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  1. If you think of every top good guy in the company with the exception of Backlund and Sammartino, most of them have all been assholes. Notice when Seth is getting beat down. No one is running out to save his ass.
  2. I only watched up until Walter/Seth and the impromptu 8 man. The women's tag wasn't bad to open the show. It's amazing how Charlotte is now in her own version of Ric Flair in the mid to late 90's. Like if there was a Women's US or Intercontinental title, She would be that champion and we would be getting Charlotte vs. Zelina Vega as an homage to Ric vs. Eddie Guerrero over the US Title. I love Kairi too much to ever boo her. Moving along to Seth/Walter, just listening to the commentary it's so bad that Jerry Lawler does not watch any of the WWE at all. He was all "oh so this guy is pretty big huh?". Graves would have been touting all of Walter's accomplishments. After Friday night I still want Walter vs. Otis.
  3. I thought the show was pretty good the other night. My only complaint with Omega/Moxley was it went way too long. Like it should have ended after the spider net thing. It was overkill when they went to pulling up the ring mat.
  4. I don't understand the point of the red light. I mean can only imagine how terrible it must be live for anyone in the building.
  5. I read he picked them up in Iceland. According to Google it's a 12 hour flight from Iceland to Saudi Arabia. I love Ric Flair. But could you imagine being in a small plane at about the six hour mark when he starts salsa dancing and cutting a promo on Hogan. So i only watched like an hour of the show. To be honest I was only interested in the women's match to see how long it would go and what they would have to wear. As much as I like Lacey with her pinup gimmick, I liked her look in minimal make up. This was also easily her best tv match since NXT. Fury vs. Braun wasn't the train wreck I thought it would be. Still akward at times, but Tyson could really make a go in wrestling if he wanted. I was plesantly suripsied but Cesaro vs. Mansoor. Mansoor came off as a total star and they should really try to do something with him. Cesaro also might be a Bret Hart level miracle worker when it comes to carrying guys.
  6. Weren't they trying to buy CMLL a couple months ago? Vince always has been the take what you need kinda businessman. I skipped this show. Nothing about it beforehand screamed to me "this is worth investing 3 hours into". I see I made the right decision. I wonder if someone had to explain what sex addiction is Vince. Poor Rusev. I hope at this point he doesn't resign. Go to Japan and be the new Hansen or something.
  7. This draft was so boring and infuriating at the same time. 97% of everyone drafted to their given brands were either a champion there all ready or had been on that show anyway. I was kinda shocked to see Buddy Murphy and Cedric Alexander end up on RAW. With the "pure sports build" Fox wants, both of them would be perfect for Smackdown. It's a shame they are wasting Fury/Strowman on the Saudi show. If they ran this for Wrestlemania it would probably get them all that mainstream sports coverage they so desperately want. I don't think Bray Wyatt is dead in the water. But they always do this when the fans want someone else in the top spot. A few years ago we wanted Daniel Bryan. The WWE was all "tough shit, you get Roman Reigns". Now it's "tough shit...you get scrappy underdog Seth Rollins". I noticed they dropped the whole Boyfriend/Girlfriend thing with him and Becky. I mean I haven't heard them mention it at all lately. I thought it would build to a great heel turn with Seth going crazy over everyone giving Becky more attention and him simply becoming her BF. I mean that would go perfect with his naturally whiney persona. Bray got drafted to Smackdown. Though Booker T might have been spoiling tomorrow because he said something about a trade. I hope the trade option is used in the future and not just because Vince wants to sabotage Smackdown to stack RAW.
  8. Yeah, seeing Kofi just all happy and with the pancakes in hand after Lesnar obliterated him in seven seconds just annoyed the hell out of me. Okay...I get it. We have to do all the Saudi show shit for the next couple of weeks. But I'm pretty sure you could have had Kofi in the meantime not look like a putz. So in the "war rooms" were there any actual executives or were those all your local indy guys who usually get cast as security. Ah well. All hail Dark Bayley. Long may she reign and sit on a throne made of the skulls of her enemy's. Becky really got Charlotte with the whole "quantity vs. quality" argument a week ago. It's great that Charlotte is a 10 time women's champion. But I think all but two of them she lost within the following week.
