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  1. Did we at least win the key demos Kenny??
  2. Thoughts from the show: - Liked the new set with the bigger screen, looks cleaner. I prefer if they kept the big ramp for PPV or special shows but I don't mind if it becomes standard just to look a bit different from WWE. - Opener was the best match of the night, everyone looked great. Ortiz's "SUCK MY BIG CO..." while running towards one of the YB got a big laugh from me (and the crowd). - Trent and Fenix was pretty good. I liked the aftermatch with Trent asking for a handshake, Fenix being an asshole and Trent taking no shit, looked good. - I loved the stupid "That's Adam Cole's girlfriend!" bit, i'm sure everyone involved got a good laugh out of that. This was one of the most effective Nyla's squashes so far, short and to the point. - Jericho's segment was glorious as always. He perfectly lets the crowd cheer the list for a second before putting them down. - Shida . - I like that they are featuring Shanna and Statlander because they are quite good. The women's division is really starting to pick up after they stopped focusing on Brit. Didn't care for Brandi's bit and it does feel like there's too many dark cults going on. - Pentagon and Daniels was kind of boring. I would have skipped this match and use the 10 min to air a couple of promos or updates of other guys not featured on the show like MJF, Omega, Page, etc.
  3. I keep looking at this pic and can't see anything but a toy ring for some reason.
  4. It could just be that Kong's attack and hair thing just traumatized her and she just went to the dark side after that. Another easy explanation.
  5. Misc thoughts from the show: - Hikaru Shida - Hated that commentary didn’t mention anything about Soultrain being out in the Million Dollar Dream. - Interesting singles push for Trent. I like that storylines don’t seem to be isolated or stuck in a bubble . You have Best Friends picking up wins as a team recently plus Trent also on his own and having Lucha Bros’ number while Penta is also feuding with Chris Daniels, etc. - MJF looked pretty good tonight with some of the arm work he was doing and coming off as a slimey piece of shit. Loved the gum into DDP’s hand and Page just going “really?”. I wish they would have talked more about the whole ring thing because it's still pretty random and meaningless. - Great finish to Omega and Pac with Kenny going for the same pin twice but improving it on the second try. - Crowd was a bit cold for the main event but really picked up after the big TKO near fall. Glad that Le Champion can still win clean from time to time. Some great near falls at the end, I thought they could have probably gone for one more Liontamer into a Small Package near fall before the finish to tease the crowd even more. Also, Dasha Fuentes couldn't keep her eyes off Jericho during the ring intro, there was some flirting going on there, drink it in man. - Excalibur: who beats up someone in their hometown?! JR: totally unheard of in the annals of wrestling history! - Loved JR again forgetting we can still hear him during breaks on Fite. When the jobber came out for Cody's match, "that's the opponent? Really?". Then getting frustrated "are we trending? Where do you see that?? I don't..."
  6. Someone like Kevin Nash or Big Show would look like Godzilla in AEW
  7. Im glad Moxley is sticking with the pants look, I think it fit him better than the short tights. Kinda reminds me of Kano from the MK movie.
  8. Random thoughts from the show: - That opening match was so so good and absolutely delivered. I hope they go with a single Fenix run because he's just breathtaking to watch. Nick was excellent as expected too and made sense that he took the loss as Rey is the more experienced singles competitor. Best match of the night by far. - Its crazy how much bigger wrestlers from the previous eras were compared to know. Even MJF who looks like a pretty built guy looked tiny next to Billy Gunn. When Gunn was standing right behind him it looked like an Incredible Hulk cover with the before and after transformation. - Jericho's segment was great as usual, loved the use of Hager saying "sorry", funniest thing he's ever done. I was worried about Scorpio Sky being in the mic against Jericho but he came off really well. The reverse psychology they used to get Chris to make it a title match next week was great and Jericho's grin and delivery of "we shook hand! it's official" was just perfect. Marko stunt coming out after Jericho bullied him a bit backstage (during a commercial break I think) made sense and led to the big pop and stare down between Luchasaurus and Hager. - PP vs PP dragged a bit for me. Had some good spots but it got a bit boring. I watch on Fite but did they really took 2 commercial breaks during this? Seems badly timed if that's the case. - After the Omega match and last week's promo Moxley just feels on another level and comes off as a HUGE star. His entrance alone just makes him seem like a big deal. Loved that Darby brought the fight and they had a good match with a sick ending. Great show again and not a bad episode so far.
