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  1. Smackdown is the return of Colin Delaney!

    I haven't laughed that hard at a move in ages. Give that man the $10,000 dollars.
  2. Rich Swann? Never Heard of Him. - Raw - 12/11/2017

    He sure does love making us suffer.

    When you read what he's charged with, it stemming over an argument about how a pro wrestling match went isn't how you figured it started.
  4. From a story standpoint, I can sort of see where they were going with this. But they ended the Tim Storm reign in the "new" NWA far too soon. He should have gotten a few more defenses in before finally dropping the belt to Magnus. I liked the idea of this story of this middle aged man pushing back father time to sit on top of the mountain. I at least hope that maybe there's an angle in all of this and Nick paid off Jocsephus to tune Tim Storm up before the CZW show. That might make it interesting.
  5. I figured he would win it eventually, but wasn't the whole point of Storm going to CZW so one of their guys would challenge for the title?
  6. Clash of the Champions XXXVII

    I kinda wish there was an old school United States Tag Team title right now. These teams would be made for a feud over it.
  7. SDL is The 12 Days of Rusev - 12/5/2017

    As Graves said, you can read it on their obituary tomorrow.
  8. Clash of the Champions XXXVII

    Texas Sun & Botox
  9. Raw Is The Never-Ending Jason Jordan Match - 12/4/2017

    The Jason Jordan thing is so amazing and dumb on so many levels. On the one hand they easily can have this guy go heel by saying he came up with the whole thing just to further his career. Angle is a trusting goof so of course he would believe anything. I bet in the world of the WWE, Kurt never got a DNA test. But wow, those were some long matches on RAW tonight. The women's match went on seemingly forever. The 205 match went on. Poor Elias getting thrown to Braun. I can dig Joe becoming part of The Bar if they went that route.

    They've done an amazing job with these little promo's for Triple H and Jinder for this Indian show. See, if they had someone competent running the network they would tape the match as this big network special or something. Road to New Delhi or something like that. You don't have to show the entire show. Just this match. It worked for the Mae Young Classic finals.
  11. SDL is The Tragic Death of The Ascension - 11/28/2017

    On first viewing of that when I saw it live, I thought he broke his arm. The landing was just so nasty.
  12. SDL is The Tragic Death of The Ascension - 11/28/2017

    They've been teasing Ryder turning heel for months now and the moment it finally can happen, Mojo is the one who does it to him. Hahahahahahaha.
  13. Raw Is Getting The Rights to Broken Matt - 11/27/2017

    I knew Elias was something special in NXT. But good lord, last night he probably had his best match ever. That should have been the main event to end RAW. Can't believe they ended RAW with the Kane/Braun stuff.
  14. So, is this safe to say the direction Billy is going here would have been what he could have done with TNA had he gotten full control of it? I love these Ten Pounds of Gold videos and they give that feeling of realness to Tim Storm. You want to see him win and keep on defending that title and have my success come his way. But I know I can't be the only one who thought Tim Storm defending the NWA Title at a CWZ Show and the name Randy the Ram came to mind. It's a shame Necro Butcher is retired cause, Necro getting an NWA title shot might have made a few heads explode.

    Can we just agree if Vince thinks a guy like Balor is "bland", that maybe the old coot has finally legit started to lose a step? I think it comes back to size. Vince's picture of what a superstar is someone who looks like Roman. But the new generation of wrestlers of guys being Roman's size are going to be few and far between. When Triple H eventually takes over, I don't think he would see a guy like Finn as "bland". Personally, I don't care if Vince is dead set on giving Roman the world at WM 34. Just don't screw over other guys in the process. I want to see Brock and Finn.