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  1. Somewhat limited, I didn’t even consider them because the queues for every merchandise stand were just ridiculous.
  2. Looking at the current roster (and without unlikely possibilities like Edge/Christian), I think having The Acclaimed come out as surprise opponents and beating the the Bucks for the vacant titles might be the one option to keep the crowd happy. Can't see anyone in Wembley (me included) shitting on that.
  3. Yeah for the price it seems like a good deal, i rather not see the full entrance and be higher up than being way back on the floor seats. I'll make sure to wave back!
  4. Very fun show and a big step up from last week. Really appreciate Evil Uno going all out for a 10min match since he knows these type of serious singles matches come very rarely for him. He made the most of it. That first piledriver he did on Mox was BRUTAL. Starks-Jericho could have been a nothing segment but was super entertaining due to Stark playing it up any time Jericho wasn't looking at him. I was very sports entertained for those few minutes.
  5. That main event was so good and hard hitting, wasn’t expecting to enjoy it so much.
  6. I’m still watching the show but came here to mention the Avalanche Deathvalleydriver.com not being a match ender, it should become Hangman’s super finisher because it looked amazing. Glad the whole discussion has been about this. Great minds. It was a beautiful move, had that lovely “crunch” at the end.
  7. That Bandido/Dragon match was so so good. I loved how they made every move feel "heavy", as if they were always trying to dead lift the other guy into arm drags, suplexes, holds, etc. THIS is how it should always be IMO, it just added so much. Some lovely stiffness in every kick too. Have we ever had Bandido vs Hangman? I'm all for more Hangman/Bandido/Takeshita type of guys in every show please.
  8. FFS, just a couple of days ago we were discussing how young The Briscoes still are and how long we've watched them so this came out of nowhere. RIP Jay, I always thought he was one of the scariest and most intimidating looking mfers in wrestling all the way from 2007 to now.
  9. My mind is blown that they were just around 22 when they were wrestling Steen and Generico back in 2007, they definitely looked way ahead of their time. They were around Top Flight's current ages for some reference.
  10. So I thought Willow had almost killed Anna with that DVD on the apron but then she proceeded to actually murder her with that jumping powerbomb right onto the floor. Holy fucking shit, poor Anna. Tay came off great, she really sold her character here and seemed to take control of the whole match. Ruby’s crimson mask was AWESOME looking, like I was ready for her just to pull out a chainsaw near the end because she looked straight out of a horror movie when the final girl just says fuck it and destroys the villain.
  11. I kept thinking about Vince tearing both quads just sliding into the ring, I thought for sure Nick's calves or hamstrings would be absolutely destroyed after this. The speed he landed at was ridiculous.
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