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  1. Perhaps it's just a case of loving what you grow up with, but I always rate Stern and Mantlo highly for their interconnected runs on ASM and PPTSS.
  2. Per this week's Observer... After losing the rights to the Dudley name because Heyman trademarked it and then it became WWE property when they purchased ECW's assets... "...when LoMonica came up with the Bully Ray character while in TNA he trademarked it and TNA never opposed the trademark."
  3. Wouldn't they have owned the GCW footage since 1984, when the WWF bought out the Briscos, Jones and Barnett for controlling interest in Georgia Championship...? I've always wondered about that with the territories that Vince "purchased" (as opposed to sabotaging/running out of business). Edit: Well, what Georgia footage there was, anyway...
  4. The obvious answer to me is Dear Zachary. Dear god...that movie... I think that while somebody might toss out arguments for movies like "Cannibal Holocaust," "Salo" or "Serbian Film," my vote goes for "Shoah."
  5. Due to having an ungodly commute, I've really been burning through these lately (even going back to the early ones...like Johnny says in the plug, "you know you want to...") and enjoying them a lot obviously...how far are you planning to go with this? Into the expansion era? Wrestlemania? As far as possible?
  6. Babylonianfrost

    Mad Max

    Perhaps this is an outlier opinion, but I saw it in 3-D and generally actually forgot that I was watching in 3-D until some of the more obvious "Stick out at the audience" bits such as during the climax. The Ant-Man preview in 3-D seemed more "3-D" than Fury Road actually did for the most part. Still...bloody amazing movie.
  7. Sadly, no. And didn't Farhat just come in for maybe a televised interview (with Ellering doing the talking) and one stip match against Buzz Sawyer at the Omni?
  8. Wasn't Mitch Snow the AWA guy who did some All-Japan shots in the late-'80's and...I want to say he died some time in the past decade...?
  9. Actually, this touches on something that occurred to me before the Perro tragedy made it seem less than important; wouldn't the WWF/E already own whatever GCW footage existed since they legally purchased the company, the television and the titles back in 1984? Or was the actual footage owned/controlled by WTBS?
  10. Dutch booked the IWA in Puerto Rico, I believe. Thinking about Ken Mantell...was he involved in booking Global at any point in 1992 after Eadle, Gilbert, etc. left? Usually if Johnny Mantell showed up in a fed, Ken was in office somewhere.
  11. I got blindsided by it one summer afternoon in the early-'90's on Lifetime, of all channels. I can safely say that I've never forgotten it.
  12. God, I feel like a mooch but I'll join in the frenzy. I'm content with any version that I can get...please and thank you.
  13. Talk to Stu Saks, Eddie Ellner, Matt Brock or Liz Hunter. One of them probably did the interview. If it was the one where Jack spent paragraphs professing his admiriation for "Spaceman" Frank Hickey, then I would actually swear that it was Bob Smith (or possibly Dave Rosenbaum).
  14. Wasn't the "worked all his contracted matches" excuse also the impetus that led to Sting sitting in the rafters at every televised WCW event for roughly a year and a half?
  15. DiBiase, Jake, the Disasters and Bigelow. That's a seriously late-"glory days" WWF team...
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