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  1. Seattle Dynamite and Portland Rampage are definitely minor league soccer teams.
  2. Shame we never got to see them go up against Cody-lander
  3. Now I’m not a Star Trek guy, so this is new to me, but James T Kirk really had the modern indie wrestling style down to a fine art
  4. 15:40, that top right section was full of ones that stumped me for a while! re: masks, noticed Penta is in a mask v mask per the post above, Penta must hold the record for number of times his mask has been ripped without being unmasked at this point.
  5. I’d just like to add my love for the Chozen / Silver battle. That was insanely good for a TV show.
  6. Just watched that episode and thought “of course he’s singing that goddam song, of course he is” also, Chozen on the egg hunt was wonderfully psychopathic. “NOW YOU DIE!!”
  7. Can I sign up as a late entrant? I can get my pick over later if that’s ok?
  8. He needs to keep going down the roster till he gets someone who will say “yes, I’ll join” like Peter Avalon or someone. Except Andrade doesn’t listen and is like “you don’t wanna join me? Then I’ll see you in the ring” ”no, I said I do want to join your team” ”I’ll see you on Rampage, and I’ll kick your ass”
  9. I think Britt Baker needs to freshen up her gimmick, I mean she’s neither British nor a Baker. If anything her name should be American Dentist. Similarly UK bake off celebrity Paul Hollywood is a Brit Baker and does not come from Hollywood. It’s all very confusing. I think this last week has broken me.
  10. As a Jags fan there is a lot of similarities in how they are both run. I fully expect Urban Meyer to show up in AEW and Brian Danielson to be traded to the Rams for a 6th round draft pick.
  11. Joe? Would Joe be on team Punk? They have previous for dealing with Teddy Hart’s backstage tomfoolery.
  12. Oh come on, Hogan was so professional he worked 700 dates a year and even time travelled so he could make them. He also gave up being Metallica’s bass player for his love of the biz. Also, Punk is older now than Hogan was when he joined the nwo. I get a kick out that fact!
  13. Wait a minute, are MJF and Punk recreating the Penta / Vampiro angle from Lucha Underground?
  14. I agree with a lot of what JR says, but I fundamentally disagree with his on air surliness. He even shits on guys who clearly display a lot of the things he actively wants. Cabana was a particular target, Colt always looked in great shape, played College football, can work a classic style but JR still couldn’t be nice about him!
  15. Release Black. Have Brodie King assume control of the Dark Order. Rename them “New Dark Order”. Sell one billion t shirts. Julia can replace Anna. We only need one group of spooky perverts in any one promotion. Put Buddy in the mix with Omega, Danielson etc and get even more great matches.
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