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  1. If WWE really wanted to stretch out their footage for the next few weeks then they should have Raw be a tribute to AJ and SD a tribute to John Cena, because in storyline terms I have no idea how they write AJ or Cena back into existence. Maybe have cops pull Taker over on his bike and be like “look, you got 2 options, either use your supernatural powers to resurrect AJ or we’re arresting you for murder”
  2. Came on to post this, in no context was choking Edge using the weight equipment ok. I mean they had time to edit these matches and kept that in and this match was STILL what felt like 6 hours long. Night 1 was way better.
  3. My low-key highlight of the night was JBL and Cole talking about Sami never shutting up “in and out of the ring” transitioning into JBL giggling like a little girl as Bryan beat the ever loving crap out of Sami. Boneyard Match - 666 stars.
  4. On a similar theme of the Bunkhouse Buck thing, I let my Bodydonnas hatred blind me about Candido literally until his TNA run. I didn’t see his SMW stuff at that point, I really hated the Triple Threat (although that was more on Douglas) and had more or less checked out of WCW by the time he turned up there. I always read on the internet how great he was but I really never got it. His TNA run got me into him and I had gone back through a lot of his stuff right around the time he passed away. I wish I appreciated him more when he was alive.
  5. Brodie Lee “never yawn in my presence”. Dude, you’re the leader of the Dark Order, that’s going to prove pretty difficult.
  6. The New Jack episode was the closest wrestling will ever get to “Charlie Murphy’s True Hollywood Stories”. We were a beat away from Jack saying “Cocaines a hell of a drug”
  7. I’m a couple of episodes behind but I am getting such a kick out of Pillman Jr staying his intention to become Rookie of the Year for the 3rd year in a row.
  8. I managed to stockpile some wrestling prior to the lockdown so just caught up on this. - Elgin v Eddie was incredible, my Impact Match of the Year to date, and thats coming from someone who doesnt usually enjoy Eddie or Elgin! - Shame Disco & Swinger splt already. Really enjoyed their team!
  9. Good brothers talk’n shop is back on MLW Radio.
  10. For a more recent one, I really loved the Rascalz 3-way before Slammiversary last year 7.5.19. It’s everything you’d expect from those guys and was one of the better matches on Impact TV last year. LAX v OGz streetfight is my favourite thing from recent times. Daniels v Joe v AJ from 2005 has never, and likely will never, be topped in that companies history. It’s incredible and still holds up IMO
  11. Pfft, we’ve been murdering Pitbull on here for years.
  12. 2 YEARS!?!?! Could have sworn he's only been back like a year max. Time flies!
  13. UFC Ultimate Fighter series format is the way to go where possible? Promos, talking head segments, match in an empty arena setting. Rinse, repeat. It’s better than trying to be the same as it ever was.
  14. I didn’t care for much on this show apart from 2 things. 1) The Kabuki Warriors being goddam national treasures. 2) AJ Styles booking himself into a “battle of the soccer moms” vs Michelle McCool
  15. Gilberti / Swinger is the jobber tag team I never knew I needed in my life. They were really entertaining with some old school villainous tactics.
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