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  1. I don't think the Animal Crossing villager is a villain. I haven't been playing him as one.
  2. And the Corre. And the League of Nations. So, basically, anything Wade Barrett was in.
  3. They could shuffle Harper to Raw and have him and Bray reunite to help Braun counteract the Shield. Not saying it's a good idea, but at least they have history.
  4. They clearly had the same tailor. Look at their entrance.
  5. Ref has no left foot in the Perfect/Hitman painting. Kind of distracting.
  6. So Matt Hardy announced that his pelvis and lower back are "fusing together". Oh god.
  7. He didn't throw him off the roof, brother. The Giant jumped. It was a set-up!
  8. You know, if Becky does wind up turning, maybe they can have Sami give her some pointers from time to time while he's rehabbing his rotator cuffs. You know, remind her not to eat any locally baked cakes, etc.
  9. HR Giger presents the WWE Women's Tag Team belts?
  10. Except for the part where Brock a) shows up two nights in a row; and b) loses before leaving.
  11. Lass Kicker is a shirt that should not come in men's sizes.
  12. 100% it makes sense if you know us Canadians. Can't say I wasn't disappointed, but it doesn't surprise me.
  13. Constable Baron is the shitty flea market knockoff of Bull Buchanon. He even looks like he raided the RTC wardrobe.
  14. I dunno, an American flag with "New World Order" written on it seems like it has potential to catch on in certain corners of the conspiracy world.
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