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  1. I honestly was shocked how well Shaq did last night. I think if they can pull off the Shaq/Big..err Paul Wight match it might be pretty damn amazing. But as set up and telegraphed as the table spot was, I'm still amazed Shaq did it. A thousand things could go wrong for a guy who's never done it before. I also marked out so hard for Tully and FTR wearing the old NWA Title belts. Tully looked like he just got back from a bowling tournament with that shirt he had on and it was awesome. I hope this feud never ends. They could build the first AEW Blood & Guts match around FTR/Spears vs. J
  2. I think I remember wishing back then that Lex would get it together for a run in TNA. He was still in shape (personal demons aside). He could have been beneficial to them had he given a shit. Then again he would have probably just been eventually used to put the NWA Title on Jarrett one way or another because all things TNA led to Jarrett.
  3. It had to be a joke about The Bucks always refusing to blade. On BTE last year there was a series of gags with Nick doing fake blade jobs to get out of stuff. I'm upset that Britt lost. I thought her vs. Rosa or Riho was a no brainer for a US Finals. It was a damn good match, but Britt needed that win.
  4. Joseph Hudson aka Jocephus & The Question Mark passed away suddenly tonight. Billy Corgan also posted about it on instagram. I'm a loss. This guy got me hooked into the new NWA Show with his feud with Tim Storm.
  5. So if he's been on the roster for this long with out being used, does that make Bo this generation's Lanny Poffo?
  6. I was more amazed to see an Anderson with a full head of hair.
  7. Vince: IT WAS MY RING SHE LANDED ON SO YOU'RE GAWD DAMN RIGHT PAL I WANT IT. As for Flair, I don't think he should be a full time trainer. I just said teaching. Like I'm sure they could have him do something on promo's. It was just a thought.
  8. I got a good laugh before the match when she tells Lacey "if you want to learn, go to the performance center". The fact they don't have Ric Flair teaching classes down there is downright insane. I like the angle for the feud. But Charlotte does not know how to improvise. If something doesn't go exactly to plan she freezes up as we saw when she stopped dead in her tracks in the clip above. I think they forget they're on live tv sometimes. Just cause the WWE will edit it out on youtube doesn't mean much when it actually happens.
  9. This show was so much fun from start to finish. I loved the battle royal. Last week I thought they gave away the ending with The Buck's winning just so we'd get them vs. The Good Brothers. But this battle royal was all over the place in a good way. There were probably 4 or 5 teams I thought that had an honest chance at winning. It would have been something else if FTR were in it. MJF is taking over the Inner Circle and it's going to be so much fun. It's gonna to rule when Sammy leaves the circle (either he's thrown out or he leaves on his own) and we get MJF putting everyone else in the circle
  10. I always thought the problem with Lars was they tried to hot shot him up to the main roster way too fast. I don't know if the anxiety issues are for real with him (but I'll assume yes for the moment). But the WWE could have slowly worked on him in NXT and in the time since he was in NXT to right now, he probably would have been ready for a proper main roster debut. Anxiety is no fun. So I hope he's gotten help with it. Honestly I liked him in the ring. He could have been (still can be) a Sid Vicious type monster for someone with the right molding.
  11. Don't forget. Vince also works like 20 hour days still and some how manages maybe two or three hours of sleep. That would haggar the hell out of anyone.
  12. I thought it was an all right show. The women's rumble was really good and I was shocked at all the people they got for it. Roman vs. Owens was good, but the ending was just dumb. The men's rumble was good. Not great, but good. Still can't stand evil Seth Rollins so I'm glad he didn't win. Wanted Bryan to win, but they have to be going with Edge vs. Roman which would be a pretty good match. I was shocked to see Christian return. I'm glad he can wrestle again if he wants.
  13. Has Peacock ever done any live streaming events? The Network at best can be iffy depending on what you use it on, so I'd be most concerned with whether they can handle streaming live PPV's.
  14. They compared him to Bruiser Brody, but I was surprised JR didn't work in a Dr. Death mention. That's who he reminded me of...in look anyway. If he's training with Dustin at his school, they might have something with that guy in the future. I watched the show earlier since I missed it last night. Just didn't feel like watching it. I thought to be honest it was a rather okay show. Nothing great. Nothing really bad either. Hangman is going to end up realizing he is loved and he will accept The Dark Order into his heart. Honestly if anyone should be TNT champion it should be Hangman right no
  15. Who would have guessed in 2021 we'd possibly get Sting vs. Taz (which if Taz went to WCW in 99 could have been a fun match).
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