  9. I want to believe things are in a holding pattern until the draft is over. As they keep mentioning "FOX AND USA WANT DISTINCT AND SEPARATE BRANDS" so it makes sense they are coasting until that happens. Only thing in the mix is the stupid Saudi show. I thought the thing with Tyson and Braun was fun and dumb at the same time. It reeked of "PLEASE ESPN PLAY THIS CLIP" and they will all the while laughing about how phony it all is. I had one crazy idea after it was over. If this is for the Saudi show then screw it, lets go balls out with Braun vs. Fury and make it the WWE's version of Don Frye vs Yoshihiro Takayama. Give Braun a bonus check of his entire income for the next year and build it as a three round exhibition or something and just try to have the manliest fight in WWE history. The fact Fury is even here means he's willing to play ball. He gets a nice big check for his troubles too. The Great Asuka is my new favorite thing. I'm all for her vs. Becky or hell a continuation of her vs. Charlotte which is what they should have done last year. If Kari does the mist at some point it would be the greatest thing ever. Poor Rusev and his cucking. But on the plus side at least he got to beat the crap out of Orton and Corbin. Despite the WWE trying their hardest, the fans love the guy no matter what.
  10. For the last couple of days the WWE had a promoted tweet poll asking how you the fan thought the match would end. The options were PIN/SUBMISSION/DISQUALIFICATION. The fact they had that up threw a huge red flag up so I suspected some sort of bullshit was probably gonna happen. The Fiend is too hot to have him lose yet Seth is way more marketable in a champion. So they had to find a solution. What we got was some bullshit morality play. The ref being all SETH THIS ISN'T WHO YOU ARE. Seth stabbed his "brothers" in the back. Why the hell isn't bashing someones head in who he is? Rest of the show was pretty good. Chad Gable should be a star on Fox's Smackdown. Far away from the shorty stuff.
  11. I was saying it was good just from a general viewing perspective. If I looked at it from a storytelling standpoint, the whole show was terrible. It did nothing to advance anyone. Like for starters every time Becky Lynch is about to go toe to toe with some guy, some other guy has to come out and save her. Enter The Rock. Now it was a fun bit, but I'm sure there was someone else who could have been a punching bag for them. I could pick out the bad in every single segment. But sometimes I wanna just watch and enjoy it for what it is. I did get a good laugh from the DVDVR twitter account saying how there will probably be FCC complains because of the Firefly Funhouse bit.
  12. That was an otherwise good show up until Brock vs. Kofi. Okay, I understand them wanting to do Brock vs. Cain. But you know, they could have had Cain come out for the distraction and Kofi hits a Trouble In Paradise. He gets the win. They still can do the Brock/Rey/Cain angle and everyone is more or less happy. Wasn't The Undertaker supposed to be on the show tonight or did I miss him when flipping back to the Yankees game?
  13. That makes no sense what so ever. So they're hinging an angle on IF they sign someone. But I shouldn't be surprised. I mean they don't plan anything else out right.
  14. Most of this show was pretty good. Brock murdering Rey and Dominick was unexpected...but fun. Becky/Sasha is going to be a fun brawl in the cell. But with Becky taping up her hand before she went down to the ring, I'm sad it's not just a taped fist match. It's been a while since there was a good one of those. The whole "lets have someone come out only to go to commercial then a video package that has nothing to do with them" bit needs to stop. Like, Roode/Ziggler had to be in the ring a good five minutes just doing nothing. Otis is gonna be a star. So is Tucker. I kinda wanna see either of them vs. Brock at some point. The Miz tv thing was just sad. On the one hand, Hogan and Flair on the mic can out work the entire roster. But at the same time I don't want to see them get trotted out because they're getting a huge payday from the Saudi's. I hope Flair is getting enough to cover his most recent financial problems. I'm surprised they don't have them wrestling. I'm sure they could have both of them wrestle without taking a single bump. Skipping to the end. That was some cucking they did to Rusev. Become an American citizen and he loses his wife. This company is so damn odd.
  15. They could just have them keep attacking each other for another couple of weeks and have a street fight on the big Smackdown debut on Fox.
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