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    I don’t buy this whole “Bock was gonna be Mr. Perfect “ bullshit. Bock was done then. And if any of you dum dums are actually shitting on Nick Mother Fucking Bockwinkel...Wow. I blame Trump. Because only the sub intelligent population who spend their precious moments away from their sad and depressing lives at the Wrestling Matches, would be booing a man like Nick Bockwinkel. A man who is clearly the better of all other men. These Ham and Eggers, as Bobby is prone to say, are so blinded by their preconceived notions and the utter flim flamery of Verne Gagne and the flawed opinions of the rest of the so called “ Leaders” of Professional Wrestling Criticism “ that they can’t see what’s right in front of their sad and confused faces. And that is the clear and undeniable fact that Nick Bockwinkel Fucking rules.
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    Annual reminder that Bossman in Japan was the shit, and that Stan Hansen was always rad.
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    Yeah but if Vince did a football version of 205 Live he would book Johnny Manziel as the Tom Brady of the league Somewhere Triple H is trying to figure out the easier way to poison Vince without getting caught. I mean between losing on the millions on the XFL and losing billions in TWO failed Linda campaigns, and try another football league, they might need a piggy bank
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    Oh, Enzo.... http://www.tmz.com/2017/12/15/wwe-enzo-amore-penis-signature-drivers-license/
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    It’s luster was damaged by Brexit.
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    I really wanted a Luke scene like the Vader scene in ROGUE ONE.
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    Considering he’s a penis and his signature looks like a penis, I’d say he does know how to write his name...
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    I think what we're all realizing is Samoa Joe could be inserted into almost any company at any time and made it better.
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    Snitsky with a beard looks like Steven Ogg/Trevor Phillips
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    At the 1:45 mark, Bock takes a poorly written rap and kills it. Bock could do or be anything he goddamn wanted.
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    Maybe you only think he can't grow a beard because he's got such a smooth, close shave.
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    i read the article linked earlier. It states that fans want less rules, more hard hits, etc, etc. and the NFL isn't delivering to fans what they want. The current WWE is more focused on safety and concussions and stuff of that nature than ever before. Also, the WWE routinely does not give the fans what they want. why do people think that a Vince Football League will do what he's never been able to do- deliver what other people want to see, NOT what HE wants to see?
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    Plus it shows Cody isn't a mark putting himself over at the cost of the logical finish.
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    Don't listen to the ramblings of the cretinous humanoids.
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    Can somebody with editing skills, please add “Miserlou” under this, with a proper fade?
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    See, I wish Rawley got Jinder's push post-Mania, personally.
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    I’m legit worried for Ryder’s safety.
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    I too would like to see a Taz vs Full Sized Taz match
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    I misread that as "backrub" and was kinda creeped out.
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    Just wait until The Bludgeon Brothers break out their new pre-match warm-up gear
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    The only thing I wanted that I didn't get was Luke lifting the x wing out of the water to make his return. Would have been a perfect empire callback.
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    Pleasantly surprised there's watchable tape of this, which is great, as I'm not sure I saw more that like 30% if what was happening live. It was a very fun time, though, and any match where a bodyslam gets a semi-meaningful two count in 2017 is pretty good in my book.
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    Finished it up a couple of hours ago and absolutely loved it. Thought it was the best film since the original trilogy. Loved the twists they did and how they handled Rey and Kylo's characters. I thought this did a much better job of introducing/using the new generation of characters. Its not perfect with a few holes, but nothing for me that was truly big enough to really hurt it. I am left wondering though how they handle things now with Fisher's passing. Feels like it was only just the beginning of the torch passing with her and Poe.
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    At that time, Vince was giving out shots for lots of big names who were past their prime to make some big money in the hottest thing going. Harley Race is the best example. Bock did one Legends Battle Royal at the Meadowlands and that was it. I’m sure Vince would’ve loved to have him as a performer at one point, but by the time he got there Bock was old. It’s not inconceivable that Vince ran by his ideas about characters at various guys until the right performers came along, and that’s where the rumors come from.
