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  1. I don't think this makes any sense. It's possible to be part of a group that has a collective identity while also having a distinct individual character. LIJ, for example, have a group identity, but I wouldn't say the members are defined just by their associations with one another.
  2. Love it! Bring it back! Except... Considerations like these are why I favor giving each team two saves rather than just one. That way you get up to four per match, which would help protect double-team moves and give you some cool moments without going overboard.
  3. One more: rope breaks are extremely overused. It seems like most wrestlers, in kayfabe, never bother to train submission escapes and just rely on the ropes to bail them out. That's lame. The wrestlers look weak for taking that approach, and the sport looks bad for rewarding it. The solution: all pro wrestling should limit the number of rope breaks the way ROH pure rules matches do, and wrestler should respond by working in more submission escapes. Like limiting saves in tag matches, this would open up more cool ways to structure matches and build suspense. PLUS, you could do the old
  4. Here's another: I think they should also enforce the rules in tag team matches way more strictly. Right now, enforcement of the rules is so lax that it makes no sense for the wrestlers to ever follow them. If you're not the legal man, there's no reason to stay out on the apron, and no reason to leave the ring when the ref tells you. You'll never get punished, so obeying the rules can only place you at a disadvantage. But everyone still does some perfunctory rule-following, at least in the early goings. Even heel teams do this. Not only does it not make sense in general, it ruins the
  5. I originally posted a version of this in the "Wrestling Tropes You Love / Hate" thread, but it makes more sense here: I hate that wrestling companies allow blatant cheating, caught on video in clear view of everyone, to go completely unpunished. Some promotions even allow their supposedly prestigious titles to change hands as a result of such acts. It makes no sense and cheapens everything. I also hate that the rules of pro wrestling permit competitors to drop each other on their heads and necks, kick and knee downed opponents in the head, and throw each other over the top rope.
  6. I'll do you one better: watching some of Moxley's stuff post-WWE has made me understand why Vince saw him as suited for wacky comedy stuff. He just carries himself in kind of a goofy way. And for a dude with such a tough-guy image, his punches and knees consistently look very weak. EDIT: For example:
  7. With NXT's move to Tuesday being official, I'm reminded of this post of mine from December '19, in which I predicated that going head-to-head with NXT would end poorly for AEW: In retrospect, I definitely underestimated (a) how much of an appetite there was for an alternative to WWE, even one that still seems very WWE-ish to me, and (b) how much more NXT would "indulge in goofy sports-entertainment stuff" on USA.
  8. Penta says "Penta El Zero M"? Can he only say his own name, like a Pokemon?
  9. Did Omega ever have a clear motivation for giving Sydal the chance to wrestle him if he could beat Nakazawa, etc.?
  10. It's really just confusing. Imagine you're the champion, and your next challenger says "I want that title so bad, I'll beat up my own girlfriend!" Are you more intimidated by him now? I don't see why Ibushi's reaction would be anything but "jesus, this guy's even dumber than I am".
  11. Christian's promo absolutely blurred the line between fiction and reality--the Jon Moxley reference was to an out-of-character interview where Moxley was praising him as a worker. If you want to say that's not technically "breaking kayfabe", OK. In that case, I'll say that I think a promo that technically doesn't break kayfabe can suck very bad in the same way that a kayfabe-breaking promo does. GSP, Jones, Khabib, and Usman were/are dominant fighters. They are not analogous to Christian Cage.
  12. I didn't like Christian's promo at all. He's their hot new signing, going straight for the world title, and he's talking about how he works hard in the ring and makes his opponents look good. I can't wait for his big promo hyping up the title match. "Kenny Omega... you better watch out... cuz ask anybody, ask Jon Moxley... I'm a CARPENTER... I'm a MECHANIC... and at Full Gear... I'm gonna GET YOU OVER!!!!"
  13. This is a bit of derail, but I've never understood this. Seems to me that both a sleeper and an RNC work by compressing the carotid arteries, and neither attack the windpipe, so it makes no sense to say that an RNC is a "choke hold" in a way that a sleeper isn't.
  14. I like the SLEEPER HOLD. It bugs me when it gets called a "rear naked choke" in pro wrestling. Let's go back to our roots.
  15. @Smelly McUgly I'd never seen or even heard of that Flair/Regal match, but I'm watching now and enjoying it a lot. Thanks!
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