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  1. I enjoyed Dez / Moose and Scarlett Bah, Lance Storm’s cameo was good but the rest of this show was very meh. I am maybe the boats biggest Cody Deaner fan, but those promos are really irritating. Generally, the way Impact tapes they seem to have 1-2 of these episodes where it’s way slower than the rest. That said, Fallah Bah is one of my favorite wrestling things. He is outstanding. Such a fun babyface
  2. She was not. I spent most of this evening trying to figure out how a 19 year old even knew who Rikishi was. I’m old.
  3. I was on a work night out this evening. One of the younger girls (I’m legit 20 years older than her) asked, knowing my wrestling background, if I had ever been Rikishi’d in the ring. never been more impressed however, my first 2 thoughts were 1) she has an impressive knowledge of wrestling 2) does she mean I was run over by a vehicle? Or does she mean the stink face? Assuming number 2, for the record, I took 3 stink faces, all off dudes who were 300+ pounds.
  4. I was thinking Killian Dain would fit right into the Viking Experience, then I got to thinking how many guys they have that look like potential Vikings at the moment -War Raiders, Sarah Logan, Killian Dain, Rowan, Brawn, Lars Sullivan, Aleister Black. I want to see a gigantic Viking nwo loot and pillage their way through the company.
  5. 100% this, if Vince had any MCU knowledge we would have had Drax vs. Triple H at mania. Vince probably thinks the MCU is a mid-90s rapper
  6. 4 rascalz fans. Then again it does seem to be the same group of us that post in the weekly Impact threads that seem to like the rascalz. What I will say though, is that for the longest time I never understood there promos were a “that 70’s show” rip off. I’m not sure I like the promos yet but at least I get what they are going for now.
  7. Liked the main and the opener, the rest was just there for me. As AxB that’s Deaner “eeeeeeee” is going to get super annoying super quick. Its the first time I’ve seen Alexander and he looks good. Is the headwear a gimmick or does he wear it for a reason? Him and Page had a few slight miscues but I think they will do pretty well, Impact seems to be high on them. I feel like this was one of those shows they have every set of tapings where it just goes a bit flat. Looking forward to Scarlett & Fallah teaming next week.
  8. Just caught up with MLW Battle Riot 2, worth it just to see Dan Severn on TV. Was a well booked match right up until the end, the winner done nothing for me. Contra Unit are easily the best thing on MLW at the moment, closely followed by Mance Warner. Pretty great stuff all around. I also loved Cornette having to commentate on a Jimmy Havoc deathmatch!
  9. I now have an image of Sasha and Bayley lying like planks, face down, arms by there side just repeating “nope, nope, nope” while the rest of the locker room goes about their business. ”hey Sasha do you have any tape?” Sasha remaining perfectly still, face down ”yes, it’s over there”
  10. During her NXT run Sasha was easily top 3 female wrestlers in North America in ring and character wise she was almost perfect. I loved watching her. Since she came up there is no question she has been shackled with some terrible writing, but in ring she kind of went off the boil. She has had a couple of near misses on bumps that looked horrific. I can understand why the higher ups probably went “yeesh can’t have her doing that every week” and it wouldnt surprise me if they have had a bit more control on what Sasha has done (in ring) since. I think she probably feels stifled. There are still tons of potential opponents for Sasha in WWE especially against the current NXT crop, a Sasha v Bianca Belair feud screams money to me.
  11. Just realised that it was RD Evans that was released and not RD Reynolds. For some reason I thought the wrestlecrap writer had been hired by WWE without me noticing *insert joke here* But if this means Archibald Peck returns to this dimension / the indies, then that might be my favorite news this week.
  12. The Darby Allin segment on the Road to Double or nothing video is one of the coolest 20 seconds I’ve seen in wrestling for an age. The dude looks like a mega star already.
  13. Vince / WWE seems way more high on actions rather than words. Austin always said on his podcast that you couldn’t go to Vince and complain unless you were prepared to offer an alternative, and that’s from Austin. I dread to think how hard it must be for people way lower down the food chain to approach management in that company, let alone ask for an improved role.
  14. Cornette has been great on MLW, the latest episode he handled Low-Ki perfectly when Ki joined on commentary. He also explains some of the sillier stuff really well, like Konnan getting shanked or Daga’s ear getting ripped off, felt really old school
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