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  1. it's a problem for people like us who follow long-term storytelling (which I guess is not everyone, or even half of the people watching) but it does seem to help the houses. bit of a bind. you are right. last few years in G1 i look at Budokan/Sumo Hall and it's there.
  2. oh and Eddie. christ, what an era.
  3. Liger's best opponent in my humble opinion was Mad Bastard Sasuke, but Otani, Kanemoto, and Sonmurderer all good shouts. I thought he had good matches against Taikawa/Black Tiger too.
  4. the less-than-ideal execution (you can't say it wasn't foreshadowed hugely, this not a swerve) says to me that there was a different plan that was axed along the way. tango to everyone on the stables thing. a couple of them need to die, pronto. i was reading my write up of G1 26 and apart from Jay White being on a push we're pretty much still the same as it was. EVIL and SANADA getting gatekeeper jobbed. Naito the bridesmaid. Ibushi will-he/won't-he. Something different lads. You have the talents at your disposal.
  5. Mikey Nicholls back is something I never thought I'd see after his flop NJ Cup. Then again, seems pretty all-hands on deck.
  6. damn they're doing it like some 80s AJPW tag league, kind of into it, and yet am taking this time out to recuperate on New Japan
  8. Just watched Kento v Jake, best since G1 for me!
  9. Seen it now, great show, feel hyped again.
  10. looks like a super show today, heard nothing but raves. watched the main angles and - and it's not a competition, enjoy all art if you like - it reminds me that when they turn on the angle tap/faucet they smash it harder than their contemporaries.
  11. the world: hey sevendaughters what do you care about in wrestling these days? me, hooting lustily: SOME GUY WHO USED TO WORK RICKY KNIGHT'S SPOT SHOWS AND HIS MUTE VALET another good show.
  12. how seriously do AJPW take the tag league these days? is it a holiday tour? cos that line up is great and i have free time coming up.
  13. I'm not actually super-familiar with Eli Drake but I liked that his shtick was "I am a babyface" and the crowd were like "yeah! a babyface! let's cheer him!" this was a good hour of wrestling telly. tv has generally been a boner-killer for me when it comes to watching wrestling of late (the last 15 years) but this and MLW get it right.and probably make little money.
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