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  1. Has Darby replaced Black Warrior yet at doing the world’s most dangerous tope? That opening is not how AEW works to their strengths most weeks on four shows per. I haven’t watched the first segment on a WWE show since Roman Reigns told us that it was “…My yard now.” after one of those Wrestlemanias a few years ago. My tolerance has decreased completely for those long intros for WWE Toastmaster segments on every single WWF program even before it had the F get out. I think the phrase “too cute by half…” applies just as well, no? I like Punk and MJF. Either man as good in the ring as he is on his promos. These are two of the best talkers I’ve witnessed since WWE won the Cola Wars back in 2001. These overstuffed gab sessions just are not an efficient way to push an issue no matter HOW great two or more consenting adults might be at cutting the regular length good kind of promos. Punk used to wrestle his matches that way in IWAMS & ROH. Too cute by half…synergy!
  2. Unfortunately “Speedball” Mike Bailey appears to have signed with Impact Wrestling instead of AEW. This puts a damper on my hopes of creating the combined rosters of 2013-2016 era PWG, AAW, EVOLVE and a segment of the slept on Impact roster that birthed several AEW regulars. Chris Hero is fortunately still on the board which is odd for a trusted, experienced and versatile legit hoss-like heavyweight in 2021. Other names from my favourite period in 21st century American wrestling such as Ricochet, Matt Riddle, Keith Lee, Kyle O’Reilly, Roderick Strong, Drew McIntyre and Zack Sabre Jr are all in committed relationships with their current employers. Hey, you never know these days. TK has lured other eyes to wander already. Half those names might not make it past any roster cuts in the future…although that says more about a lack of creativity more so than it would be a reflection of those names not being worthy of a payday from the most profitable promotion in the history of pro wrestling.
  3. Jora Johl aka Robo I’m his earlier matches is sort of doing a gimmick similar to Brandon Cutler’s Elite role. The difference with Johl is portrayed as a lot more competent as a lackey. He is also more aware of his crappy situation. You can tell that he hates how Hardy treats him. He puts up with it though out of respect to Matt Hardy’s reputation.. He is totally going to go Batista on Hardy one of these days.
  4. Brodie Lee himself took part in at least one 16 man tag match when he was in Chikara. Matches with that number of participants is usually called a Tornio Cibernetico and has its origins in 1990s CMLL. Chikara ran the match as part of their year end blowoff for the angles that precipitated the match’s anouncement every year. The match is USUALLY elimination rules which give the match a bit more structure. Now that Chikara is no longer with us the 16 man elimination match is still done twice a year in CMLL. It’s usually in July and September that they run the Leyenda de Plata and Leyenda de Azul in honour of El Santo and Blue Demon, respectfully. Ring of Honor kinda sorta did something similar to TK’s 16 Man Behemoth of a Match. It went waaaaay too long and really had no structure for what was dubbed the “Mother of all Scramble Matches” back at ROH’s 1st Anniversary Show eighteen years ago. The one fall format will probably be a benefit as these matches can go for close to an hour…and then Chikara said “How about we go MORE than hour?” and thusly a trend was formed of longer and longer matches of this size. Hopefully Tony K was influenced more by CMLL and Chikara. DOUBLE HOPEFULLY he will have completely forgotten the match from ROH’s 1YA debacle of a calamity of a match that they tried to put on. Odds are highly likely that he was thinking about the ROH match from 2003 when he booked tonight’s show. Maybe he thinks he can right those past wrongs and the match is angle AND action heavy…and oh gawd please finish in less than 30 minutes like the ROH was allowed to run.
  5. Leyla Hirsch’s theme really reminds me of the song in Jabba’s Palace. I’m not sure what the title is but it totally didn’t need to exist as it replaced a far superior song in ROTJ. I like Leyla’s song more if I can picture Cy Snoodle and Max Reno’s Band playing it. I watched Kamilla vs Leyla when it happened a while ago and that reminded me of the Muppets as well. That was by far Leyla’s best so far but it was like Muppet Fighting League with Miss Piggy taking on Sweetums. Leyla vs Jade was a similar idea but I thought Leyla had more of a chance in the NWA match than she had in the match with Jade.
  6. What kind of messed up card game are they playing here? Two Jokers? Cassie can be the Joker. Jessie will have to settle for being the Rules of Blackjack and Poker card..or something. We haven’t heard much at all regarding Samuray del Sol/Kalisto since his release. He did an interview with either SRS or CVV just after his release. Not much of anything since though…Isn’t the former Kalisto based out of Chicago as well? Three debuts in one night would seriously be too much. Even for Tony K’s imagination…or lack thereof according to the people who don’t watch the shows. Does Coach Tony K use EWR to book shows? Maybe he is suuuper old school and used TNM7 like a true DVDVR veteran would “back in the day”? Btw, the “day” would fall somewhere during the glory years of the chat - probably between 1999 and 2002 IIRC. Good times.
