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    Yay, my first double post... I think. I dusted off my copy of Rock Band 3 last week. I looked at the songs I'd gold starred and decided pick up the microphone again. My voice was practically dead by the fifth song. At this point, I'm not sure how I used to play for hours all those years ago. I'm guessing magic.

    I'll co-sign this. My son and I have had a great time with Dungeon Runs.

    Breezango deciding they were going to bury random people from the locker room, starting with Kofi Kingston, was funny as hell.
  4. #205LIVE

    But Finn is an ORDINARY man! Who can do EXTRAORDINARY things!
  5. #205LIVE

    Why Drew, why?!? That was heartwrenching. Kalisto makes a great babyface-in-peril. Gallagher beat him from pillar to post and stretched him out like... a... stretchy... thing. Anyway, I'm glad to see that it's going to be Kalisto and Metalik going up against Gallagher and Kendrick in the future. Next week: Hideo Itami continues his quest for respect on 205 Live.
  6. #205LIVE

    All aboard the Drew Train! Drew, Drew! Really solid show with some good matches. We even had a Gran Metalik sighting! I mean, he lost like usual, but baby steps. The crowd was pretty involved in the matches, as well.

    I was always partial to Kronik's theme, which was blatantly cribbed from Static-X's "Love Dump". Back on topic, slightly: Hurricane Helms and Mighty Molly (!) are going to be doing a show in my two horse town in February with a meet and greet. For $20, I may need to go to this.
  8. NXT Takeover: WARGAMES~~~!!!

    EY retweeted a link to an article he wrote for ESPN talking about War Games Weekend. It's well worth the read. http://www.espn.com/wwe/story/_/id/21618857/wwe-nxt-eric-young-recaps-was-compete-war-games
  9. Raw Is Getting The Rights to Broken Matt - 11/27/2017

    "Is that... can it be?!?" (/cole)
  10. #205LIVE

    "I don't care about your leg! What are you, Big Cass?" Decent show this week setting up for the future. Enzo shitting on Dar before, during, and after his match was tremendous. Rich Swann is still smooth as hell. Kalisto getting beat down by the dastardly duo of Kendrick and Gallagher was.. I mean, really no surprise. It's like Kalisto hasn't seen a match with those two in the last couple of months. And the tag team main event was a fun match, even though the story it set up for Monday makes no sense. Oh no, now Ali and Cedric can't trust each other! ... in a four way match where it's every man for himself. Gulak's promo pushing Team Power Point (and then getting upset at the crowd for chanting Power Point) was fantastic, as we've come to expect from him.
  11. [NXT] NOV 29 2017 TV SHOW

    So... how about those Brits, eh? Tremendous match between Bate/Seven and Andrews/Dunne. The Frankensteiner --> Powerbomb was a spot that looked so great, it should have been a finish. Kairi and Peyton had a nice little match as well. I really liked the fact that the show was shot at a different venue than Full Sail. I know it's a one time taping, but I thought it freshened up the look of the show.
  12. Sexual Assault and Harassment in Hollywood

    Matt Lauer: The Last of the Romantics (with apologies to Engelbert Humperdinck)
  13. 2017 NFL: WEEK TWELVE

    The NFL is not impressed with the shenanigans of Michael Crabtree and Aqib Talib, suspending both for two games. Jon Runyon, VP of Football Operations, sent both players a letter dressing them down for their conduct.