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  1. Phantom Lord

    Raw Is The Tyranny of Evil Men - 12/10/2018

    If there was ever a time for Bray Wyatt to return, it would have been a minute before the end of the match. But isn't this like the third time in history they've done a TLC match with no build up on RAW? I seem to remember Lawler vs. Miz being booked that night and Flair vs. Edge a few years earlier as well. I mean if you wanna do a desperation match, at least announce it ahead of time.
  2. Phantom Lord

    Raw Is The Tyranny of Evil Men - 12/10/2018

    Well, at least they're going full meta now admitting they suck.
  3. Phantom Lord

    Raw is Bane Ambrose - 12/3/2018

    Vince is a very weird person when it comes to pulling the trigger on people. I mean even with Roman being "the guy", it still took Vince what like three years of back and forth stuff before he even got to that point. Braun should have won the Universal Championship twice by now. I'm all for Drew winning the title, but yeah it's on Brock so I guess Drew can count on an Intercontinental title run. The next few months might just be some of the worst time to watch WWE (well, just RAW) since like the mid 90's and that's saying a lot
  4. Phantom Lord

    RAW is the Revival of Etiquette - 11/26/2018

    The whole evil authority thing wouldn't be so bad if there was someone who actually would stand up to them. I mean if Austin/McMahon happened today, Austin would get beat down like Braun on every show. Speaking of Braun, they should have just put the damn title on him. Vince and his whole "well if he keeps losing to a guy, then when he finally wins a few years after no one cares..then I'll know he's the one".
  5. Phantom Lord

    RAW is the Revival of Etiquette - 11/26/2018

    The thing that really annoyed me was the whole "no one coming to save Elias or Finn" thing. Corbin said you're either with him or against him. Well where the hell was everyone who was against him? Renee said it best last night "he doesn't sign my checks". Someone...anyone coming out to try and save them would have gotten such a huge pop. I think we were all waiting for Bray Wyatt and even maybe Luke Harper. But alas, nothing.
  6. Phantom Lord

    RAW is the Revival of Etiquette - 11/26/2018

    Wow that show was horrible. I stopped Midway through to watch ROH on the fite app. Came back and saw Drake Maverick pissing on Bobby's robe. I hoped the open challenge thing would be interesting but it was just Dolph. At least Renee and her moral outrage at Corbin echoed the feelings of anyone watching the show. This was so terrible on so many levels.
  7. Phantom Lord

    Raw is Dean's Love Letters To Seth - 11/19/18

    The WWE really needs to hire continuity editors for their programming. If you watched the Chronicle thing on Ambrose, he did a way better job laying out why he did what he did there. If they are going to use Roman like this, in their mind you know Vince is thinking "well, if we run him down now it will make people very sympathetic to him when he comes back". I hope Roman is able to beat this and come back, but I honestly don't think Roman is gonna need help with sympathy when that day comes back and he returns. On another topic, am I the only one who doesn't like the way Ronda sets up her armbar when she's like just holding the arm and trash talking? When she hits the armbar out of nowhere it's amazing. But I just don't like the one where she holds the arm and tells them what's coming. That spinning fireman's carry she does (I think they are gonna called it The Piper's Pit) is a much better finisher.
  8. Phantom Lord


    Charlotte was channeling her dad when he would snap after a match. The only thing missing from all that was Charlotte bleeding and her hair having turned red. That whole match with Ronda was insane. I really wasn't expecting them just go and try to beat the crap out of each other. It's about time Charlotte turned heel, but this was a weird way to do it. Brock vs. Bryan for the first ten minutes was probably the most uncomfortable i was watching a match in ages. Bryan has some serious acting chops if he can make it look like he got all his concussions back. But man, when Bryan turned that switch and started in on Brock after the low blow that was some of the best WWE wrestling this year. I really thought Bryan was going to be the only one to win on Smackdown. RAW getting a clean sweep was so odd. But I guess it's worth it if it leads up to Braun murdering Corbin. Poor Drake Maverick. But you know when he got to the back, Vince was laughing his ass off and was probably like "HUH HUH HUH GAWD DAMN THAT WAS FUNNY PAL."
  9. The show was great from start to finish. I wish Kari/Bazler went a little bit longer, but it was good none the less. The Horsewomen vs. Kari/Dakota/Io should be an amazing feud. I kinda want to see a mini war games match inside a regular steel cage with all of them. But a regular cage match with Kari and Shayna might be the Women's MOTY next year if they do it at the Takeover before Wrestlemania. I really hope Gargano vs. Black isn't over because that's a feud that could have a long time to go still. Ciampa vs. Dream was great. That's another feud I hope doesn't end anytime soon. War Games was pretty good, but the whole thing with Pete Dunne was stupid. I honestly was expecting him to come in and beat everyone up and then pull a Sting 96 and leave his team high and dry after doing what he had to do. The NXT ref's are so inept. I mean it's totally logical to wait around 3 minutes and then be all "oh shit...get the bolt cutters".
  10. Phantom Lord

    RAW is 3 hours.. 11/12/18

    I am sad that Becky and Ronda will be over after this sunday. This feud is barely scratching the surface of what they could do with it.
  11. Phantom Lord

    Survivor Series 2018

    I just realized we're getting AOP vs. The Bar at Survivor Series. Poor Drake is going to take a KO punch that will send him into the forth row.
  12. Phantom Lord

    Raw Spoilers for 11/5/18

    Ever since Vince found out the guy spends his free time building lego sets. CHRIST PAL, HOW THE HELL IS THIS GUY SUPPOSED TO KICK SOMEONES ASS IF HE'S A DAMN NERD?
  13. Phantom Lord

    Raw Spoilers for 11/5/18

    Ember Moon should have won the battle royal. Happy smiling Big Show...err Nia Jax is something I have no interest in seeing face Ronda. AOP being tag champions would be great if Vince gave a shit about the tag division.
  14. Phantom Lord

    Crown Jewel - 11/2/18 from null, null

    MVP of the show will be Brock's pilot if he can get him back to NYC by the end of the UFC ppv tomorrow night. I mean that has to be the only logical reason he won, right?
  15. Phantom Lord

    NXT to WWE main roster: The hits and misses.

    I'd say the failure rate for NXT has been around 85 to 90%. But it's all on the main company than NXT preparing guys and gals for it. I kinda wish they kept NXT named as ECW or hell maybe even rebranded it as WCW. On it's own, free of main WWE interference NXT runs so damn smoothly. It's amazing this all the same company.