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  1. I use wrestling politics a lot in my every day life. I work in a Solicitor’s office where there is a definite similarities to wrestling in terms of card positions and egos. I left my current company 6 years ago for a rival firm and got a decent wage rise and “push”, done a great job for a year, then a new manager came in who didn’t take to me and marginalised me and my whole team. I met up with the boys from my old job for a beer one night and they talked me into calling my old boss for a chat. I done that on the Monday and less than a year and half after leaving I was back in my old office in a better role and on much more money. Steve Austin always said “these young guys have to build a relationship with Vince”; it’s true. I’ve always had a great relationship with my current boss and it pays off, even if he is a maniacal control freak, like Vince.
  2. Can’t believe everyone is forgetting the master and ruler of the universe! - just checked Sid retired! Damn.
  3. He totally ends up being Uncle Dylan, manager of Jesse and Festus.
  4. Tony Khans wrestling promotion = some Cody Rhodes, some Dark Order. Tony Khans football promotion (this season) = Nick Jackson joining the Dark Order, only to be benched for a returning from injury Barry Horowitz. Edit - The Jags are basically the Dark Order, a murder cult you can never escape
  5. Johnny Swinger being Johnny Swinger was incredible. Loved how his offence was innovative and mind blowing when these days he’s seen as old timey and past his sell by date. The double axe handle invention was brilliant. Shows are so much better when the performers are having fun. They could fast forward 10 years next year and do an attitude era show.
  6. They lost out to Frosty the Snowman this week according to Post Wrestling https://www.postwrestling.com/2019/11/30/smackdowns-number-drops-against-frosty-the-snowman/
  7. Just caught up on the show this morning. I got most into the womens match. I think Shida and Statlandet were really great. Liked the Butcher and the Blade debut, would it have killed them to let one of them grab a mic and tell Cody why they were here? It just seems weird they walked off. The Jericho stuff was really great. Scorpio always looks jacked when he’s in tag matches against the Lucha Bros, Young Bucks etc but he looked tiny next to Jericho and Jericho isn’t all that big in the scheme of things. I still love Sammy G He is golden every time he is out there. Wardlow looks like a giant Marty Scurll. That aside yI’d love to see Hammerstone and Holliday join AEW and team up with them as a modern day Dangerous Alliance style stable. You could even chuck EC3 in there and have the ultimate rich white boy stable.
  8. Takers look between 1997-2003 fits exactly with the metal scene around that time. Late Grunge era-97, weird Pete Steele phase 98, brief foray into Nine Inch Nails / Marilyn Manson in 1999 before going full Limp Bizkit in the 2000’s. I suppose we are fortunate he never had a Metallica Load / Re-Load phase around 1996. Lounge-Taker would have been a sight to behold.
  9. How could we have a wrestling fashion discussion without big Dave!
  10. Re watched 2 shows this morning, IWA King of the Death Match 2003 and Chikara King of Trios 2011 (Night 1). Regardless of anyone’s opinion on death match wrestling, or Ian, or IWA, that show is stacked. Probably the peak of that style of wrestling. The crowd is hot, with the CZWFans having travelled down for the show. That ring though, yeesh, literally every match was a Staph Infection death match. Also has the sickest bump on the whole show is Mickie Knuckles being power bombed onto the upright chair. King of Trios was also great and that year was really tremendous and really peak Chikara, highlights being Walkman and the Michinoku Pro team of Togo, Shinzaki and Sasuke. Couple of random thoughts though, Chikara had 3 better versions of the Dark Order with Ultramantis Black’s stable, the Bruderschaft des Kreuzes and The Batiri in that one tournament. I’m not sure how active The Batiri are these days but they would be great minions for the Dark Order rather than the stupid masked guys they have now. Second thought was how much 3.0 have got lost in the NXT system. Those guys were really great and I miss seeing them on a regular basis
  11. Surprised at that to be honest. Thought he would have moved elsewhere
  12. I don’t think it’s an exact science. I’m sure they will continually fudge their way through the rankings where needed. I’d love to see someone like Nakazawa fluke a win on the first show of the year and then refuse to wrestle a match for the rest of the calendar year just so that he can finish the period with a 100% record. He can then claim he is due a title shot for being the only guy with a perfect record!
  13. This weeks BTE takes the least subtle shots at WWE and Seth possible!
  14. I was brought up under the belief “if you can’t say something nice then don’t say anything at all” But yo, “fuck that guy” ON TOPIC - the ending to that show was incredible, I want to spend the £15 (uk) on this show but my wife (British) insists we hang around with her friends which means a late night.
  15. The sooner Holograms make it to wrestling the better.
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