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  1. Wrestling was good tonight but I liked all the little character moments throughout the show the best. Austin Gunn’s “Paw paw” and then getting shoved over by Billy. Hookhauksen/Nese/Sterling training montage. Mark Sterling is great in general, the way he pops up in every other segment during shows. Tay and Sammy instantly going into intense kissing when the camera was on Reservoir Kazarian was hilarious.
  2. Loved Hangman vs Takeshita, it was all I wanted. Both guys have similar styles with extremely heavy hands and feet and you could feel it. I was expecting the GTS from Hangman but I can’t be the only one that thought he was going for a Pepsi Plunge for a second there, right? I feel Eddie has kinda been lost in the shuffle now that there’s so many people involved in this feud, specially throwing two massive superstars into the mix, which strangely feel like background extras a bit. It’s weird Bryan being so quiet on the mic lately since Regal came in. I don’t get why Jeff is wrestling every week when the guy is clearly hurting with every breath he takes. He should be saved for special tag matches and that’s it at this point.
  3. lmao at Austin Gunn raising his hand to speak “Oh! Father!” “Daddy!”
  4. This is all I wanted after Rampage last week. Thanks TK.
  5. What a great night for singles wrestling. Very surprised with Cole winning but him acting as an HBK proxy to be a big villain in a Hart tournament is pretty good. I’m guessing we’re getting a Three Way Tag Title match at DON with Christian possibly turning on JB after he loses the titles. Seems like the direction they’re going for. I enjoy seeing Ricky win and that was a pretty big one over Jungle Jack. Surprised at the total squash of Danhausen but his character can take it and this is more about getting Hookhausen to happen than anything else. I popped big for the handshake. Blackpool Combat Club coming out to stand up to the Sports Entertainers without having to say a single word was great and made sense, no explanation needed. Loved Regal getting a shot in. Main event was all kinds of crazy with another surprising winner. Nice seeing Jeff learned something from the time HHH pinned him the same way back in 2008. The Swanton by Darby to the chairs is one of the craziest spots I’ve ever seen, outshining the slightly leas but still crazy one done by Hardy to the steps.
  6. I enjoyed the phone call to a commentator during the show, I’ve never seen that before and it’s a small but nice little change to the usual. Also enjoyed the fire shown by Starks and Jungle Jack during their little scuffle. 2 great women matches on this show that blew away the ROH Title match from Dynamite. I don’t know about the rest of you but I’m loving the Hookhausen storyline. Hook gets such amazing reactions from the crowd that it makes the whole thing 10x more enjoyable. I can only imagine the crowd reaction if a Hook with Danhausen vs. Sammy with Tay match were to happen right now, could be one for the ages.
  7. I kinda really want to see Hangman vs. Takeshita now because they both have those heavy feeling strikes.
  8. Really disappointed if Stu has gone, just for the fact that it makes me sad to see long term tag partner broken up. He was always fun in the ring and JR always seemed really high on him whenever we would see him wrestle in a dynamite which was never as often as I would have liked.
  9. Show was good, I didn’t LOVE any of the matches but they were all solid. My favourite segment of the show was deffo Hookhausen, the crowd is dying to see it and it’s definitely happening. They played up the part where Hook came in behind Danhausen so he thought his powers worked perfectly. Love it, kinda cute.
  10. Yeah, even JR sometimes points out that a certain spot or move reminds him of whatever 60s guy that I have no idea of and would have never known otherwise.
  11. I’m here to see the crowd reaction for whatever Hook and Danhausen is gonna do.
  12. The callbacks are just a bonus for people like us who recognise them. But the match still works as a good match on his own for the hundred of thousands of people who watched and had no idea it was a Hart family homage. Also:
  13. This is debatable because Sammy was also pretty loved by the crowd during his face run. Whatever it is, I don’t mind whatever they are now because it’s suddenly getting nuclear heat from the crowd and it enhances his matches. You’d think these guys are running around kicking puppies in their vlogs if you go by the crowd reactions.
