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  1. Heck, I thought when Hanson put a prone O'Reilly through the table with the splash FROM THE OTHER RING that was going to be the finish. But it kept going. I liked the match but it did feel about ten minutes too long. It had a lot of really cool and fun moments (my personal favorite was O'Reilly not hitting himself with the Kurt Angle Memorial Chair Rebound only to get wiped out immediately afterwards) but I was tired by the end of the match. I was really surprised with how short Shayna/Kairi was, but with the limits they had, they worked a decent match. Not as good as their past efforts, but squeezing three falls into ten minutes and establishing a future stable war kind of puts a hamper on that. Somehow, on a show with a 720 moonsault off a cage, Io Shirai had the prettiest looking moonsault of the night while wearing jeans. Black and Gargano was excellent. Gargano still thinking he's a good guy and he was going to win because he's a good guy... until Black put him away. The ending sequence was beautiful. "I absolve you of your sins." *kicks Johnny's head off* Ciampa is awesome. Dream is awesome. I lost my mind after the Purple Rainmaker as well and then booed lustily when Ciampa won. The kiss on the forehead was a nice touch.
  2. FireThunder

    2018 NFL - WEEK TEN

    Buffalo has released Nathan Peterman. Defenses everywhere are in mourning.
  3. Pete Dunne vs Danny Burch was a hell of a match.
  4. FireThunder


    "I always respected you!" Just beautiful. A great way to end a great match.
  5. FireThunder


    WotC announced yesterday that we're getting a friends list and the ability to challenge friends to games in November, with more ways to interact with your friends down the road. I'd like it if they'd fix the 5th copy problem instead of getting bupkiss for my fifth copy of a mythic rare that I open, but I can keep dreaming I guess. Other than that middling complaint, I'm having a blast with MTG: Arena. I haven't gotten a 5-0 competitive league yet but I did finish with two 5-1s with Boros Angels. I'm really looking forward to doing the Dominaria quick drafts that they are replacing Ravnica quick drafts (at least for the time being).
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    Pete Dunne gives no fucks about your pinky party.
  7. FireThunder

    Banging the head that does not bang

    Today's the 10 year anniversary of the release of Gojira's "The Way of All Flesh".
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    Magic Arena has been in open beta for a few days and I really like it. It's smooth, easy to understand and games go at a pretty quick pace. I am going the free route so far but it's kind of a tough reminder of how hard it is to make a decent deck when you can't trade or buy cards. You get some interesting decks to start with and build off of. Unlike Hearthstone, you can't bin your garbage cards towards building decent cards. Instead you can get wild cards in packs, which are cards you can cash in and get any card of a certain rarity. You can earn cards, packs and precon decks by doing daily quests or you can buy gems to buy packs and compete in limited events. I traded all the wild cards I had except for my mythic rare wilds to build an inexpensive Keld Red deck. I'm still missing a couple of rare cards to be an optimal build. However, Goblin Chainwhirler is nuts.
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    I could watch Itami and Ali wrestle forever. I would even chant something along those lines at them. I think we can retire the apron spots now. Nobody is going to top Ali's 450 onto a prone Itami. Dar/Rush was a fun match as well.
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    Next week on Smackdown: The Bar lose a tables match to the Bella Twins.
  11. FireThunder


    Crowd definitely had more heat to it. The Cedric/Drew match was really solid and I feel bad... because that incredible Ricochet/Dunne match aired less than an hour later. Never the less, the title match had some really great moments. Drew finally connecting off the top rope with a flying clothesline. Cedric hulking up and Drew telling him to bring on the chops. And finally, it ends with the Lumbar Check and Cedric retains. With Buddy Murphy on the horizon. Good luck, Ced! Meanwhile, TJP finished his match with Lince Dorado with his best move to date, "Roll Up After Stealing His Opponent's Mask". Lio Rush is going to push DM the GM too far one of these days. For now, they'll continue to snipe at each other on Twitter.
  12. FireThunder

    2018 NFL: WEEK TWO

    Meanwhile, things are going swimmingly in Buffalo.
  13. FireThunder


    I've got tears in my eyes and a smile on my face. Tonight's show in Corpus Christi was Matt Hardy's last live commitment and he seems to be, for all intents and purposes, wrapping up an amazing career.