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  1. Shit I really think Orange should have gone over tonight, it seemed like the right thing.
  2. I think he also won the Street Fight against Havoc/Sabian with it.
  3. A few random comments about moves last night: How fucking pretty is Wardlow’s Swanton? Amazing. I like how the teased a Goldberg-like quick win by Shida with the running knee and Falcon Arrow attempt right at the bell. The Falcon Arrow and Missile Dropkick counters by Ford were excellent too, they looked perfect. The Awful Waffle by Chuck is probably my favourite finisher in the company. It requires no elaborate set up, it’s just quick pick up and instant death. Even the commentators always seem to be caught off guard by how brutal it is, it’s always like “Chuck with the pick up OH SHIT!”
  4. It’s funny they subtitled the well spoken English from Shida in her video package yet I still can’t understand anything Private Party says. Btw the women’s title match rocked, it’s great when THE best wrestler in a division is the champion, it just feels right.
  5. Best Friends is by far the best “bad ass car entrance” they’ve done so far. Just perfect.
  6. “Them boys are good... they’re good. I mean... I’ll still whoop their ass, but they’re good” Bleeding OC with the sunglasses is one of the coolest visuals to close out a wrestling show in a long time.
  7. Some random thoughts: “You don’t need a hat to be a cowboy” Britt sending notes to Toby was tremendous. Anna Jay might be the hottest women I’ve ever seen in wrestling. I’m surprised she lost but the focus was kept on her with the angle afterwards. I like the graphics showing Dark results, nice little touch. I can’t stand Austin Gunn, he draws way too much attention to himself every time I see him. They Young Bucks vs Superbad Squad was such a mess. Way too much crap going on in and outside the ring, felt extremely disjointed and all over the place. Jericho vs Chuck Taylor was always a bit of an impossible dream match for me, Its surreal seeing them go at it. “Trent is without a doubt the leader of Best Friends”, “The dominant male in that team”, “Trent clearly the MVP of this duo”. WTF are you talking about JR? Way to put over Trent at Taylor’s expense for no reason. OC vs Jericho at Fyter Fest, the true greatest match ever.
  8. This is so well made, I was dying when HBK appeared.
  9. I enjoyed that main event more than all Private Party matches where they rush and botch their contrived spots constantly. The leg work slowing him down plus being on his own really helped Quen’s performance.
  10. Lots of the bigger local guys had that young WWE prospect look tonight. Im happy Angels was moved into the Dark Order as he had really good showings against Kenny and Sammy and really stood out from the rest. It also sends a message to everyone that you can move up the ladder even if you’re right at the bottom of the food chain.
  11. Hangman and Fénix are not even 30 yet so those are two big names that should also be able to stick around for a long time too.
  12. I think it’s quite touching how it’s been presented that he genuinely seems to care for Kenny a lot more than the other guys. After the Stadium Stampede you could see how he only seemed focused and worried about helping Omega to his feet instead of celebrating like the other guys. Hangman has never come across like the most extroverted guy so his subtle acting and delivery has really worked for this whole storyline.
  13. Enjoyed the show tonight, some random thoughts: Visually, the Dynamite intro is one of my favourite wrestling show openings of all time. Those colour explosions are extremely satisfying. I’ve really really really missed Hangman booting and lariating people‘s heads off. I don’t recognise Scott Dawson without his beard whenever he’s on screen, he looks like the main kid from the Little Rascals now. For as well produced as AEW is, that toy commercial is incredibly shitty and cheap. Am I the only one that only gets about 60% of what Private Party says? It’s one of the reasons I couldn’t fully enjoy their BTE skits, I had no idea wtf they were saying most of the time. “Le Champion’s first singles match since the annihilation of Pineapple Pete” I appreciate Sammy going to one side of the stage unlike guys like Jake Roberts or Tazz who stand right in the middle of the screen for the entire match being very distracting. My body is so ready for Jericho vs OC, possibly at Fyter Fest? You know Jericho will make the most of it and it will be glorious. That training montage with Britt had me laughing out loud for real , great stuff without saying a single word. When she was pulling a tiny 1-2lbs plate was the highlight for me. I see Wardlow went with the dancing Van Damme outfit tonight. Cody heeling it up a bit tonight It’s the right call. I don’t love Jungle Boy but he has something that makes it impossible to root against him. Good little match from both tonight and it made the TNT title feel like a big deal.
  14. - “That’s Land Before Time” - ”oh shit”
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