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  1. CC final was fine. Good crowd helped but I wasn't mega into it. They should just let Jake Lee kill the kid.
  2. about to sit and watch the final so will return with thoughts. looking at the final night card I see some 22 year old beats Yoshitatsu in 5 mins? what's that about?
  3. enjoyed reading it. how is All Japan these days?
  4. sad I missed this annual beano, Lamp. I'd have said the last Tomaga record but too late!
  5. yeah it was the first song that drew me in, but most people I've played this to prefer the last track. glad you got round to it, lamp!
  6. I read that this deal covers the UK as well (or is a separately-negotiated deal) and we don't have HBO Max.
  7. i love this thread every year so i hope things are all in order for your return. best wishes to your sister. i even like it when you don't like records i like! the Cindy Lee album was top 10 for me. really gorgeous songwriting. would have gone higher but noise interludes wear thin on me. my #1 is All Hands Around The Moment by Richard Youngs and RaĆ¼l Refree
  8. someone does need to lose the briefcase but it will be such a blow to anyone who does, a perceptible loss of confidence in someone who wins a gruelling tournament. they've painted themselves into a corner with the G1 winner = Dome main event. There's less time between now and then so might not seem like as much of the year is pointless.
  9. I think Ibushi goes over there. Ibushi beat him in the G1 final but Jay has two (admittedly lesser) wins since on night 2 of the Dome and in the G1 blocks this year. I hope Jay tries to outwrestle him, ie. no interference.
  10. They should look to move forward with Ibushi-Naito-Okada as their three pillars, Sanada, Shingo, Tanahashi, EVIL, and White are top class heaters and gatekeepers.
  11. That's possible, @Teflon Turtle. To be honest, I don't need to see every match be this crazy all-out war. I still recall how absolutely brilliant AJ-Suzuki was with maybe 3 bumps and a whole lot of character work and classic pro wrestling dynamics. Yes, some of the guys do need to get wild for me to get into them because they're not as smart as Tanahashi or able to do what Sabre or Suzuki can with matwork, but I reckon you could have a thoroughly-entertaining night of G1 with PG rated violence. I believe some of the diktats surrounding violence came from Meij, who is now gone. Whether this changes will be interesting.
  12. What frustrates me about Sanada beyond the two atrocious moves that he does is that I feel that, piecing bits of his career together, be it the babyface we saw in TNA, the wrestling we saw in Wrestle-1 and AJPW, and the persona we see through his social media, there is a megastar there. He is handsome, he was trained by Muta, and he can really work. I still have hope for nearly anyone in NJPW because they've shown they can heat people back up. As for EVIL - he's not a main-eventer yet. I have hopes for him beyond being a bruiser, but I am fairly bored of interefering cheaty shit, and I don't think Bullet Club signifies anything now. What I took to be an interesting and slightly post-modern gimmick is actually, in hindsight, the beginning of a conveyor belt of fairly goofy shit that leads to O Khan and Master Wato.
  13. This is a card that could have six good matches on or only one. Imagine we're going to see some monkeyshines in the O Khan match unless Ospreay is booked elsewhere. In fact the last three matches combined could feature more interference than a '98 Nitro.
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