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  1. It’s a gutsy move from Ali. I think if I’m a midcarder under WWE contract that has survived the recent cuts, then I’m looking at the landscape outside of WWE and probably just hanging around until either my contract expires or I get cut. In the meantime I get to keep wrestling (or sit at home). All the other promotions are jammed with talent at the moment, added to that there are a ton of guys and girls out there who haven’t even found a home. Is it worth giving up being lost in the mix under contract to potentially get lost in the mix without a contract? I think you have to have absolute belief in yourself to make that jump.
  2. Before that even, he was involved with Piledriver - the wrestling album 2 which was 1987.
  3. Didn’t they (WWE) literally have a wrestler burn to death in the ring last year?
  4. Kurt Angles theme and The Patriot’s theme always sounded similar
  5. Smackdown is a consistently above average to good show if they would only rotate the hell out of their mid card. Feels like any combination of Sheamus / Ricochet / Drew / Kofi / Moss / Corbin have been filling time for ages now. Sami’s In-Zayn segment was glorious. Boogs looks like an old timey carnival strongman with his new haircut. Seth / Reigns part 4957 actually has me intrigued. Bringing Becky into it was interesting. Smarmy 80’s villain Seth is the best Seth. He’s been doing it since the “Jawwwn” days but it’s went into overdrive recently in how good it is.
  6. That is phenomenal. I always liked Bowens but this just puts them over the edge. Love this team.
  7. Short feud - I’d quite like to see him vs. Lambert / American Top Team / Men of the Year. Feel like if anyone can get an MMA star to have a great match it would be Danielson. Long term - Miro
  8. I don’t know if it was on purpose but that hover bike chase had serious Back to the Future Pt 2 Hoverboard chase vibes. Krrsantan is badass and I’d like subscribe to his newsletter. Some Rancor exposition was great. Now I feel really bad for the crying Rancor handler in RoTJ.
  9. Hook is one of those big fluffy cats, that lies about all day doing nothing, but when he sees the big dog take his spot on the sofa he walks up to the dog and stares and the dog just moves.
  10. Oh so now Hogan is against people putting “untested” things into their bodies! Hey Hulkster how much testing was done on those chewable vitamins that you sold to kids, or your energy drink, or your nutrition line, or all the coke and steroids, brother.
  11. I too was going to make an Avril Lavigne pun, but it was too complicated. Also in reference to Danhausen’s application, Indy wrestling - paid in hotdogs for selling. Fast food - paid to SELL hot dogs.
  12. I’m not entirely sure how or why they didn’t hire Moose at some point over the last 3-4 years. Even in his RoH days I assumed he would end up in WWE. in regards to point 2, the thought did occur to me that Vince’s knowledge of the releases in the last 6 months might be minimal.
  13. Colby v CW was a really fun match. Kinda cool both matches have current generation vs. Previous generation. Colby vs. His Fathers stablemate and the Hawx boys. Agreed Idol and Sky are super irritating. Thanks 2022. More Wrestling was all I needed!!!
  14. Any combo of Hook v Danielson v Garcia is a dream match for me right now.
  15. I’m choosing to consider that this is WWE needing the IMPACT rub, rather than the other way around! I’d kind of dig it if both Rumbles had some more random “forbidden door” people show up. Like 1997 when they had random luchadores in the Rumble because they were in Texas.
  16. I always thought Vince’s immortality scheme would have been “head in a jar mounted on a huge robot” ala Robo-Nixon from Futurama.
  17. From Vince / Nick Khans point of view, looking at it from purely business view, they will think “did old NXT uncover a Rock, Cena, Lesnar level talent? No. Was it costing a lot to run? Yes.” So the recent decisions do make sense. FCW produced more “Vince friendly” talent than NXT ever did, OVW before that was probably the best developmental system they had in terms of producing main roster guys and was also a great TV show under Cornette. They were getting far better suited talent for far less money under the old developmental system. Now there’s an argument that certain talents were prohibited from becoming megastars once they hit the main roster, while strictly not NXT’s fault, they still lost sight that main roster WWE serves one master (and whoever has his ear on that particular day) and he likes what he likes. As someone mentioned before, once Nick Khan finds the NXT UK spreadsheet I’d expect the whole lot to be purged. Always felt it was a Regal pet project in a way.
  18. Fawlty Towers reboot - Regal as John Cleese; Tajiri as Manuel.
  19. Probably until Vince finds out there is an NXT UK. I’m not sure he even knows it exists yet.
  20. You haven’t even mentioned Miro and Mox who both could come back in at any time.
  21. Steve-o getting annihilated by Umaga is a Jackass / WWE crossover that will never be surpassed. I miss Umaga.
  22. Things I’m looking forward to this year WWE - Hopefully an upturn in booking especially for Raw, possibly HHH returning to the scene creatively, some new faces, Brock & Lashley causing carnage. AEW - Wardlows eventual turn. Great matches all around Others - GCW continuing to kill it, NXT finding itself again even if it’s different, Impact continuing to be its own weird universe and MLW signing everyone else’s outcasts and running through TV deals like it’s nobody’s business.
  23. Changed days when wrestlers are saying they need more creative! Maybe I’ve listened to the old guard complaining about too much creative for too long!
  24. Twitter is the single worst thing to happen to the world. Literally amplified peoples worst traits. TK should have put his phone down and walked away, I would guess most people realise AEW does have a very diverse roster, especially the womens division, and most people would have went “well I feel bad Swole isn’t there, but I don’t think she’s 100% correct on that point” Also Sammy picked a great time to post this Talk about burying bad news!
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