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  1. Naito should have beaten Okada at WK 12 at the height of his popularity, I can still feel my heart sinking when that 3 count happened and Naito lost.
  2. Why is it always Matt Jackson the main focus of any Young Bucks drama? He’s the main focus with the Kenny thing, he was the one having beef with Hangman last year and he’s usually the one selling injuries more during matches. It’s never ever Nick.
  3. That ending was such a feel good moment. I wasn’t sure about “Where is my mind?” As OC’s new song but I was completely sold on it as it played over the lovable faces standing tall. The shows have been on a roll with these main events lately feeling so different from one another. Rosa-Britt, Darby-Silver, Arcade Carnage. It’s just so fun to watch week to week.
  4. This makes an already difficult to watch product completely unwatchable. Specially if you watch NJPW or even AEW for a while and then come back to a random RAW.
  5. Agree that this was just beautiful, even in the replays and in slow motion it looks so perfectly executed. The way he connects with the knee to the face and then kind of adds an extra push is just amazing. Below you’ll find the best Spear that Goldberg ever did thanks to Christian bumping as if he was hit by an 18 wheeler:
  6. NJPW relies too much in 99% of matches ending in a finisher and I hate it because as good as the match is you know it's never going to end with anything other than a Rainmaker, 3 x Hi Fly Flows, etc I doesn't matter how many times Kota and Naito drop each other on their heads with the sickest moves imaginable, the Destino o Knee ends it. I really like how AEW finishes lots of matches with secondary moves.
  7. That main event was great and reminded me of some of the MANLY Never title matches with Ishii. Only bit I hated was Darby diving on the DO for no reason when he could have potentially coffin dropped Silver for the win instead. I can understand people hating Kenny’s over the top crap, but I just find it very entertaining and funny, I guess it’s just years of watching them act like this in BTE. Him asking for the mic whilst already having it was hilarious “gimme that Don, gimme that!” The Pinnacle’s tron with the VHS tracking lines and 90s WCW PPV style opening graphics was beautiful.
  8. When it comes to satisfying ones to say out loud, I really enjoy the “Awful Waffle”, it has a nice crunchiness to it. It also helps that it’s one of the best moves out there right now.
  9. I just assumed the "From Hell" was because the Acolytes were part of the Ministry of Darkness around the time Taker looked like Satan.
  10. There's been a couple of times when Kevin Kelly has been calling the name of the move and the tap out happens right as he says the last words and it's just perfect.
  11. Emerald Flowsion / Frosion, doesn't matter how you say it, it just sounds badass.
  12. That main event was amazing, nothing looked rehearsed or pretty, every spot looked like a real fight. Britt is specially great at the brawling between spots, every little kick she throws between big moves looked fierce. She did a quick curb stomp inside the ring without a lot of buildup which just looked nasty. Obviously Baker looked amazing with the blood but Rosa had some next level facial expressions too, her eyes always look like they’re about to pop out from either rage or pain. Combined with the blood and her green/white attire she also looked great. Only thing I wish is I was
  13. Chris Jericho is 50 now and is still going out there regularly at a pretty high level (that he can't really match anymore but he hardly has a bad match).
  14. True, forgot about the deathmatch explosion gender reveal.
  15. Arn spinebusting Taker at WM 18 is my favourite unexpected interference of all time.
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