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  1. I read in an interview somewhere that it never dawned on him to use a sleeper as a finisher. LARGEST ARMS IN THE WORLD PUTTING SOMEONE TO SLEEP...IT WAS RIGHT THERE DUDE.
  2. Yeah, I don't like that new belt. For starters I don't know why the word CHAMPION is over emphasized with the font they went with. You'd think UNITED STATES would be the bigger word. I can't believe Kairi and Sasha never had a match before this. A competent company would have made that a hot feud to go into Summerslam. Bayley vs. Asuka was pretty damn good. Not as good as their NXT matches, but Heel Bayley is just so good. I want to see her win using a roll of quarters or something at some point.
  3. Wasnt that Chasyn Rance guy training Bayley's biggest fan Izzy or am I thinking of another sex offender trainer. I know there was something about her training with some guy on a registry.
  4. I think the old WWE stuff on FS1 does well enough. I mean it's not like they were thrown on FS2 which is on the cable equivalent of an old UHF station you needed to get with the old Fox viewing positions.
  5. That's the problem. Vince. I want to believe Triple H keeps telling everyone who gets called up and those in NXT "don't worry, Vince will either retire or kill over...just tough it out".
  6. Jericho was on fire with some of his lines tonight. He had one about Godzilla and Mothra that had me cracking up during the opener. Top to bottom I thought this was a pretty good show. But it really got hampered by not being on BR Live like last year. I'm sure a couple of those matches would have gone a little longer if there wasn't the constraint of television time. The title matches are all really good. I really liked Shida vs. Ford. I never got Ford's appeal at least as a wrestler, but she did pretty good tonight. Pissed off Hikaru is the best though. Cody is firmly becoming his dad of the mid 80's. Can't be World Champion, so I'll be World Television Champion. Not that its bad, but if he's gonna do that he desperately needs his own Tully Blanchard to steal the title so he has to chase it. I was pulling for The Best Friends to win. I mean that entrance with Trent's mom. It was amazing. I think this match would have gone an extra 15 minutes if it were on a PPV. Can't wait for Cassidy vs. Jericho next week.
  7. Powers and Paul Roma were "The Young Stallions" in 87-88. Just thinking about it right now, how were they not Power & Glory?
  8. I only made it through the first two third's of the show...i think. Only thing I can really remember is Zelina saying she was gonna punch "that jolly green giant" and Peyton busting out that corkscrew brainbuster out of nowhere. The infighting with Andrade and Angel is dumb. I bet they are going to set up Andrade turning good. Maybe they'll acknowledge the relationship with Charlotte and we'll get her vs. Zelina out of it.
  9. Or she finally got that Hallmark Christmas movie. Well, maybe Netflix.
  10. Bull James got accused of being basically stalkerish with a 17 year old female wrestler. And as such, NYWC has just fired him from all his duties.
  11. If he did, Kairi Sane would have a new look. You know, Kairi swinging a giant mace at people might not be such a bad idea. As for the show I watched most of it. Only really cared about Asuka vs. Charlotte and Bayley/Sasha vs. IIConics.. Of course they had to put an asterisk next to the first time Asuka finally beats Charlotte. It should have happened a couple years ago at Wrestlemania. But I guess the world needs a Charlotte/Nia nepotism feud. The women's tag title match was good. I thought The IIConics would win, but it didn't happen. I was sad we didn't get nearly enough Billie Kay trash talking during the match. She's the best one in the company with her snippy comments towards people during a match. The brand split has to be ending sometime this summer. If Sasha wins the RAW title it's gonna be the set up to merge the Women's title's Biggest surprise of the night? Apparently Bobby Roode still is in the company. I also thought for sure Ric Flair was going to eat a Big Show right hand right into a Flair Flop or with the way Randy was talking, he was gonna get an RKO. Despite his 37 turns, I still like The Big Show. Do I want to see him in a main event? No. But these occasion "I gotta teach someone a lesson" matches are a good for him.
  12. I seem to remember reading OVW reports and there was something about Vince wanting to make him a combo of Da Crusher/Dick The Bruiser. Roadkill in the original ECW was great though. I mean it was a dumb gimmick that the ECW fans should have shit on, but he got them to love him. If ECW survived into 2001 and beyond I wouldn't have been surprised if he got a Television title run at some point.
  13. Riddle and his wife responded to some DM's on twitter and they're saying this girl is a crazed stalker.
  14. I always knew Shayna would be a tough sell to Vince. She doesn't have "the look" he wants. Plus her being friends with Ronda doesn't help. You know he has to be bitter about her taking time off to raise a family. But putting Shayna on RAW was the wrong move. With Fox wanting "sports oriented", you'd think she would be a natural for Smackdown. Speaking of Taker, here's a pretty good interview from Loudwire with him talking about music. Never would have guessed Taker was a huge Elvis fan. https://loudwire.com/undertaker-favorite-bands-most-metal-wrestler/
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