  14. Time to update my list with some more 2022 goodness, I think im gonna keep this list at around 15 and just keep bumping off stuff when better stuff comes along. New additions bolded. 13. Trent/Chuck Taylor vs. Santana/Ortiz. AEW Dynamite, 16th September 2020. 12. Bryan Danielson vs. Minoru Suzuki. AEW The Buy In: Rampage, 15th October 2021. 11. Cody vs. Dustin Rhodes. AEW Double or Nothing 2019. 10. Matt Jackson/Nick Jackson vs. Fenix/Pentagon. AEW All Out 2021. 9. Thunder Rosa vs. Dr. Britt Baker. AEW St. Patrick's Day Slam Dynamite, 17th March 2021. 8. MJF vs. CM Punk. AEW Dynamite, 2nd February 2022. 7. Jon Moxley vs. Wheeler Yuta - AEW Rampage, April 8th 6. CM Punk vs. Eddie Kingston. AEW Full Gear 2021. 5. Eddie Kingston vs. Chris Jericho - AEW Revolution 4. Adam Page vs. Bryan Danielson. AEW Winter is Coming Dynamite, 15th December 2021. 3. Bryan Danielson vs. Kenny Omega. AEW Grand Slam Dynamite, 22nd September 2021. 2 Kenny Omega/Adam Page vs. Matt Jackson/Nick Jackson. AEW Revolution 2020. 1. Adam Page vs. Bryan Danielson. AEW Dynamite, 6th January 2022.
  15. Don’t know why but I found Pillman extremely funny when he came into the frame here
  16. Opener was great and I loved all the callbacks to Bret-Owen matches, specially the roll up from WM X which was almost perfectly in sync with the original. Disappointed that hair lost tho. Punk vs. Hangman’s graphic got a huge pop and feels like a massive big time match. As someone mentioned it’s the most unpredictable AEW title match since maybe the original Hangman-Jericho match. I was dreading the Jericho segment but it was actually pretty entertaining from everyone involved. Whoever’s idea was for the JAS to dress like a boy band, thank you. I was cracking up at Daniel García here, I didn’t know he had it in him to be so goofy. AEW GALAXY! I remember saying it after Wardlow’s debut against Cody, but he has the best looking Swanton I’ve ever seen, it’s a thing of beauty. That running rana and the first couple of minutes of the match where he was moving like Darby made him look amazing. Powerbombing a guy of Archer’s size repeatedly it’s also fucking crazy. Holy shit at the pop for the Hook/Danhausen graphic. Main event was a car wreck but an entertaining one, thanks to Sammy and Tay getting nuclear heat at the moment. Not sure why Sammy had to do the extra leapfrog onto the ladder after the perfect ending bump second before but oh well.
  17. My mind was blown when AEW started and I realised Hangman was as old as my little brother. I always bring up his age when people talk about the four pillars and the future of the company and what not because this guy is just getting started. I agree I rather have Page retain so his reign can be looked back as a dominant one no question about it, have him drop it to MJF or Punk in a rematch.
  18. In case this helps future voters: BACKWARDS HAT VS AMERICA
  19. Would be massive bragging rights if he retains over Punk. Beating Stone Cold and The Rock in the same night levels of milking it for 20 years type of bragging rights.
  20. “Death Rey” Kingston going out of his way to acknowledge kid fans in the crowd is one of my favourite recent things I’ve seen about him. A simple gesture that will be remembered forever. That Archer match was as close as you can get to a perfect squash match. I loved that minute of Serpentico being murdered. “Brome ass Kenan and Kel” made me pop. Thanks Ricky. That main event over delivered, that was a pretty damn good match with both ladies looking good except for some selling issues by Jade. But I enjoyed it.
  21. This is still the coolest mfer in wrestling history
  22. I don't mind the Danhause/Hook thing because, going by Dynamite, the crowd was way into it. The pops gave me a bit of early AEW Orange Cassidy vibes with the crowd reaction. Plus, I think this might lead to some sort of soft alliance/friendship because Hook destroying Danhausen would look kinda mean, he may be an asshole, but he's not 100% a dick
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