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    The thing with Sasha is you have to understand who is running the ship with this company. They could easily have her doing acting or what ever. But I guarantee Vince zones out when you explain some of this stuff to him.
  2. Does the umbrella at least have the capability to release poison gas or shoot a dart? The Bullet Club might finally have jumped the shark if someone actually plunks down 2 grand for that.
  3. Oh God, I would love to be in the room when someone has to explain what the concept much less the show Catfish is to Vince. He would probably love the hell out of the show. Next thing we know Bayley will have a boyfriend on the internet that will turn out to be Alexa Bliss even though Sasha Banks would make way more sense.
  4. Cass with Carmella and a shit talking Ellsworth as manager would be a great trio.
  5. Maryse is going to be gone? This company is so damn annoying when it comes to this whole "well only one person can do this or one person can do that" stuff.
  6. Kurt Angle is the most inept general manager in the WWE and considering Shane and Daniel Bryan are in the same company that is saying a lot. Roman declares himself number one contender. Mr. "We settle things in the ring" apparently is fine with that. I liked how the Scooby mystery of who's been attacking Enzo seemed like it was a much bigger priority than anything else for him. Though, the poor guy spent a decade in TNA so no one would make sound judgements after that. You have to feel bad for the women, but I almost feel like them being thrown on so late in the show was sort of like a reaction to the backlash to what happened at MITB last night. First there's no clear direction for them and now its like "oh yeah, might as well have you go do something...make it quick though". Dana would be perfectly fine as the strong woman of the division, but Nia still continues to be so damn out of place. Ah well, at least BRAUN is back. I mean they cant possibly screw that up.
  7. I thought AJ was gonna do that insane flip bump where he kinda self power bomb's himself. He's done it in an Ultimate X match before and he did it in a match with Cena off a backdrop. I was like "AJ...You're getting real money now you dont need to do that anymore". Also...
  8. There was some interview with another former WWE writer and he said the WWE doesn't care about long term story telling anymore. They only want to create "moments" now. So we get the first of those matches. But it doesn't really matter what happened in it or what happens afterward. Just the moment we see on the tv is all that matters.
  9. I know they don't have the guts to do it even though Stephanie claimed they would eventually start having characters like this, but considering all the jokes they make at Ellsworth expense James should come out as gender neutral. Maybe we could at least finally get that Becky/Ellsworth match they've been teasing forever.
  10. I missed most of the show on a count of me being passed out from the effects of a June cold. Those are fun when it's humid as hell. I woke up to watch the final MITB match and I never realized there was a formula, but as someone mentioned above with the Women's match (two people fight/the rest lay outside for a bit) that's essentially how it goes. I like Corbin so I'm not mad that he won. But, it would have made more sense for Nakamura to have not returned to the match at all. Baron wins the match this way he can gloat on Tuesday than Nakamura can come out and say "you didn't win anything" or something to that effect. I think Corbin and him could have a good feud. But umm no place for logic or reason here. Also, Ric Flair is a horrible friend.
  11. I sometimes wonder what would have happened if he didn't kill himself. Odds are his defense would have argued he had diminished capacity and would have been able to get him life without parole or if that didn't work he'd be on Georgia's death row right now on appeal. Either way it's just the "why". Not the reasons how. Not the brain damage he had or was he juiced to the gills on HGH and testosterone among other things. I think a lot of us just wish there was a why this happened. A suicide note...a video...just something to explain what was going through that mind that weekend. Honestly, in this day and age I am surprised that non of the more gory crime scene photos and videos have ever leaked out. Someone must have paid good money to keep those under lock and key.
  12. Only question that matters is will the match be before or after the women's MITB match. If it's after, I suspect a cash in right on her if she wins. If its before the match, we'll have to wait for Smackdown for that.
  13. That cracked me up. The way he said it, I could almost hear Fandango saying it in a Fashion Files bit. It's gonna be a great moment when Mundo finally gets what's coming to him.
  14. You know what sucks. I saw a headline that said "Mummy makes $145 million overseas". Well, that's great for the rest for the world.
  15. I always assumed wrestlers who used paint just used regular clown make up. Maybe that's what Sting was using now. I know there was a story from a TNA ppv in Detroit where he forgot his white paint for his face and ended up borrowing some from a fan in the crowd (a juggallo of all people) so it has to be regular clown make up.