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  1. Oko, Once Upon a Time, and Veil of Summer are BANNED in Standard. Arena has already been updated with the changes and when you log in, you get wildcards refunded for each copy of a banned card. Wrenn and Six is also BANNED in Legacy. Turns out, a two mana planeswalker that returns a fetchland or Wasteland to your hand every turn at no cost is really REALLY overpowered. And Narset gets restricted in Vintage. People like drawing extra cards. https://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/news/november-18-2019-banned-and-restricted-announcement
  2. Gruul Adventures has been my main deck of choice right now. The players who took it to the MC hit it out of the park with their build. It's grindy and can set up a win out of nowhere with Embercleave and Rimrock Knight on a card like Lovestruck Beast or Questing Beast. Seth Manfield posted a video on the TCG Player YouTube page about the deck. Why not learn about the deck from a Hall of Famer who helped build it and piloted it to a good finish at the MC? This week's State of Arena was a really cool one: next week brings us Historic and a friends list! There will be a Bo3 Historic queue and the first set of Historic cards will be dropped into the client. Nothing utterly broken, but some cool build-around cards like Phyrexian Arena, Cryptbreaker, Fauna Shaman, and Serra Ascendant. Oh and Hyppie is back. Yay! My friend: "When do we get Dark Ritual?" Me: "LOL never." https://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/magic-digital/mtg-arena-historic-rollout-2019-11-13
  3. If they could get the bots right so people aren't drafting six Merfolk Secretkeepers, Eldraine draft is pretty fun, IMO. Hopefully they'll get it sorted with updates, but there's lots of fun interactions in limited that you don't get to see when people are dumping your deck into your graveyard. I even enjoyed watching the bits of this weekend's MC that were limited. And then they featured the mono-blue deck who opened Gadwick AND Folio of Fancies. Oof. Standard is a dumpster fire, but players are still trying to innovate. The numbers from Frank Karsten said that 69% of players had Oko in their 75 at the MC. There's a few outliers out there like Azorious Control, various colors of Adventures and Temur Reclaimation, but even those are warped by the presence of food decks, playing cards like Aether Gust main deck. I'm aboard the Javier Dominguez train. World Champ brought an offbeat Gruul Adventures deck and went 8-2 in the standard portion with it. Believe in the Cleave!
  4. Oko is BANNED! (In Brawl) Also, the first round of bans came out for Pioneer. Felidar Guardian, Leyline of Abundance and Oath of Nissa are the first to fall. Leyline of Abundance and Oath of Nissa lead to the ridiculous Green Nykthos deck that could power out a massive Walking Ballista as early as turn 3.
  5. Well, I decided to go the planeswalker route with brawl and went with Nicol Bolas, going 5-0. Turns out, lots of removal and counters into Bolas whenever you want is REALLY good.
  6. Wizards: "Ok, for this Brawl event, Sorcerous Spyglass is banned because it shuts down planeswalker commanders!" Yay! Wizards: "But Oko is legal, even though you can use it as a commander and it totally shuts down all the cool creature commanders." Bwuh? I have an immediate concern about WotC's "just play through it" attitude with Broko and Friends, especially since the best answers are stopped by green cards (fuuuuuuck Veil of Summer and Wicked Wolf) but leaving it legal in Brawl is dumb as hell. Players on Twitter say their gameplay experience was greatly enhanced when they started autoscooping to Broko decks and that's not good.
  7. Honestly, that might be my favorite deck to play at the moment. Nobody expects Doom Foretold. They also expect their food tokens or wolf tokens to save their good cards. Yeah, nah. You can sac that Garruk and keep your two wolves.
  8. Cards that I've said are "messed up Magic cards" while playing on ladder the past few days: Fires of Invention, Rankle, Murderous Rider, Questing Beast, Oko, Wicked Wolf, Fae of Wishes, The Great Henge. This set is gas and I love it.
  9. Throne of Eldraine is live on Arena, as is the "play any deck in standard" queue. Last night, I got some games in with Esper Dance, Golgari, and Simic Food. The Dance deck in particular was a lot of fun to play, using wrath effects and Doom Foretold to control the board then fire off a big Dance of The Manse to reanimate a bunch of artifacts and enchantments from your graveyard, drawing cards off your eggs and globes and making them all 4/4 creatures. Good stuff. Questing Beast is dumb as hell.
  10. I found the announcement of the event letting everybody play with every card in standard to be pretty exciting. Let everybody brew new decks, at least for a short period of time. Then there'll be a one entry only league on October 6th where you can play any deck in standard. 12 wins gets you a copy of every card in standard but you're out after 2 losses. If you can get 12 wins in that event, more power to you. Really high bar to set. I've been doing M20 drafts mainly the past few weeks. I'm really looking forward to how Eldraine effects standard and I'm really looking forward to drafting the set!
  11. Renee Michelle posted pictures from a bikini photoshoot on her Twitter and Drake followed along and pasted the 24/7 title on her face on each one. Which leads to this:
  12. New Lindemann! Till's gone back to German lyrics for the upcoming album, his second collaboration with the frontman of Pain and Hypocrisy, Peter Tagtgren. The first album by the duo (Skills in Pills) had all of its songs in English.
  13. Special event in Arena going on right now, you can play with Eldraine cards that have been previewed in precon brawl decks. The fairy deck is my favorite one. The storybook cards are... interesting looking. Lots of value, since you can cast the spell side and then cast the creature later on. I'm still not sold on food tokens, though. What an odd concept.
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