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  1. FireThunder

    Magic: the Gathering

    Just when I started getting used to the scry mulligan rule, WotC is going to experiment with a new mulligan rule during Pro Tou... er... Mythic Championship London. When you take a mulligan, you shuffle your hand into your deck then draw seven cards. When you are finally satisfied with your hand, you put a number of cards from your hand on the bottom of your deck equal to the number of mulligans you took. So you if you take two mulligans, you'll draw seven, then choose two cards in your hand and put them on the bottom. I think it's an interesting idea. Most of the discussion I've seen is how it really benefits combo decks in eternal formats.
  2. FireThunder


    Tye Dillinger requested his release.
  3. FireThunder

    Banging the head that does not bang

    I'm eagerly anticipating Rammstein's new album coming out in a few months but the OGs of Neue Deutsche Harte, OOMPH!, have a new label (Napalm Records) and a new album (Ritual) that sounds like some of their older work, dark and heavy. Video is NSFW because of brief classical art nudity.
  4. FireThunder

    Magic: the Gathering

    I'm not sure I've ever lost a game on ladder where I resolved an Unbreakable Formation. Card is gas. Pteramander is also gas. I've been playing Temur Drakes and Pteramander is almost always a huge threat. The card is so good that it's even seeing play in modern and legacy. BTW, if you play blue, make sure you keep a couple Entrancing Melody in your sideboard at the least. Stealing a 5/5 or better Hydroid Krasis for four mana is tasty.
  5. FireThunder


    I'm not really into camouflage, but I'd buy these.
  6. FireThunder

    Magic: the Gathering

    I'm just in it for a playset of Duress with Urza's Saga art.
  7. FireThunder


    Nese beat on Dar like he stole his aminos. Holy crap, what a violent match.
  8. FireThunder

    Magic: the Gathering

    What is this reality?
  9. FireThunder


  10. FireThunder

    Magic: the Gathering

    As a player who's first favorite card when he started playing was Control Magic, I love the blue/black mechanic that Hostage Taker and Thief of Sanity have: "steal your stuff and cast it using any color of mana". Especially Thief. I changed up my Sultai deck to play Thief main deck instead of out of the side and it's really strong against most decks. It helps put some early leverage on the field against control and midrange and gives you the ability to take their best cards from them. Plus there's the chance that you can deny them mana to do anything by milling lands off their deck.
  11. FireThunder


    On her weekly vlog, Kris Wolf announced that she's retiring after her current tour is wrapped up due to concussion issues. Really sad but if she's having the symptoms she talks about, it's a good thing she recognized them before it got out of hand (blackouts, etc).
  12. FireThunder

    Magic: the Gathering

    I started playing during Ice Age and took my first break when Urza's Saga came out (because fuuuuuuuck that block). I came back with Invasion and had the most fun playing in that meta. My second break was when Lorwyn came out because I didn't have time to play. Then mythic rares and planeswalkers were printed (ugh) and I said I'd probably never play again. Never say never, I guess. I was playing when Serra Angel was too good to print and then cards like Baneslayer Angel, Siege Rhino and Mantis Rider were printed years later. Quite a different game from back then. And of course, this is where I say Serra Angel was too good to print in the core set back then, but Necropotence was JUST FINE. I've got a handful of stuff built but I'm mainly playing with Esper Control. Lots of good answers to tough threats (Cast Down, Moment of Craving, Kaya's Wrath, Mortify, Vraska's Contempt), get to play with the best card in the game in Teferi and have a choice of finishers. I'm currently playing two copies of Karn for the card draw and also as win conditions but there are a few other options. Plus I get to play with Absorb again, one of my favorite cards from Invasion. It's kinda like getting to hang out with an old friend.
  13. Amber Nova gets another appearance! This time she's taking on the tag team of... oh. *scratches one in the loss column* Io and Kairi are a heck of a tag team, I loved their assisted finishers. I'm really digging the type of match that Lorcan and Burch are excelling at: the sprint where they get in, beat the hell out of their opponents and each other, and get out. Aichner's double-springboard moonsault was absolutely gorgeous. Just a fantastic match!