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  1. If it’s a work, helluva way to continue the Jacob Fatu legit badass trajectory!
  2. I love the fact Fatu insists he is dead by kicking him AND throwing a chair. You know, just to be sure
  3. Contra Unit ending the “dickhead fans” argument once and for all!
  4. Circle of life. Also. Kind of looks like one of the spoof “coming this fall to Fox” bits you would see on the Simpsons or Family Guy.
  5. F’n amen. He is the man. If Vince wants eyeballs back on the product he needs to channel his inner Ian Rotten and book Sid v Becky for WM weekend, failing which GCW can book Sid v Gage.
  6. RE - Joe v Necro, at that time I was lurking around the CZWfans board and the hype for that match in the lead up was incredible. Ian Rotten was at the peak of his powers in terms of Indie dream booking. I don’t think I’ve experienced a more fun few years watching indie wrestling than those around 03-06. You had great Mike Burns booked CZW cards with the PWG and IWS guys, the CZW v RoH feud was shortly afterwards, IWA was holding insane TPI and Strong Style tournaments, PWG was in its infancy. Even KOTDM 03 holds a special place in my heart. There’s some really great stuff during that whole period. One of the weirdest things to come from this match is that Necro changed up his style and done more straight up brawling and ended up in RoH. Around the same time Ian started putting on shoot style technical matches with Hero. Some crazy stuff. There is some great stuff buried in the sands of time from around that time. GCW seems to be the spiritual successor to that whole era.
  7. I feel like Heenan was always Hogans main nemesis, the Lex Luther to Hogans Superman. Like in comics the better villains stuck around a bit longer. Piper was one of those.
  8. Maybe I’m misremembering but did Erick Stevens quit to become a bodybuilder comp guy for a while? Not going to lie, kinda want to see any combo of Vega, Kingston, Donst, Gage and Ol Mancer
  9. Hammerstone reminds me a lot of (a modern) Shane Douglas, right down the promo. I keep forgetting that Pillman Jr is still to all intents and purposes a rookie, he’s getting really fun to watch really quickly. The Contra segment was the most pro wrestling thing of all pro wrestling. That was great. Lawler is really growing on me as a character as well.
  10. Jericho was 7 mins into his interview with Dustin before the first ad! EDIT - now at 31 minutes, 3 ad breaks already!
  11. On the subject of controversial announcers who divide opinions, I would like to announce that I like Pat McAfee. I think he is an entertaining big jock doofus. He has that same dumb enthusiasm that Don West used to have. I get the feeling though at some point he is going to say, tweet or do something really dumb or controversial that will get him fired. Then I will hate him, like his stupid anti virus software.
  12. They announced “War Chamber” for their show in Dallas on 9/7/19
  13. That should be given, slightly reworked, to Becky Lynch.
  14. I enjoyed it, the first hour flew right by but the last 45 mins dragged for me.
  15. How DARE Heyman and Brock look like they are having fun on Raw.
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