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  1. Honestly, that might be my favorite deck to play at the moment. Nobody expects Doom Foretold. They also expect their food tokens or wolf tokens to save their good cards. Yeah, nah. You can sac that Garruk and keep your two wolves.
  2. Cards that I've said are "messed up Magic cards" while playing on ladder the past few days: Fires of Invention, Rankle, Murderous Rider, Questing Beast, Oko, Wicked Wolf, Fae of Wishes, The Great Henge. This set is gas and I love it.
  3. Throne of Eldraine is live on Arena, as is the "play any deck in standard" queue. Last night, I got some games in with Esper Dance, Golgari, and Simic Food. The Dance deck in particular was a lot of fun to play, using wrath effects and Doom Foretold to control the board then fire off a big Dance of The Manse to reanimate a bunch of artifacts and enchantments from your graveyard, drawing cards off your eggs and globes and making them all 4/4 creatures. Good stuff. Questing Beast is dumb as hell.
  4. I found the announcement of the event letting everybody play with every card in standard to be pretty exciting. Let everybody brew new decks, at least for a short period of time. Then there'll be a one entry only league on October 6th where you can play any deck in standard. 12 wins gets you a copy of every card in standard but you're out after 2 losses. If you can get 12 wins in that event, more power to you. Really high bar to set. I've been doing M20 drafts mainly the past few weeks. I'm really looking forward to how Eldraine effects standard and I'm really looking forward to drafting the set!
  5. Renee Michelle posted pictures from a bikini photoshoot on her Twitter and Drake followed along and pasted the 24/7 title on her face on each one. Which leads to this:
  6. New Lindemann! Till's gone back to German lyrics for the upcoming album, his second collaboration with the frontman of Pain and Hypocrisy, Peter Tagtgren. The first album by the duo (Skills in Pills) had all of its songs in English.
  7. Special event in Arena going on right now, you can play with Eldraine cards that have been previewed in precon brawl decks. The fairy deck is my favorite one. The storybook cards are... interesting looking. Lots of value, since you can cast the spell side and then cast the creature later on. I'm still not sold on food tokens, though. What an odd concept.
  8. Yup, Hogaak was a mistake. I liked the foresight that WotC had as well, realizing that the next modern format would just be Arclight Phoenix and Dredge all over again and decided to put Faithless Looting on a stake while they were at it. And Stoneforge Mystic finally gets a chance to shine in modern. The funniest B&R change for today was Rampaging Ferocidon being let out of its cage a month before it rotates out of standard. The reason for this: vampires and Scapeshift are too good. Who would have guessed, eh?
  9. I'll put the second part right here:
  10. Announced on the Twitter Machine, Oney gets a rematch tonight against Drew Gulak, the Scumbag Who Punched Him in the Adam's Apple, tonight on 205 Live.
  11. Oney getting into bar fights to prepare for his match tomorrow night and sleeping under a park bench because he's not scheduled for any meet and greets is now canon.
  12. One of the things I stumbled across on YouTube a while back are videos Al Snow did with The Hannibal where he held some classes with students in the ring. There's some really entertaining stuff there and some pretty good shoot interviews, my personal favorite being his story about his match with Bruiser Brody. In one of the videos, he talks to the students about punches in wrestling.
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