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  1. Oddly enough, from what I've read of the snippets it did read like someone's heroin fever dreams.
  2. Vince probably wanted to do something with Chuck Berry, but when Chuck died he was all "SON OF A BITCH...GET ME SOMEONE STILL ALIVE DAMN IT". Jerry Lee Lewis taking over as the new COO over RAW from Stephanie. He's just gonna hurl whiskey bottles at people and play some piana.
  3. Photo

    The WWE was so weird back then cause Vince was on one of his kayfabe in public kicks. If you had a character with a certain thing, you had to portray it in public. Jillian Hall had to wear a giant bandage on her face because she was supposed to have a giant tumor on it. Nick Dinsmore had to act like Eugene all the time. Did Cena have to show up in full jorts and all for the first Marine premiere?
  4. I'm interested to see what the source material on the Vince biopic is. Usually these things are based on a book or hell even an article or something. There's nothing to indicate the people that wrote this script and who want to make this movie did any of that. That means the WWE will have a lot of control over the source material especially if they have a huge hand in producing this. I can't imagine there will be one negative thing about Vince in this movie. It's gonna be like that John Gotti movie with John Travolta that's coming out that John Jr Gotti is making. You better believe his dad is gonna look good in it.
  5. You know it's only a matter of time before Vince is all "GOD DAMN IT, WE GOTTA PUT THAT NAKAMURA GUY ON RAW. THAT WILL SOLVE THE RATINGS DIP"
  6. Wow, what a terrible show last night. I was only interested in seeing BRAUN vs. Kalisto and figured they would at least have Roman do a run in so Kalisto could win/not die. The whole tossing off the stage thing was amusing. They could have at least had him wheel him to the back to a garbage truck and threaten to put him in the trash. That would have been a bit more amusing. The only funny part of the tag match at the end was the backstage bit when The Drifter walked on by and Angle is all "so it's him". I honestly think they got something with The Drifter if they understood a thing about how much country music fans hate faux outlaw country singers. Make him all like Luke Bryan and he will be a huge heel. Of course that would involve putting thought into a lower card guy and, I doubt they'd want to do that. That main even, it was bad. And Bray just being so random coming out. He was doing so much better on Smackdown. Now all that gone.
  7. Hey, we got a month and a half before this airs. There's plenty of time between now and then in post for them to announce a King of the Mountain match just to really screw with everyone.
  8. I can't believe of all the WWE angles to rip off, they're ripping off Cole vs. Lawler.
  9. Photo

    I'm surprised that wasn't The Big Show and Miz's tag team finisher.
  10. I hadn't been watching Impact entirely in a while, but the Everett story against Helms and Lee should have been a good enough main event match. So of course they had to go throw other random guys into the match and poor Andrew doesn't even win the title to close the story for that moment (even if in true TNA fashion he was to lose the title next week).
  11. Well, you forget Smackdown isn't RAW. Vince doesn't care about Smackdown. He'll let silly little things like "wrestling" and "storytelling" happen over on Smackdown since he's way more hands off. I'm totally convinced he just goes "uh huh, yeah yeah that's fine". Though occasionally we get a Monty Burns moment where he's interested and and someone peaks his interest and this is the end result.
  12. That is a given, which makes it even more perplexing as to why he won the title from Bray to begin with. But blah blah wrestlemania moment's.
  13. Okay, so having thought about it for a while I think I see the logic and reasoning in Jinder suddenly getting the India space program version of a push to the main event. Lets assume the improbable happens and he beats Randy for the title at Backlash. He's got to be a transition champion for Nakamura so they can do Nak vs. Orton for Summerslam. This is the only thing that makes sense taking a guy from legit jobber status to the main event.
  14. Last time the WWE worked out a deal with TNA, they got a one time use of Christian. The Broken gimmick was the biggest money thing they've had in ages. I am willing to bet that Jerry McDevitt could talk them into taking 3 magic beans in exchange for the rights.
  15. I can't imagine that rumor of Hogan wanting to put Kamala over for the title being remotely true. Now, him being all "well you know something dude, I was the one pitching for a black champion way before anyone else" would be totally something he'd say. But I seem to remember reading way back in the day about how Hogan was making six figures on those house shows total while Kamala barely made like $13,000 over the run. There are so many guys that Hogan ran over that would have made effective heel champions while he did a comeback for the title back then. I just can't see Kamala being one of them.