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  1. Gunn Club is clearly one of those short feuds like MJF/Pillman recently. I don’t mind them because it gives the big star a little reset in between bigger feuds and gives the younger guys a chance to get a taste of the big show so to speak. Colten and Austin can put young Darby in the spotlight for this one. What’s with their 1992-1993 Shawn Michaels tights anyway?
  2. Awesome hour of wrestling. Opener was fun and that top rope falcon arrow looked like a fucking explosion, nobody kicks out of the Falcon Arrow. Riho-Baker was great and one of my favourite Riho matches because her move set seems more varied (I can’t get too much into wrestlers that relies on Double Foot Stomps as their main offence). Surprising finish and commentary helped to hammer the point that Riho seems to be the one person that Brit can’t beat. It’s such a joy to watch Garcia and Eddie anytime they’re out there. Loved this one top to bottom. Garcia is low key one of the underrated in ring MVPs this year.
  3. Nice chemistry between Punk and MJF, that felt like one of the longest in ring talking segments AEW has ever done but I was very sport entertained the whole way through. Ditto for Bryan and Page, never expected them to be so fun together. I love the dynamic of the face champion almost begging to fight the challenger every show. Can’t wait for these two to face off, asshole Bryan is so so good. Lmao at Alistair’s music instantly changing into FTR’s theme.
  4. To give credit to Tony, he seems to pick up MOVEZ knowledge from Excalibur pretty well. If you watch any of the shows where it’s him and Big Show commentating he’s out there calling out moves with Japanese names he would have never known before and even thanks Excalibur from time to time on air. It’s pretty cute.
  5. Shida hast submitted twice recently so making Deeb say I Quit sounds like a satisfying conclusion.
  6. I don't think Excalibur gets confused, but I feel he sometimes doesn't know how much he can get away with banter wise with JR specially. Like he's worried how JR would react or even offend him if he goes a bit far with the banter. Because he clearly is quick witted and doesn't mind shooting the shit with Taz/Jericho/Etc.
  7. Excalibur and Taz should definitely be the main team on Dynamite. Tony is a likeable guy but I think his best role is interviewing the talent in-ring/backstage. On commentary he usually relies too much on agreeing with whatever Excalibur or JR say instead of having his own voice or making the subject more interesting. He does have some pretty good nights calling matches and little details but maybe the 3-Man booth limits that for him too.
  8. BR sounds like a nightmare over there, the Fite TV experience couldn’t be smoother here, never had any issues.
  9. Best JR-ism of the night was when Butcher and Ishii faced off and he said: ”Here we go folks, big vs. big… good vs. good”
  10. I think our brain is accustomed to the WWE style of feud which usually means 2 guys wrestling each other for 3+ months in rematch purgatory. AEW has shown they go more for the NJPW style where rematches (At least on big single's feuds) are rare or happen with very longs breaks in between. Darby and Omega clearly said they're not done with MJF/Page but we'll revisit down the line. Same when Bryan said he and Omega will meet again at some point. I much prefer this way of doing things.
  11. I was impressed with the guy in the crowd wearing an Excalibur mask for most of the show but swapping it for an Evil Uno one during his match and surprisingly for a SES CM Punk one when he came out.
  12. Yep, I thought Rush was gonna be another Matt Hardy like character where it was going to be obviou he was "exploiting his talent" but he shows signs of honesty and happiness for Dante from time to time so it's an interesting dynamic.
  13. That opening segment and first match hit ALL the right notes for me. Great little wholesome moment with Hangman and the crowd, then Bryan comes out and boom just like that he's a massive dickhead, can't wait for this match and love how the tension slowly raised throughout the segment. Even the little Elite promo gave some temporary closure to their relationship, Kenny's immediate future and the inevitable Kenny/Cole implosion. Ultimate dickhead Bryan Danielson has always been the best Bryan Danielson. Holy shit, that match with Uno was low key pretty brutal from both guys, awesome stiff fest. Perfect match to showcase asshole American Dragon coming back. Holding onto submissions longer than necessary, "I've got till five", slapping the shit out of Uno, so so good. I was laughing my ass off at the unnecessary double bicep pose at the end. Bryan and Punk getting booed against "homegrown" talents like Page and Eddie has to be seen as a triumph for the company, not something easy to achieve.
  14. I hate that right before getting fucked over he was helping Shawn to apply the Sharpshooter correctly (he had crossed the legs the wrong way at first).
  15. The Pac/Cody vs. Andrade/Black match took about 25min with entrances, I think this was perfect "Buy In" material. Apart from that, take about 5min off every other tag match on the show which all felt a bit long and you end up with a close to 3 hour, less tiring, show.
  16. Just rewatching some matches right now, I loved this so much I had to turn it into a gif:
  17. I thought the amount of Eddie tributes was ridiculous at first but then I checked the date and I guess it can be forgiven on this particular evening. One thing with my perception of MJF’s in ring talent is that he wrestles so rarely that I don’t have any idea of what an MJF match feels like saved in my head. But then he comes in and kills it like last night and It reminds me he’s actually pretty good. Just have to wait a few months till he’s allowed to show it again but this is the perfect example that the guy can go. I don’t know if it was because I was tired last night but Tay seemed a bit nervous during her match, it came together in the end but felt a bit disjointed at first. There is no doubt in my mind that the only possible option for next champ is Thunder Rosa, go back to that six women match last week and the crowd was completely into Brit and Rosa so that’s definitely their money match.
  18. His crazy stare with the “I’m gonna fucking do it” face and the heat while considering doing the Five Knuckle Shuffle was amazing stuff.
  19. Ah ok, I misunderstood that segment then. Weird that she wasn’t out there during the match. Match was messy fun so might as well throw here in there for a table spot or something.
  20. I just realised, wasn’t Paige VanZant supposed to be in that match? Seems weird she wasn’t involved at all because I feel that apart from Lambert she’s the one that had the best back and forth with the Inner Circle during the build up. Agree with all the comments about the PPV needing to be just a bit shorter to be almost perfect. Cut 5min out of all the tag matches tonight, and imo the Cody match was the perfect Buy In material, and you end up with a tight almost perfect close to 3 hour PPV.
  21. He had some great subtle reactions throughout the whole match. The “holy sh..” at the SSP and if you watch him in the background he was wincing at some of the hardcore spots in the match, even done to the Elite. Which played nicely into him becoming Jungle Man at the end and telling Christian “I’m ready, I wanna do it”.
  22. Crazy to think this is Hangman’s first real singles title win ever (that I know of)
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