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  1. the world: hey sevendaughters what do you care about in wrestling these days? me, hooting lustily: SOME GUY WHO USED TO WORK RICKY KNIGHT'S SPOT SHOWS AND HIS MUTE VALET another good show.
  2. how seriously do AJPW take the tag league these days? is it a holiday tour? cos that line up is great and i have free time coming up.
  3. I'm not actually super-familiar with Eli Drake but I liked that his shtick was "I am a babyface" and the crowd were like "yeah! a babyface! let's cheer him!" this was a good hour of wrestling telly. tv has generally been a boner-killer for me when it comes to watching wrestling of late (the last 15 years) but this and MLW get it right.and probably make little money.
  4. I thought I had become one of those Japan bores because US wrestling failed to get me excited anymore. AEW is interesting in terms of power balance but I can't say I am super into it. I watched Powerr just now and thought it was great. Really fun. Promos. Spontaneity. Personalities. I would have saved the main for down the road. They were really doing a great job of hyping it that they could have stretched the build out some more. Will be watching more. Instantly my US #1 promotion based on regular TV.
  5. you're all crapping on that main event but they developed some sick photos during it
  6. Rusev being with Hogan while there's a wife-fucking angle going on is high level
  7. the show was fine, NXT is always fine isn't it, but you could feel the desperation and worry in it. Like when Raw or Nitro were on top in their respective wars they had this strut about them, like they were the big dogs. feel like in two years we'll be burned out as hell.
  8. top post updated. I am expecting Liger v Suzuki to be an angle of some kind, don't think they'll give that away mid-card beneath potential MOTY contenders.
  9. Probably a dull list to most here - I'd probably say Ishii is a reliable old stager who delivers (and Japan has a lot but he is king amonst them), Kota Ibushi is about to hit the star level his talent demands, Shingo Takagi is probably going to break through in a non-parent company in Japan faster than Sanada because he's just that good, and probably Okada to round it off. I realise this is NJPW heavy but they have a lot of extremely good wrestlers (Tanahashi will always have my heart, I became a big EVIL fan this year, and I think my friend Neil is right about Jay White) though there are a lot of super talents across Japan (I like Ben-K, Kitamiya, N Nomura, Zeus, Shuji Ishikawa, and Kohei Sato a lot). Outside of Japan I'd have trouble forming a list as I don't see a whole lot (busy, not snobbery) but I like what I see of late from Cody, the Lucha Brothers, Pete Dunne, Drew Gulak, Cavernario, and a few others.
  10. surely you know Yuki Ishikawa, @Control? Battlarts? Shooty tendencies.
  11. I'll add to top post. I saw they had a match but it was being advertised as special tag match presumably until Ishii dropped.
  12. Kento is top 5 in the world right now, no question for me.
  13. Okada-Suzuki not their best match though they have had some dingers for me, this was real good and anyone in the house should feel privileged. Comes over great on video too.
  14. just feels like a routine Okada win for me. KOPW is always good but of late they have been what you expect. Short of Kenny coming out, kneeing Okada in the head to set up round V, and SANADA winning AND not coming off like a lucky winner, I don't a creative path with an upswing. Poor Seiya.
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