  9. Random thoughts: - Loved Kenny's dissapointed reaction and smirk when the doc said Mox was cleared. Such a real life feel, like when you see your ex already has a new partner and has moved on. - I'm really starting to like a lot of AEW themes after a few weeks of becoming familiar with them. Mox's is a banger. - I lost my shit when Darby said "Moxley...". Great two word promo that got me extremely hyped up. - I feel Spears is dead in the water right now. People like Janela but no one seems to care about this at all. - Jericho and MJF were gold together, perfect asshole vs. asshole promo. I was cracking up at the "do you want me" / "do you want to" exchange. Showed both guy's massive egos, both wanting the same thing but wanting the other guy to say it. - Pac and Page brought it again. Gimme Page doing spinning lariats every week and I'm a happy guy. My current favourite move in AEW. - How over is Orange Cassidy? When he eventually has his first match the crowd is gonna explode. - Same goes for Luchasaurus (who looked in amazing shape) and the Jurassic Express. I was very sports entertained tonight.
  10. A couple of more thoughts I just remembered: - Loved so much the staredown between Malenko and Jericho and the announcers acknowledging their rivarly from 21 years ago. Was expecting some sort of "Stinko" remark from Jericho. - Loved Kenny's Cactus Jack homage piledriver on top of the trash can.
  11. A few thoughts after finally watching the show last night: - Loved the custom set, always a nice touch. The whole show just had a great presentation last night and the big ramp added to the big show feel compared to the weekly episodes. - The opening tag was the perfect combination of a spotfest with a "great match". It really shows why these two teams are miles ahead of a team like Private Party for example. - Adam Page is slowly but surely getting very over with the crowd. He's in a much better places as a face now than when he had the title match with Jericho and I can see the fans really backing him next time he challenges for the belt. I'm also really enjoying him lariating and big booting the shit out of people during his matches. - There was no reason at all for that Spears match to be in this show, Dynamite would have been a much better spot for it. - There was a funky two count during the women’s title match where the ref counted to one, stopped and then did a two count. You could see the crowd shitting in him for a bit after that. - Main event was great but I would've taken out the mouse trap spot and prepared a bit better where the weapons were cuz it seemed like 10min of the match was just them walking around trying to find the right thing to use next. I liked that it started with a crappy trash can and it looked like it was gonna be like any "Extreme Rules" WWE match and then it suddenly ramped up the violence. Loved that they went all out with the use of barbwire instead of just teasing it and not delivering (think Ambrose vs. Lesnar at WM). And that missed Phoenix Splash into the wood looked brutal, Kenny ate shit. Overall a great show and I love that I can watch the whole thing without fast forwarding even once which is something I can’t even do with New Japan and their infinite lower card multi man matches.
  12. Watch Dark's main event if only for Janela's selling of the atomic drops.
  13. Just got back from the show, loved it. Some random thoughts below, spoilered just in case:
  14. Bryan vs. Cass was a surprisingly good match. It helped that the crowd was molten for Bryan and he was on point throughout the whole match, but props to Cass (who I can’t stand) for keeping up and having th me best match of his career so far. Aj vs. Nakamura finally had a satisfying match in WWE, that finishing stretch with the scary Styles Clash, the low blow heard around the world and the picture perfect forearm through the table were beautiful. Ronda is a natural and I love all the little things she gets right in the ring. The way she applies submissions and the way she tries to get out of holds looks so so good and much better than the rest of the roster who usually just scream and crawl to the ropes. I wish her style of doing this would be used more. Both ladder matches were OK but forgettable compared to others MITB matches, the best bit was Miz’s facial expression to Braun staring at him. Overall an enjoyable show and the best WWE PPV since the Rumble, but it still can touch the quality of the Takeovers.
  15. Unknown Toothless Guy is really wrenching in that crossface on Vacant
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