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  1. Didn't Chris Sabin blow out his knees one after another a year apart when he was in TNA? It was heart breaking to see her get injured on what looked like just a bad landing when she planted her feet after landing the suicide dive. I was honestly amazed she gutted it out, but I don't think the real injury came until she took that dropkick right before they stopped the match. It was after that she collapsed and realized how bad it was. You have to give a lot of credit to Ripley for holding it together. I don't know how many other people man or woman could keep themselves professional like that in the same situation with the limited experience she has. Io vs. Deonna was a fantastic match. That eventual rematch in NXT should be amazing. Toni Storm vs. Mia Yim was also great. Mia has come so far in her career so it's great to see her be rewarded with an NXT deal.
  2. Phantom Lord

    SMACKDOWN 1000 - 10/16/2018

    It's not as bad as them continuing to use 10 year old photos of Shawn Michaels. I mean with Flair, there is only so much photoshop does to tighten up leathery skin.
  3. Phantom Lord

    SMACKDOWN 1000 - 10/16/2018

    Batista giving no fucks will always be awesome. But wow. That show felt so random at times. In fact The Big Show turning heel to join The Bar might be the most random thing he's ever done and that covers a lot of ground.
  4. Phantom Lord

    Raw Is Busting Down Cena's Doors - 10/15/2018

    In my feed on Twitter I saw this retweet or maybe it was a comment about how the WWE has no women on the writing team and that's why stupid stuff like Nikki being slut shamed happened. Are there really no women on the entire creative team? I mean I know it doesn't matter when Vince is making all the decisions. But there must be at least one woman on that team not named Stephanie.
  5. Phantom Lord

    Raw Is Busting Down Cena's Doors - 10/15/2018

    I think I only watched like a third of the show tonight. Having too many cable problems to sit through a shitty show with shitty video. I have to hand it to Ronda. That promo was pure botchamania to start, but somehow she righted the ship and turned it into something great. I swear after she said The Bella's leech off their men's moves Brie looked like she wanted to cry. I'm all for Lio Rush being Lashley's hype man. But the whole him on a microphone during a match and getting dead silence from the crowd is horrible. Did Vince watch some old Tony Atlas videos or something. Lashley being all pose down was so out of character. But you know you could hear Vince screaming over that little ear piece Lio has. COME ON DAMN IT. POP THOSE PECKS. Elias continues to be amazing. He was being nice about what he said about the people of Philadelphia though.
  6. Phantom Lord

    Crown Jewel - 11/2/18 from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

    They could just move the show to Dubai. Still plenty of rich arabs who will love the whole DX thing.
  7. Phantom Lord

    Crown Jewel - 11/2/18 from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

    There is more and more political pressure building from people in Congress that if it's proven this guy was killed and chopped up at the consulate, the Saudi's should face sanctions. I'm wondering if this show will happen, but Vince is the type of guy who would say the hell with diplomatic sanctions. I'm doing the show. Is Shawn really getting $10 Million for this match? Dixie Carter is no longer the biggest money mark ever in wrestling.
  8. Phantom Lord

    Raw Is Coming Up On Total Bellas - 10/8/2018

    I thought Elias was going to come out and attack Lio Rush. It's an interesting idea to have him do Jimmy Hart's gimmick. But at least give him a megaphone if you're gonna do that. Had Elias come out and hit him with the guitar, he would have blown the damn roof off. If they keep building Lio up like this, the first guy to grab him and smack him is gonna be mega over. Shit, he might just get people to cheer Roman if he eats a Superman Punch.
  9. Phantom Lord

    Raw is Save Our Sonics - 10/1/2018

    Seattle is trying to get an NHL team, right? I could just see Elias saying a line about how the future Seattle hockey team will be the next Quebec Nordiques when they move just like the Sonics did. Elias should be Intercontinental Champion right now. Hell, send him to Smackdown and just give him the United States title.
  10. Phantom Lord

    WWE Evolution - 10/28/2018

    I'm sure most of the people in the company don't know anything. This quote comes from Lita about how she found out about her match with Mickie at the PPV. Yeah, this is all ready shaping up to be bad.
  11. Phantom Lord

    WWE Evolution - 10/28/2018

    If they had any sense, they would announce a Charlotte vs. Becky I Quit match. Have it be their version of Flair vs. Funk in 89. On my twitter feed I saw this tweet by this woman who is a huge women's wrestling fan and shes all "they announced 50 women from the past, present and future will be there..but they haven't said what they'll be doing". I didn't really have the heart to respond by being there it means we'll see say Lei Lani Kai in the crowd for a couple of seconds or Wendy Richter and Madusa backstage in a wacky segment with Asuka and Naomi.
  12. It looks like all the dumb risky stuff Bryan used to do, Brie is doing it for him. Can't wait till she try's to do a dragon suplex on someone. So Connor won a match. I mean the crowd was dead, but wow did that kill the crowd. They couldn't believe what they saw. I really hope this is a renewed push for The Ascension and we find out it's cause Vince saw Connor standing around and was like "I LIKE THE WAY THIS GUY LOOKS...DO SOMETHING WITH HIM SMITHERS".
  13. Phantom Lord

    Raw is Advanced Brockomonics - 9/17/2018

    I don't think they said it would be a network/ppv special though. They just said they were returning in November. I was asleep for the first half of the show. I woke up in time to see Bayley knee the hell out of Dana Brooke in the jaw. Speaking of the women, The Bella's doing a run in to save Ronda Rousey might be the hardest I've laughed at a WWE thing in a while. The eventual Ronda/Nikki match is going to be amusing especially when Nikki does one of her Misawa elbows on Ronda and Ronda in turn judo throws the shit out of her.
  14. Phantom Lord

    Hell In A Cell X - 9/16/2018

    The WWE could find the time for all these other matches, but that would involve them not showing those long promo videos recapping everything. As we know, we the fan need everything recapped...even if it happened a couple of days ago because we wouldnt remember it otherwise. We learned an important lesson here tonight. You can't blade in the WWE anymore, but using a screwdriver to twist a guys over stretched earlobe is totally cool. I genuinely popped for Becky winning just because I didn't think she would. Also it was nice to see a flash pin for once. Joe/AJ was great. But considering the story...the match really should have been a cell match. I honestly don't know why Ronda/Alexa didnt have that match at Summerslam. But the ending to the show. Brock kicking the door down was so awesome. SEND FOR THE MAN. But all that pre-stuff with Rollins/Ziggler and Drew/Dean was so stupid. Does Roman blow up so much he needs eight minutes to nap like that?
  15. Phantom Lord

    Raw Is The Napoleonic Code - 9/10/2018

    Hey, we gotta build up for that Triple H/Taker match that's going to be on at 5 in the morning. They'll get a couple mins a week when that women's thing kicks into high gear.