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  1. A self-mill win condition is so dumb that I almost like Jace now.
  2. New set is live in Arena but a lot of people are getting an error trying to download right now. "PlayWarSpark" is the new store code for 3 free packs.
  3. It's crazy how much fun I have with this series even though at this point it holds zero surprises for me. If the complaint about Borderlands 3 is "it looks like more of the same" then GOOD.
  4. The fact they basically had this ready to go right after launch says a ton, really. Other than this unfortunate nonsense the game seems good.
  5. Unity literally didn't launch at launch, on top of being an unbelievably buggy mess, on top of being a completely garbage game. But yeah, AC1. *roll eyes into the sun*
  6. Honestly, Ronda is the worst voice actor in the game by a magnificently huge margin.
  7. The whole Mortal Kombat plot, as laid out from 9 forward, feels straight from Advanced Dungeons and Dragons and it's great. Shao Khan is a lawful evil planeswalker.
  8. If you've picked a perfect playoff bracket up to this point, what is wrong with you?
  9. Honestly I don't think the art in general has ever been stronger than now. I have a lot of nostalgia for the really old school sets but most of the modern art just destroys that stuff.
  10. I seem to recall it has a cap. It's been a couple years since I touched this, but man Borderlands 2 is still fun. My favourite build ever was a melee-focussed Mania Krieg, this time around I am doing a Hellborn Krieg which is gonna end up being all about lighting myself on fire to get more Gun, because that's science bitches.
  11. That's fine to people your age and mine (not that 30-somethings are old) but there is legit an entire generation of teenagers that remember seeing this team win literally 6 playoff games in forever and become an international punchline, which is staggering to think about. Like, even the 2006 near-miss was 13 years ago so it's not like 19 year olds have this super strong memory of it. The success of the Oilers is just some fable that they hear their parents and grandparents go on about. The Cleveland Browns got good before the Oilers. This is my life now.
  12. NHL CURSED POWER RANKINGS 1. Ottawa (held position) 2. Edmonton (held positon) 3. Winnipeg (up 2) 4. Vancouver (held position) 5. St. Louis (down 2)
  13. Favourites go home, plebs rise up.
  14. I had the Isles winning but not like this. That was crazy.
  15. I am not sure there was a single person that picked Columbus 4-0 with a straight face.
  16. I can't really think of where I'd use it. Like, Ravnican Gates already has Hydroid Krasis for big draw, and I have found Krasis is way more dangerous with Reliquary Tower for the no hand limit size. In fact I'd say the basic version of it being listed on MTG Goldfish is significantly more dangerous with 2 Reliquary Towers over a couple of the basic land because it also frees you up to play multiple Guild Summits without worrying about discarding. I am just having a hard time thinking of a deck actually designed to get 12 land in play regularly, which runs blue (but not green for Circuitous Route to actually get to 12 land, not Hydroid Krasis, and not Reliquary Tower), where it gets played. I am sure, given my extensive history of wrongness, it will instantly find some way to become ludicrous. But my initial reaction is that it will be this set's Mass Manipulation: It looks cool and no one plays it.
  17. Okay they are just making up silly shit now
  18. Nicol Bolas is just asking to be shit on by a Boros Weenie deck. Conclave Tribunal still owning fools. "Opponent gets to choose what they exile" = token. On the other hand it looks like a really, really big problem for my Ravnican Gates deck unless I get that Rhythm of the Wild out first.
  19. This set is going to be a complete trainwreck and I am here for it. I kind of wish I had context for the 15+ years I didn't play so I understood when MtG design became a crazy race to make 2-3 cost cards that should cost 4-6. It's actually kind of an interesting solution that a lot of game designers seem to land on; if everything is broken, nothing is broken. Seems to be working?
  20. The Islanders are so goddamn fun to watch.
  21. I don't understand why Sony doesn't just create a second tag for your display name but it leaves your account name the same (the Steam system). It seems like the simplest workaround to these sort of issues.
  22. I am not that bothered by that. "Just don't exile me" typically has landed outside the top tier since I have started playing Arena. Obviously there are some sick combos there. Demanding Dragon comes instantly to mind. I love big creature decks, but there are a ton of hard counters to them. Nothing about that bothers me nearly as much as, like... Skewer the Critics or Wizard's Lightning, both of which are utterly embarrassing tire fires. Mono-red is fairly often winning games on damage on turn 4. Come the fuck on.
  23. Fuck the Chicago Blackhawks, bless Taylor Hall human luckbox.
  24. Salt & Sanctuary plays pretty differently. You can see for yourself if the visual style does anything. Hollow Knight combat has more movement to it, Salt is more "heavy" akin to early Dark Souls. Different flavours.
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