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  1. Ultimo Necro

    IMPACT is still around in 2019...

    Agreed, I feel like I might be the Impact fan who is left to turn the lights off. I've stayed fairly loyal to them over the years but MLW has now overtaken them in my viewing, it's basically the same guys anyway in a more fun environment
  2. Ultimo Necro


    I always assumed American Badass Taker was the WWE equivalent of Terry Pratchett’s Reaper Man, where death takes a holiday and does other things.
  3. Ultimo Necro

    All Elite Wrestling 2019

    It really was. Personal highlights included. The MJF / steak skit A wild Scott Steiner appearance, "thats right you cant see... because your blind!" The latest major show "surprise run in", being truly larger than life. A random Lil Cholo appearance Scorpio running in, saving Joey Ryan, realising it was Joey and going "come on Joey... again????" If it leads to random indy guys attacking Joey Ryan to try and get on BTE or AEW then I'm all for it.
  4. Ultimo Necro

    Impact Wrestling Spoilers for 3/8/19

    Discos recent interview makes a bit more sense now. Hilarious that he will be jobbing to Scarlet
  5. Ultimo Necro

    IMPACT is still around in 2019...

    KM was one of the more entertaining guys they had, his Biff Tannen-lite act was great and his team with Fallah was, literally, a ton of fun.
  6. Ultimo Necro

    Impact Wrestling Spoilers for 2/8/19

    Oh god, this 10000%. I like both Sami and Puma King but this match dragged so bad. Especially in comparison to the main event which was fantastic, a million miles per hour sprint, zero selling, 5000 superkicks and finishers. I'd love to see LAX show up in AEW as well, they really are one of the best teams around. The Rascalz have the potential to be huge for Impact, possibly their next-gen Styles / Daniels / Kazarian, on the provisio that 1) Impact survives long enough and 2) They dont TNA the booking of them. Hugely charismatic, they have the modern hybrid lucha style down to a fine art and they are always entertaining. I really enjoyed the opening tag as well, for all the love I have for LAX, the Crists are equally as good and Rich and Willie Mack are a great team as well. Lots of interesting tag match ups Impact can go with at the moment.
  7. Ultimo Necro

    AEW - 2019

    I'm just really happy Chuckie T is going to be on a big promotion in the States. Dude is gold.
  8. Ultimo Necro

    AEW - 2019

    It occurred to me today how much times have changed, 15-20 years ago a crappy hardcore / backyard / indie promotion would already have changed their name to ALL EXTREME WRESTLING and brought out bootleg shirts and gotten embroiled in a flame war with the Bucks and Cody. Different times.
  9. Ultimo Necro

    NXT TAKEOVER: PHOENIX - 1/26/2019

    Really enjoyed the show. I might be in the minority but I really like McAfee, he's just a goofy dumb jock but he genuinely gets a chuckle out of me. He's so dumb but that's his shtick and I enjoy it. He's the Stifler of NXT. War Raiders were great, Ive always loved Rowe but never been sold on Hanson but he was incredible tonight. Riddle / Hero was great and everything it should have been. Ricochet v Gargano was incredible and maybe my MOTY already. Ive said it before but I enjoy watching Shayna in big matches more than any other wrestler. Her style is so legit and she killed Belair at times. That whip was incredible though, but right in front of the ref? DQ? If they do a rematch then Shayna should make Belair put her hair up in a Hair v Title match. I thought the main even dragged but it found it's pace in the last 5-10 mins, the finish didn't work for me but I got where they were going.
  10. Ultimo Necro

    Impact Wrestling Spoilers for 1/25/19

    Rascalz stole the show again, they were great both in ring and their promo, loved both matches they were involved in. First time I've ever seen Vikingo but he was great, really slick, hope to see him more. Also, I'm pretty sure that Impact is being booked using EWR. It all adds up, the weird TV deal. The way the show is formatted, They are pretty consistent with 7 or 8 segments. Match up the guys with speed and technical attributes then fill up the main event with the 4 big guys with good brawling and "over" stats. Sophie must work for Anthem I guess.
  11. Ultimo Necro


    Some of the comments on the Instagram post of this made me realise how much I hate most people.
  12. Ultimo Necro

    AEW - 2019

    I don't imagine for one second Cody, the Bucks or the Khans will be going down that route, regardless of the "popularity" of that stuff.
  13. Ultimo Necro


    Ring Ka King was genuinely entertaining. Very under rated show.
  14. Ultimo Necro


    If we count one NXT match then we need to include stupid Davey Richards. stupid Davey Richards
  15. Ultimo Necro


    Is Nigel the biggest “cant miss guy” to have never made WWE either main roster or NXT? Possibly excluding Lucha or Puro guys? James Storm maybe?