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  1. I think the idea is that Omega considers himself a great dramatic artist on par with someline like Olivier even though he clearly isn't. So the insult is not that Omega actually resembles Olivier in any way, but rather that Omega fancies himself that sort of figure when he's actually a ridiculous scenery-chewer. Kinda like calling an arrogant dumb guy "Einstein". (Not endorsing Cornette's opinion btw.)
  2. I think most people who saw him in the Shield when they were heels would've at least guessed. I haven't paid close attention to WWE in a long time, but isn't this the kind of character people have been clamoring for Reigns to play for years and years?
  3. I think he was saying that Cornette's podcasts are the wrestling equivalent of Red Scare, a somewhat controversial podcast in the world of Twitter-addicted media types.
  4. Looks like a 1950s French catch Imanari roll:
  5. Here's my problem with the delayed vertical suplex: once you've got your opponent up in that position, with that kind of control, why would you just drop back for a regular suplex? Why wouldn't you hit a brainbuster, or a jackhammer, or drop them on their face? This is why it drives me up the wall when Tomohiro Ishii does a delayed vertical suplex. His finisher is a brainbuster!
  6. Many of you are failing to consider that @Flair’s Shadow may have all his AEW predictions exactly right until Tony Khan reads them and changes everything.
  7. I've long suspected that the head-drop escalation in '90s AJPW was driven by the wrestlers themselves. My theory is that a lot of pro wrestlers are masochistic thrill-seekers, who justify their self-inflicted brutality by claiming they're doing it for the fans, when really it's mainly for their own satisfaction. (But then fans do get acclimated to it, so it becomes a vicious cycle.)
  8. I would very much like Tay Conti to start doing a Koji Iwamoto-style harai goshi. She's a judo black belt, she definitely knows how. It's a great move that somebody in U.S. wrestling should pick up IMO.
  9. In a saner world, AEW would've held off on starting their women's division until they could build it around Hikaru Shida as the top face and Jamie Hayter as the top heel.
  10. The AEW women's belt is one of my favorite belts in wrestling right now, easily the best belt in the company, and the size/vague resemblance to the old Lou Thesz belt is one of the reasons I like it so much.
  11. Cut Jericho some slack, he's 50 years old and he has the coronavirus.
  12. Watching the first episode of the women's tag tournament made me think of how smart NJPW is to make their rookies focus on mastering a small set of basic moves. It seems like a lot of the awkwardness in these matches comes from the wrestlers trying to do fancier stuff without the strong fundamentals you need make them look good. To be fair, I've had the same reaction to newer male wrestlers. I don't blame them--there's a clear incentive to try complicated stuff, since it's hard to get hyped for having good basics. But it grates on me as a viewer.
  13. This might be the thing that finally drives me into the loving arms of AJPW.
  14. I realize that cheating and interference and ref bumps have been common in New Japan at least since the Bullet Club formed in 2003, but I'm really getting sick of it. I thought maybe the Dominion title match would be the last straw. But then they went and brought in Dick Togo. Just when I thought I was out...
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