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  1. I thought it was a cool spot. But they need to be metal guitar pics. He could have used some as a tribute to Eddie Van Halen. Sadly the WWE would have stopped everything if there was in even a trickle of blood. I did get a good laugh from R-Truth hiding in the piano. God, I wish they would kill that 24/7 title all ready. They need a Sid Vicious type to be champion. He doesn't run. You know where to find him. Come try if you dare. Rest of the show was all right. I really felt bad for Mia Yim though. They make her wrestle in this bootleg Hanibal lecter mask and then it falls off. Same thing
  2. Another good show tonight, though as much as I love Taz from ECW this angle with Cody makes no sense. He brings back the FTW title and AEW doesn't recognize it. Well duh. Does AEW need a low card singles title? I think they do. Should it be the FTW title? No. Ah well I marked out for the Tazmission. Someone asked Taz on twitter yesterday if we'll ever see it in AEW and he said "maybe". The only thing that sucks is Taz can't wrestle. Maybe he has a brawl left in him, but he can't wrestle. So there's no point of him getting physical with anyone. Aside from that it was another good show. Joh
  3. Eventually yeah he would have. But we know how Vince holds a grudge and he probably would have still been pissed about the whole being on Nitro and RAW thing at the same time. So it would have been a while.
  4. It's a great what if to think if Rude hadn't died, he would have come back in 99 and at the very least we'd get him and Hennig running rough shot over the WCW Tag division. Of course this all leads to an alternate universe where Rick Rude went to TNA in 2003 and Jarrett still beat him and everyone else.
  5. I listened to Renee's show earlier. It was pretty good. It must have been fun when she found out about half the stuff he lived through when they started really dating. As for Tessa, I can't see her going to AEW or WWE for the simple reason her whole gimmick is she's on par with any man in the industry. AEW and WWE refuse to do full on intergender wrestling. I could see Tessa going to the NWA, so she'd kinda be in AEW if they kept that working relationship. But I can't see her going for the simple fact her who act is she has to challenge for the world title.
  6. But none of that counts because it wasn't with the WWE. Plus he's an OFFICIAL so you can never touch them. Seriously though if this leads to Scrap Daddy getting a mini WWE run I'm all for it. It's about time they had a commish or whatever who fought back and didn't take anyone's shit. Now if Pearce were gonna fire anyone it should be who ever put the fake bruise on his head. The bruise was nowhere near where Braun was supposed to have headbutted him. Riddle vs. Sheamus was a damn good match. It's a shame neither guy is on Smackdown feuding over the IC Title right now. I'm surprised Riddle
  7. I didn't think it might be FTR that took out Mox. That would really give some credence to the theory that Omega is forming a Horsemen esq stable with them and Tully...and I guess Shawn Spears. I like Spears, but he really would be a Paul Roma in that group. The theory that Hangman did it to win back favor with Omega is a good one too. Kenny being fully Cleaner Kenny and Hangman at first being reluctant to be this heel that he used to be would be fun stuff.
  8. That was another fun show as always. Bucks/Top Flight was an amazing match. Matt Jackson though should take a break because it's painfully obvious his knee is really messed up. They could have used FTR taking out The Bucks as a good angle to let him get rest or surgery if he needs it. Plus we could get a mini Merchfreak Nick Jackson singles run for the TNT Title. But yeah Top Flight looked amazing. Just as good as Private Party in their debut. The prematch video did more to tell a story about who these guys were than anything the WWE has done to debut anyone new in years. I did a double t
  9. So it has to be almost a given that Drew is winning back the title this monday so they can do Roman/Drew at the ppv, right? If they wanted that match why even bother having Orton win the title in the first place? I know I know. I'm using logic and reason where it doesn't ever apply.
  10. Blade beat him to it. Considering the amount of blood he tapped, probably better Dustin didnt.
  11. I forgot about my favorite part of the match with Rey and Penta. Earlier Kingston says it was perfectly fine for Penta to try and rip off Fenix's mask because they weren't in Mexico, they were in JACKSONVILLIE. Later I damn near lost it laughing when Eddie throws a fit when Fenix rips Penta's mask and Eddie is all DISQUALIFY HIM. That was a nice touch.
  12. TNA could have booked Jesus Christ coming back and it still wouldn't have moved any needle for them. Shaq at least will some attention. What kind remains to be seen.
  13. I thought it was a pretty good episode with the exception of a couple of segments. The biggest HUH from me was the entire Cody segment. This is the problem AEW has. They just assume we know who people are. This Jade, she sure looks impressive but I have no earthly idea who she is. I assume she's been on AEW Dark. Well I don't watch Dark that much. At least build her up a lil bit on Dynamite before throwing her to the fire like that. I think the whole thing with Cody and Shaq came from something on a NBA on TNT when they had that AEW ring in the studio. Why is this lady backing Shaq? Just a wei
  14. He's got all this stuff with his wrestling figures podcast. They're putting out a line of retro toys and they are supposed to be in the Retromania video game. If he can afford to buy rare toys and spend time at home with his hot fiancé, i'd say he's living the life. Also it's pretty scary how easy it is to look up info on someone on one of those background check websites. Addresses, phone numbers, everything.
  15. Wow. I was emotionally exhausted after that match between Moxley and Kingston. That was outstanding from all aspects of story telling. I actually found myself getting a little teary eyed when Moxley was choking Eddie out with the barbwire. I can not remember the last time that has happened for me while watching a match. I found myself so damn invested in Eddie Kingston winning the title. Moxley saying I Quit was always an impossibility, but I was hoping it could happen. From top to bottom the show was great. Only thing as usual is it went on too damn long. I would have put that Silver/Cas
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