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    POWER STRUGGLE 2017 PART TWO Well I would have loved to see the Suzuki/Yano bullrope match just for shits and grins. Don't think I've ever seen Yoh and Sho. The Bucks come out and make fun of the challenge thing then still do it anyway. One of the Jacksons has a case of acne apparently. Anyway! TANAHASHI/IBUSHI (INTERCONTINENTAL TITLE): Today and this week have been pretty fucking garbage so I'm looking forward to seeing Ibushi dumping himself on his head along with hopefully having an awesome professional wrestling match. And boy those tights are tiny, with the cameraman getting an egregiously tight closeup of his ass as he gets into the ring. The crack (pardon the pun) NJPW Camera Team strikes again. JR cracks (pardon again) me up saying "Unchained Go-Rilla"... and the battle of the mom haircuts begins! Tana's old-as-dirt leg scissor takeover is just beautiful. Speaking of old he decides to play the role of wily vet and take out Kota's leg. Tana as semi-heel is my favorite version of Tana. God, faking Ibushi out to make him moonsault onto his feet and hurt his knee further is great. So is Tana's chopblock and Kota still selling the leg while doing his expected shit. Ibushi kicks the shit out of him three times but Tana dragons the leg and goes into the Texas Cloverleaf. Tana feels almost like Tenryu in this one. His Sling Blade even looks like it actually hurts someone for a change. WOOF, Ibushi almost cripples both of them on a rana off the top, that's just nasty. JR and Warmaster are doing a great job selling the psychology and FUCK TANA GETS LAWN DARTED INTO THE BUCKLES. And then Germaned off the second rope. They both miss dives with Jim saying "the pool was dry" haha. Then they just start slapping, punching and kicking the shit out of each other and this is fucking awesome. So chippy, so mean. Ibushi even holds Red Shoes' arm so he doesn't see him stomping Tana's face! Then they go home pretty quick with two mean looking High Fly Flows after a Last Ride and an escape from the knee strike. JR says "I could watch them wrestle all night long" and I'll be honest, they have such good chemistry, I could too. That was fantastic. Then (oh, gross) Cody challenges Ibushi. Ibushi is still selling the knee, at least. Tana says a bunch of fans stopped watching NJPW when he was champ (?) and he won't let any of them down again, which is weird. Warmaster says the air guitar makes him feel like he was at a Dio concert back in '84. A man after my own heart... ...aaaaaaaaaaaand then we get the challenge from Switchblade. The intro video shows Gedo's love of WWE knows no bounds. Christ, Jay White looks like he's all of 16 years old. At the very least they fight for a minute after the challenge. Well, that was pretty satisfying. Hiroshi needs to get crankier and Ibushi needs to get crankier while keeping the selling at a peak and we'll eventually get a stone classic out of them. As it is, that was one hell of a match, and I honestly have to say one of the best of the year.
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    When it comes to Infinity Inc I can't get into it anything after Ordway. Those first 13 issues are still one of my favorite arcs! James
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    Why is everyone assuming the worst, just because every single attempt Vince has made to branch out beyond wrestling (promoting boxing; starting a bodybuilding federation; starting a football league; opening a film studio) has failed miserably?
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    So wrestling Twitter is saying that Vince wants to bring back the XFL and will make the announcement sometime in January
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    Why are these Mojo promos only on twitter? That shit should have been on the main show. Thought Mojo always had a bit of potential as a heel so its nice to see these promos coming from hm
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    Check the Clash thread for the one he cut yesterday also. May be even better.
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    Oh, to heck with that. How great would have Joe been as a tweener interacting with Christian and Regal in 09 ECW.
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    Tell us what it was like living in the colonies, Sir.
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    Regal is none too pleased to have to wait this long for a corndog and elephant ear.
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    I think a lot of us totally recognize how amazing NJPW has been this year but are just kind of burned out from the hype they're getting everywhere else. The stuff AJPW does is, for me, way more emotional and nourishing just because it's operating on a smaller level but with maximum spirit, and just seems much more in tune with the history of the company than the current bombastic NJPW stuff is. If that sounds like I'm chastising NJPW for being innovative, I'm not---they've had like 50 phenomenal matches this year, but their product is crisp to the point of being manufactured at times. It's the same logic that tells me the Ramones were a better a band than, say, Led Zeppelin were. I would never in a million years argue that Miyahara/Ishikawa I is technically a better match than Okada/Omega I was...but at the same time if I were putting down my top 20 matches of the year I'm going to vote with my heart and not my "what qualifies as first-rate pro wrest;ling in 2017" scorecard, and thus give #1 to Miyahara/Ishikawa (a match I've watched probably ten times this year, as opposed to all those great NJPW matches which I only watched once or twice...when all else fails, you can rate these things based on your own personal replay value).
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    I loved it, if only because someone shouting DOWWWWWWWW after being punched makes me laugh.
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    Good God Cody's rich dick gimmick is beautiful.
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