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  1. With all the AEW names talk, it seems a moot point as 99.9% of the roster uses their Indy / non-wwe gimmick & name anyway? Will Hobbs becoming Powerhouse is the only one I can think of where there has even been a slight change to an existing name / gimmick.
  2. If AEW can bring in Pat McAfee and Scott Norton I’d like to see them team up to eradicate Don Callis.
  3. The 3rd round in the main event was the craziest thing I’ve seen in years. Thought it was a great show top to bottom. I feel like every show in front of a big crowd since lockdown has been great.
  4. No way, the Del Preston “I needed 10,000 brown M&M’s or Ozzy wouldn’t go on stage that night” speech is legendary stuff. 5 stars.
  5. Usyk outclassed Joshua. Joshua spammed the jab all night and hardly threw any big shots. Usyk was seconds from a KO at the bell in the 12th.
  6. For such a short lived genre nu-metal / rap-metal lingered around pro wrestling way longer than it had any right to do.
  7. Nick Aldis was a Gladiator in the UK version before he became a full time wrestler. I just double checked and his Gladiator name was “Oblivion”.
  8. My NXT would pretty much be my shoot name. I’m named after my maternal grandad and my surname is a verb! Suppose I could be Jim Fast. My AEW name is Hook Page
  9. Oh no, after AEW the last few weeks, I’m all done hearing cursing in my wrestling. Dynamite was a “piece of sh*t” fest last week.
  10. “Goddamit, It’s not a Steiner Recliner Beth… it’s a … it’s a… ITS A BREAKKER BREAKER” ”10-4 Vince”
  11. I’d like to see Cole paired up with Andrade, feel like Andrade could use a good manager after Vickie and Chavo…
  12. My mind was blown when she mentioned that. Even Jericho was like “nah, he must have seen a trailer, there’s no way he’s watched Suicide Squad”
  13. Ruby Soho on Jericho this week. She is adorable as you can imagine.
  14. I don’t recognise those guys but I hope that tag teams name is literally “These Gentlemen”. - “…and their opponents, currently in the ring, ‘THESE GENTLEMEN!!!!!’”
  15. With Paige Van Zant appearing it’s another Paige to the Page/Cage/Gage collection.
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