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  1. I'm still confused about the lightsaber battle at the beginning of Sonya Deville's entrance music, but I really like they way her repackaging is coming along. "Now you messed up! *takes glove off, wails away*" Ohno and Black was a main event in any arena (/gorilla). I liked that Ohno, a guy who they mentioned helped train Black, tried to get an advantage by playing into his main weakness: when he loses his cool, he gets sloppy. So Ohno did the cross legged sit down in the middle of the ring and stared Black down, he talked trash to him at points. I loved the finish too, with both guys going for the final strike but a leg happens to be longer than a crooked elbow. Damn good stuff.
  2. I'd buy a Tozawa Towel. Seeds for an Austin Aries heel turn are planted as he tries to corrupt Gentleman Jack into taking a few short cuts here and there after Jack loses to Tony Nese, who had taken one of those shortcuts, feigning an injury before attacking Gallagher when his guard was down. Mustafa Ali beats Drew Gulak with a roll-through cradle and not the reverse 450. So see, Ali wins by playing Gulak's game! But wait... does that mean, in the long run, that Gulak actually won? Hmm... Quite a good main event that had the crowd rocking near the end. The Titus Brand paid for a ringside seat next to the announce table for Tozawa to scout Neville and this was a funny sight. The comfy looking chair was roped off with a purple velvet rope, there was a placeholder card and Titus even sprang for refreshments. I thought it would have been funny to have Tozawa caught on camera taking a drink of soda or grabbing a handful of popcorn while watching the match. Rich Swann and Neville have always had good chemistry and this match was no different. Great storytelling in the match, too, with Swann knowing that if Neville got too much momentum, he'd lose for sure. One moment that led to a huge reaction was when Neville picked Swann up by the hair, Swann got an infuriated look on his face and then broke free and drilled Neville with a gorgeous looking superkick. Swann threw everything he had at Neville to try to top him, but misses his final shot with a Phoenix Splash and Neville gets the submission with the Rings. He then gloats at Tozawa as Tozawa stares him down to end the show.
  3. I'm digging the Tozawa/Titus storyline. The Alicia Fox face time thing is terrible, but it did provide a chuckle when it totally blew Dar's cover as he went down to the ring to attack Cedric.
  4. There's been a big backlash against Elder Scrolls: Legends from fans who want Elder Scrolls 6. Yeah, because the development team of pro-CCG players creating the online card game should be devoting their time to ES6. The next expansion announced for ES:L sounds pretty solid, though. More dragons, The Companions, shout cards? I want all of that. We bought Breath of the Wild for Wii U for my son's birthday so I DIDN'T have to get a Switch. Looks like that tactic failed. That was one hell of a showing by Nintendo.
  5. i was highly entertained by that Bobby Roode promo. Whatta dick! "What do you wanna do out there, Hideo?" "... we can slap ten shades of dog shit out of each other." "Cool, see you out there!" God, that was a stiff match.
  6. Damn good main event. Two cocky, arrogant guys just disrespecting and beating the hell out of each other. I really liked the end sequence when TJP had the kneebar and released it when Neville got closer to the ropes. After he dragged Neville back to the middle of the ring, Neville rolls through and reverses to the Rings and gets the submission. Glad to see they moved Cedric away from Noam and Alicia right away. Lumbar Check OUTTA NOWHERE. Also glad to see them follow up on Titus recruiting Tozawa. I'd be down for a Crews/Tozawa tag team.
  7. I did a count last night: five suicide dives through the ropes. Can we give that move a rest as well?
  8. As I said in the 205 thread, I'm ready for some sweet Tozawa/Neville matches.
  9. My son summed up the main event perfectly: "Anybody could have won that! Except Bray Wyatt." Main event was fun, mixed tag was decent. The rest was an overbooked mess.
  10. NXT

    They're really all-in on the "Andrade doesn't care about anything except partying" story, aren't they?
  11. I saw that backyard match on the World Famous Flea Market a while back. Here's a few more bad ideas from that match.
  12. That match is just one massive collection of bad ideas.
  13. I liked the catfight between Sasha and Alicia which culminated with Sasha pulling out a lock of Alicia's hair. Meanwhile, in the ring, Noam Dar picked up the win over Rich Swann. My favorite moment of the night was during the match between Drew Gulak and Mustafa Ali. At the beginning of the match, Gulak came out with his sign and megaphone and started his anti-high flying screed... only to get interrupted by Ali taking him out with a huge somersault plancha! I stood up out of my seat for that. Gulak gets the win with a roll-through on a crossbody and brags about how he won because Ali took to the sky. Cedric still isn't playing around, another nice tune up match for him. Nice video package for Tozawa after his big win last week. Hopefully this means that he gets some title matches soon. Finally, main event promo time as Austin Aries comes out to rub salt in the wound of Neville by showing footage of when he tapped out on Raw. He shows it multiple times and in slow motion. Finally Neville comes out to avenge his pride (to the tune of "You tapped out!" chants). TJP jumps Aries from behind and Neville takes out Aries' bad knee. TJP makes Aries kneel in front of Neville before Neville locks the Rings of Saturn on Aries until he passes out. And thus, the title match at Extreme Rules is set.
  14. And THAT is a definitive end to a feud. Kendrick gets DDT'd on the steps, then Tozawa hits a BIG ASS SENTON on him through a table on the outside. Main event had a bad blood feel to it too, with both Kendrick and Tozawa getting whipped with Kendrick's belt. Very nicely done, I thought.