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  1. SD is still the best sports entertainment show on TV. The Lesnar / Heyman / Roman stuff is developing well. The Edge / Rollins stuff is generally all very good. Sasha and Becky were great. The whole run in the middle of the show, from Moss and Corbin’s lame dad joke act, to Boogs and Nakamura, Pat McAfee “no one cares about your stupid birthday Cole”, to Boogs playing the Street Profits entrance and then the excellent Profits / USO’s match, was amongst the most fun half hours of undercard I’ve ever seen on any show.
  2. This is a pretty interesting conversation. My sports viewing habits kind of mirror my wrestling viewing. Regular season I only really try to watch Florida and Jaguars (yes - I’m a sadist) games live, but I try to catch other matches if I can. I suppose that’s how I am presently with AEW which I’ll always try to watch live and the rest of the league is like the other promotions, where I’ll try to catch something if someone messages me saying “you see this game?” or catch up later if I hear good things. The playoffs are like wrestlemania season though, in that I’ll watch mostly everything, whether it’s good for me or not. With soccer, basketball, hockey and most other sports I’m quite happy to catch clipped highlights, similar to how I first watched a lot of Puro. Taking all that into account, I think I watch quite a lot of live televised sport but nowhere near the amount that I potentially could watch. I’ve got other stuff to do!
  3. It’s Friday, Friday, Gotta get down *with watching way too much wrestling* on Friday. - Rebecca Black, 2011
  4. Aubrey alluded to similar during this weeks Unrestricted podcast with 2.0
  5. Yeah I don’t think judging people by their wrestling viewing habits is a particularly healthy take. Especially since this week I have been watching some old 2001-02 IWA:MS and catching up on DDT I’ve missed over the last few years!
  6. It councils me, it understands, it talks to me… sorry, I couldn’t read that in any other way than Ortons theme! Also “welcome back, welcome back” to Chucky. Out of the wrestling game since 1998 but back and ready to go.
  7. He’s going to be an OG of the ICU if he carries on with that kind of behaviour for much longer!
  8. The Rock with the cursing. Oy vey. I prefer “it doesn’t matter” with Wyclef!
  9. I was an avid WCW viewer at the time, right through to April 2000. I distinctly remember the weird recap episode they had with Tony and Mark Madden around that time, (before the ‘reset’). Just them sitting in an empty arena. It was super weird. That’s burned in my mind as my departure point for Nitro. I had my last summer before college beginning around then and never went back to watching Nitro regularly, I would catch Raw 99% of the time from then on. I would read the 1wrestling Nitro write ups to see if there was anything worth trying to catch and think “yep, still sounds god awful’. As bad as RAW has been over the last couple of years it doesn’t come close to those Nitros in 2000-01.
  10. I’ve had the same story with all Conrad’s podcasts, listen for the first 3-4 months then give up when he he has to review a random Nitro or Raw episode. Ive ditched Tony, JR, Pritchard, Bischoff. Currently sticking with Jarrett as it’s covering a lot of ground that isn’t Raw / Nitro. Some insights into how TNA became so TNA-ish. Obviously none of it was double J’s fault.
  11. Walter always reminds me of Otho from Beetlejuice. I hope Vince doesn’t ever see that resemblance.
  12. I’ve missed Stu’s ridiculous bumps off Anna’s random acts of violence against him!
  13. Glad they went back and called it a no contest. Correct decision. Would like to see them go again.
  14. Pat McAfee celebrating the number one pick and Cole corpsing was hilarious. McAfee is infectious with his over the top enthusiasm. If we don’t get a Halloween themed “suplexorcist” t shirt then I will hate WWE forever. SD continues to just be great.
  15. Could see Shane as a surprise entrant in the Joey Janela Spring Break Clusterf**k Battle Royale.
  16. If I was a wrestler and in hospital, and dressed like that, I’d be very, very worried that my main rival would be waiting to attack me with a bed pan.
  17. I had a brown plaid collarless shirt when I first went to college in 97. They were definitely a 90’s thing! I’m glad camera phones were not a thing back in the day!!!
  18. If AEW did run Mall of America…. AEW -> Mall -> Mallrats -> Brodie -> Brodie Lee -> AEW. Circle of life. Just a shame they couldn’t bring in Riddle and Silent Orton to mess up the dating game.
  19. One of the jobbers in the Dark Order 10 man tag looked like if Enzo shaved his head and bought really basic ring gear. It was very off putting.
  20. With all the AEW names talk, it seems a moot point as 99.9% of the roster uses their Indy / non-wwe gimmick & name anyway? Will Hobbs becoming Powerhouse is the only one I can think of where there has even been a slight change to an existing name / gimmick.
  21. If AEW can bring in Pat McAfee and Scott Norton I’d like to see them team up to eradicate Don Callis.
  22. The 3rd round in the main event was the craziest thing I’ve seen in years. Thought it was a great show top to bottom. I feel like every show in front of a big crowd since lockdown has been great.
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