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  1. Just watched the hype video for the next show on Youtube and aside from once again seeing how great FTR are... I really, really hate how Sammy makes me dislike Tay Conti. She was such a natural babyface and now I don't wanna see her anymore.
  2. I really like heel Sammy but face Sammy is insufferable.
  3. So Codys endgame is that he's having multiple personalities? Some face, some heel, some inbetween. Evil authority figure, smarky meta-wrestler, plucky underdog, cocky rich tv star, pretentious self-obsessed artist, down to earth grandson of a plummer. That would kinda explain his last few months.
  4. I would love to hear unfiltered conversations between Cody and Brandi pitching and explaining each other ideas about what they gonna do next. I would hate it, sure, but I would also love it.
  5. To be fair, having friends over and plenty pizza, wings and beer will probably make everything enjoyable. Always a good recipe for your evening entertainment.
  6. Royal Rumble and maybe WrestleMania are the only shows I still watch from WWE after AEW emerged and killed off the enjoyable run of NXT. I watched the whole show but to be honest I only really paid attention for the rumbles. Some notes, nothing more. It’s astonishing that Kelly Kelly has somewhat become a nostalgia act / legend act considering just how (at least entertainingly) bad she was, is and ever will be. I hate it when people don’t enter the rumble right away like Sonya Deville did but then still enter way to soon. Makes everyone look stupid. I remember Becky Lynch looking much more badass. That was a really weird look for her match, kinda doofus. Talking about bad outfits, Ronda looked really lame too. And I think Beth Phoenix looks or more acts silly in a bad way. The big match formula of just hitting some suplexes and finishers still is incredibly lame. As if the agent was an eight-year-old with his action figures. I miss seeing Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn and Rey Mysterio on a somewhat regular basis. Samis way to short stint was probably my highlight of the rumble, I hated Owens getting eliminated by Shane like nothing and Rey still looks so smooth in the ring. Nakamuras theme instantly got stuck in my head again. Weird camera work with too many cuts as expected, but they missed two eliminations (Rey and I forgot who the other one was). Also weird, Kofis elimination. Did they just "say, well, fuck it, we might as well try it and if it doesn't work, who cares, you're out"? Bad Bunny had a really good stretch in the rumble. I never heard of him as an artist before his Wrestlemania effort, but my interest in his kind of music is non-existent and I’m from Germany, so go figure, but if I didn't know, I probably wouldn't have guested that he's just a celebrity guest. Overall, I really don’t see any new reason to watch more of WWE after this. It’s still the same. They have some fantastic talents and some of them still get to shine, but why even bother. I feel that it’s like watching Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings after you already watched too many awesome Asian action flicks. If I didn’t already knew how good wrestling or asian action could be, if I was a little kid new to the game, I’d probably enjoy this but when you’ve seen at least some of the greener grass on the other side, again, why even bother. The three months stretch from Royal Rumble 2004 up to Wrestlemania 20 with Eddie and Benoit winning their titles is probably my fondest childhood memory of WWE maybe wrestling altogether ever. That’s probably why I will always return for Royal Rumble. I mean, it’s still interesting, just not that much enjoyable.
  7. Giving people like Aaron Solow, Alan Angels, Alex Reynolds, Angelico, Austin Gunn, Colten Gunn, Darius Martin, Griff Garrison, Lee Moriarty or Nick Comoroto their first win on a Dynamite or Rampage or a "big" win in a Dark main event. I mean, he could even be a nice next opponent for Hook who hasn't beaten anyone so far who's even remotely at Kazarians level. It still means more to beat Kazarian than to beat Fuego, Solow or Serpentico. Not having any credibility left is a bit too far for my liking. He still has a Dark padded winning record and he's a former tag champion, that's still something to put over. But, yeah, Caster and Bowens are above him at this point.
  8. Let the fantasy booking extravaganza begin... again! We could really need another manchild with access to unlimited money by now. Also, the lights out gimmick associated with Malakai Black at the moment without people debuting is pretty ballsy considering all the possible people the fanbase could expect to pop out of the darkness. Some kind of recipe for dissapoinment.
  9. So, does Regal also have a no compete clause? If not, dear Tony Khan, get him into a plane right now and tell one of your judges for tonight that he unfortunately has to stay in catering.
  10. I'm still eagerly waiting for the Briscoes to debut. Briscoes vs. FTR and then a feud against the Jurassic Express. Two chicken farmers against a dinosaur, the story writes itself.
  11. I don't understand why people always wanna release AEWs jobber squad. People like Chaos Project, Matt Sydal or Peter Avalon are fantastic undercard pieces.
  12. Kinda bad interview by a former employee who's probably still hurt things didn't go the way she hoped it would go. Really bad response by the way to rich kid boss who get's to play out his dreams because his dad has way too much money. It's depressing as hell, but I am intrigued how this all will play out.
  13. Cody is somehow simultaneously the best and the worst.
  14. Seems like Jack Evans is in a bit of trouble.
  15. We now (probably) know why Peter Avalon was missing from AEW for five long months up until returning in august this year (and we also get to know what Diamante does when she's not wrestling). Fellow film conniseurs rejoice - he's starring in the new Len Kabasinski movie Pact of Vengeance!
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