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  1. even better than I expected, too, tbh. I don't know whether I was doubting Akiyama's commitment to the bit or whether that would translate to an actually dramatic match, but either way, my doubts were unfounded. The tag title match between Eruption and HARASHIMA/Okabayashi team was quite good too, though I do think that matchup has another level they could get to.
  2. The sound of that hair whip, goddamn.
  3. Watching Japanese wrestling on and off for over 20 years, I'm pretty sure that DDT show was the first time I've watched a show from Japan live, so that was fun. Top to bottom very fun show, which I honestly think DDT provides more consistently than any other company in the world, probably, especially if you can follow along with @ddtpro_eng on twitter and get some translations to make the comedy stuff make a little more sense. The relevant comedy stuff here was Makoto Oishi claiming that, now that he's in Akiyama's stable, he wouldn't participate in Dieno's shenanigans anymore, even if they're
  4. hahahahahahahahahaha fuck poor eddie and mox
  5. It got posted in the Internet Matches thread, but just in case anyone here ain't checking for it the Arisa/Nanae/Riko Kawahata vs. ASUKA/Makoto/Tsurushi Haruka main from the 2/26 Seadinnng show totally rules. Lots of hate and out of control brawling, and outside interference that actually adds to the chaos instead of being a distraction.
  6. it'd be weird if he won a match involving Cody, Penta, and Archer, but if the ladder match person is Ethan Page, it might be worth noting that the series of matches he had against Darby in Evolve a few years back was pretty damn great
  7. The Eruption vs. Sauna Club (Takeshita/MAO) Tag Title match from the 2/23 DDT show is well worth watching - typically unique stuff from MAO all around, and Higuchi kinda goes next level emotionally towards the end, which works well both in the match itself and with an eye towards his singles title challenge coming up.
  8. It's been covered already, but i finally caught up this morning and damn was that Page/Kassidy match a pleasant surprise, to the point that it's prolly my 2nd or 3rd fav AEW match of the year so far. Page really laying in those punches and lariats at the beginning really sets the tone, and while Kassidy working over an arm for the whole match, wouldn't seem like his wheelhouse, you can't really complain about anything he does here (and Excalibur even works in how it isn't in his wheelhouse during one of the holds, the cross armbreaker maybe?).
  9. Really loved that show from DDT. I feel like them being so story-focused in often comedic ways overshadows (for folks that aren't often watching) how great they are at storytelling in more traditional ways. I loved the video of Ueno training with to counter Sakaguchi's choke and how that got worked into the match.
  10. i was gonna say, these two big boys running at each other at increasing speed is the most excited I've been by a rope running spot in forever.
  11. Goddamn that match was good. Fenix when given this kind of opportunity is maybe the best in the world, certainly the best at combining athleticism and impact. The angle stuff afterwards, I was never a huge Bullet Club fan, so there's no nostalgia value in this for me. Earnest question: do y'all find this stuff exciting? The will they or won't they, the cute little hand signs and all? Especially aside from, like, how it affects ratings?
  12. Obviously overshadowed by the main event, but that tag title match was terrific. Love Tana slapping Taichi to avoid him winning via iron glove, and then getting completely decimated by the full Dangerous Tekkers arsenal.
  13. god damn Thatcher/Oney and Io/Sasha made me so happy
  14. I'm trying to remember the last time before that last man standing I so viscerally hated a match and struggling
  15. they Rhea/Charlotte match and Firefly Funhouse were both wonderful
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