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  1. MapRef41N93W

    Puroresu General Discussion for 2018

    Yeah, I don't think NJPW has finisher overkill. What they have instead is overkill on moves that arguably SHOULD be finishers. Like, Okada won't kick out of the One-Winged Angel, but he will kick out after something blatantly more dangerous, like an avalanche dragon suplex.
  2. MapRef41N93W

    NJPW Fighting Spirit Unleashed 9/30/18

    Yeah, the idea of NJPW running a largely separate U.S. offshoot always struck me as preposterous. So much of what people like about NJPW booking depends on them doing discrete tours, big annual tournaments, and shows filled out with relatively inconsequential tags (sometimes nothing BUT tags) so they don't burn through big matches. You can't replicate that system on a national basis in the U.S. So a hypothetical New Japan USA promotion would basically be NJPW-style wrestling, but with more American wrestlers and American-style booking, plus occasional appearances by the big New Japan stars. That already exists and it's called ROH.
  3. MapRef41N93W

    2018 NWA THREAD (the Billy Corgan one)

    Jack Bates is also Peter Hook's son! I've seen them perform together, it's kind of adorable. Jack does a lot of the actual bass-playing because Peter can't sing and play at the same time. Corgan's NWA is in the weird, unenviable position of having intriguing creative ideas, but not having the kind of wrestling talent it needs to really make them work, despite coinciding with a talent-rich boom period for independent wrestling. If the best you can do for a headliner in 2017-18 is Nick Aldis, that's pretty rough. Not an original observation, I know. But it makes me wonder: who's the best person they could realistically get for that role? Is there anyone who stands out, who people think Corgan should be angling for?
  4. MapRef41N93W

    NJPW G1 Climax 28, LIVE AT THE BUDOKAN! 7/14-8/12

    I didn't think Omega/Ishii seemed any more dangerous than any of those guys's other big matches. Naito/Ibushi, on the other hand, was straight-up idiotic. Probably not all that much more idiotic than some other recent NJ matches, but still really dumb. I mean, at a certain point you have to ask: if you're ALLOWED to just pick someone up and drop them right on top of their head like that, why doesn't every wrestler do it all the time? Why powerbomb someone on their back when you can spike them on their neck with impunity? Obviously that's not a New-Japan-specific question, but my point is that when head drops are done sparingly enough, you can ward that question off and suspend disbelief. A match like Naito/Ibushi makes that impossible for me. But I know I'm in a small minority on that.
  5. MapRef41N93W


    I think I've said this on here before, but I'm convinced SANADA applies it that way on purpose. It's supposed to be a variation on the dragon sleeper that puts the pressure on the opponent's face--closer to the End of their Skull, if you will--so the move is more of a neck crank than a choke. It still looks bad because his opponents clearly have to make an effort not to let their heads slip out. But he's not doing a dragon sleeper wrong, because he's not doing a dragon sleeper. This is my hypothesis.
  6. MapRef41N93W

    NJPW G1 Special in San Francisco

    He was also born and raised in Hawaii, and started his pro career there. (He went to high school in Guam.)
  7. MapRef41N93W

    NJPW G1 Climax 28, LIVE AT THE BUDOKAN! 7/14-8/12

    I actually really liked YOSHI-HASHI/EVIL. I'm one of those people that thinks Y-H is a fundamentally good wrestler, and he's got one of the best lariats in the world right now. And I loved the shooter sadist vs. unintimidated veteran brawler dynamic of Makabe/Suzuki. I've never been all that invested in a Makabe match before, but when he hit that last King Kong kneedrop I was pumping my fist in the air.
  8. MapRef41N93W

    NJPW G1 Special in San Francisco

    I do not for one second believe that this JR/Barnett/Jay White thing is legit. The idea that Barnett would be so incensed that JR got his chair tipped over that he'd storm the ring in the middle of the show is a pretty big stretch.
  9. MapRef41N93W

    NJPW G1 Special in San Francisco

    One worrying thing about the Bullet Club angle is that the Firing Squad shirts still said "BC" on them. So we may be looking at two officially warring factions both calling themselves "Bullet Club", a la nWo Wolfpac vs. nWo Hollywood. I'm not too keen on that idea, but from a branding/merchandising perspective, it might be too good for them to pass up.
  10. MapRef41N93W

    The Cody Rhodes/YB All In Show Thread

    I don't know about never. Don't they have a history of running the occasional heavyweight champ vs. junior champ match, like Okada/Ospreay earlier this year, and the famous Hashimoto/Liger match from '94? I could see a situation where Okada and Scurll hold their respective titles again and get matched up to headline a secondary show. But yeah, it's not a match that will definitely happen in NJ, and in any case it wouldn't be happening there anytime soon.
  11. MapRef41N93W

    The Cody Rhodes/YB All In Show Thread

  12. MapRef41N93W


    "The J.O.B. Squad" is pretty bad, for the winking work-shoot nature of it if nothing else. At least "The Undisputed Era" sounds like something a bunch of arrogant lugs would come up with because they think it sounds cool. But yeah, it's a bewilderingly bad name.
  13. MapRef41N93W

    NJPW Dominion 2018

    Before the main event, I had this sinking feeling that neither man winning would feel quite right. I thought it would have been anticlimactic for Omega to lose, but also that he lacked the right kind of momentum to win the belt now, having been sidetracked by the Golden Lovers and Bullet Club storylines. I figured they might still hold off on Kenny winning, maybe by having him take the first fall, so there would still be the sense that he's getting closer: from losing the first match, to getting a draw in a match he was about to lose, to beating an injured to Okada in the G1, to beating a full-strength Okada in the first fall of a 2/3 falls match, to maybe finally beating him outright down the road. But after Okada took the first fall, my perspective changed, and I was suddenly rooting for Omega to come back and win it all. And when he did, I was elated. That was the most fun I've had watching wrestling in a long time.
  14. MapRef41N93W

    NJPW Dominion 2018. Contains NJPW Wrestling Dontaku 2018 spoilers.

    I'd like to see Okada and Omega do a full-length match in the vein of their earlier bouts just for the first fall, then have the next one or two come fairly quickly. That would be a neat twist on the usual 2/3 falls format, and fitting given what they've already done. If neither one has been able to pin the other in under 30 minutes except when one was injured, why should that change now?