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  1. Nearly getting knocked out by enhancement talent in their debut didn't help one bit.
  2. All the salty margaritas in Los Angeles, I'm gonna...say they were salted with Ron Darling's tears.
  3. We get a very special RAW-SD crossover event next week with the 10 bell treatment, Mark Henry reading poetry, a whole lot of people crying, and lots of variants of Mi$$ You $hane signs in the crowd. SD's team beats RAW's team at Survivor Series after Bryan sneaks in after a ref bump to stop an Angle Slam with a running knee. AJ Styles for the win. One of Shane's kids is World Champ and the others are Tag champs at the end of WM 40something. But the company still winds up in the hands of Vince's daughter and his doofus son-in-law.
  4. Cia Berg in thread sighting > Okada backstage sighting. As for the Von Erichs, did that tweet really say one of Fritz's kids was invading Israel? How can their be a invasion in wrestling without anyone from the NWO?
  5. A cash cow - in Impact Wrestling? Is that possible?
  6. Started reading Wong's works months ago. Good stuff. Forget where I first read a recommendation though. Aimee Bender, maybe?
  7. Good name for a women's roller derby captain. But might be frowned upon at a baptism or communion.
  8. Fest Wrestling has been putting up a fair share of matches.
  9. Orwell. Oh wait, that's the Owl on the other show on POP TV, Big Brother After Dark. I think Jessie Godderz has been on both, so it's close enough.
  10. I did not see RAW, but I have seen that first post gif. Was Apollo supposed to complete a somersault, or did he just pick the wrong person to trust fall on to?
  11. Bobby Lashley was interviewed for Inside Edition today, talking about Trump and that Mania match. He was referred to as now being part of Impact Wrestling. Not GFW. So if Impact is good enough for Deborah Norville and company, it's a good enough brand name for this thread. I wonder if their newsroom sat around asking each other why so many fans want to F That Owl.
  12. zev

    Random music thoughts

    The new Public Enemy album is available free and legal - right now. https://publicenemy.bandcamp.com/
  13. Streamers? Meanwhile, it's good to know that Billy Gunn Still Sucks. Twas the go to shout out for me and my friends when we went to WWF involved shows for the longest time.
  14. GF Wrestling sorta sounds like Jeff Wrestling, so of course he thinks it's better than the brand name his estranged dad might've helped think up.
  15. Could've let the announcer mention that Cody won the title before Cody started on the mic. Or taken a few seconds to show screenshots of the title match finish from the night before. But the true travesty of the night is that we've now been denied a future match up of Kushida defending against the Beer City Bruiser...because Kenny King's on The Bachelorette.
  16. Who would be the modern Steiners and Harlem Heat that they would lose to in this scenario?
  17. Johnny Punch in OVW about 10 years ago had a fun one. Lost something like 100 matches, including one to his girlfriend Melody, before scoring the upset over Drew Mcintyre.
  18. And the main event of the taping was the three guys that lost, and Psychosis, competing for the X division title. Good match, but not exactly a logical reward for a previous win. So it's probably half the history of the division in a nutshell.
  19. Too bad the ending came right out of Monday Night RAW. Meanwhile, kudos to London for making his opponent look like half a million bucks.
  20. FC Cincinnati won tonight in front of a home crowd of over 30 thousand. Pretty good considering the team didn't exist 2 years ago.
  21. So that's the photo Alexa will have put up on the Titantron next week which will lead to Broken Bayley.
  22. It was Drew Galloway about two hours before he showed up on NXT on Mania weekend.
  23. Hey I didn't cheer for Cody the other night. And I was legit pleased that Daniels booked himself to win the World Title a few months ago. It was a ROH guy vs. ROH guy match, Delirious didn't mind who lost since Japan wasn't involved.
  24. Sara should be in the actual tournament. Or fighting Asuka as part of the finale broadcast.
  25. I see your "Tommy Dreamer is a big carny" and I call.
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