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  1. This is a really great thread. A couple of thoughts I had. Alex Reynolds - He comes across as the Stevie Richards of the Dark Order to me. Since I’m weird and have to compare everything to other TV shows him and Silver remind me a little of Trevor and Cory from Trailer Park Boys. Constantly waiting for a high five from Brodie that will never come. Austin Gunn - Just let him be AEW’s Stifler already. Seriously he’s got that early 2000’s Mark McGrath frat boy image down to a fine art.
  2. My big take from this ep- Baby Yoda looovvvvveeesss food and has force powers that enable him to steal food, however, he should not be repairing intergalactic spaceships.
  3. I thought it was, that image of him sitting in the diaper was stuff of nightmares. Horrifying!
  4. I think that’s a justified criticism of AEW lower card booking in general. Every so often they will do something that feels like it’s skipped a beat. Nearly everything Brandy has been involved in, the Bunny / QT angle, early Dark Order stuff, it all just felt a beat off. I’m sure there’s other stuff I’m forgetting. It’s quite odd because generally their top guy booking is on point
  5. If it was really Highlander 2 then Drew would be playing the part of a luchadore and Kevin Owens or Cesaro would be playing a Scotsman.
  6. It’s the worst. His whole entrance is super irritating. The big mystical music build up to the “royal family quote” to “here we are, here we go, something something Cody Rhodes”. In terms of “wrestling royal families” I’d say most fans understand that there are a lot of potential royal families, depending on your location and age. The Harts, The Von Erichs, The Armstrongs, The Anoa’i family. Obviously The Tonga’s are the real royal family. As they had the king.
  7. Nobody was expecting Shaq and then Kazaam, there he was. Im beginning to think Shawn Spears win record has been “Goldberged” no way has he racked that up on AEW Dark.
  8. I know I voted Enzo earlier, but I caught 5 minutes of Raw on YouTube today and remembered how much I hate Nia Jax. Now it looks Mandy is her latest ‘victim’
  9. For Darby they’ll just update surfer sting from WCW vs NWO revenge. Job done!
  10. Cena always won, no one rioted. Ever. The WWE Universe is so full of hollow threats!
  11. I’m just watching this just now. One of the single grossest things I’ve ever seen. I thought Halloween was last week.
  12. I can’t believe no one else on the thread has mentioned him yet. But the correct answer is Enzo. - He’s super annoying, literally the Scrappy Doo of wrestling - He’s terrible in ring - He’s super obnoxious IRL - His rap music sucks. - He had those sexual assault allegations. he covers each and every base. He got cut from WWE when literally no one was getting cut. However, If I’m giving an “Apter mag” answer my Most Hated wrestler was Lawler during his feud with Brett Hart. I detested Lawler during that era.
  13. “Stole her name from Kay Lee Ray” Give me a goddam break. Social media is hell on earth. I feel bad for today’s generation, they need to have social media to get their name out, but the trade off is that you have to deal with some absolute idiots. Kay Lee Ray probably didn’t care one iota that someone halfway around the world, who has a totally different style and look had a name that sounded phonetically similar to her own!
  14. I’m not crying, your crying. That interview with Bisping and Anderson was kind of beautiful.
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