie and Darby did. Beating Darby is special because only Jericho, Cody, Brodie and PAC did. Beating Kenny is special because only Jericho, PAC and Moxley did. Beating Lance is special because only Cody and Moxley did. Beating PAC is special because only Hangman, Moxley and Kenny did. Beating Moxley is special because only Kenny did. Beating MJF is special because only Moxley did.
  2. Maybe AEW wanted Deeb and Rosa and had to promise Corgan to feature the Championship to get them?
  3. This somewhat explains the lackluster weeks of Bucks (and really only Matt and some other guy's leg off-screen) superkicking people without much story around. Now we can blame it all on Covid and not on stupid creative decisions... phew.
  4. To be honest, I think pretty much every year of WWE has enough moments to make a great highlight video like this. The (remaining) strength of WWE is to generate some really great (short) moments, but watching 2 hours and 59 minutes for the chance of one good minute is just painful. I mean, yeah, that video was great, but there's probably also a WWE highlight video that could make you think a WWE had a banger of a year. The difference for me is that I know that I'll have fun pretty much the whole two hours with AEW.
  5. But do they feel pity, remorse or fear?
  6. Is it just me or did the Brodie-inspired gear make John Silver look even smaller than he is?
  7. I like Miro as a dork who we know can absolutely wreck you. I like that contrast. But it sure would be nice if he would wreck more people more often. Austin Gunn, Brandon Cutler, Joey Janela, Marko Stunt, Matt Sydal, QT Marshall and Sonny Kiss are just waiting to be obliterated.
  8. Well, most people outside of wrestling have no idea who anyone in wrestling is. And I don't know how you define the spectrum of pro wrestling fans here, but most pro wrestling fans probably only know WWE guys or guys from whatever promotion they choose to follow. So, what exactly is the point here? The thing with Orange Cassidy is that YouTube and several board members own experience seem to point out that he's a pretty good guy to get non-wrestling fans into wrestling. He's selling a good amount of merch, too, so that's nice. I really don't see a good reason for AEW to not feature him.
  9. It really became a running gag that I tell my girlfriend stories from wrestling when she has trouble falling asleep because she just has zero interest in wrestling altogether, but even she likes Orange Cassidy from the few times I watched AEW and she wasn't sleeping next to me. He's one of a very few she could tell by name if I showed her a picture, besides maybe (maybe, not sure) Omega, Moxley, Bucks and Jericho. We incorporated the half-assed thumps up into our daily life. Five of the top ten AEW videos on YouTube are somewhat related to Orange Cassidy. People get Orange Cassidy. Inside
  10. Yeah, sure. I'm all in for more Miro and less Janela. But unless you wanna see Miro losing everytime he's seen on Dynamite, that's probably not the best trade. To be honest, I like AEW only having two hours of important tv time. I'm okay with people beeing on the sideline from time to time. They should use Dark more like before Covid.
  11. AEW filmed a dark segment after the show with the Elite and Dark Order where Brodie Jr. defeated Kenny Omega to win the championship. So it was probably the son of Brodie under that mask.
  12. I really don't see why I should have a problem with the way Marko Stunt is featured. Yes, he gets some offense in, but he's a "cult" jobber and sometimes tag team attraction by beeing a projectile to throw around. I don't have to take him seriously and I really don't feel like AEW wants me to take him seriously. I mean, he won two singles matches against an unsigned unknown and against Nakazawa (who sits in the same boat with Stunt) and both matches were on Dark. He's not beating people he shouldn't beat. Same with Joey Janela. I don't think he's won a single match on Dynamite. Yeah, I thought
  13. I wish things like that promo by Matt Hardy or some more of the stuff of Dark Order and Hangman would make it on to Dynamite. Or at least Dark. There are obviously some "stupid" bits on BTE that should stay on BTE, but I'd like to see some of that character-driven and storyline-progression stuff get elevated from BTE-obscurity to AEW-mainstream.
  14. Vince probably announced beforehand that they would need to push the shock factor to battle the falling ratings and poor Madigan thought he'd hit a homerun.
  15. With the limited time AEW has to offer, who do you feature less to feature Miro more? He's a substitute at the moment, waiting for his time, which sucks if you ask me, yeah, but he's not alone on this bench. I mean, I really don't like what the Acclaimed have shown me so far, but they clearly are a project and if AEW would give these minutes to the ex-WWE star obviously some people would criticize that as well. I get the point that you feel Kip kinda drags Miro down (I don't feel that way, but we can agree to disagree here), but AEW clearly tries to pair all of their more unknown wrestler
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