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  1. I fell into a game this summer via Game Pass. Anybody ever check out theHunter: Call of the Wild? I'm not a hunting guy, but I found myself night hunting whitetail rabbits and blacktail dear until 4am one morning. I've played some of the arcade hunter games before, this ain't it! I'm walking around with animal callers tracking different bears and deer, listening intently for any sound indications (I went out bought a headset) because the sound is such a huge aspect to the hunt. I've started Gears 5 too. Looks incredible, but I'm working my way slowly through the campaign cause I'm terrib
  2. Thats a really great little clip of Strowman's Pops. You even get a bit of confirmation with the way dad swings and rounds third base, just a slight non-fluidness to it. I'm shocked they had footage like that.
  3. Any Ari Shaffir (comedian) fans? Who else is on that Impractical Jokers train? Ari and Sal Vulcano went to the SmackDown MSG show last week. Vulcano is the modern day smark trying to explain modern day wrestling to the less than casual fan, Shaffir. I enjoyed the hell out of this one. Ari had a blast and sounds like he's now a fan, and Vulcano is every one of "us," who went to a show with a friend, who's not generally a fan, and your friend LOVED it, and now he's got a whole list of questions for you. I loved hearing Ari's thoughts on Taker, Nakamura, 205 Live, Bray Wyatt, etc. htt
  4. Loved those Double Dare clips. I'll watch the full ep later. I watched me a lot of Double Dare/Nick growing up, but I've never seen those clips. Gorilla was huge next to Marc Summers (who totally undersold that intro), but then Brain comes down the steps, remains 2-3 steps above Monsoon and Summers, towering over both of them! Kids seemed to pop well for them. Tremendous!
  5. They announced the actual card for SF. I was hoping for more of the big names sprinkled in some of the opening tag matches. Juice, Naito, and Jay White are announced for Long Beach, but none are on the SF card.
  6. Stone Cold is on Hot Ones this week. I like retired Steve Austin. He said he wasn't great with spicy food, but then breezed through "Da Bomb" like it was nothing. He came off way better than Jericho did. Also, I watched his USA show after RAW; is there already a thread where this is being discussed? Its Stone Cold in 4-wheelers with comedians (and athletes, wrestlers, and whoever else his producer casts on the show), like the Seinfeld getting coffee show. The first 10 minutes were great, Austin and Rob Riggle just talking, felt organic (like a podcast). But then it has to put its reality
  7. Quoting for the Slayer reference. I've never purchased a Slayer album, (nor seen them live) and I'd call myself a casual metal fan at best, but back in like 99/00 a work buddy let me borrow a bunch of CDs to intro me to new stuff. TLDR; my first wrestling music video I edited was to a Slayer song. I couldn't tell you which song, or album.
  8. I didn't go. By the time I finished work they ended online ticket sales. Biggest news coming out of the show is that Atlas beat Fatu and is now the lightweight and universal heavyweight. I'm curious if Fatu has signed. I know he's MLW champ, but I don't remember a big announcement around Fatu signing the way anybody signing (anywhere) is news of the day. I am bummed I missed this one; Atlas has been so impressive each show, and I would have liked to witness this match, moment.
  9. I forget where I asked this before, but why hasn't WWE shown interest in Toro Yano? Okada he is not, but his character work is great, he's always entertaining as hell. I feel like he's what Vince *thinks* Nakamura is and could embrace a comedy Tajari or Kenzo Suzuki-like character. Also Doink was getting some love near the end of last month. Rumble 93 in Sacramento was my first live show EVER. Doink vs. Jim Powers was the opening dark match before I knew what a dark match was. I walked to my seats so confused, as this was NOT a match Sean Mooney had brought up on event center. Doink won
  10. Cool Guys are calling that 'Tic Toc'd nowadays I've def. found myself randomly reciting the SuperHumman script ,"THIS is for juggalloooos aaand jiggalets...." I also fell down a rabbit hole on his FB page. He's been making similar pain "stunts" for YEARS, but he's found his lane with the more recent wrestling stunts. APW is doing Fatu vs Jake Atlas on Friday. Any bay area people going?
  11. There's also this tweet from earlier this month which includes Osprey, El Phantasmo, Sho AND Yoh. I posted in the General Japan thread but I got tickets to the San Francisco show, and that one is sold out. I've never been to this venue/building, but the local PWRevolution has run lucha shows there a few times.
  12. I've posted about it previously, but I just wanted to ask if anyone else has checked out the STORE HORSEMEN podcast? They podcast out of the Comedy Store in LA, and quietly had both Enzo and Moxley (more recently), but it hasn't seemed to break through to any newz sites or even the wrestling meme pages that seem to have their pulse on current stuff. I think Conrad even made mention to the Moxley/Jericho podcast, as if it was very exclusive. Conrad booked Tony Hinchcliffe for the Ric Flair roast (though it was cancelled), so I would think he'd be somewhat familiar or aware of Hinchcliffe'
  13. Just popping in to post that I was able to snag a ticket to the Super J cup show at SFSU. Meltzer noted in his update that the WA show tix were on sale, but within the same link/ release the other shows' ticket links were included. I bought last night, and double checking today, the SF show is listed as SOLD OUT.
  14. I don't usually come into this specific thread, but as a bay area fan, I'm really hoping to get to that NJPW SFSU show.
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