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  1. The Return - SDL - 3/20/2018

    I got a good laugh from the US Title belt graphic on AJ. But man, this is like the most happy I've been watching wrestling ages. I mean I did not think the WWE would ever clear him and Bryan's first match back would be in some Indy in Ohio or something. Seeing Bryan be able to fight back and hold court for a couple of mins was so damn amazing. And of course he gets beaten up, but who cares. The fact he took that beating was all worth it. I echo the sentiments expressed above. If this were a different time and in Memphis or maybe Atlanta, there might have been a legit riot. Ahh, what a time to be a fan.
  2. Raw Is Ultimately Deleted - 3/19/2018

    I thought The Ultimate Deletion dragged a bit because they had to go to every spooky part of the compound. They could have started the fight off in the Dome of Deletion rather than having to make their way there. I hope Bray's trip into the Lake of Reincarnation does give him a bit of a reboot. I would love to see him go back to being all Max Cady/Rev. Harry Powell. Of course they never had the guts to let him go full on Kevin Sullivan with the Wyatt Family. I mean Eric Rowan as The Purple Haze could have been so much fun. I wish they kept him over on Smackdown though. He was getting some of that magic back especially when he finally won the title.
  3. Raw Is Empowering Women - 3/12/2018

    Titus had a couple of good moments last night with that and him stepping up to Braun. I could see Braun as a tag team. He's essentially two people. But this is what they get for not going with what's hot. It should be Braun/Brock at mania. God, Vince looked haggard last night. I think even he knows going full tilt on Roman is a bad idea, but they've passed the point of no return. Also, that whole thing with Alexa and Mickie in the back had me cringing. It was like something straight out of Mean Girls. I mean it just went on and on. As for The Moolah thing. Winners write history and the WWE has shown they will write any history they want.
  4. Fastlane IV - 3/11/2018

    I know it would never happen, but Nikki and Brie on the Indy's could be some serious fun stuff. As for this show, it was so weird. It was like watching something on auto simulation. I mean it was live, but you could tell for the most part people were going through the motions. I was a bit surprised at Ruby Riott vs. Charlotte. It was better than I expected. But Charlotte needs to abandon the moonsalts and stuff. She always misses them by at least a mile whenever she goes for one. The Sixway was way better than it had any right to be. So after what Shane did to Owens and Sami, I really hope we finally get Daniel Bryan picking a damn side in all of this. Either he turns heel and sides with them or he stays face and teams with Shane. AJ vs. Nakamura is gonna be a fun Wrestlemania opener.
  5. 2018 NWA THREAD (the Billy Corgan one)

    I kinda want to see Ellsworth vs. Josephus after watching that video.

    The article was really amazing. The part about if Dusty survived the night in the hospital, he would be physically and mentally incapacitated really got to me. It just reminded me of my Grandmother after she had a series of major strokes in 2016 and was essentially comatose for almost a month before she died. The doctors said "if she wakes up, she will have many physical and mental limitations going forward". Cody is an incredibly strong person to come as far as he has after all of that.
  7. 2018 NWA THREAD (the Billy Corgan one)

    I had a thought earlier about something Billy and the new look NWA could do. They should bring back the Brass Knucks title. It randomly popped into my head earlier so i found a match on Youtube from the early 80's with Blackjack Mulligan. I mean, guys are gonna do their shitty garbage wrestling and stuff all over buildings. So why not make it an official title again. I can't see Josephus as World Champion, but I could see him as Brass Knucks Champion.

    In another thread, I mentioned something about Afa and Sika still possibly wrestling in Afa's fed. Well, here we are. 70 plus year old Afa about to chop a guy. Credit to Johnny Gee for taking the pic.

    At least with Vince, the guy was willing to take a beating. Stephanie never gets what's coming to her. The closest she came was the Brie feud and even then they had to come up with something to protect her so she went over.

    I read they want Rousey to be a female Stone Cold. Two weeks in and they all ready have no idea how to use her. On a side note It's too bad Meisha Tate is pregnant, cause I'd love to see her cost Ronda a match.
  11. SDL - 2/27/2018 - Yes, Again.

    Owens said shit or fuck on the live mic after it so Dolph got him good too.
  12. SDL - 2/27/2018 - Yes, Again.

    Either or at this point. One them just make a damn move all ready.
  13. SDL - 2/27/2018 - Yes, Again.

    Doesn't Sika still occasionally wrestle inFlorida for Afa's fed? I'm pretty sure The Wild Samoan's have a back drop left in them. But yeah this episode was so boring at times with the rehashing of old stuff. I really wish the Bryan/Shane angle would take off all ready. There's so much "will they...won't they" right now. I know it all hinges on whether the WWE's quack doctor clears Bryan to wrestle. But if they want Bryan to go heel, just go heel all ready.
  14. Raw Is I Don't Fear That Bitch - 2/26/2018

    Coach sounds like he's been completely out of the loop at times. Like you listen to him and you swear he hasn't watched anything the WWE has done from when he left until he came back.
  15. NJPW Honor Rising 2018

    I watched night 2 last night and that was a fun show. Liger/Delirious/Cheeseburger vs. The Guerrilla's/Bad Luck Fale was such a fun match. Callis had me cracking up with his commentary during it. "No one wants to wrestle angry Tongan's" was too damn funny. I didn't realize TRENT? was hurt, so I guess adding the Bruiser was a on the fly decision. It started off a little slow, but man it turned into one of the best random ECW type triple threats I've seen in a long time. The Bruiser and his flying fat man move set are amazing. I also legit went holy shit when Dalton did the deadlift German on him at the end. Cody is becoming possibly the best heel around. He is such a dick and it is fun to watch. That match was so fun. But maybe it's because I've seen so many turns in my life, I just feel like the Golden Lovers are doomed to split up only with Koda breaking Kenny's heart.