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  1. CMLL went on a nice run with three ppvs. Each show had one to three MOTYC. The first one had the excellent V3/Atlantis mask match. The 8/4/00 ppv had both a super fun cibernetico 8-on-8 elimination match and another Lucha MOTYC in Villano 3 teaming with Mr. Niebla against the up-and-coming duo in Ultimo Guerrero and Rey Bucanero. The 12/15/00 ppv had an excellent trios match pairing the awesome Los Laguneros.vs Los Villanos
  2. Edit: I didn't see the above post. He was one of my favourite wrestlers to watch against just about anyone or anything AAA put against him. He was the best male wrestler to work with the female wrestlers whenever the intergender matches happened. He could team with his daughters against male or female wrestler teams and everything looked legitimately matched up. the WON site says that Gran Apache just passed away - he was 58 years young.
  3. Football (American...but maybe the other kind too) has a history of bullying/hazing/abusing the rookies as well. I'm all for team building amd comraderie amongst the athletes on their chosen playing surface but the old way of doing things should have gone away long before we found out about Bobby Knight/Beyond the Mat/GAEA Girls.
  4. AAA always did intergender matches really well. They have a man/woman tag title and those really entertaining luchaore/mini/luchadora/exotico 6 or 8 man tags too. Chikara did it pretty well although I stopped watching for unrelated reasons four years ago so I can't say how they pull it off in 2015 Those bumps in that Beyond clip were reckless. They were (presumably) paid for it so just ignore it and it will go away. WWE Network has a library of intergender violence covering several of their most popular years. The Dudleys built a career on it. Steve Austin did that to Debra in real i
  5. It isn't updated much anymore but Mike Lorefice's Quebrada website has a lot of older news and opinion. I still access it to this day when I need to cross-reference a match or show that I'm interested in. He/they did regular puro news updates during the late 1990s/early 00s in one section. In the tapes section there are reviews on hundreds of shows/tapes/commercial releases. Opinions will vary but I'd suggest reading through the DVDVRs themselves. They used to be the reason people came here. It looks like you need to google them (DVDVR #1 to #100something) now that I can't find them an
  6. Rey/Eddie/Benoit looked freaky at various points in their later and/or WWE careers. The only place the physiques on those guys would be natural would be Eternia. Eddie had veins bigger than X-Pac's arms. Benoit looked like he couldn't bend over to touch his toes and/or clasp his hands behind his back (a normal warmup stretch). Rey went through various stages and put on so much muscle weight that he didn't resemble the guy from AAA/WCW if you didn't recognize his mask. The "small" guys like Bret or HBK were all tall compared to the last few waves of wrestlers that came up through the inde
  7. Edit: Ooops - this should probably go in the other folder...unless Myzteziz is coming to Lucha Underground. I haven't seen Myzteziz since he was in WWE so I have a question to ask. Did he take all the steroids in the lockerroom back with him to AAA or was he that jacked in WWE and he just didn't stand out in the land of the freaks? It has been ten years already since his great year in 2005 CMLL. Yikes.
  8. I don't know if I just read something out of context in the Michinoku Pro summary but the big Delphin/Togo angle in 1997 only kept him off shows for a few months. He returns with the sunglasses/no mask and a "new" physique around the time of the August 1997 TV block of shows. He makes his heroic in-ring comeback in the 10/10/97 show with a great six man tag. Everything MPro from 1996-1997 is worth watching. 1995 is pretty good too. 1998...has the young Ultimo Dragon students who do a decent job replacing KDX. 1999 and 2000 then get really with 2002 later being almost at the level of 96-9
  9. Has anyone here heard of a wrestler named Ron Soo (that's what he is listed at on match lists). I've found only match results with him listed as Ron Su. He worked in Michinoku Pro back in 1998. He wrestled almost EXACTLY like Hideki Nishida or Masato Yakushiji. He actually looked better than Yaskushiji doing all those Rey Jr. spots from the mid-90s that blew our minds while simultaneously winning our hearts.
  10. Thanks. I was thinking of getting Let it Be...Naked as a stand alone purchase after hearing a lot of it on youtube. It really changes the emotional weight of the album without the over production and I really do like that famous producer fella's wall of sound on other albums. IIRC Across the Universe and the Long and Winding Road sound a lot cooler in the Naked version. The blue and red double albums are all that I've owned for the last twenty years. It has become easier to obtain with the internet and the destruction of the CD market I've wanted all the Beatles albums for a number of
  11. I'm interested in replacing my blue/red album compilations by The Beates. I'd love to get one of their box sets. Can anyone recommend the best one to get? I've tried to do some research on my own but going track-by-track through compilations is a little exhausting for me. I'm just worried about getting some set and then finding out that something important was missed. I'm leaning towards The Beatles Stereo box set. I don't need that 1990s song they released or anything retroconned into their library after they stopped making music.
  12. There were dissenting opinions on Kanemoto and Tanaka when they were in their prime. There isn't a lot of difference between wrestling fans who were enjoying Koji & Minoru in the 90s and early 00s and fans of the Wolves from the past few years. They were all enjoyed for their similarities more than their differences. They wouldn't fall too far apart on a pro wrestling equivelant of the March of Progress evolution chart.
  13. When were the last crazy Steiner brawls and promos? The Steiner Recliner always looked crappy because the victim usually looked like he was on his knees with Steiner giving him a rear chinlock. It was the laziest finisher in wrestling. He was either extremely lazy/injured/didn't know what the camel clutch really looked like. It looked like Steiner didn't want to crouch into position. I think it was Chase Tatum who took one of his arms out of the hold - tapped the mat - then put it back behind him. The move had no leverage except for Steiner pulling backwards on the jobber's head...agai
  14. I think it is Bengali from AAA. With Pantere/Felino/Tigre Blanco/Blue Panther losing their masks in recent years I've been looking for a new cat-themed character to root for. Edit: Upon further review it is Bengala - who just debuted in AAA and is of unknown origin.
  15. I was thinking that Woodhouse sounded a little different this season. I just chalked it up to weak writing of his character for those scenes. He sounded even more feeble and subservient than in the past. I really enjoy the show but sometimes Archer hitches himself to one punchline and just beats the dead horse with it for the rest of the episode. Off the top of my head I'm thinking about the episodes that took place in Switzerland/Canada/Uzbekistan. He can talk about the "danger zone" for the entirety of every episode. That never gets old. His rampage from a few seasons ago was also a
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