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  1. I went through a ton of AJPW tapes back in the day but the only thing that sticks is random Kobashi matches and MVC tags. Michinoku Pro stuff sticks in my head more which is kind of weird. I’ve still never seen much of original ECW tv. Didn’t watch it at the time and it wasn’t something I picked up on tapes or watched on WWE network (if it was even on there?). I’ve only ever really watched the PPV’s and TNN era TV.
  2. I liked the episode, I think why I enjoyed Andor so much was the amount of ‘man on the street’ stuff. I’d be all in on a straightforward Star Wars soap opera.
  3. Adrian, Scott and Judas in, Judas in his mind.
  4. Jericho podcast is very much hit and miss but his episode with Dan Lambert and Eddie Kingston talking Wrestling Belts is excellent. Lambert is such a student and his stories about the belts he has are excellent.
  5. I’ve just rewatched Mando S1. I think on rewatch I enjoyed it more than Andor, and that’s saying something as I loved Andor. I think Boba Fett clouded my judgement a little. My other big takeaway is “why couldn’t Gina Carano keep her opinions in her head”, Cara Dune is such a great character.
  6. Prequels definitly age better than I thought they would. Phantom Menace was always fun to me, I never got on board with the hate a lot of people had (have?) for it and Revenge of the Sith is generally very good. Attack of the clones is the weakest for me. Im hoping the sequel trilogy will age better. I loved TFA but didn’t care much for the other two. I loved Solo and Rogue One and would easily put both in my top 5 Star Wars films (along with the original trilogy)
  7. I think that’s because Tony books using EWR and you can only fit so many people into a segment / match / feud on that. Stop listening to Sophie so much TK!!!
  8. I enjoyed Pat McAfee and the Diggs brothers escapades today. Peyton angrily calling for a flag on the kneel down was hilarious.
  9. I was convinced it was Ali standing up and Inoki on his back kicking up! wrestling warps one’s brain!!!
  10. Things I’ve never noticed before Goodfellas 1hr45mins a photo of Ali v Inoki is in the background at least I think that’s what it is “it was a load off my mind, poor bastard” if anyone can confirm (boxing /wrestling otherwise!
  11. RIP Jay. The Briscoes really did have it all I can’t stop thinking of Mark and how devastated he would be right now. I hope he’s okay. My brother is the same age and I can’t imagine how he must feel.
  12. Welcome to the 2030 Wrestling Draft. Representing WWE its Alexa. Representing AEW it’s Siri …and representing Impact wrestling, it’s Cortana!
  13. Shahid Khan buying WWE would be worth it just so we can get a photo of TK hugging Vince at the press conference with Vince making that sneering disgusted face he does. Then the photo of TK hugging Triple H on his first day at TV. More TK hugging people is essentially what I’m looking for out of all this.
  14. If he ends up there, given his antipodean heritage, and Vince’s return, I wouldn’t be surprised if he became Knifey Spoony
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