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    You can't have a Mustafa Ali match without him bumping like a pinball.
  2. #205LIVE

    Mustafa Ali has this underdog babyface schtick down cold. I thought that Gulak had murdered him several times during the match, including yet another one of those insane bumps off the ring post. The fact that Ali and Gulak were able to get that half filled, fairly quiet crowd so hot at the end is a testament to their talent. To be fair to the crowd, if I was subjected to a TJP squash match, I'd be waiting for the sweet release of death. At least it was nice seeing Kenneth Johnson again. More good things from the Lucha House Party and Tozawa/Itami. Are we building to a Tozawa heel turn or Itami snapping and attacking Tozawa?

    When you want to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, but you have to go to work.

    With the caveats that Gojira is a great live band and Toxic Garbage Island is one of my favorite songs they've produced... every time I want to listen to it, I fire up this version rather than the studio version. It captures the energy of the song perfectly.
  5. #205LIVE

    Another fantastic show, leading off with Tozawa/Itami vs Metalik/Dorado and capped with an incredible match between Strong and Alexander. I hope they bring Strong on full time because he had three great matches AND was able to generate a crowd reaction in all the matches he was in. As an aside, I'm glad that they're finally having Gallagher use his headbutt as a finisher.

    "Nobody knew what we were doing back in those days. We got no permits, we just did stuff out in public and hoped that nobody ended up in jail." That was a fun show.
  7. #205LIVE


    Abbey (er... Kimber) is hitting the ground running, she's already booked for two shows for Beyond. Good on her. Would they replace Fish with Dijak in TUE?

  10. #205LIVE

    Who decided to rib Drake by not cutting his botch out of Murphy's weigh-in? That flub aside, another great episode. I liked the difference between the two matches: Gulak and Andrews being totally disrespectful to each other compared to Ali and Murphy just being competitive. Gulak slapping the crap out of Andrews in the opening lockup set the tone for the match. I dig both guys right now: Gulak the cruiserweight murder machine and the high flying, stage diving Andrews. I half thought that Gulak was going to get himself DQed for not releasing the dragon sleeper soon enough. Ali and Murphy was such a well done match. Murphy is stronger than Ali, so Ali has to use his speed. WHOOPS, Murphy is also faster than Ali! So now Ali has to catch a break, which he does with the incredible 450 splash onto Murphy's extended arm. Murphy's main advantage is out the window, he can't hit his finisher, and his arm is so hurt that he couldn't even hold Ali down with a backslide. Ali gets the win with a crucifix, again exploiting the injured arm. Once again, both guys are on fire. Well, Ali has always been straight fire. Murphy has been a revelation though, the best kept secret indeed. I love that they sowed the seeds for the tag titles, as well. Tozawa/Itami has to be a team that would be near the top. The semifinals are... wow. Cedric/Roddy could be the best match in the tournament and Gulak and Ali have always worked really well together. Is this the match where Gulak's new found aggression winds up costing him?
  11. MLB 2018 - SPRING TRAINING~!

    FiveThirtyEight did some research on the composition of baseballs used in the past few seasons and, well... https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/juiced-baseballs/?addata=espn:mlb:index
  12. The All-Purpose Funko POP! thread....

    For a belated birthday present, my wife got me Crow, Tom Servo, Shinsuke Nakamura, and Bob Ross. What can I say, she knows what I like.
  13. #205LIVE

    Blah blah, watch 205 Live, blah blah. Two more great matches tonight. Cedric/TJP took a while to hit it's stride, but when it did, it was really good. And I was quite happy with Roddy/Kalisto. Roderick showed he could hang with the quickest of cruiserweights and dished out a ton of punishment on his way to a win. That end sequence was so smooth. Cedric/Roddy is going to be awesome.