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  1. Also, if it's a work, it's counterproductive in that he's not being missed. He's not holding anything hostage like Punk did with the belt. And (if it's a work) the effort to make it realistic by not talking about him is leading to an element of out-of-sight, out-of-mind. If/when he comes back it'll be fine, but in the meantime...
  2. I've kind of hit a lull in my wrestling fandom the last month or two, and with Punk and Danielson off the card and no real investment by me in the NJPW side, I can't justify shelling out for this. Especially since I have to work in the morning and AEW has no idea how to budget their PPV time. Perhaps if I hear good things and/or the mystery guest is interesting, I might order it on a replay. Only Mox and OC's matches have me really interested.
  3. If you're looking for someone who is already an AEW talent, has some history with Danielson, and hasn't had the chance to show his full potential yet (which accounts for the vague bigging-up Danielson did), Lee Moriarty fits the bill. But would the fans buy it? Probably not at first. Is Joe booked?
  4. I only just got that the Kane who rubbed shoulders with Hitler was Charles Foster Kane.
  5. I feel like letting Everett will have an unfair advantage, being over seven feet tall!
  6. After it came up in my playlist the other day, I've decided I don't like the FTR theme. It's like choosing to listen to DDP's theme song instead of Smells Like Teen Spirit. There's never a situation where you wouldn't be better off just listening to "The Chase".
  7. You know, with the way A stock vs B stock is set up, non-McMahons would have to own roughly 91% of the stock to have the majority of the voting stock. That is nuts.
  8. To be fair, a lot of that time Sonny was in an angle with Janela. Can you blame them for not putting that on TV? :rimshot:
  9. In the interest of clarity, I didn't mean people here. I meant in general. I guess it shows how far in the bubble I am that I didn't realize the general outside world would be shocked.
  10. The only really surprising part, to me, is how many people are surprised by this.
  11. I'll echo what others have said - he's going to kill someone. And what can they do? Suspending/firing him won't stop him from drinking.
  12. Sorry to say this, but he'll Never Give Up.
  13. I've been watching Iron Chef on Tubi, and I realized that Dario Cuerto was basically Chairman Kaga.
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