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  1. Phantom Lord

    SDL is 8 Years in the Making - 8/14/18

    I kinda hope Miz wins with like a picture perfect small package. No screwy finishes or anything. He just outsmarts Bryan wrestling wise.
  2. Phantom Lord

    Raw is the Pscottish Psychopath - 8/13/2018

    The funny thing is, if you played "Here I Go Again" for Vince, he'd probably would think it was an amazing new song. I liked the training video they showed of Ambrose back when he was facing Lesnar at Wrestlemania and his workouts consisted of rock climbing and running trails in the Nevada desert. Ambrose being all muscled up and looking like he's an enforcer for a minor league hockey team, I'm not sure I buy it.
  3. Phantom Lord

    Raw is the Pscottish Psychopath - 8/13/2018

    THAT'S MY PURSE...I DONT KNOW YOU!!! Paul rushing back to hit him with the little spritz left in the can had me rolling with laughter.
  4. Phantom Lord


    I was watching "Roddy Piper's Greatest Hits" earlier. I hadn't seen some of the stuff on that video in a while and wow, I can't believe he got away with half the stuff he did during the Piper's Pit interview with himself. Also I'm sad that nothing ever came of Piper slapping Lord Alfred Hayes on TNT. The WWF was running shows in Minneapolis back then. They could have done a one off Piper/Hayes match in 84. Would have been a little more interesting then Piper/Snuka with Lou Thesz as the referee. Speaking of which, having Lou Thesz ref a match in Minneapolis, that had to be a little dig from Vince to Verne...right?
  5. Phantom Lord

    SDL is the Kramer Kingdon Show - 8/7/2018

    I'm really scared they are gonna do some sort of love triangle thing with Aiden/Rusev and Lana. Aiden keeps screwing up because he's madly in love with Lana. Also, Bryan finally getting to punch The Miz after three years of build up was so damn amazing. He hadn't hit him on tv yet I think (they had house show matches, but as we know that doesn't count).
  6. Phantom Lord

    Raw Is Crossfit Breezus - 8/6/2018

    On instagram last night i found a random post by Sasha Bank's husband where he said he had designed a different outfit for Ronda, but for whatever reason they decided to go with those ill fitting compression shorts. Ronda wore the same kind of tights when she fought so I don't know what's the difference between those and her new wrestling shorts. At least she isn't having to wear those ugly old lady stockings most of the women on the roster use.
  7. Phantom Lord


    The thing about a possible Savage/Steamboat match in 1995, Randy was a notorious perfectionist. Isn't there a story about them rehearsing the entire Wrestlemania 3 match at Savage's house the week before? I'd imagine if Steamboat were coming back from the injury, Randy would make sure they went over everything in detail before hand.
  8. Phantom Lord

    Raw Is Crossfit Breezus - 8/6/2018

    For a guy who claims he's never done cocaine, Paul Heyman sure does play a convincing guy who looks like he's been up all week from it. There has to be a middle ground for Corbin. He has to wear the shirt because his midsection is so flabby from when he used to be much heavier. But he looks dumb wrestling in a hipster waiter outfit. Maybe its the bald head. Corporate...now Mayor Kane at least let his hair grow back to a respectable business length.
  9. Phantom Lord

    SDL Is Joe Is Money, Not Mella - 7/31/18

    Big Bartholomew would be so damn over.
  10. Phantom Lord

    Raw Is Get Brock His Steak! 07/30/18

    That show sure looked promising on paper. But wow was it a chore to sit through. Good thing THEM! was on TCM at the same time. I mean, Corbin and Finn was a fine match. But there was not one reason to care about it and it just kept going and going. How did Alicia Foxx and up getting Ronda's first RAW match? That just seems to random even by WWE standards.
  11. Phantom Lord

    SummerSlam XXXI - 8/19/2018

    Are they doing it like last year? Cause that means it would be at 5:30 in front a sparsely filled crowd.
  12. Phantom Lord

    Impact Wrestling Spoilers for 7/26/18

    YOU NEED TO FIND YOUR MEAN STREAK. BAHH? YOUR MEAN STREAK. BAHH. That whole skit had me laughing so hard.
  13. Phantom Lord


    I didn't watch much Japanese wrestling, but I recall in the aftermath of Misawa's death people were mentioning how bad his neck had been for years and despite that he continued to take that neck drop back suplex in pretty much every match. So that catastrophic injury could have happened at any time. But yeah, I watch New Japan and all the knees to the face and the stiff hard elbows to the head. It's great that you can show you're a tough guy and take it. But also it's like you don't have to kill yourself for the sake of the match.
  14. Phantom Lord


    This card was in Bay Ridge/Sunset Park Brooklyn in 1979 on this day. Knowing that area, I'm amused at the sight of Andre The Giant on 5th Avenue.
  15. Phantom Lord

    WWE EVOLUTION (All Women's PPV) - 10/28/2018

    If it were me personally, I would keep the title on Carmella until this PPV. Have her continue to win by hook or crook. At the PPV she has to take on Charlotte or Askua. In a perfect world this show would build to Becky and Charlotte, but this isn't a perfect world. Carmella is so good at getting heat and hate, so her title is the one I'd build around for the main event.