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  1. In 2009, Avatar was a smash hit beyond all expectations. Sam Worthington followed that up with Clash of the Titans - but then Wrath of the Titans basically fizzled, and that was the end of his career as leading man in blockbuster action films. If you were a Hollywood producer and kept shoehorning Sam Worthington into these big budget movies, you'd be a laughing stock. But in wrestling, you're Vince McMahon.
  2. I'm gonna catch hell for this, but he's not, he is, and they don't. When he started on the main roster, he wasn't all that over except through the inherent jingoism of American audiences. Over time he got over and was entertaining, but a lot of that was through the chemistry he had with his seconds, neither of whom came with him to AEW. And don't pretend that the whole Rusev Day push wasn't goofy. Sure, the fans loved it and latched onto it, but it was a comedy gimmick. He seems like a really cool guy, what with offering to pay people while they were furloughed, and he definitely deserved
  3. Any time I see "Worker was scheduled for a title match, didn't show up, no further details" I start assuming the worst.
  4. As far as merch goes, is it also possible that some people are buying non-AEW merch for the stars in question? Since a lot of the wrestlers had established merch before signing, and some still have their own PWTees stores that sell stuff not available from the AEW shop.
  5. Yeah, I don't know why they're putting him out on commentary constantly, it's not like he's spectacular at it. Especially to have him doing it for multiple matches - it just overexposes him. I'm glad they were smart enough to book him as a heel right from the jump, though. In Powerr he seemed miscast as a babyface.
  6. Isn't Sasha injury prone? If so, I could see why they would be reluctant to put a belt on her for an extended period.
  7. I wish they'd do more with Ricky Starks on Dynamite. Because I only get to watch Dark regularly, and he's on there too much.
  8. I think you answered your own question there - if Sting's not involved, and Hogan's not the third man, he's the one getting all the rubs fighting the nWo.
  9. When you think you're an underutilized, overlooked performer, and then the WWE bookers give you the gimmick of "complains about being underutilized and overlooked", it's not to push you, it's to prove that they were right. Because if they were going to push you, they would have. Either that, or they are still massively overcorrecting from having seen how overextended the nWo invasion was in WCW.
  10. Using a time machine, I feel like 1998 Mankind vs 2002 Lesnar would have been something to see.
  11. How come nobody gave love for the classics - monkey flip and bulldog? Whenever I bust out a game with create-a-wrestler, I always wind up trying to give one wrestler nothing but animal-named moves. They usually wind up with a horrifically inconsistent moveset as a result, but it's easier to pull of than the "only uses moves named after geographic locations" gimmick.
  12. You can't pay for locker rooms in hot dogs and handshakes.
  13. My first reading was some sort of Logan's Run age-based cancellation. I'll be honest, if every skeezy person in wrestling is cancelled, we'll probably be down to an hour a week total.
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