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  1. Now I'm having the issue on Chrome on my laptop. Started around the time we lost a day.
  2. Probably should have been "... almost everyone I booked for it was manipulated and gaslit." Because why else would you work a IWAMS show in 2022?
  3. Jericho's opponent will obviously be a surprise Punk return. It was all a work!
  4. You mean the part where he tried to steal Punk's dog? I'm only half-joking. Because if you're in a heated confrontation with me and start to take my pet away, my first thought isn't "What a nice gesture" it's "Give me back my pet you fucking asshole." Maybe instead of taking the dog out of the room he should have taken his friends out.
  5. I think one reason it felt like a bubble is in part down to him removing himself from the title picture right at the start. Once they established the TNT title you got the feeling that it was the "Cody" title. It didn't feel like a secondary title, like the Intercontinental title or US title. It didn't have a unique constraint to it, like the old TV title or the Cruiserweight title. It wasn't associated with a particular style, like the X-Division title or the Hardcore title. It just felt like "This is Cody's because he can't have the world title." This was particularly true at the start, when it went Cody->Brody->Cody in under two months. None of the other titles had changed hands that quickly to that point, and the reigns for the two other singles titles AEW were all in the triple digits prior to that. They've been running into a similar problem with the TBS title becoming the Jade title until Nyla's angle started. I also think that if Brodie hadn't passed away it would have felt less like a bubble. Because he disappeared basically right after he lost the belt, it resulted in a disconnect I don't think we'd have felt if Brodie had proceeded to feud with Hangman as was expected. So you had a chunk of time where Cody was feuding with Brodie, with a stable that was basically never on tv (the Factory), and with a bunch of people who mostly weren't even wrestlers (Lambert et al). I'm not blaming anyone, I'm not saying a particular person made a particular decision or another person was at fault for the booking. I'm not passing a value judgement on Cody or anything. Just trying to pin down why it felt, to some of us, like it was its own bubble.
  6. You don't need to have full cognitive function to work for XPW. In fact it probably helps if you don't.
  7. I'd kind of like to see Bryce as the Only Competent Ref. It may be my old Chikara fandom talking, but I think he's the best ref on the roster.
  8. I refuse to accept Christopher Daniels ever had hair. That was clearly Chavo Guerrero Jr. in a Mission Impossible-type latex mask.
  9. Taker is a hard one to peg, because so much of his earlier body of work was constrained by his gimmick and paired with questionable opponents. Once he got to break out of the walking corpse mode, he was also getting a better quality of opponent.
  10. Road Warrior Animal would have words with you. Besides, beard+mohawk is all part of the gimmick collector gimmick.
  11. Bringing back Spears for a Canada-enhanced pop on Wednesday only to turn him on Friday while still in Canada would be some peak WWE nonsense booking. Hopefully they just segue WarJoe out of the feud for the moment rather than worrying about evening up sides. Then FTR and Spears can beat Death Triangle for the trios title and we can begin the Shawn Spears, Belt Collector storyline.
  12. If Sami dethrones Roman I will watch a WWE show again, however briefly.
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