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  1. I remember Starrcade 86 having blood in almost every match on the card (or at least the tape I rented from my video store)
  2. There's all ready some floating around on Twitter. I assume it's just the first night so far. It would have been one LONG show if it wasn't over two nights if they're real.
  3. Flair didn't blade from that. He said in his book and elsewhere that Savage did it on him.
  4. It's probably a Vince thing on one of his lists. DO say this. DON'T say that. I tried to watch most of this show. The one part that cracked me up was Alister's match. When he hit the kick on that poor kid, the referee's facial expressions were amazing. The ref was like DAMN. So I guess a prefilmed match will get around Taker's limitations. It's amazing how a 42 year old AJ Styles is the young guy in this match.
  5. That's the only safe option at this point if he won't postpone or cancel. Of course this is Vince, so when Tampa pulls the plug on the show I fully expect Stephanie to do another speech about how her dad has overcome to many adversity's in life.
  6. If the show goes on, maybe they'll take this as a sign to trim the show so it doesn't run almost eight hours start to finish.
  7. Well I was talking more about Moppy and to a lesser extent, Chavo's old horse Pepe. You know if they just had him come out with the big spider weeks ago and played it off as he was insane, it could have worked.
  8. I can sort of understand killing the "pet" if Rowan was say doing the Perry Saturn "Moppy" act and we all knew it was a fake spider, but he loved it so we in turn loved it. Seeing it get squashed by some heel looking for some heat wouldn't be so bad. But this wasn't that. Drew didn't need it. I guess we should be thankful they didn't put like a balloon of blood in there and added a loud squish sound (though they would be the type to do that in post).
  9. God that was a great show top to bottom. I think AEW finally hit their stride. There was almost nothing wrong with that show tonight. I loved how the cage looked. It sort of looked like an old Memphis style cage where it surrounded the ring all the way to the floor. Also looked like a cage from Fire Pro Wrestling so it's entirely possible they went with that. That moonsault though was breath taking. Cody vs. MJF is gonna be their Dusty vs. Tully feud. It's going to on for years. Can't wait to see Cody goad MJF into a bullrope match down the line.
  10. These shows work so much better on Saturday nights. I only watched like the last third of the show with most of the tag title match and Cole vs. Ciampa. I thought Cole vs. Ciampa was a great match but at the same time it was so over the top with all the kickouts. The only thing I don't get is why they had Gargano turn on him now. They could have teased that a bit up until the Wrestlemania takeover. That would be a nuclear feud to go into the summer. But yeah some of the stuff Ciampa took with his neck made me cringe. Kinda like watching Brock vs. Daniel Bryan when Brock was just ragdolling him for the first 10 mins of that match. I still don't get how regular piledrivers are bad but doing the destroyers and air raid crash from the top rope is perfectly fine. I'll watch the start of the show later on today. I saw results, but I can still watch and appreciate the matches.
  11. Bret always said he hated Flair's chops because they were so stiff. I can't imagine him taking a stiff european uppercut or any number of superkicks now.
  12. Some guy said fucking as he was being interviewed after a penalty. ABC didn't hit the dump button fast enough so it got broadcast and Twitter is loving it.
  13. MJF is on another level with his heel work. I loved the end of the lashes when Cody took the tenth one and MJF was all "SON OF A BITCH" because he realized not only did Cody survive, but he's now a step closer to that match at the PPV. Does Cody have to beat Wardlow in the cage to move onto the match with MJF or does he just have to have the cage match? I was wondering about that because they made a big deal out of Cody having to survive the lashes...not just taking them. Also I loved Santana's promo on Moxley. It's a shame they don't have a working relationship with NJPW yet because they could really build on Moxley having a week from hell having to fight Minoru Suzuki this weekend then Santana looking to take his other eye.
  14. I wasn't sure which company she was in over there. I just remember reading her Japanese bookings are her number one priority. I stand corrected.
  15. Because she still lives in Japan and her Japanese bookings take priority. Shida moved to the United States. I love Riho, but if there was a choice between her and Shida now to be champion, Hikaru all day long.
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