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  1. They have 10 alternative language options. It wouldn't be that hard to add the production feed to that sap list
  2. I have a feeling Charlotte is gonna be the iron woman of the women's match. Same deal as her dad at Number 3. I mean she's not doing anything else, so they need something for her.
  3. According to Renee, Jon is a huge "This is Us" fan.
  4. I can't blame Slaughter if he is sticking to character after all these years. I mean that's how he was trained. You got your gimmick and you lived it. I honestly can believe at some point he believed he really was Sgt. Slaughter. Having nightmares about battles with Cobra, training Pvt. Gagne.
  5. I'm looking at the nightmare collective thing purely from a storytelling point of view. Its terrible. It ruined what should have been a great match with Riho and Kris Statlander. Plus the whole thing with Dr. Luther was dumb. Once again Excaliber was all OH IT'S LUTHER like again we were supposed to know that. The only reason I sort of remembered the name was because I used to played EWR and Promotion Wars in the early 2000's. You know now that I think about it, AEW is being booked like it's being run on EWR.
  6. It's odd, but of all the matches I would want to see Punk in WWE again have him vs. The Miz is one. Miz is great when he drops the over produced babyface stuff and taps into something real. I could easily see him just unload on Punk like he did on Bryan from Talking Smack.
  7. I popped for The Big Show. I tweeted at Adam Pearce last week after he posted this Dusty video about Dusty and Andre coming to the Omni that Big Show should be in that Andre role of coming to town to help with revenge. So was Liv Morgan on the show at all or did I miss something with her when I was flipping the channels to American Pickers? It would be like them do that angle then chicken out and never acknowledge it again.
  8. I was skeptical about NJPW pulling off a two day show, but I was pleasantly surprised at how good it was. My only complaint would be I wish they just kept these giant 8 man tags on the preshow. But it was a really good show back to back and I commend them for pulling that off. They could have easily just anchored the shows with two big matches and scattered filler in between, but they didn't. Night 1 with Okada and Ibushi. I think if there wasn't a night two and this whole story of Naito reaching the top, Ibushi would have won the title. God that match with him and Okada was something else. I loved when Ibushi got all dark and he just started dropping bombs on Okada. I hope this nasty side sticks around. On night two, Okada and Naito was a great match. I honestly could see either guy winning and it would have been fine. I love when a match is like that. As an added bonus we're getting Moxley vs. Suzuki. I hope AEW and New Japan work out a deal. I would love to see them have a match in the states.
  9. They should have had a batchelor party for Bobby. I mean then the giant cake would have made sense. Though I suppose for Rusev it's a good thing he wasn't in it before it got baked. Rowan: was Rusev in that cake before you baked it? Seriously though I was expecting a bad wedding but nothing like this. The odd thing is they could have a compelling angle with Lana and Liv. I saw someone say on Twitter in the Lana trends that "Lana got married so much because she's in denial about herself". I can't blame the writers for this though. I'm sure some of them probably could come up with a decent lesbian story line. But you gotta remember who they are writing for. Not us the viewers. A 74 year old Monty Burns-esq madman who only runs on probably two hours of sleep while trying to start a football company in the new year. That's who this was written for.
  10. I don't know about his drinking ability. But I remember he was on Jay Leno probably in 98 and Leno asked what a normal meal for him was and he said two large pizzas and a gallon of milk.
  11. Before AEW started, since Cody got a run at the NWA Title I thought for sure Dustin going for it would be a lock. A few years ago (before he went back to WWE) I remember Dustin posting on twitter that he did want to make a run at the NWA Title because it was the only thing that eluded him in his career. If Hogan never went to WCW, Dustin probably would have been world champion in 95 or 96.
  12. So today is the 21st anniversary of the end of Goldberg's winning streak/him losing the title to Kevin Nash. Finger poke of doom a week later aside, you know what still annoys me to no end to this day. A competent company would have had a hell of a blood feud with Goldberg and Hall. If Hall couldn't live up to his end because of his issues at the time, they could have easily had Scott Steiner dress up as a security guy and do the taser bit. Point is they should have had Goldberg do this huge revenge feud before he finally got his chance at Hogan. Of course I feel I'm forgetting something in all of this. Did Goldberg breaking the limo window and slicing his wrist happen around this time in 99?
  13. Joe going on a murder spree against the AOP could be so much fun. In a perfect world this leads to Joe/Seth at the Rumble. Assuming Smackdown wins the rumble, we get a RAW elmination chamber match to determine who faces Brock at Mania. Joe wins and he makes Brock tap out in the main event (or opening match depending on Brock's mood that day). This isn't a perfect world though. So I'm not holding my breath on any of that.
  14. One of the few bright spots in TNA a couple years ago was Bobby Lashley. He hit his stride, was having really good matches. Everything the WWE wants him to be as this amazingly gifted freak of nature...he did back then. But for some reason the WWE doesn't believe Lashley can be any of that so they give him the goofy gimmicks, the manager, the cuckholding storyline. I mean if Lana had a stable and it was Rusev and Lashley as this team who just demolished people we all would be raving about the Viking Raiders vs. Rusev/Lashley wars. Oh yeah sure, it's getting ratings and youtube views. But so do car crash compilations and disaster footage. Just because people are watching it does not mean it's a good thing. If anything some people are tuning in just to see if it could get any worse and last night it got worse. All of this is building to a wedding and we've seen enough soap weddings and WWE weddings to know what's going to happen. Lana gets thrown through the cake. The rest of the show seemed like it was on auto pilot. A long tag match between The Raiders and OC. Then that gauntlet match. I turned the show off before that finished. I'm upset they hot shotted Deanna Perazzo up to RAW with no build up what so ever. But hey, at least they're gonna get a second chance at Emmalina with Liv Morgan (which sucks because she deserves so much better).
  15. I thought it was a good show. Could have been better in parts, but overall it was fun to watch. I thought for sure Storm was going to win the NWA Title. Is Aldis a heel or a face? With Marty there he's going to have to go full heel because no one is cheering him over The Villain. I hope Melina and ODB are sticking around. They can be a good veteran anchor for a lot of those up and coming women. Plus I want to see Thunder Rosa vs. ODB.
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