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  1. Welcome back, Tommy Sports Entertainment!
  2. How did I never know that Geezer Butler had a solo project? I heard this on Liquid Metal and had to look it up afterwards.
  3. There's a few shows I'm sad I missed out on. Heaven and Hell before Dio's death is at the top of the list but not going to see Maiden is pretty high. Every time I watch Flight 666 videos I'm in awe of how great their live shows are and Bruce is... well.. Bruce. Human Air Raid Siren, indeed. Finally, after a two year delay and surprise album release, I get to see Rammstein on their stadium tour in Minneapolis in August. I've been trying my hardest not to spoil the set list but it's taking what seems like a ton of self-control not to peek. I saw them on the MiG tour ten years ago (really? wow) and it's one of the best experiences I've had. I dragged my brother-in-law with me as a payback for taking me to a previous concert (Metallica with frickin' GOJIRA and Lamb of God opening) and as we left, with my ears ringing and voice blown out, I asked him what he thought of the concert. He paused and said "Honestly, I didn't expect much. But that's probably the best concert I've ever been to." So I'm taking him along again.
  4. This is probably the best thing I've seen all week.
  5. Alex Terrible (of Slaughter to Prevail) covering Chandelier.
  6. Rammstein's newest album, Zeit, was released today. it's rumored that this might be their final album, especially since most of the songs on the album deal with time and aging. The third single/video for the album was released today as well, Angst. It's probably the heaviest of the songs on Zeit as well as having a music video that's very topical as well as nightmare inducing.
  7. Indian metal group Bloodywood put out their first album (Rakshak) a few days ago. And if you don't know them, you should get acquainted with them. They remind me a lot of Rage Against the Machine: wicked riffs and drums with traditional Indian sounds and very political lyrics. They've released three singles and none have missed.
  8. My favorite album of last year. Deathcore with nu-metal influences and one of the premier frontmen in metal today. A few of the songs have found their way onto my everyday playlist (Baba Yaga, Bratva, Bonebreaker, I Killed a Man). Good stuff!
  9. WALTER is lucky Roddy stepped in when he did. Malcolm had him right where he wanted him.
  10. Happy new Eskimo Callboy song day! Thanks to the Hypa Hypa remixes, I've gotten into We Butter the Bread With Butter. Their new album is a thing of beauty.
  11. ROH is swinging that forbidden door open a bit wider before the hiatus.
  12. This might be the most fun I've had watching a music video. A certified headbanger, too.
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