  7. I wanted to remind myself just how great Ruby SoHo’s entrance will sound when she debuts at All Out. I put on Rancid’s great album “…And Out Come the Wolves” and went back in time to 1995. The song titled “Ruby Soho” will instantly displace Jungle Boy and “Jungle Life” as the wrestler with the catchiest entrance music in AEW. As soon as the chorus kicks in I was back in 95 with an incredible beer buzz and singing along with an album that I had sparsely sampled before that night. Just wait and see. Maaaybe set a reminder for the Buy In just before All Out. Odds are that she is the Joker in the Women’s Casino Battle Royale. They won’t be on the main card. Why? Because….because… PENISES!!! That’s why!!!
  8. He has the Anaconda Vice sitting there getting dusty in his toolbox. He probably wants his primary submission finisher to be more than just a rest hold though. Choosing the Anaconda Vice shows just when some of his formative years occurred. I think it was 2003 that Tenzan started using it and rode that wave all the way to the G1 that year. That's also the year of Punk's only Japanese tour for Zero-One during the Fire Festival. He wasn't in it unfortunately. At that point he was just an oversized junior working opening matches for Zero-1. I got all those shows from that tour just to see him work a new environment. He was pretty far down on the depth chart in 2003 Japan. His matches were fine. Just fine. The tournament itself kicked all kinds of butt IIRC. Anaconda Vice - glorified chinlock, cool name and that's all that mattered.
  9. I had to do a double take when Moxley’s manly visage is shown on an AEW screen. Papa John is starting to resemble Andy Williams/The Butcher more than he doesn’t. It’s The Butcher‘S look from a few months into their AEW time. The Butcher was starting to lose that Beer City Bruiser look while Moxley seems to be destined for and BCB’s look if Moxley can’t stem the tide. We are only a few matches away from Moxley wearing sweatpants to the ring. Why do they only seem to “enhance” Jericho’s muscle tone in those preflight graphics? Moxley looks like he can kickass while 240 or 420…which might add to the late feeding munchies. Is cannabis related medicine or recreation legal in Vegas? I don’t think Punk could have done a better job with a thousand second chances. He was one of my faves from 03-06ish. Two days before he left in 2014 I posted here that I thought his character was a little tired. I had reached almost ambivalence towards Punk, especially considering Bryan’s ascension up towards the top tier of superstars. I didn’t know yet that WWE wanted him to stay on Cesaro’s level.
  10. Caster and Bowens could have been a really good first night confrontation for a certain returning Chicagoan on Friday’s Rampage. Punk taking out Caster would be really low stakes for his first night in AEW. Punk cutting off one of Max’s “controversial” raps would kill a lot of birds while using very few stones. This is only the first idea to come to mind when thinking about both Caster’s predicament and Punk’s impending debut. If Caster isn’t “working” us then he has bungled his future success in AEW. His maturity combined with his rap subjects have dove-tailed and show the world how immature and stubborn he can be. There are probably at least ten wrestlers in AEW that they can team with Bowens as Max’s replacement in The Acclaimed or whatever new gimmick they use now. The rapping gimmick has reached its peak potential. Caster was putting more effort into being topical rather than antagonistic towards his opponents anyway. Only Julia Hart got any focus and really…He couldn’t make any rhymes about a pretty girl without gunning the engines and going for something that was just plain tacky and ridiculously inappropriate for television.
  11. I think they were just presented as non-contracted talent looking for their big break in the big leagues. I haven’t followed NXT too closely especially since WWE tried that stupid Wednesday Night War. I never saw them in’ recent years but I have seen them in Chikara before they signed with NXT. Were you supposed to know who they were? It depends. They have been a team continuously since 2002. If you like following promotions that aren’t on TV then Tony Khan thinks you would know who 2.0/3.0/Ever-Rise are. If you follow televised wrestling then Tony K may think you know that team from being either on NXT or in the news after being released from NXT just recently. So, to make a long story short, YES AEW may have expected you to know who they are. I always thought they were roughly 80% charisma and/or personality and 20% athleticism. I didn’t think they were bad but I did think their time spent Nell-to-bell was unremarkable in every respect. For my tastes they have a pretty unimpressive presentation of…whatever it is that they are supposed to be portraying. I always thought that they really needed a consistent and well-defined gimmick backstory or tag team personality/identity. This is what a place like NXT was supposedly for. It feels like NXT doesn’t really do that AT ALL for the wrestlers who need it there. For all the hyperbole over smaller Indy wrestlers not having the complete package it sure does look like maybe only Trevor Lee has a different persona than he had in PWG or Evolve. All the talent pillaged from those groups as well as all the ex-ROH guys all look, sound and even wrestle pretty much the same as they did before most were gobbled by the monster of insecurity WWE unleashed just so AEW wouldn’t get them. I did enjoy that six man match that 2.0 was in on Dynamite. It really helped that the “jobbers” didn’t get much offence against Los Tres Babyfacios- Moxley, Darby and Eddie. The “wrestling” aspect is really not one of their main attributes as a tag team.
