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  1. Yeah of all the matches to make a Best of 7 Series you select a combo of guys who already went all out on the first one. The PPV match was awesome and I'm sure the live crowds will love it each time but I can't imagine how I'll feel when we reach number 7. Tonight should be fun just based on seeing The Elite and the Chicago crowd.
  2. Forgot to mention about the Pre-Show, but what the hell has Nick Comoroto done to his look? He had such a good thing going on with the caveman hair, beard and overall manliness and now looks like bottom tier generic CAW guy.
  3. Possibly my favourite moment this year, I love people getting over naturally and actually being rewarded for it. Feels good man.
  4. Apart from a couple of bits, this was an absolute top notch show. Some random comments: CAGE MATCH HBK Jack Perry was on full force here and I this felt like a little tribute to the original HIAC from 97 with Jacks trunks, hair, elbow drop and also spots like the tombstones, big piledriver and the catapult into the cage giving me big Badd Blood vibes. TRIOS TITLE MATCH These 6 guys just have crazy chemistry with each other, the perfect execution of everything attempted in this match is just ridiculous. Perfect ending too. That being said, the Best of 7 series announced for this just sounds like extreme overkill. ROH TITLE MATCH Another awesome non stop match. Sammy has been really bringing it in his last few appearances and I appreciate the extra intensity. They 100% got me with the GTH + SSP near fall. JAKE HAGER LOVES HIS HAT GOD DANGIT WOMENS TITLE MATCH This is it, this is all I wanted from tonight. I'm ready for the Hayer era. I'm glad they pulled the trigger because the crowd was dying for her to win with every near fall just like they were with The Acclaimed at the last PPV. I didn't even care about all the bullshit cheating because the adrenaline of every near fall getting us closer to that sweet Jamie win was worth it, I popped big time. Loved this match and seemed like the crowd did too. These two were also really laying into each other, they had one of the best "I hit you, you hit me" exchanges I've ever seen. Rebel turning Super Saiyan after being sent to the back was also a highlight
  5. Pretty fun show overall. The opener was kinda crazy and the ROH Title match should be wild on Saturday. I'm loving the Sammy/Danielson in ring rivalry. At one point Sammy did a dive when Jericho was also applying the Walls of Jericho that just blew my mind. Trios match was all kind of crazy too, AR Fox seems much better than last time I saw him years ago where he was all kinds of awkward, he got some great spots in there. Not super excited about Mox/MJF but it always happens with MJF matches for me since he almost never wrestles, so my brain always forgets that he's pretty good in the ring so I'm sure they'll deliver on Saturday.
  6. That main event is everything I love about pro wrestling all rolled into one. That’s my review of the show.
  7. Jericho's Full Gear special entrance revealed: https://twitter.com/WWEGP/status/1590475457430188035?s=20&t=PWAWfk7QcVKv8yGofjjZtg
  8. So happy we're getting Danielson/Guevara again, they have great chemistry and are both crazy in their own way so I expect a lot of violence from them tonight.
  9. My biggest takeaway from last night’s show is how over Smoking Gunn Billy is in 2022. Kinda warms the heart a bit, I’ve always had a soft spot for him.
  10. I remember this recently got a MASSIVE pop in AEW when Aubrey Edward threw someone out, she build up to it with the little hand spinny thing and the crowd was going crazy for it. What's best for me is the heel getting kicked out always has the exact same reaction: Has it EVER being explained why can't they just hang around? Do you need some sort of official license/permit to accompany someone to the ring? Will they get DQed?
  11. Damn, Yuta was on fucking fire tonight from being the most over guy in his match to the argument with Danielson after, really good stuff from him. I LOVED Sammy/Dragon, it's a match I've been waiting for ages since Danielson has always played up his old man hate toward the Vlog. And with both guys loving a bit of recklessness you knew they were gonna have fun beating the shit out of each other. Great stuff and would happily watch them go at it again. I'm sorry but I just can't get into Stokeley Hathaway at all, to me he downgraded Jade's act the moment he replaced the much more entertaining Smart Mark and I don't at all about his jobber stable. It was also a major downgrade for the Ass Boys who were being pretty entertaining on their own before joining him too.
  12. Awesome show with the downer at the end, hope Hangman is OK, the match was excellent to that point and had a big match feel. Get well soon Cowboy. Dalton/Jericho was extremely fun and the right amount of silly, you can tell Jericho loves Castle's silly glam rock gimmick or whatever it is. I'm surprised how over Castle is with the AEW crowd since he's not had a lot of exposure to them. Out of all the pure ROH guys he's easily had the best reception so far and if I was Tony I'd look into keeping him on the "main roster". Don't let this slip.
  13. Loved that ending and in general love the eternal rivalry between OC-PAC since they're such opposites of each other, it works so well. OC finally defeats the bastard after years of trying, such a feel good moments as is usually the case with Best Friends stuff. Felt a little bit of that overwhelming wrestling happiness/emotion when the 3 count happened, you know what i mean.
  14. What’s an excellent hour of wrestling. I’m surprised Sammy won, I kinda hoped they’d put the title on Darby in an upset tournament win. Match was great as always between these two, you can see how they are maturing with each match they have against each other. They’ve slowed the pace a bit and every crazy thing they do feels crisp instead of just reckless. Good stuff, I’m all for these two being career rivals for years to come. Im now really hoping for a Sammy-Danielson final in the tournament to get something completely new. Old man Danielson killing vlogger Sammy would be a sight to see. Main event was just an awesome manly match. The result was never in doubt but it was excellent 20min of pro wrestling. Claudio’s short arm clotheslines look like he’s just pulling his opponent against a freaking wall. The finishing sequence with the Sharpshooter reversals and Claudio going for the BCC death elbows as a last option was pretty awesome.
  15. One of the most underrated gimmick matches that I've always wanted back was the Wild Card Elimination Match from Survivor Series 95. Just grab 8-12 guys who are kinda feuding/involved with each other (easy with the way the AEW "Universe" works) and put them randomly in two teams with some sort of incentive for the winners. I thought it was really fun back in 95 and I'm surprised it was never done again.
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