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  1. Same. I mainly lurked until one of the reboots of the board. My previous “home” was CZWfans, which I loved in its prime, I kind of left after it shut and never really returned to ZandigFans when that started up. It’s a different vibe on here to any other place on the internet and I put that down to the great moderators. BS is not tolerated, and “that’s a good thing” </DDP voice>
  2. Not for nothing but “Implant Buster” is a great sounding finisher name..: ...and given this is Vince run WWE we’re talking about, I fully expect Charlotte to be debuting this move on her return.
  3. Britt Baker v Big Swole is the under the radar most entertaining feud of the year. Really enjoying both of them in their roles. Isaiah Cassidys ring gear really distracts me, it looks so... dull, especially when you consider how great Marc Quin looks. The 8 man was my match of the last 2 weeks. My love for Penta knows no bounds.
  4. Mid 90’s WWE felt incredibly like a big budget Memphis with the wacky gimmicks and characters, King coming in, Cornette being all over TV, the NWA being featured. It was a weird time.
  5. I’m not quoting the whole post, but regarding the Jericho / Kazarian post, Makers Mark is NOT the Whisky for listening to Load / Reload. Jack Daniels Apple is the Whisky to listen to Load / Reload to, a once great brand that decided to go off on a “modern” tangent with mixed results. To keep it wrestling related, Jericho is like a 10 year old Laphroaig. Old, expensive but a goddam treasure when you drink it in maaan!
  6. Same. When I was at college I would watch Raw on the Monday and Nitro on the Tuesday. I used to go to 1wrestling.com for the Nitro results. I hate to think the havoc I caused for the college IT team back in 97-98 with all the pop ups, adware etc on that site.
  7. “Frenchie Martin ain’t here to save you now” might be the line of the week. I’ll be interested to see what they do with Swinger post-speaking out, they will clearly have to eliminate the “rizzats” talk and tone down the sexual innuendo a bit, but the character is so good they could just tweak it slightly and it will still work. Ive never been Ethan Page’s biggest fan but he’s been really great since the North won the titles. I binge watched Trailer Park Boys during lockdown and cant not see Tommy Dreamer as Julian. Especially among all the Canadian accents on Impact.
  8. I could form a decent Def Leppard tribute act if Ultramantis Black, Super Dragon or Penta are accused of anything. I’ve got tattoos related to them all on my left arm.
  9. I had to stop myself chuckling at the ridiculousness of the presentation of this. Which is horrific given what the video represents. All the sincerity was sucked right out of it. I do believe he is saddened and apologetic for what it’s worth, but he knows he f’d up and it seems like he’s trying to get ahead of the crisis, which is not good for the victims at all. The last minute is as bad amateur dramatics as I’ve ever seen.
  10. The “tough love” is used across all sports. I had coaches across the board who would do this. In their mind it’s for discipline. I had it explained to me in wrestling you needed discipline as you have someone else’s life in your hands. To be the best at any sport discipline is without a doubt one of the main attributes you need. Self-discipline. Where the douchebags go wrong is they think that by ‘applying discipline‘ that, it weeds out the weak, where it does the opposite. I was a very good football player in High School, I practiced hard and stayed away from bad stuff off field. I had self-discipline. But my coach would burn people out at practice, he was a dick and It ended up that myself and 4-5 of my buds stopped playing altogether by the end of school. My school very rarely produced any college players of any note despite being regularly being one of the best school teams in the area. The guy was clearly a talented coach when it came to winning a game, but not when it came to nurturing talent. My track coach on the other hand could be described as “tough but fair”, he would work you hard but was fair. If you asked for a break he would give you it. If you pulled up, he would encourage you. I sucked at, and hated running, but he without doubt made me a better athlete. Ive always believed self discipline can’t be taught, you either have it or you don’t. These shitty coaches always seem to have a chip on their shoulder as well. I am therefore not surprised about Pro wrestling coaches acting like dicks. Edit - Also, see the Power Plant scenes on Louis Theroux’s weird weekends. If that’s what happened regularly, I’m not shocked that the only homegrown talent WCW produced was the Natural Born Thrillas
  11. I think it’s a good time to remember that while there are numerous scumbags out there there are many, many decent, honest, loving and hardworking performers out there. Dont let the sleazebags ruin it for everyone else.
  12. So all those years Ian was booking dream cards held in front of social distanced crowds of 20 people... ...yet NOW they draw a crowd??? 2020 is weird.
  13. AJ Styles, Bayley & Sasha brought the charisma. Just a shame Mojo and then Cesaro sucked all the good stuff into a massive void. Cesaro has now been the same his whole WWE career. “I’m overlooked”, he’s the whiniest guy on the roster at this point.
  14. I love this short match with Eddie Kingston in the TV title tournament. It starts about 8 mins in, his full NWA run is pretty much solid gold.
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