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So, SW nerds are making a big deal out of the movie titles because they coincidentally appear to be forming a sentence.

The Force awakens the last Jedi.....

to do what???  I guess that will be answered by the title of the last movie.

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There's a comedian in England called Jimmy Carr. If you arrange all of his comedy DVDs in the order they came out, the titles read:

  • Jimmy Carr: Stand Up
  • Jimmy Carr: Comedian
  • Jimmy Carr: Live
  • Jimmy Carr: In Concert
  • Jimmy Carr: Telling Jokes
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Bad Lip Reading of the Force Awakens:

Starring Mark Hamill as Han Solo.

Edit  to add: Rogue One Honest trailer:


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Nope, they suckered me in to Force Awakens with a bunch of nostalgia inducing shots, and the movie falls apart once you're past that.  I need more to get me exicted about the main line continuation. 


Of course, I'll still see it opening day.

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On ‎4‎/‎15‎/‎2017 at 7:27 AM, The Natural said:



Teaser trailer and poster. Cool combo.

So the Last Jedi is Sabu?

And Jesus Fuck, that had better not be a pod race I see in that fucking trailer..

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