  12. No worries. I didn’t mean to put down any talent I listed. The AEW women’s division is something I have taken a big interest in seeking improve. I thought the comparison lined up and I ran with it. I was reading various AEW discussions on Reddit and a more mainstream (they rant about PC this and Cancel that while the others try and keep things civil and inclusive) forum. I can’t believe the buzzwords and niche phrasing framed as insults that get thrown around in place of actual discussion. I wanted to see how the ‘others” were handling Max Caster’s latest rap subjects. While there Tony K signed Ruby Soho and maybe a certain Doctor’s boy toy so the old argument came up…many times…in several threads. I was starting to feel sympathy for Platinum Max. It’s possible that at 44 I might not be a fair judge on what is and what isn’t suitable for a heel rapper in his early 30s. I still think they mostly sound juvenile and unoriginal though. The topic is out of gas after it was reported Tony K will pay more attention to editing. Get better material, Max…The Acclaimed are getting better as a team and the wrong words might send him off to wherever Lenny and Lodi were banished on TNT’s orders in 1999. Muhammad Hassan probably vacations there after UPN went a bit too far….although WWE wouldn’t be in that situation if they hadn’t gone “a bit” too far with a wrestling skit that they thought needed some terrorism to make it special….in the wrong way.
  13. Again? How many female wrestlers are they going to get from the SHIMMER/SHINE groups? Tony K just raided Ruby/Heidi and they have signed or used too many of their castoffs: Partial list ahead… Ashley Vox & Delmi Exo,Davienne, Heather Monroe, Hyan, Holidead, Kenzie Paige, Leyla Hirsch, Nicole Savoy, Queen Aminata, Willow Nightingale, Zoey Skye, Nevaeh, Awesome Kong, Alyson Kay, Elayna Black, Mercedes Martinez, Big Swole, Kris Statlander, Priscilla Kelly, Thunder Rosa, Leva Bates, Miranda Alize, Lady Frost, Penelope Ford, Alex Gracia, Shazam McKenzie, Rachel Ellering, Ariel Monroe, Serena Deeb, Tessa Blanchard (All In), Tesha Price, Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D.~! There are other women’s groups out there. Why do they always take SHIMMER’s leftovers? The SHIMMER stans will hold it over AEW enthusiasts any chance they get. It’s almost like they are saying that the women not good enough for them will instantly be OUR main eventers. Homegroaner/zombie Abadon, Red Velvet, Tay Conti, Jade Cargill and Anna Jay will do all the jobs to those who I assume are no good because they aren’t wrestling for the largest women’s promotion anymore. It doesn’t make sense, does it? Also, the WWE to AEW argument is stupid, if you couldn’t tell already…
  14. But Dave’s Richards himself is a clone. Dynamite Kid is Jango Fett. Chris Benoit is a Bad Batch member. They ain’t making one like that ever again! 3.0 were the least over team in Chikara with me. They just seemed like a block of clay. Parker and Matthews had yet to form recognizable shapes at that stage. They could be funny sometimes. They were too directionless as characters. That was back in 2012 and the last I saw of them. I would love to see if their characters and ring work has improved considerably in the years I haven’t seen them at all…until tomorrow night! Kodama and Obariyon/Chris Peaks and Louie Vaille looked better on Dark than they ever would be in a similar timeframe in Chikara. There is hope for 3.0 yet.
  15. Life was less complicated when I (possibly We?) watched wrestling that was broadcast in Spanish or Japanese. For a majority of the 2000s that was better than most alternatives broadcast in English. I don’t speak Spanish or Japanese but move names are universally the same around the world. Wrestling is “spoken” as a visual language and body language can fill in the gaps as far as feuds and getting over personality goes. Very few promos or mic workers in the PG era left a lasting positive impression on me. It was encouraging just how good ROH/PWG/indies workers were. Sami Zayn spoke (in English) for the first time in WWE. Daniel Bryan became a great talker without a gimmick or style to his promos. He was good before WWE, especially as a heel, He was just assumed that his promos were subpar because he had few catchphrases and he didn’t put himself out there as flamboyant. Rapping (or singing) is not cutting a promo,r Cens and Mr Caster, they are both more charismatic speaking like a normal overgrown teenager would. Hopefully Caster does more of it…unless it is one of their music videos from Dark. Those spots actually get the feud over.
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