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  1. Obviously overshadowed by the main event, but that tag title match was terrific. Love Tana slapping Taichi to avoid him winning via iron glove, and then getting completely decimated by the full Dangerous Tekkers arsenal.
  2. god damn Thatcher/Oney and Io/Sasha made me so happy
  3. I'm trying to remember the last time before that last man standing I so viscerally hated a match and struggling
  4. they Rhea/Charlotte match and Firefly Funhouse were both wonderful
  5. this is just semantics but i'm pretty sure even those of us that loved it agree that it's very stupid, haha
  6. Boneyard ruled, and, honestly, I thought everything else was at the very least good as well (maybe Goldberg/Strowman aside? and if the only bad thing is 2 minutes long, that's more than fine). I dunno if I'm just being a softie trying my hardest to appreciate what all these wrestlers are doing trying their hardest to have memorable Mania matches in a crowdless and wildly unsafe environment, but I found it surprisingly easy to drown out the lack of crowd noise and just get into it.
  7. I'm on board with White/Naito as match of the night too. I've never been a huge White fan but his specific offense to the knee here worked great, and Naito's efforts to proactively counter the Gedo-ness of it all and trick White were terrific. The main has the same issues as most of the Okada matches people call classics do to me, wildly entertaining second half, but I can only recommend a match that kinda bored me for 15-20 minutes so highly. The part where Kota smacked the hell out of Okada was amazing. Yo, have I missed something not paying attention to NJPW that much the last fe
  8. just realized I hadn't been on this thread all year, but here's a list! I loved that second Garza/Rush match so much: 1. Matt Riddle vs. Velveteen Dream, 4/5, Takeover: Brooklyn 2. Tyler Bate vs. Walter, 8/31, Takeover: Cardiff 3. Kofi Kingston vs. Daniel Bryan, 4/7, Wrestlemania 4. Sasha Banks vs. Ronda Rousey, 1/27, Royal Rumble 5. Lio Rush vs. Angel Garza 12/10, NXT TV 6. Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. Andrade Cien Almas, 1/15, Smackdown 7. Kassius Ohno vs. Jack Gallagher, 5/29, NXTUK TV 8. Pete Dunne vs. Walter, 4/5, Takeover: Brooklyn 9. Johnny Gargano vs. Ricochet, 1/26, Takeo
  9. I LOL'd when Beth accused Nigel of being biased towards Vanessa Borne and he somewhat nonsensically replied "I have a vision of love." I hope that this means Nigel's version of Mauro-ing is just dropping in random Mariah Carey song titles.
  10. man Roman vs. even bigger guy matches really rule sometimes
  11. I think the Fenix/Laredo/Puma/Taurus AAA Title 4-way from 8/10 is really really worth a watch. It's all the usual fun stuff you'd expect but a bit of extra focus on Taurus as the biggest guy in the match that everyone has to deal with gives it a little more structure. As good as anything AAA have done this year aside from maybe the Vikingo/Laredo match and the Triplemania main.
  12. This was pretty fun, though that Cody/Spears match was a big old nonsensical stinker. After Triplemania I had incredibly low hopes for another Lucha Bros/Bucks tag but that shit was awesome, as was the Shida/Riho match (despite the placement) and the 3 way, which was also nonsensical but definitely not a stinker. A really great night of introductions, with our dear Orange, [LAX], and perhaps the one that made me the happiest in the moment, tho in retrospect who knows if she's gonna be here permanently, Mercedes Martinez.
  13. I absolutely adore this unexpected DDT out of an early sequence of holds from Ricky Marvin on Arez
  14. Only saw that main but damn that ruled. I especially loved Bate attacking from every angle and with moves that didn't just look like his regular wrestling moves (the leg/butt drops, that one punch in the ear, etc). That kind of extra shit is what makes matches really stand out to me, especially matches this long.
  15. hey, that Andrade/Apollo match, even having to watch a chunk of it silently in a small window during commercials, totally ruled.
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