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  1. #205LIVE

    Fun show this week. I like the evolution of Jack Gallagher from gentleman to ruffian. Apparently he's trying to steal Pete Dunne's schtick as well... Couple of pretty good matches as well with Nese/Cedric and Swann/TJP. Heel Neville continues to be the best thing on the show, slighted that his old friend Corey Graves would interview Tozawa instead of THE CHAMP.
  2. UPCOMING VIDEO GAMES (2017 & Beyond)

    Pay to win... for a single player game. Get the fuck outta here with that nonsense.
  3. MLB - AUGUST 2017

    Hoo boy. So much going on here.
  4. #205LIVE

    I present you with 205 Live in a microcosm: Tony Nese vs Gran Metalik. Metalik looked great, had a prematch promo, got the crowd buzzing with his high flying moves (including a gorgeous Asai moonsault that required perfect timing), and then... eats a running knee and gets pinned. *fart noise* Mean Jack Gallagher was fun. Tozawa and Daivari had a pretty good match that ended with Tozawa winning and going on to face Neville at The Summerfest. Tozawa chanting with the kids as he left the ring was cool.
  5. MLB - AUGUST 2017

    Prepare to dodge plagues of locusts and rains of frogs: Jon Lester hit a home run. Edited to add: Lester has also thrown almost a hundred pitches through four innings. So he might not get the win, despite being staked to an 8-1 lead. Yeah... interesting outing.
  6. Raw Is The Inexpicable Push of Big Cass - 7/31/2017

    Michael Cole characterizing the act of Reigns throwing Strowman in the back of an ambulance and backing it into a semi trailer as "an accident". Yeah, I'm pretty sure there's video evidence that's not true.
  7. Raw Is The Inexpicable Push of Big Cass - 7/31/2017

    "I wonder if there's beer on the sun."
  8. MLB - JULY 2017

  9. MLB - JULY 2017

    And this just across the wire, for a PTBNL:
  10. MLB - JULY 2017

    The Blue Jays hung seven runs in the ninth inning to beat the Angels 11-10. The capper was a walk off grand slam from Steve Pearce, his second walk off grand slam in four days.
  11. MLB - JULY 2017

    Also from that game, Adrian Beltre is a national treasure and we're gonna miss him when he retires. He got three hits closer to 3000, then got ejected for... well... http://m.mlb.com/cutfour/2017/07/27/244714064/adrian-beltre-moved-the-on-deck-circle-to-where-he-wanted-it-to-be-and-was-ejected
  12. MLB - JULY 2017

    Watching the Cubs game on Facebook (!), and Len just said that the Rockies acquired Pat Neshek from the Phillies for three minor leaguers.
  13. #205LIVE

    I get a big smile on my face every time Tozawa hits it, as well. It's a thing of beauty. Pretty disposable show this week. Not much to write home about except a continuation of the Neville/Tozawa/Daivari issue with Daivari picking up a countout win against the King of the Cruiserweights, the WWE writers utilizing Photoshop to the usual HIGH-LARIOUS results, and a decent tag team main event.
  14. Battleground V

    The tag title match was really damn good. The rest of this show...