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  1. 2018 Matches of the Year.

    I have to second the strong love. Itami vs Strong was outstanding.
  2. #205LIVE

    I want to see my favourite wrestlers get paid lots of money and be appreciated by as many people as possible. I also think that when you’ve peaked in something, you should do something else. Roddy is at the top of his game in 295 and NXT and will always be over there... so I want to see him challenge himself and try and succeed in a new, difficult pond. He might fail. But I think he owes it to himself to never rest on his laurels and try. Same way Balor left Japan, where he was in a great spot, to start from scratch in NXT. And I get your points. But I don’t think any wrestler should look at any aspect of WWE and think “I’m happy staying here forever.” They have to want to try new things.
  3. #205LIVE

    Only snag there is that the longer Roddy spends in NXT without being champ, the more likely he is to be stuck in the Ohno space.
  4. #205LIVE

    I mean I get your point, but it’s pretty telling that Roddy has had the two best tourney matches and got the dead crowds into said matches when other guys can’t. Not today 205 doesn’t have damn good talent. But Roddy just connects with the crowds on a different level. I don’t think he’s ever gonna be a top guy (although I don’t think he’d ever stop trying), but he absolutely is IC/US title level. Shit, he’d be an amazing NXT champ if that roster wasn’t so stacked. And there’s no shame in being 205 champ. Just that Roddy is ready to move up to the main roster now. Having him in 205 for six months while they sort the crowd/schedule out is a waste of his time.
  5. [NXT] March 14th 2018 Discussion

    Dunne turning face solely because he wants to knock out Adam Cole instead of Tyler Bate is perfect booking. Watching him all I can think is you could book Dunne vs Lesnar for Mania and two seconds of Dunne giving that “I’m going to fuck you up” stare would make fans buy into it straight away.
  6. #205LIVE

    Strong isn’t going to be in 205 after Mania. So booking him in the final seems redundant. Same with Murphy.
  7. The Cody Rhodes/YB All In Show Thread

    Sunny is my favourite TV show of all time.
  8. Raw Is Empowering Women - 3/12/2018

    Oh God, the internet would be insufferable if it was named after Steph. Worse than named after Moolah.
  9. The Cody Rhodes/YB All In Show Thread

    So at the moment the card may be Page vs Ryan Cody vs Kenny blow off. Buck vs Buck. I mean I guess there’s a tease of Flip getting involved. And I’m assuming Brandi/Marty will both have a match. My gut tells me Marty vs Amell could be a laugh.
  10. The Cody Rhodes/YB All In Show Thread

    Oh man, just as I’m about to put on my Young Bucks t-shirt...
  11. The Cody Rhodes/YB All In Show Thread

    Joey Ryan vs Hangman Page is better booked than anything Cornette has done in decades. I hope that match is on All In, so Cornette can have another Twitter meltdown over how out of touch he is.
  12. SmackDown Live is Viking Kronik - 3/13/18

    Carmella is hampered by the fact that she seems lovely in real life but is stuck playing a heel. She’d probably work best as a sympathetic face who sold a lot then pulled a Cena at the end. But WWE seems to like booking natural heels as faces and faces as heels.
  13. WWE Hall of Fame 2018

    Lauper should be the star inductee of whatever year she’s inducted. I think therein lies the problem.
  14. Raw Is Empowering Women - 3/12/2018

    I mean Brock would probably veto Braun after that RR nonsense.
  15. WrestleMania XXXIV

    Just messing with you, dude. I know the Mania matches now. Can’t wait for Jax vs Asuka.