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  1. Round 1 Cactus Jack v Jerry Lawler - blood soaked brawl all around the building that ends in a time limit draw. Dean Malenko v Jinsei Shinzaki - Michinoku Pro style match, Malenko goes over Bret Hart v William Regal - Bret Hart goes over in a close bout Steve Austin v Jon Moxley - Austin over Semi Finals Steve Austin gets bye but does a promo anyway Bret Hart v Dean Malenko - Bret goes over Finals Bret v Austin - guaranteed another classic. I’ll let them decide who wins.
  2. Now that s1 has finished, I can firmly say Andor was very, very good. I liked it a lot
  3. I had my Schivone “that’ll put butts in seats” moment with JBL. I thought no one would ever buy Bradshaw in that role and definitely couldn’t see him as a multiple world champion.
  4. Second generation talent, son of Adam
  5. I’ve been watching the Beatles Get Back thing recently and Paul McCartney and Andor are not a million miles away from each other.
  6. Move Punk to ROH, Cabana to the Jaguars, Trevor Lawrence to Fulham FC and Mitrovic from Fulham to the main AEW roster.
  7. I hope it is Davey, because 1) he’ll hopefully be as Davey Richards as Davey Richards can be and 2) having him and Regal in the same promotion brings me one step closer to seeing a real life version of an EWR angle I booked where Regal managed the American Wolves in NXT, they turned their back on the US and became the New Blue Bloods, Lord David Richards and Earl Edward Edwards.
  8. Chris Jericho: “you know, after the press conference I saw Larry in the hallway and I asked how he was, he said “ruff” and I immediately knew something had went down”
  9. The latest episode of Andor, the work prison scene was definitely written by someone stuck in their bedsit / studio apartment during lockdown. Don’t leave your little room. Wake, work, eat, sleep, repeat.
  10. Just read the results and watched a bunch of clips of the XPW show, sounds like everything you would have expected. Yeesh.
  11. “What are you kid, a Taunt-off or a Tauntaun?” ”rrrrraaauuggghh”
  12. We need a skit where Mox and Renee are finally going on vacation, bags packed, strolling along the docks somewhere in Florida. ”so where are we going?” ”we’re booked on a cruise, two weeks of no wrestling, just us, sun, sea and… oh no… oh god no” The side of the boat reads “Cruise of Jericho”
  13. Swerve and Keith Lee are kind of doing a deconstructed version of this where they started great, but we are at a stage where Keith Lee still thinks they should be dominating the tag division but Swerve’s natural selfishness won’t allow them to work well as a team.
  14. If I was a ghost I wouldn’t stick around if Joe was ghost hunting, id hover off in the complete opposite direction.
  15. This is 90’s WWF gimmick territory Walter Polo - Walter in a swimming cap. Jim Nastic, Paul Vault, Teddy Long Jump. Track N Field would have to be a tag team. Rich Track and Jerry Field.
  16. Mustard and Onion remind me way too much of Sammy and Tay. I now expect Ketchup and Mustard to call each other out online before resorting to fisticuffs backstage before the 2023 Hotdog derby!
  17. I could listen to Jimmy Hart tell stories forever. Excellent episode of TV
  18. Think there’s an element of truth to this. It sounds like “difficult second album” syndrome, where a bands spends all those years in their garage writing their hit first album, then when the second album comes out they’ve been on tour for 18 months, chucked into a studio and told “write a great album in 3 months”. TK will have had all these great ideas which he has burned through and we are left going “yeah, that was last year, what do you have now”, it’s the reason head coaches come and go in real sports, it’s not that they become bad coaches but things change which they can’t handle.
  19. I’m really enjoying Andor, as others have said it doesn’t feel like Star Wars at all. Even Mon Mothma showing up wasn’t too big a leap. I like when we see the Imperial Security HQ, had me wondering if like the emperor or Vader ever just show up for meetings. Also, those soldiers at the base are really lazy, that stairwell definitely should be painted if they have a visiting dignitary!
  20. Seattle Dynamite and Portland Rampage are definitely minor league soccer teams.
  21. Shame we never got to see them go up against Cody-lander
  22. Now I’m not a Star Trek guy, so this is new to me, but James T Kirk really had the modern indie wrestling style down to a fine art
  23. 15:40, that top right section was full of ones that stumped me for a while! re: masks, noticed Penta is in a mask v mask per the post above, Penta must hold the record for number of times his mask has been ripped without being unmasked at this point.
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