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  1. My 40+ ass looks at things from a simple point of view. Wrestling is my escape from the shit that others less fortunate than me don’t get. I’m hyper critical of stuff for the most part. I don’t dive into the politics where it can be avoided. Apologies if I offended you man. Hugs?
  2. Man, genuinely, what have I done wrong for enjoying a little wrestling? EDIT - I also “literally said I am a knucklehead” I get everything that’s going on, but Roman and Heyman killed it. For once I actually want to give the shithole of a promotion props. I’ve defended Impact on here for like 10 years in spite of WWE, I live abroad, I genuinely don’t know why I’ve pissed you off?
  3. I posted in the main September thread how awesome I thought the Heyman / Reigns promo was. I was shamed into becoming a lurker again for having an opinion on it. I’ll see you guys in 2021.
  4. Edit - genuinely I don’t know what I’ve missed, my post was simply about how good the Heyman / Reigns promo was
  5. Guys/girls, we can shit on WWE all we want, but when they let Heyman do promos to open a SD they will always drag knuckleheads like me back in. That promo was fn incredible
  6. I really enjoyed the opener, even if it was every WWE video game hardcore tag team match. Raul Mendoza was a champ in that match, he bumped his buttocks off. If a Bronson v Thatcher happens on the indies, in Japan or anywhere else other than WWE I’d be so hyped for it, this was just a vehicle to further an angle and nothing else. Could have got the same result without wasting a potentially fun match. similarly, the main event was 4 of the best guys in the world. If this match happens anywhere else and the guys are left to do what they want then we likely get an incredible match. I d
  7. The two that started in the ring had decent work rate, however the match was let down by the needless high spot to the outside towards the end. A word for the entertaining work by the manager on the outside. Still, it was more entertaining than 90% of Raw. ***1/2
  8. That shot of Cummings walking away after the bell with De Chirico stumbling around in the background was spectacular.
  9. Johnny Swinger wrestling Crazy Steve in a blindfold match being one of the most entertaining things in wrestling this week is totally on brand for 2020. If you had told me 2 years ago that I would write that sentence I would have had you locked up. Its probably slipped under the radar of a ton of people who won’t watch Impact and it’s probably been said every week in the Impact threads, but Swinger’s Impact run has been really, really, really entertaining.
  10. Shorty G v Riddle was a fun match. Sasha was coming off as so wooden next to Bayley, then Nia came on the screen and Sasha seemed like Ric Flair in comparison.
  11. Late to the party on this one, but MCMG and The North was a great match. Felt sad it wasn’t in front of a crowd, but it was fantastic stuff from all 4.
  12. Just caught up on this, some crazy fights / moments on what looked like an underwhelming card. - D Rodriguez hanging in there and getting the win was incredible. You could see how out of it he was when the Doctor was checking on him. - Agapova burning herself out. Not going to lie I popped huge for Dobson getting the win there. - M Rodriguez has ruined Indy wrestling forearm / elbows for me forever. That was a great shot - Villanueva’s cut in the prelims was nasty. Loved the Docs stone cold “we’re done here”. Brutal knees from Wright.
  13. When Brandy came out wearing purple gear, I started to wonder “who’s side is she on Tony”. Thankfully it was unfounded.
  14. This was 100% my first thought. WWE might be the first wrestling company to literally kill off their audience.
  15. WWE - “we asked our finest internal investigators to complete a full and detailed review into the situation”
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