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  1. FireThunder


    Lio with the cool promo... and then Tozawa just... wow.
  2. FireThunder


    Darn, I didn't see the clip earlier in the thread. The flippancy in my post was supposed to be about the other guys involved in that spot. Good to know he's all right after that.
  3. FireThunder


    Juuuuuust a bit outside!
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  5. FireThunder


    Noam Dar, you're lookin' real jacked, baby. I'm down for Tozawa vs Rush. Should be a hell of a match. I'm not even sure if I can add anything that hasn't already been said about that main event. Just an amazing spectacle with Ali and Murphy giving it their all, once again.
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  7. FireThunder


    Just to chime in with everybody else: Lio Rush has megastar written all over him. His cocky mannerisms are great (how long did it take him to take off that bracelet, anyhow?) and he can flat out go in the ring. GORGEOUS frog splash to finish off his opponent. The main was really good and continued with the story that played out the past few months. Lucha House Party can beat Gallagher and Kendrick, but Gulak always finds a way to beat them. This was no exception with the heels cheating like crazy before Gulak tapped out both Lindsey Dorito and Kalisto with the Gu-Lock.
  8. FireThunder


    And here I wondered why the tumbleweed wasn't used more often...
  9. FireThunder


    Had a bunch of free time this weekend, so after a six month hiatus (missing two sets) I jumped back into the Pokemon online TCG. After doing a bunch of trading, something I really miss in online CCGs like Hearthstone, I had built some of the top decks in the competitive meta: Buzzwole, Mono Psychic Malamar and Ultra Necrozma-GX. I also forgot how refreshingly different gameplay is compared to Hearthstone. In Pokemon, you're constantly searching your deck, drawing a fresh hand of cards, and plotting out future attacks on the pokemon your opponent has on their bench. It can make for a downright frenetic pace of play compared to just trying to play a card on curve every t And then I made the mistake of checking the prices of decks in cardboard... eh. I'll stick to the digital version, thanks.
  10. FireThunder


    It took Aries about four months or so to come back when Nakamura accidently broke his orbital socket. About the same for Kendrick, as well.
  11. FireThunder


    Oney Lorcan suffered a broken orbital bone at TakeOver and has to have surgery to repair it. He'll be out indefinitely.
  12. FireThunder


    The return of Tom Mike to the purple brand! Triple threat match was pretty fun. I loved the moment when Hideo and Buddy were trading kicks to the back. Buddy takes yet another reverse hurricanrana and brutal tornado DDT from Mustafa. Spanish Fly from the announce table! Hideo wins using his hesitation dropkick into an exposed turnbuckle to poor Mustafa. I'm game for more dickish heel Hideo.
  13. FireThunder

    NXT TAKEOVER: CHICAGO II - 6/16/2018

    They did it again: from start to finish, that was a hell of a show.