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  1. Since Owens is now the "common man" since he goes bowling and uses a stunner, I'd be all for him bringing back the bullrope match. I'm sure there's some Canadian gimmick they could do with it. Strowman as Vader just proves my theory that his finisher should be the powerbomb. Strowman doing like Sid & Vader and just decimating jobber after jobber. He would just need a Harley Race or Col. Parker to gleefully bring a stretcher down to ringside. One thing that annoyed me about the gauntlet match while I was watching it. I was like why the hell is Kofi trying to out wrestle people? He should have been going for Trouble In Paradise right off the bat with Sheamus and instead he wrestled like 20 minutes with him. The whole match was just bizarre in that regard.
  2. I picked the over on One minute for Dana vs. Ronda. Technically with introductions, it went over a minute. But officially it was 18 seconds. I was bored and timed it. It was a nice little story though with them building hope with Dana.
  3. I kinda wish the WWE would take a cue from NJPW. The matches happen one right after the other. Save the big production videos for the most important matches towards the end of the show. You know what else would save time? They could cut that 10 minute video they always do of the good will stuff. "Look at our Superstars as they visit the childrens hospital, meet local celebs ect during Wrestlemania week". I mean they have a youtube for that stuff and they put it up there anyway.
  4. If there was ever a time for American Badass Taker to return. Entrance cut in half because he rides his bike down to the ring.
  5. 17 matches and they still will run short on time causing a couple of matches to get clipped. So if Asuka has a 3 minute entrance and a 30 second match, we'll know why.
  6. I was watching some random clip the other night with The Quebecer's and it didn't dawn me then, but it did just now that PCO might have the greatest comeback story ever. Can you honestly say if you saw that guy in 1993 you would think that in 2019 he'd be this insane monster?
  7. Graves pointed out that Rowan is with Bryan not because he is hired muscle, but because Bryan sees him as an intellectual equivalent to himself. I kinda want to see promo's with Rowan making his artisan wine that is completely carbon neutral.
  8. It's nice to know Randy can show signs of life when he wants to. That was easily his best promo in years. I'm pretty sure when he stuttered its because AJ stung him good the lines about needing babysitter's to get where he is today. I kinda wish much like the Women's tag titles, they only had one Women's champion for the WWE. The Smackdown Women's title always comes off like the WCW Television title in it's last years. With all the best competition over on RAW (even though Becky and Charlotte are still part of Smackdown), there really is no one for Asuka. With the right angle and build, I'd like to see her vs. Sonya. This wasn't it though. Kofi sure is on an amazing streak that is so long over due for him. It should be interesting to note that Vince never said if he wins the gauntlet that he is getting a title match at Mania. I bet Vince does something like "CONGRATULATIONS PAL, YOU JUST WON YOURSELF A SPOT IN THE ANDRE THE GIANT MEMORIAL BATTLE ROYAL".
  9. I just watched the Heatwave promo on youtube a little while ago. I sort of remember the aftermath on the old ECW AOL boards, but man just imagine if there was a twitter back then. Some of the stuff Bubba probably would have been posting.
  10. Well on the plus side at least happy smiling Ronda is gone. I still hope Dean is leaving. I kinda want to see him hook back up with Sami Calihan. If he stays in the WWE, sure the money will be great. But he'll still be the third guy of the shield.
  11. That's a great what if for Ventura. If he stayed with WCW and was in Larry's spot of standing up to the NWO. Would Jesse have wrestled in that situation? I know he has the blood clots issue, but I kinda doubt he would have been doing heavy bumping. It was Jesse after all.
  12. Corporate Champion Brian Pillman would have been so damn amazing. Just imagine the smart marks promo, but him dialing it up even more about how he's made it to the top and now he doesn't have to wreck his body for these ungrateful pieces of crap.
  13. I fell asleep watching RAW and had the weirdest dream that Elias was Jerry Lee Lewis and he was cutting a heel promo on Louisiana. Also, it's amazing how all these NXT people are just random guys on the main roster. I'm totally convinced there is a memo or something that the RAW and Smackdown creative are to completely ignore anything that happens in NXT. Triple H might pull rank occasionally and make sure an Asuka stays undefeated, but that's the rare acceptation.
  14. There was a news thing like last week or so from the Observer that said Vince was all "just find something for them to do, doesn't matter what". So thus we get Lacey randomly walking down the ramp.
  15. For a guy who is 48, Shane looks like he has the cardio of an 80 year old with a bad heart. That show was fun. The IIconic's continue to be my favorite team just treading water in the WWE. When they were about to be attacked by everyone and they were all "HEY LETS TAKE OUT NIA AND TAMINA IN A MINUTE" and then they got out and the IIconic's promptly went to hide in a pod...I couldn't stop laughing. I was surprised it came down to Bayley/Sasha vs. Sonya/Mandy. I was surprised Finn won. Figured Lashley would hold the title through Mania. Ruby Riott deserved better then under two minutes. I did find it amusing after the post match stuff, they didn't even cut to the back. Just straight to Corbin like Ronda was some random nobody. Braun is officially dead in the water. I'm amazed at how this company does that. Also in typical WWE fashion, it took them ten years to figure out people will get behind Kofi.
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