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  1. SDL is Kevin's Heaven - 10/10/2017

    This was the best tweet of the night from DVDVR's live tweets. At the end of the promo with all the hugging, I honestly didn't know who was going to do the pearl harbor job on who first. I kinda hope Sami ends up being the one to do it after the Survivor Series just for everything to come full circle. EDIT: That Monsoonism came to mind.

    Knowing Vince, it was the Vince Vaughn version. So was Corey intentionally shitting on Enzo's entrance when he was talking all over it? Where they sniping at each other on twitter again? I was really buying into Enzo as this little shit heel champion so of course they go and have him lose the title. I saw this on NoDQ. If this is true, its just dumb and lazy booking at usual. Guess what Kalisto, next year when they have gone back to not giving a shit about you at least you'll have a little commercial for them to feel good about.
  3. GFW Impact Wrestling Spoilers for 10/5/17

    So how come TNA..err Impact are all in on this OVE team. I never heard of them until they showed up in Impact. Are they supposed to be the new version of The Hardy's? I got a good laugh when Konnan called them a couple of tweakers. Yeah, I was like weren't these two just having a near blood feud a while back? I feel sorry for Everett. He should have been the X Division champion, but for some reason they went with "lets give Sonjay the title run he should have had 10 years ago".
  4. HELL IN A CELL 2017 (10/08/17)

    They don't want people remembering better shows.

    So is it going to be one ring or two? Ah who cares. WAR GAMES. AOP darting guys into the cage is gonna be so fun.
  6. Lance Russell Has Died

    The thing I love about watching these old Memphis matches, when the bad guy does something truly horrible it's Lance Russel with his moral outrage that you know is 100% genuine that sells the hell out of it. His emotion for matches was perfect and there will never be anyone ever like him again.

    Kalisto isn't bad, but that's not the problem. For a guy who should have been in the division from the start they really have screwed around with him. He had a good run as US Champion when Vince was in his "well, the US Title doesn't mean shit" phase. The way it was built, you knew it had to be someone who didn't beat up Enzo and them going with Kalisto is like "oh hey, you're not doing anything...go out there".

    Kalisto...ahahahahahahahahaha. All that build up and it was for Kalisto. I swear you could see and hear the air being sucked out of the building.
  9. Stuff. Not good. Not bad. Just...stuff.

    So I went to the rheumatologist the other morning (like at 6:30 in the morning) because my hands have gotten so bad. I can't even make a fist anymore that's how bad it is when it comes to trying to close them. The Doctor wants to send me to a neurologist for carpal tunnel testing cause I show signs of that, but I also have no strength or grip what so ever. Has anyone ever gone through this carpal tunnel testing stuff. Is surgery the only option in the end? I would like to avoid surgery, but it would be nice if i could fully close my hands again too. I got prescribed some anti-inflammatory but it hasn't done much yet.

    I can't wait for the scenes where Vince is made to look to be a Saint. I bet anything there's gonna be some huge scene with Vince getting the seal of approval from Vince Sr. that he never got in real life. "I'm not putting my competition out of business, i'm giving them a chance to come into the future"

    Sadly it is not a dream. It's very much real. It actually aired on NBC the night Owen Hart died. How do I know this? Because I was watching this movie instead of that PPV. I have the dvd somewhere that we got from a dollar bin at I think Walmart or something. The wrestling part of the movie alone needs to be seen to be believed. Most of it I think was filmed before a Nitro held at the Air Canada Center because you can clearly see the ACC logo under the big tron screen above the ring. Who knew they had those giant things in the 70's. At start of the film Raven and Kanyon are credited as the wrestling choreographers I think.
  12. [NXT] SEPTEMBER 27 2017 TV SHOW

    Lars is so awesome. That match with Oney was fun. When Oney started slapping him I was like "no, stop...you're just going to make him madder". I also love Heavy Machinery. Dozer vs. Lars Sullivan is a match I want to see at some point. Just a whole match of them trying to knock each other down and it not happening.
  13. Raw is Worth Zero Dimes - 9/25/2017

    Has a company ever shown so much contempt for one of their own wrestlers like the WWE does with Enzo? I know he must have pissed everyone off. But man, they are going above and beyond to make him take his lumps.
  14. WWE No Mercy 2017

    Roman would be so much interesting if he evolved from The Shield. But he never did. He's still got the look the music. Hell he was using the intro for like a year after they broke up I think. I'm sure he could evolve into something more. But they're so dead set to keep him as that perfect cog in the machine.
  15. WWE No Mercy 2017

    The only thing missing at the start was Cena doing one of Shawns flip bumps off a punch where he rolls out to the floor into a Flair flop.