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R-Evolution III - 3/6/2022

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6 minutes ago, hammerva said:

Has anyone becomes more "just get your shit in" in the last year than Pentagon.  Even with this new gimmick it is still him doing the absolute least

I read this right before he got the hot tag, and I have to disagree. But we should probably stop posting while the show's on before get in trouble. ?

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Here's the Buy-In.  Hirsch/Statlander is good.  

EDIT: This is the best Rampage in like a month.  This House of Black vs Death Triangle match is fucking great.


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I'm hoping Redbeard sticks around. He showed shocking mobility for a man his size. They could use more hosses. Him and Brody King literally bumpin' meat popped me pretty hard. 

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It’s 5am here in the UK but just gotta say what an amazing show top to bottom before I go to bed. 


Jericho and Eddie going full AJPW was a sight to behold, I FUCKING LOVED every second of it. Automatically one of my fave AEW matches, Eddie is the king of these short intensity filled matches. Him not believing he had won and asking Aubrey “you sure?” was very wholesome.


Tag Title match was lots of fun and a big win for the champs. I was laughing at Bobby Fish’s NON STOP trash talk throughout the match.


Ladder match was alright and I’m happy Wardlow won, that powerbomb on Starks was scary specially after he was off so long with a neck injury. Nice that Keith Lee attempted to murder OC on that throw to the outside.


Miseria Cantare took me back to 2004 and the nostalgia was  off the charts. Excalibur’s “Punk with A FIRE INSIDE” was a great line. Great bloody match although I felt it could have started with more intensity right off the start. Wardlow almost stole the show at the end with the whole ring business, good good stuff.

Trios match over delivered BIG TIME for me, way way more fun and crazy than I ever expected. Darby almost died before the match even started in his entrance short film.


Mox-Bryan was great but the post match with Regal was easily the best part and the handshake got the biggest pop of the match.


Main event was great stuff, I just love Hangman’s matches and how heavy handed (and footed) he is. He’s starting to come as very dominant now compared to the underdog feel he had when fighting Kenny and Bryan.  Love it.


Good night everyone.



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Regal is a fantastic pick-up, both for this storyline and what he’ll bring to AEW behind the scenes (and maybe ROH too)

Punk busting out the ROH gear and AFI music was somethin’ else, man. Goosebumps.

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I thought the Sammy/Kassidy table spot was ridiculous and then Sting, older than the both of them combined, went and topped it.


I’ve talked a lot of shit about Jade but she’s wanting to put in the work, learn, and show off new things and I respect that. The frog splash was unexpected.

Overall, I’m exhausted and very happy with the show. Britt-Rosa was a bit of a letdown. Wardlow is a supernova. Keith Lee killed Orange Cassidy. And Hangman wins clean for Cole’s first loss.

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Two true classics (guess which), some matches which exceeded expectations and one which suffered from same (Britt/Rosa), and a bunch of fucking fun professional wrestling. Sting is a psycho, who knew it? That was good good good. 

EDIT: Neither of the two classics were Punk/MJF

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What I caught of Kris/Leyla was fine. Hook/Marshal wasn't bad but should have been on Dynamite/Rampage. The six man tag was decent but nothing special. I'd have rather seen one on one matches between most of the members.

Kingston/Jericho was the grounded, hard hitting match I was hoping for. Jericho has been really hit or miss in AEW and he put in the work here. I can imagine Eddie suggesting to Chris that they go full 90s AJPW and he was happy to oblige. Eddie pounded the shit out of him and we got what was the first Jericho tapout I can remember in AEW.

I wasn't expecting much from the tag titles match but it ended up being really good. It was basically a PWG spotfest but everyone looked good here, even Luchasaurus. Red Dragon should have gone over but other than that it was a fun match.

The ladder match was alright. A few decent spots here and there but overall it wasn't one of the better matches of its type, though there were no horrendous botches either. That powerbomb on the ladder Starks took couldn't have felt good. I'd much rather Lee or Hobbs won, but I guess Wardlow getting the win can be used to further whatever they do withhe and MJF.

Shane Strickland! I'd been hoping Claudio would come out, but Swerve is a teriffic get.

