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  1. Whoaaa Anna, Anna Whoa Anna The boyhood dream has come true
  2. I enjoyed the ridiculousness of the whole presentation, if you’re not interested in video games I’d watch this just for the comedy alone. I like the graphic style they seem to be going with for the main game, slightly cartoony but has a bit of a Street Fighter 4/5 aesthetic which would make sense if Kenny is involved in the project.
  3. This is the loudest I’ve laughed watching a wrestling show in ages. My partner couldn’t understand why I found it so funny.
  4. Still watching the show but looks like they shifted the Darby-Cage feud into Darby-Starks. Am i the only thinking that Ricky Starks has completely overshadowed Cage the last couple of weeks? He feels like the star of that group now.
  5. That was an excellent show tonight. The 12 Man could’ve been a clusterfuck but it was anything but, super frenetic and with a big sense of urgency but everyone looked great and it went smoothly. I wouldn’t have minded if this match took like a full half an hour of the show. Stu Grayson did a 450 Splash halfway across the ring and no one seemed to notice. Cabana with the subtle almost hand gesture at the end was great stuff. Loved seeing the Best Friends featured so much tonight. And Trent menacingly saying that P&P will have to apologise to her mom ON SPEAKERPHONE was tremendous.
  6. Shit, that’s one of the sickest thumbtack bumps I’ve ever seen. “Gonna see how this new white wrist tape works out”. Please never stop doing these. I love how Brodie took Colt to the back like a father protecting his kid from seeing the bad shit about to happen and Cabana just being oblivious to it.
  7. Shit I really think Orange should have gone over tonight, it seemed like the right thing.
  8. I think he also won the Street Fight against Havoc/Sabian with it.
  9. A few random comments about moves last night: How fucking pretty is Wardlow’s Swanton? Amazing. I like how the teased a Goldberg-like quick win by Shida with the running knee and Falcon Arrow attempt right at the bell. The Falcon Arrow and Missile Dropkick counters by Ford were excellent too, they looked perfect. The Awful Waffle by Chuck is probably my favourite finisher in the company. It requires no elaborate set up, it’s just quick pick up and instant death. Even the commentators always seem to be caught off guard by how brutal it is, it’s always like “Chuck with the pick up
  10. It’s funny they subtitled the well spoken English from Shida in her video package yet I still can’t understand anything Private Party says. Btw the women’s title match rocked, it’s great when THE best wrestler in a division is the champion, it just feels right.
  11. Best Friends is by far the best “bad ass car entrance” they’ve done so far. Just perfect.
  12. “Them boys are good... they’re good. I mean... I’ll still whoop their ass, but they’re good” Bleeding OC with the sunglasses is one of the coolest visuals to close out a wrestling show in a long time.
  13. Some random thoughts: “You don’t need a hat to be a cowboy” Britt sending notes to Toby was tremendous. Anna Jay might be the hottest women I’ve ever seen in wrestling. I’m surprised she lost but the focus was kept on her with the angle afterwards. I like the graphics showing Dark results, nice little touch. I can’t stand Austin Gunn, he draws way too much attention to himself every time I see him. They Young Bucks vs Superbad Squad was such a mess. Way too much crap going on in and outside the ring, felt extremely disjointed and all over the place. Jericho
  14. This is so well made, I was dying when HBK appeared.
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