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  1. Going back to the “too much wrestling” point, for me it’s not too much wrestling per se but more that they’re now booking dual brand shows badly meaning less variety and speed booking stuff like AJ vs Nak so it stops being special. I mean we’re edging to AJ vs Nak’s fourth match on PPV since April and only the blow off match is going to have any chance of being beyond okay. Not to mention how Joe vs Reigns wasn’t booked or wrestled like a main event match.
  2. I mean the IC title means more. Roman vs Joe headlining over AJ vs Nak was pure Shade
  3. I mean Miz doesn’t need it, neither does Braun. So currently only Finn or Rusev make sense. And it’s clear that Finn vs Lesnar isn’t an endgame. So why not give it to Rusev. Dude is crazy over and could benefit from it. Plus he’s on SD, so it’s not like an important title is being used.
  4. I mean they used to do 3x HIAC matches. And the three matches would have different structures. Plus we’ve got enough tag teams for eight teams to compete and still have multiple teams not included.
  5. I mean Bryan has enough cred that he can justifiably challenge the champ whenever. He doesn’t need an MITB for that. Rusev does. Besides, months of Rusev threatening to cash in on Rusev Day skits write themselves.
  6. This AJ vs Nak feud is telling a good story but man, these matches better be leading to an actual good match because they’re all story and no sizzle so far.
  7. He got cheered stopping Roman from beating Zayn and Balor. No ones going to cheer Jinder over Roman in a feud.
  8. Y’all sleeping on Jinder. Dude is going to make sure Roman gets cheered. He’ll probably do twice as many chin locks.
  9. Rollins vs Miz should’ve been the main event. God. Damn.
  10. I’m just amazed they’ve ran through Styles vs Nak three times in six weeks, to the point the matches means nothing anymore. I mean they’ve been decent, but if Nak doesn’t win and if the match is merely decent, where the Hell can he go from here?
  11. Dual brand PPV’s is such a dumb idea. I mean this is the third show in six weeks which’ll go five hours and feature all the roster. Shit is ridiculous.
  12. I love how Henry is a fan of guys like Rollins and Bryan.
  13. I’m fine with Brock as part time champ because man they’ve really made the IC title mean something. Love how Rollins, Balor and Miz refuse to see it as a consolation prize.
  14. Those Kami promos were atrocious. Face AJ is a terrible promo.
  15. People hating on Rollings is hilarious when you literally have AJ cutting poor promos weekly on SD Live. Good promos aren’t conductive to being a top guy in 2018.
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