The TBS title match wasn't that great. Jade has shown she can do well with someone who can carry and lead her, and even though I like Tay she wasn't on that level.

When Punk came out to Misera Cantere sporting his ROH gear you knew this was going to be something special. I can't remember the last time there was a match this brutal yet also so well laid out. There was Punk doing callbacks to all of his old moves and spots, MJF shit talking, and some Muta/Eddy level bleeding. MJF relying on his stooges was obviously going to come into play here, and Wardlow's nonchalant trechery leading to the ring shot worked well considering their history.

Rosa/Baker had one of the better women's matches in recent history with their NHB match last year. It's tough to top something like that, but they put on an excellent spectacle here, save for the ending. I get distraction spots are going to come into play when the heel has an entourage, but twice in the same match was just too much. Seeing one wrestler put a submission on another, then immediately leaving to argue with someone on the apron just makes the ref look terrible at his job. There are plenty of people who can step up to challenge Britt next, but Rosa really deserved the title here.

As the Moxley/Danielson program was heating up, I thought about how much I'd like to see them go at it at Bloodsport, and this match was almost a combination of that with a traditional contest. The exchange that gave Moxley a gusher and a few others were a bit uncomfortable given Danielson's concussion issues, but they definitely made good on the promise to beat the piss out of eachother. Regal showing up, while a major markout moment, was also a bit of a wtf. Could they not get anyone to catch up with him backstage to ask him how he was allowed to just walk out there?

I'd figured the six man tag would just be a run of the mill filler match with a no DQ match as that's the only thing Sting can do, but holy shit that Spanish Fly off the platform followed by the table spots were fucking mental.

A lot of my indiferrence to Adam Cole comes from all those overly long forced epic matches he had in NXT. I was worried this match might be another of those and it did start to tread on that line but reeled itself in enough for my taste.

Overall this was one of their better PPVs.


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Good God did that rule. The preshow was the best episode of Rampage in months.

Kingston/Jericho was fire. It’s crazy how good Jericho is when he gives a shit. Kingston is stupid over. Just ridiculous. Well deserved.

Not even the Jacksons could ruin this for me. That match kicked ass. Luchasaurus, for all his faults, is a phenomenal hot tag. Just awesome. Right team won.

Ladder match was nuts. Absolute insanity. Ricky Starks has every tool one needs. That guy needs a title run this year. Wardlow is box office.

Both young women tried really hard in that TBS title match. They have a better match in them.

Dog collar match was a bit long, but was the best in ring story anyones told in a long while.

I thought the other womens match wasn’t great. It’s time to get the belt off Britt.

Mox/Danielson was glorious violence. William Regal coming out after like a disappointed vice principal was breathtaking. I loved it.

Adam Page is a star.


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MISERIA FUCKING CANTARE.  Unbelievable, marked out huge for that. All time great entrance/moment/show, everything. This alone was making me feel like this an all time great PPV.

Kingston/Jericho was great. Expected Eddie to win but definitely not via submission. Tag title match was super fun, amazing finishing stretch. Ladder Match was very well done. Swerve! Give us Aint Nobody!  Jade randomly kissing Tay to start was great and they went fast paced mostly all the way through. Short match but I enjoyed it, favorite Jade match thus far. Thought both looked pretty good here

Punk/MJF was perfect. The build, this past week, the promos (especially Punk on Rampage) all through this match. The blood, the MASSIVE pop for Wardlow handing over the ring... awesome stuff.

Thunder/Britt had to follow that, but still good stuff I thought. Clearly designed with all the visual falls to set up a rematch which is so perfect to happen 1 year later at St Patricks Day Slam again in San Antonio.

Bryan/Moxley was suitably epic. They fought together, they bled together, and now they can team together! Incredible post-match scene with the awesome Regal surprise. 

Tornado trios fun brawl. Insane spanish fly by Sammy! Sting with a New Jack style balcony dive!! 

Excellent main event. Perfect definitive victory for Hangman, great defense. One of my very top favorite events for sure.  Can't say enough good about this show, looking forward to reading the thread fully in a day or two!

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