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  1. Phantom Lord

    Raw Is Family Ties - 5/21/2018

    If The B Team had their own Pro Wrestling Tee's store, they'd be making a killing right now. Man, that Lashley thing killed the show dead. I mean the first hour was all right. But wow. If they scrapped that whole segment we could have got another 10 minutes with Braun and Finn.
  2. Phantom Lord


    Smackdown with fox production could be fun. I want to see the robot do some moves.
  3. Phantom Lord

    Money in the Bank IX - 6/17/2018

    I'll be legit impressed if Ronda can do a judo throw on Nia. But,Is this a sign they don't think Nia's reign is working? I mean booking her as the "overcoming so many odds" champion. She should be like Amazing Kong and just destroying everyone. Ronda should be the last one she faces.
  4. Phantom Lord

    Raw Is... Ugh, Okay... Over The Moon - 5/7/2018

    Man...Roman vs. Jinder. What did we do to deserve that?
  5. Phantom Lord


    Lashley vs. Matanza would be pretty damn amazing.
  6. Phantom Lord


    I remember they did a couple of videos with Santana going to Spain to become a bull fighter. He was always Tito Santana, but after a while they just were calling him El Matador.
  7. Phantom Lord


    The idea of Gary Hart and OMG being in a gang in Chicago is such a scary one. I love how gave more backstory to that and The Warrior then they do for anything today on television.
  8. Phantom Lord


    In Swaggers defense, he doesn't have the personality to be what the WE THE PEOPLE character needed. You put someone who's over the top in that same role and it would have been amazing stuff. Too bad Glenn Beck didn't want to play ball. Him getting put in an ankle lock would of made Swagger the biggest face in the company.
  9. Phantom Lord

    Backlash XIV - 5/6/2018

    So, is Daniel Bryan vs. Big Cass gonna be this generations Bret Hart vs. Tom Mcghee? I kinda feel sorry for Cass. He has the pressure of the world on him coming back from this injury. He's getting no reaction as a heel. The guy is so much better as a face yet their having him go as generic big guy. I really hope Ronda vs. Mickie happens because that could be an outstanding match.
  10. Phantom Lord

    Raw - 4/23/2018 - The KO/SZ Podcast

    I gave up on the show by the third hour. I just couldnt make it anymore. I saw the clip of Ronda showing up at the end and I'm kinda excited for the prospect of a Ronda vs. Mickie match. Mickie being all "come on...you wanna go, lets go" before Ronda snatched her arm was great.
  11. Phantom Lord

    IMPACT Redemption PPV (04/21/18)

    I forgot to read results last night. I'm honestly shocked at some of those winners. Also, I guess Eddie and Sami are going full on Raven/Dreamer from ECW.
  12. Phantom Lord


    Creative gets a lot of shit for all the horrible gimmicks and story's. But you have to remember 98% of what we see is just them playing to Vince's likes. We know Vince loves junior high humor. So of course he'll greenlight a stuttering gimmick or a giant puss filled tumor on a very attractive woman's face. Man, the mid 2000's were terrible times.
  13. Phantom Lord


    I remember when PCO had that short run in TNA in like 2003 or 2004 as X. It was insane all the stuff he was doing. This video has the insane senton bomb to the floor that he did. Also has some footage of him vs. a young Kevin Steen and El Generico. Looking at this, it's clear where Steen/Owens got his moves from.
  14. Phantom Lord

    The Greatest Royal Rumble - 4/27/18

    Rusev should start doing the Vince strut when he walks down the isle since he has balls that big.
  15. Phantom Lord

    WWE Superstar Shake-Up (RAW/SDL 4/16-4/17/18)

    She's in Marine 6000. She has to get a token title run at some point when it comes out.