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  1. SummerSlam XXX

    I just feel for the people taking the train back from the show at the Barclays. Half the trains are either not running or rerouted over different lines because of the usual MTA weekend messes. It sucks waiting for a train down on Pacific Street at that time of night every train but the one you need comes by.
  2. Southpaw Regional Wrestling

    The opening tribute to Wrestle Rock Rumble was amazing. Nikki Lee Syxx in concert had to be a gag on Dusty having David Allen Coe in concert at all those Bash On Tour shows in 86. I almost died laughing when Tex got the runs. Tex2Badd vs. The Butchers in a Scaffold match.

    Braun and Brock are going to murder each other. Why couldn't that just be the main event. Screw Roman and Joe could have gotten the victor all of this.

    I am hoping Ric does not have a failing heart because if he might need a transplant, his rampant drinking would almost certainly disqualify him for one i'd imagine. Maybe it's something more routine like a valve replacement or a pacemaker. But man, its amazing and scary to think he was wrestling with a bad heart in TNA. Didn't they think he almost had a legit heart attack during the last match he had with Sting?
  5. Most Wrestlers would kill to have the career Barry had from like 1987 to 1994. Widowmaker aside, those were some pretty damn good prime years for him.
  6. SummerSlam XXX

    They seemed to realize that putting a rocket on Jordan and maybe giving him a title shot so quickly might not be such a great idea.
  7. It's probably that. EDIT: Saw the Juno video was posted. Braun...we don't deserve you.
  8. SummerSlam XXX

    I was kinda hoping they would maybe end the Enzo/Cass feud with a NYC Street fight/Falls Count Anywhere in Brooklyn or something. Let Enzo get a little hope in and maybe get some hope of beating Cass only to be spectacularly murdered at the end. You know how Vince would want it. But the shark cage which has always been used to put heels in to keep them out makes total sense with Enzo the babyface. Maybe after the match is over and Cass wins, he'll hijack the cage and put it on a truck and drive it down Atlantic Avenue and go dump Enzo into the harbor.
  9. Raw Is Bayley Booed in Bizarroland - 8/7/2017

    The Austin Powers thing probably was to make Vince laugh since he probably gets that reference. OKAY, THE LITTLE SHIT CAN STAY ANOTHER WEEK. THAT WAS FUNNY.
  10. Vince knew what he was doing for sure. You don't sign Lawler, Hennig, Hogan and some others just for the hell of it a few days after they taped what would have been like two months of shows for the right buyer. It was a pretty damn calculated move.
  11. I watched that live too and marking out like crazy. I was so sick of Hogan and the NWO having the title so seeing Luger win was amazing and it was a genuine feel good moment too. Of course a week later they killed it, but that was par for the course in WCW. It would have been a nice thing if the NWO had to chase the belt just for a little while. But Hogan always had to have the belt. Even if someone in the NWO had the title (Savage wins the title), he ended up getting it right away soon after.
  12. SummerSlam XXX

    Wyatt vs. Demon Balor ends up on the Pre Show.
  13. Raw Is The Inexpicable Push of Big Cass - 7/31/2017

    So Bray is a crazy cult leader and Bo is a conspiracy guy. I say again, what the hell happened to those Rotunda kids with Captain Mike?
  14. Raw Is The Inexpicable Push of Big Cass - 7/31/2017

    I am getting visions of Rocky Maivia with Jason Jordan right now. Right now he's the happy go lucky blue chipper son of Kurt Angle (who the crowds probably aren't latching on to). I can eventually see a moment where he snaps and beats up dear old dad. I'm not saying they're gonna have him turn into The Rock circa 1998. But the push way too fast with him winning a title and no one caring is coming right up the turnpike.
  15. Raw Is The Inexpicable Push of Big Cass - 7/31/2017

    Instead of having the chaos of the triple threat in the main event, they have a stinker of Big Cass (who yay got new music) vs. The Big Show to close out the show. Now that Roman got his win over Joe, can we get Joe and Braun in a King Kong/Godzilla match next week.