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  1. I'm basically with you. I enjoy base Elden Ring but this DLC is... something.
  2. I really don't like the DLC mechanic with the Shadutree Fragments. It's exactly the kind of "developer creates a problem then creates a solution for a problem that never needed to exist" shit we mock in every other open world game.
  3. Absolutely howling that somehow Florida got a 3-0 lead in this series. They are cooked unless McDavid and Draisaitl actually die.
  4. The Mohg achievement percentage is now closing in on one of the achievements you get for doing a boss right before the end of the game, so it's fair to suggest that basically the number of players that actually finished the game and are going to be doing the DLC is going to be really close. Sounds about right to me. The people who go in deep on these games go to the bottom of the ocean, lol
  5. Honestly getting the Blitzkrieg gimmick and almost immediately dying to a blown spot is incredible commitment to the gimmick. Mad respect.
  6. I genuinely think XBOX is on the verge of pulling a SEGA and getting out of the console game entirely, simply going the publisher route. The trouble they are having pulling out high level exclusives is pretty telling.
  7. The change coming in the day 1 patch that gives you added control over which summoning pools you're in is very very good. Generally some nice QOL stuff coming.
  8. Sorry, this can't be real because Luigi canonically died in Smash Bros https://youtu.be/hVIjjxgJ9vM?si=FJ5s8mMMqvLW5d3z
  9. I think Elden Ring and Baldur's Gate 3 certainly prove whatever needed to be proven that there's still a huge market for good single player content that isn't, you know, Ubisoft just releasing the same game for the 12th time or whatever. There's still a lof of legitimate criticism you can have of the current 5-ish year cycle to produce that kind of game, but any company selling themselves on the idea there simply isn't a market there is full of shit. I'm pretty much ready for DLC on my new character, though I still have to actually kill Mogh and Radagon but honestly that's like a session of play tonight or tomorrow and then I can jump in whenever.
  10. Obviously his number will go up a ton now that there's actually a reason to go there too. It's kind of a meaningless stat since he was an optional boss.
  11. https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/105600/view/4174353702619981062 A sick kid used Make-A-Wish to ask for his own vanity set in Terraria.
  12. So yeah I haven't really played a Street Fighter game since the ancient times of Alpha 2 (Gen mains rise up), but 6 still feels good and a thing I can jump in and have fun. It's honestly the opposite of what Mortal Kombat have done where if you're not a lab monkey you're nothing. Not to say labbing in SF6 won't take you a long way but there's still a space in this game for people that just want to fire up matches and play intuitively/learn by doing. Feels like a mix of classic and new in a good way. Game is also stupid horny which I'm not complaining about. It also has a lot of weird menu shit to navigate because it's not a modern CAPCOM game without absolutely cursed UI. I don't have any of the overpriced DLC and unless you are super attached to one of those fighters I don't think you need to worry about it at all.
  13. I've managed to avoid DLC spoilers so far, just like with the main game I absolutely know I'm playing it so I don't need an abundance of trailers to sell me on anything. Going in blind really is the way.
  14. That trailer looks like something for a generic fantasy MOBA.
  15. Patch dropped today that officially adds mod support. So for a Bethesda game I now think we've reached version 1.0.
  16. 6 is actually pretty good, if you can get past CAPCOM being one of the world leaders in predatory DLC pricing.
  17. Anyway I am 42 years old and currently doing the thing no man should do: falling hard for an egirl, which will be both expensive and lead to nothing. I'm a very smart, not at all desperately lonely person.
  18. Yeah I try not to be too preacy about social media because honestly as much as it's a tool for evil it also is a lot of people's main way of connecting these days. Having said that, there has to be a better way than current Twitter.
  19. Hopefully they call the whole thing off, but it's boxing so of course they won't unless Mike just decides not to do it.
  20. Hey, Dark and Darker is back on steam. It still fucking sucks, and now it's even more pay to win than ever, but don't worry all the same people that shilled for it in 2023 are back on board baby!
  21. One of the things that stuck out about it to me watching footage was how basically the entire game takes place on rooftops. It's like an exec saw the dope Spider Man games and just said "hey do that" but they forgot they don't actually have, you know, Spider-Man, so it doesn't make sense.
  22. They made a superhero game where like all you do is shoot guns. What the fuck did they think people were gonna think
  23. After seeing that dog collar match, no doubt about whether Mad Dog is a top or a bottom.
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