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  1. Oh god, ‘Bret Rico’ and ‘Rock Steadfast’ Thats a work within a work within a work brutha!
  2. The cruise poster got me thinking, do you still get really crappy indie rip offs of popular wrestlers? It seemed to be a thing in the 70s-early 2000s but not as much now. Id love to think there is a Geoff Rollins or a Tasha Banks our there wrestling in front of 30 people in a barn somewhere.
  3. Vince doesn’t want cool guys getting over, he probably fears losing them to Hollywood. Its my number one conspiracy theory as to why he never turned Roman.
  4. Ace Austin, Taya and Stephan Bonnar were the stars of this show. I don’t know who Katie Forbes is, but Cyrus’ drooling over her was super gross. On the flip side Johnny Swinger being super gross was incredibly entertaining. Impact really is bizarro world
  5. The podium promos were all great. Aldis actually looked like a world champ there.
  6. It should be treated like a real draft as much as possible. “FOX - Fox are pleased to announce they have traded a 2nd and 12th round Smackdown draft pick to the Jacksonville Jaguars in exchange for Jalen Ramsey.” Ramsey shows up on SD. Samoa Joe and Fandango show up on AEW.
  7. Never mind all the Kylie chat, I’m amazed Shotzi isn’t signed up somewhere, she was incredible in her last Impact run and is generally fun to watch any time I see her.
  8. I just watched the full show and I loved it. Everyone felt like a star, it shows that sometimes the simple things just work. Thought the commentary team was great, Cornette definitely felt a better fit here than in MLW. I wondered if we would be an “older guys echo chamber” on here, but it seems to be getting fairly well rated elsewhere.
  9. Knowing Vince’s love of Irish wrestlers / gimmicks then there’s every chance they would have been ‘The fighting Irish Cassidy boys’ ”Goddamit pal, re-hire Big Cass right now.”
  10. I was listening to the Post Wrestling Raw recap this morning and they were riffing on Vince booking Andre and Hogan the same way Lashley and Rusev are being booked right now, which was both kind of frightening and hilarious. I needed to get this off my chest as the image of Andre and Linda Hogan smooching on the set of Wrestling Challenge has been burned into my head all day. please make it stop.
  11. I thought SCU have been kind of babyfaces, they hugged Jungle Express post-match and have cut kind of baby face promos?
  12. At this point I’m sure Konnan has his fingers in more pies than anyone in the world. Best buds with Rey and Cain Best buds with Lucha Bros Works for Impact, MLW and Triple A. if you are going to politic. Politic like K Dogg.
  13. Corbin played that whole STD bit wrong, he should have been like “yeah, I AM a super tough dude” and lapped it up. Come out wearing a Super Tough Dude t-shirt for the next few weeks. Instead he just stood there looking mildly displeased.
  14. I think guys should rep their roots in their fighting style so I get the above comment about Cody, but I quite like him as “new wave Surfer Sting” at the moment. Speaking of guys repping their roots. Adam Page dresses like a mini Blackjack and still does the flippy stuff which always gives me a chuckle. The original Blackjacks would choke on their chewing tobacco if they saw it.
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