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  1. One of the current Humble Bundles is the Bloom County bundle, presented by IDW. Tons of value in this bundle, including digital copies of the amazingly well done Bloom County collections that have notations from Breathed.
  2. Agreed, that Roddy vignette was really great stuff. The UK title match was exactly what I'd hoped it would be. Great catch, submission wrestling.
  3. At this point, I wouldn't expect anything less from Neville and Gallagher. The familiarity they have with each other is really starting to show in their matches. I enjoyed the tag match, pretty solid stuff. Rewatching the show, I somehow forgot to mention Ali's gorgeous top rope somersault onto Gulak. It was a long night.
  4. Notes from the show: Dark match opener was Mojo Rawley (billed as the Andre the Giant Battle Royal winner) vs Aiden English (still singing during rest holds). Mojo wins with his terrible Pounce. Dark match main was Nakamura vs Ziggler. Majority of the crowd stayed, lots of selling from Nakamura. He wins with the reverse exploder and Kinshasa. My friend noticed the stage layout wasn't really set up for pyro which lead to a hell of a surprise for him when the 205 Live pyro went off and he nearly had a heart attack. I haven't seen how it came across on the broadcast (my son wants to watch it on Hulu when he gets home from school) but I thought the crowd was hot for the majority of the show. Course, that could have been the $9 beers clouding my judgement.
  5. It could be like the newest episode of Ride Along but without Braun having to trick Ellsworth to ditch him. "Hey Braun, thanks for driving me..." "GET OUTTA MY CAR." "Yes sir!" *tires screeching*
  6. Is it bad that I thought the match had an old school feel to it because EY was busted open and the ref didn't run over and automatically staunch the bleeding? A great moment to end Tye's NXT career.
  7. Seeing how all they're doing with him is having him be Braun's chew toy, can they put Kalisto on 205 Live as well? Also, Graves shitting on the dab will always be funny.
  8. Another fun show with a really good Perkins/Aries match. Fuck that deadass crowd. EDIT: Ok, to be fair... if I saw Jinder become the #1 contender for the WWE title, I'd probably sit on my hands the rest of the night, too.
  9. Maybe I'm just forgetful, but I don't recall Drew being that... physically imposing. Catching Oney off the top and gut wrenching him onto the apron really impressed me. That was a hell of a match. They showed video on Facebook of Miley being completely apologetic to his partner as he was receiving treatment. So he's going to be the NXT version of the Incredible Hulk. You wouldn't like him if he's angry...
  10. The look on Owens' face when Sami came out. We're destined to do this forever. Based on the roster changes this week (well, mainly the fact that friggin Shinsuke Nakamura will be there) I decided to pick up a couple of tickets for Smackdown in Des Moines in two weeks. If you listen hard enough, I'll be one of the few people making noise during 205 Live.
  11. Schwarber's bomb came a few batters after Matt Szczur reached base on a dropped third strike... that stuck to Yadi Molina's chest protector. Ah, how I missed you, baseball!
  12. Damn good show. Kendrick finally gets taught a lesson of his own, ONEY LORCAN (in a losing performance) and a wild four way match to set up Aries/Neville 2.
  13. My friend says he looks like a Create a Wrestler. I can't argue against that, especially when it's paired with his MS Paint entrance graphics. Maybe they can find another guy to pair him with in a tag team to challenge the Authors of Pain. Jose, maybe? Have one charismatic guy and one technician.
  14. Every week, I'm disappointed because the Hulu version of Raw cuts out the cruiserweights and I have to hit up Youtube to see what happened between the purple ropes. Neville's match with Ali was really good, but I wouldn't expect less from those two. Neville gets pissed as the crowd failed to give him their undivided attention, Ali gets a few moments of hope, Neville teases the crowd with a Red Arrow and then gives them a dismissive look as he locks on the Rings of Saturn instead. I admit, I laughed when Dawson dumped over the ice cream cart and Wilder stomped on it for good measure. Watching Goldberg on The Talking Raw... I think my allergies are acting up. Great stuff.
  15. I could have skipped the last two hours of this show and been happy. Hell, if I'm honest, my internet connection could have cut out after Aries/Neville and I would have just shrugged and moved on with my life. Everybody else has really touched on the highs and lows of this show, so it's not really necessary for me to. One thought I had: if the Hardyz get clear ownership of the broken gimmick, they need to do away with the Attitude Era music. Other than that, it was really cool to see them back.