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  1. A lot of folks in AEW use the flatliner, too. I'm a little disappointed nobody ever brings Kanyon up on commentary when they do, but I guess maybe his is too sad a story.
  2. Help me with the Omega shirt symbolism this week, folks?
  3. Shawn Spears is great and I will hear no one gainsay it.
  4. I'm just gonna go out on a limb and say you hadn't/haven't seen his previous intros, because he was saying shit about her for weeks before the suspension. If what he said about her played into the suspension in any way, it was only because everything else got people's attention, because nobody said boo when he was talking about her getting Eiffel Tower'd by Griff and Pillman Jr.
  5. Brock Lesnar basically nailed it for a good while.
  6. The thing about Abadon is, she was actually cleverly booked given the amount of folks they have to work with. She got a "freaks out another wrestler" spot, got to eliminate the hometown underdog, and then got pitched immediately to defuse any negative reaction from said underdog being tossed.
  7. Where's Stu Greyson? He has been, as they say, conspicuous by his absence.
  8. The combined face-punchability of the Gunns and Ricky Starks might results in thousands of broken televisions worldwide.
  9. Would it make people feel better if they hung out with Tully and Arn and were called the Four Horsemen? Because it seems like every two months somebody wants a random assortment of guys to be "the next Four Horsemen" and the only real difference so far is that there's more than four of them. I mean, Kenny's been champ since December, he'll have to hold it til January 2022 to match Flair's first Horsemen run.
  10. Going in blind, I thought the Uno/QT match was the main event, until they showed "Up Next" graphic for Pac/Sydal. Preferred it to the actual main, too. Not a huge fan of Andrade's so far, and he was too much the focal point considering he was hundreds of feet from the ring. And Robert Anthony has looked good every time he's shown up.
  11. In that case, Darren Young? He came out as gay and nothing about his presentation changed IIRC.
  12. I felt kind of bad for the Dark Order going in there against Death Triangle because the fans were SOLIDLY behind Penta and PAC (oh, and Rey Fenix was there.) The crowd also seemed surprisingly tepid for OC, but as much as I like the Blade those three are clearly the HFO b-team.
  13. So "Move the needle" seems like a corporate talking point, rather than Roman saying something off the cuff. I guess it's the new Ruthless Aggression.
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