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  1. They could just have them keep attacking each other for another couple of weeks and have a street fight on the big Smackdown debut on Fox.
  2. So, does Jericho lose the $25,000 deposit?
  3. Jesus that match with Walter and Tyler Bate was amazing.
  4. I thought it was so obvious that was what would be happening tonight. Plus with MJF causing Earl to miss all of Tully's interference. Hell, I think Shawn and Tully signaled MJF a few times too. I just want to see the glorious return of Tully Blanchard Enterprises. If this is a long burn, then so be it. Cody should ask Dustin how trusting Arn Anderson works out. Overall I thought it was a really good show. Their production timing needs a shit load of work though. They missed so many things in the ring because of poor camera shots. I wasn't happy Nyla Rose won the battle royal. But Riho winning her match should set up a great story of can this tiny lil woman climb a literal mountain. Luchasaurus is gonna be such a huge star. I did laugh at JR constantly calling Jungle Boy "Jungle Jack". Jungle Jack sounds like a better name so hopefully it sticks. Omega vs. Pac was great. I was honestly surprised Pac won and won in the way he did to boot. The Crackerbarrel thing was hilarious. Darby Allen is gonna die someday doing that coffin drop. The Ladder Match was insanity. I played that kind of match on one of the Smackdown games. Just keep killing each other till someone can't stand up from one too many piledrivers through a table. Jericho/Page was as good as I thought it would be. Glad Jericho won. Hopefully Cody won't be like Jeff Jarrett and book himself to win the title in a few months.
  5. So in that sense they should work with All Japan? Kenny Omega going for the Triple Crown would be interesting.
  6. No, you see when they're "high" on someone, it means they have to face each other right away. One wins in convincing fashion and that is that. Seriously though I'm sure not too much thought went into when who faces who when. Like Drew/Ricochet on RAW could have been the RAW final. Buddy/Ali was at least a semi final.
  7. I was reading some article earlier where a reporter asked them about R rated stuff on Disney+ and it's going to be up to PG13. But you can assume anything above that will end up on Hulu.
  8. I thought this was an all right episode. The stuff with Nattie/Sasha was good. It's a shame they pissed through what could have been a nice two month feud with them. Nattie legit doing a Brock sized German on Sasha made me jump though. I was like DAMN. It still scares me to see Sasha take that kind of stuff because you know she would have landed straight on her head if she could of. Drew/Ricochet was a great match. I was certain Drew was winning the whole damn thing. After Corbin did some shitposing with the crown, I'm almost certain he's going straight to the finals now. Baron gets a lot of hate from people, but the guy really is effective as a heel. In the old days he would probably be in the middle of a long IC Title reign right now. That's the one thing that amazes me. They have these midcard titles and do nothing with them. I love Nakamura, but why is he champion? The tag thing annoyed me. I was wondering how they would have The Viking's lose and not lose at the same time. Good ol' double DQ. Sounded like the crowd would be interested in an Good Brothers vs. Viking Raiders match. In NXT that would probably be your tag match of the year. Had The OC not lost the tag titles, Heavy Machinery should have won this thing. Otis is so damn awesome. In my perfect WWE world, He and Tucker would be in the middle of a huge feud with Bryan/Rowan culminating with Otis vs. Bryan in a beard vs. beard match. But hey, lets have a team picked together by throwing darts at a board win everything. Gotta admit Graves calling Robert Roode "Bobby" and Cole trying to correct him only for Graves to be all "he's my friend, I can call him Bobby...you two can't" had me laughing.
  9. It would be the greatest 20 minute match with one minute of action ever. Plus Yano would have a legit chance since everyone punches Brock in the balls and wins.
  10. Bret would never take those chops. He hated taking Flair's chops. Though building a whole match around can Walter chop him once would be amazing.
  11. It's possible. Metal and hard rock bands do shows at the Ryman all the time. I saw video of The Scorpions playing there and I was like "wait, isn't that the Opry". I don't know if the renovations are finished yet, but if they're coming to New York I'd love to see them run at the The King's Theater here in Brooklyn. I mean the set up they had for Fyter Fest showed they're willing to do something unconventional show wise. They could also run at Radio City.
  12. I wish he never came back to the WWE when he did. He was so much better in his run in TNA and had some great matches. But the indy style takes its toll. He'd be perfect for the rebuilt NWA right now though.
  13. Is the old Maple Leaf Gardens a viable venue for AEW if they go north? I know ROH did a couple of shows a few years ago in the building. The rink is still intact, but it's seating capacity is like 3,000 now for a junior league college team.
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