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  1. MapRef41N93W


    I think the phrase "All Elite" sounds awkward, with those two L-sounds right next to each other. But I sympathize, coming up with a good name for a wrestling promotion at this point is very difficult.
  2. MapRef41N93W

    Revolution Pro Wrestling debuts on UK TV (Freesports) 19/10

    Don't you have to subscribe to some obscure UK cable sports channel to see it?
  3. MapRef41N93W

    NXT to WWE main roster: The hits and misses.

    This is the one part I disagree with. It's true that NXT fans would have complained if they'd started her whole story over again on the main show, but those fans are going to complain regardless, and keep watching regardless. I don't see any reason for WWE to ever give significant weight to the likely reactions of NXT fans when making creative decisions for ex-NXT wrestlers on the main roster. They're a small minority of the audience, and they're among the most likely to stick around no matter what you do. It's not like they're going to cancel their WWE Network subscriptions.
  4. MapRef41N93W

    Puroresu General Discussion for 2018

    That's certainly the case for me. I'm sure I've griped about this before, but building to a big title match by basically saying that the real guy who plays your opponent puts on boring fake wrestling matches is one of the stupidest ideas imaginable. I mean, how could that ever be a productive kind of heat? Even if Tanahashi wins, it's just the character Hiroshi Tanahashi beating the character Kenny Omega in predetermined match, not the real Tanahashi somehow beating the real Tyson Smith. It's a feud with no possible payoff. And it's disappointing, because I thought that New Japan and Tanahashi, at least, would reject that kind of thing. At first, it didn't seem like a critical mass of fans shared my sentiment. But now I am starting to notice some extra impatience with Omega going around. It seems like a lot of the appeal of Kenny Omega has come from people thinking the real guy behind the persona is cool, and so I wonder if he's burning some of that goodwill by basing the Tanahashi feud around obnoxious "shoot" insults of a wrestler almost everyone loves.
  5. MapRef41N93W

    NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 13 in Tokyo Dome 1/4/19

    I hope so, but I doubt it. I think Kenny at his best is amazing, but come hell or high water, that dude is going to hit 7 V-triggers and a double-underhook piledriver that looks like it should kill a man for a heatless nearfall that he acts shocked by. And it'll still be a really good match somehow.
  6. MapRef41N93W


    Yeah, I griped about the "Asai moonsault" thing in the thread for the previous episode. I'm guessing the thought process was this: Her finisher is a moonsault, but she's Japanese so it's gotta have a vaguely exotic Japanese name, so let's just use the Japanese-sounding moonsault name that's already out there. The fact that "Asai moonsault" refers to a specific move and not just any moonsault done by a Japanese person is powerless in the face of this reasoning.
  7. I have yet to be convinced that Toni Storm is an above-average pro wrestler.
  8. MapRef41N93W


    The problem is not that they're trying something new, or that they're trying to make it seem real. The problem is the specific way they've apparently chosen to do this (if Aries's post-match behavior was part of an angle, which I bet it was). It's one thing to have real-life animosity between wrestlers in the back of viewers' minds, or to base storyline events on real events. It's another, way stupider thing to try to present in-kayfabe and supposedly-out-of-kayfabe stories simultaneously and hope for either to be taken seriously. A wrestler celebrating a big win and his opponent throwing a tantrum about being booked to lose cannot successfully be presented to the audience at the same time, except maybe for laughs.
  9. MapRef41N93W


    The entire idea of a wrestling angle is to make you want to see the wrestling show. For a lot of fans, myself included, work-shoot nonsense like this has the opposite effect.
  10. MapRef41N93W


    It's a line from Back to the Future Part III :
  11. MapRef41N93W

    Puroresu General Discussion for 2018

    I wonder about all three of these guys. My first impulse is to say that Goto would be an instant main-eventer in AJPW or NOAH, but on second thought I'm not sure--the stigma of NINE failed challenges for the IWGP title might be so thoroughly stuck to him that other companies would be wary of having him actually win their top belt. And as much as I like YOSHI-HASHI, I suspect he'd be the YOSHI-HASHI we know now wherever he ended up. Same for Yujiro minus the liking him part.
  12. MapRef41N93W


    Oh yeah, and Michael Cole calling Shirai's top-turnbuckle moonsault an "Asai moonsault" for no apparent reason made me think that some Brazilian wrestler should start doing an "a├žai moonsault". Free idea for Taynara Conti right there.
  13. MapRef41N93W


    My main impression from the tournament so far is that Satomura and Shirai are so far above everyone else that it's not even funny. The other wrestlers look like they're doing their offense underwater by comparison. Plus Shirai is like 5'2" 120 lbs. and she hits the ropes like a heavyweight.
  14. MapRef41N93W

    NJPW King of Pro-Wrestling 2018

    I really enjoyed the KUSHIDA/Scurll match. I appreciated how they used matwork sequences throughout the match, not just as an obligatory bit of early-match filler. KUSHIDA seems to be in a weird zone where he's extremely good, and everyone knows it, yet he's somehow still underrated. Jay White, Gedo, and Jado appear to have all defected to the Firing Squad. Okada and his crew were all wearing brand new CHAOS t-shirts at the last U.S. show, and that was after White and Gedo split off, so I think CHAOS still exists. It would be like that if the nWo Black and White consisted of less popular early members and the Wolfpac consisted of more popular later additions. Also (can't resist the pedantic urge), there are no Samoans in either Bullet Club. But otherwise yeah, that's basically it. Come to think of it, if you don't count Kota Ibushi as a member and you put Yujiro in the Firing Squad, it would be Bullet Club Atlantic (North Americans and a Brit) vs. Bullet Club Pacific (Japanese, Kiwis, and Pacific Islanders).
  15. MapRef41N93W


    I didn't think so. Definitely a good match, but there were a couple points of awkwardness/miscommunication where Martinez looked a little lost. Taynara Conti's "Judo Alexa Bliss" entrance routine is kinda weird. But I always want more wrestlers doing cool judo throws so I'm sorry she got eliminated.