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  1. We only need one award. The Mark Henry award. The winner is Mark Henry. Every year. Occasionally Haku might win it, but mainly Mark Henry.
  2. I approve of this signing and can’t wait to see the visual of Marko Stunt meeting Paul Wight.
  3. Having never heard of JJ Garrett I had a quick google search to read up on him. My initial thought was that he has the most NASCAR sounding name ever. However his Twitter handle is Thot Steiner and he previously used the name Buff Swagwell.
  4. Oh boy that IWA:MS canvas was probably where Covid originated in the first place. Never mind bats in Wuhan, it was mats in Charlestown, In. Circle of life, empty arena wrestling caused empty arena wrestling.
  5. Not sure where to post this, as I’m not sure we’re “heavy” heavy metal, but pre-Covid your favorite drunk poster got his teenage metal band back together and we managed to knock out a 3 song EP somehow during a pandemic. Hope you enjoy, if not tell me to F off! I’m on the bass and vocals. The other songs should be on the same channel.
  6. I’ve put a few bucks on Connor TKO in rounds 2-3 at an online bookie, watching the build Connor looks lean and hungry which seems dangerous, particularly given he won’t have his Irish army behind him. I love Dustin but I don’t see how he wins this.
  7. I just saw the music video for Men Without Hats - Safety Dance for the first time in my life, and realised if the Dark Order REALLY want to recruit Hangman they should recreate this video with Hangman as the main guy, the resemblance is uncanny. Silver could be the little guy, Anna Jay the blonde chick.
  8. In my head I went “oh that’s ages away, they have plenty of time to announce a world title bout” then I remembered it’s only really 5 weeks! I was beginning to feel like Dynamite has been drifting a little aimlessly recently, hopefully announcing a date will allow them to set some things up and get a bit of focus and direction.
  9. You know, if you told me Borash and Jarrett were solely booking Raw I would 1000% believe it. Tons of weird angles that make little sense, performed badly. AJ Styles being the only bright spot. Raw has finally completed its transformation into Impact from 5-6 years ago.
  10. 97 is under rated. It’s got Austin being Austin and doing incredible things for the most part. Jerry Lawler’s participation is also fantastic. It probably holds the record for most Luchadores ever on a WWE show. Apart from the Rumble match itself it’s one hell of a weird show.
  11. I’ve started to wonder when the first round of AEW contracts and next ‘big’ WWE talent contracts will be due to expire. Its a shame for the wrestlers, as pre-Covid their bargaining power would have been off the scale for the first time in years, but now the big companies rosters are over-stacked and the indies & overseas tours are pretty much on hiatus. It will be interesting to see what happens. I’m assuming most people just re-up where they are, if possible, so they have a guaranteed paycheck. That would seem the sensible option.
  12. I await the week where Arsenal are losing 5-0 at half time and they get jobber entranced. ”...and their opponents, from London, Arsenal”
  13. Dynamite, Impact, MLW and occasionally SD. Impact has been my most watched show of the last 2-3 years.
  14. This is the DVDVR version of the Eddie Kingston speech on BTE but it really nails the community aspect of wrestling fandom. Well said! I had to find a new Barber about 6 months ago. On my first visit to the new place I was wearing a Janela Spring Break shirt. My new barber saw the shirt and then wanted to chat about nothing other than the 2000-03 Philly Indy scene, old school CZW, Zandig, Ruckus, 3PW and Jersey All Pro, all that kind of stuff that I traded tapes of many years ago. I had never met the guy before but the kinship was there straight away. I was, however, very worried
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