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  1. Has Peacock ever done any live streaming events? The Network at best can be iffy depending on what you use it on, so I'd be most concerned with whether they can handle streaming live PPV's.
  2. They compared him to Bruiser Brody, but I was surprised JR didn't work in a Dr. Death mention. That's who he reminded me of...in look anyway. If he's training with Dustin at his school, they might have something with that guy in the future. I watched the show earlier since I missed it last night. Just didn't feel like watching it. I thought to be honest it was a rather okay show. Nothing great. Nothing really bad either. Hangman is going to end up realizing he is loved and he will accept The Dark Order into his heart. Honestly if anyone should be TNT champion it should be Hangman right no
  3. Who would have guessed in 2021 we'd possibly get Sting vs. Taz (which if Taz went to WCW in 99 could have been a fun match).
  4. I assume he can. At least a couple of years ago he threw a couple of drop kicks at Eddie Kingston at a Pro Wrestling Syndicate show. I thought they were building up to a Kingston/Tully match. At the very least I'm sure he could handle being in a six man brawl. Overall it was a fun show last night. I still don't get the whole Cody/Shaq Jade/Brandy feud. Brandy being pregnant should have been a sign to just drop everything. I get they probably want to use Jade because she has a unique look. But I just don't get the whole thing with Shaq or why they should throw her into such a high profile
  5. When she said "I've been listening to Blink One Eight Two" I could not stop laughing.
  6. If I had one really negative about the show last night it was him on commentary. His style of YELLING EVERY SINGLE THING gets annoying quick. I'm not sure who he's trying to emulate, but he should stop. It's a shame because I like the idea of Jericho being a commentator. Just not how he does it now. Aside from that I thought it was a fun show as always. I loved the ending and didn't honestly expect The Good Brothers to show up and then The Bucks throwing the sign up was great. I wasn't watching for their original run in New Japan, so this new version of The Eliete has so much potential an
  7. It's a shame there's no crowds for the foreseeable future, but Lacey going full Karen on Cardi B would get some down right nuclear heat.
  8. There an over/under on how long she lasts? I wonder what bill of goods they sell people to get them to join the company only for them to realize the horror that it was all a lie.
  9. I thought Drew vs. Keith Lee would be at the Royal Rumble and not tonight on RAW. So what the heck are they building up for at the Rumble?
  10. Wasn't there a thing about how Brodie Lee (when he was Luke Harper) got soured on by Vince because he couldn't believe a guy could look like a truck driver and not have the accent to go with it? I mean being upset someone was not able to talk a certain way would totally be a Vince thing.
  11. The show was great from start to finish. That video at the end was beautiful.
  12. Well the whole thing made the NY Post (thought it says it was originally published in The Sun). I'm amused it was covered straight forward like this is what happened on this tv show. https://nypost.com/2020/12/29/alexa-bliss-creepy-fire-scene-is-wwes-latest-dark-turn/?utm_medium=SocialFlow&utm_campaign=SocialFlow&utm_source=NYPTwitter I watched the whole thing earlier on dvr and it was just stupid. I too wonder where the hell is anyone to come out and stop what was going on. The WWE has no problem with someone who is begging to be burned alive so they just sit back and let i
  13. To be fair, I'm sure working for the WWE will desensitize even the best of people. I'll have to watch what was on my dvr. I usually gage how RAW or a given show is doing by twitter chatter in my feed. It was very scarce about RAW tonight so I'm taking it wasn't good just from that.
  14. I loved that running big boot he would do where he'd hit it and drop to a knee on impact. It just always gave it an extra little ooomph.
  15. I'm still in shock over this news. It still just doesn't seem real. Last night in addition to being sad I also got angry cause I was thinking "wow, the WWE had this guy and they just sat on him for like the last three years". I admit I didn't get the idea of him being the leader of The Dark Order. Granted the Vince-esq bits on BTE were funny, but I never bought him as a cult leader. But he changed my mind and when he demolished Cody for the TNT title I was like "wow, this guy is something else". The dog collar match now seems like such a fitting way for his career to have ended. His last
  16. I thought the show was all right. The two ladder matches were pretty good. The Miz has to be the biggest idiot in the world though. The women's matches were good. Can't wait to see Charlotte vs. Shayna. I hope Sasha vs. Carmella continues. Carmella really has found her groove as socialite influencer or whatever her gimmick is at the moment. I'm glad The Hurt Business finally won the tag titles. But they are setting up Cedric or Shelton getting kicked out, so I'm not expecting it to be a long run. I echo the sentiment of seeing them with all the gold. Sadly, I don't think Vince would
  17. Aside from having to say "sports entertainment" instead of wrestling and the high production value, it's amazing that NXT UK is a WWE product. It's so not like anything else they do which is why it's so good. The tag title match main event is proof tag wrestling can be good in the WWE. It just has to not have Vince involved since he doesn't care for it. I was honestly shocked Gallus retained. I missed the finals of the cup so I'll have to go back and watch it. I was shocked A Kid (that really is a dumb name) won. I figured they were playing up the whole "this is Trent's one last shot
  18. Wasn't his oddity that he had some sort of head deformity and that's why he wore the mask?
  19. I'm honestly surprised Roman is on Smackdown. Usually anytime RAW is in a jam, they figure out a way to pillage Smackdown to boost RAW. Honestly I don't think it would matter if Roman were on RAW and Drew on Smackdown. Things would be exactly where they are now. The really good Roman angle would just be the highlight of these otherwise meh show's.
  20. I'm certainly not celebrating RAW's continued free fall in the ratings. We know it's not the fault of the talent. They can only do and work with what they are given. I can't blame the writers because as we know Vince has a habit of taking the show and making them redo it on a literal hours notice. So for all we know they have been coming up with good stuff, but since it's not what Vince wants (and no one has the guts to tell him he's wrong) we are stuck with what we have now. There really has to be some sort of corporate bylaw somewhere in the WWE that would allow for Vince to be forced t
  21. Wrestlevotes posted this on twitter about an hour ago.
  22. I mean just imagine if we got even a watered down version of Slamtown with Morrison and The Miz. You know what, screw The Miz. I would love to see Morrison go full HBK and turn on him. I just don't understand why they think comedy heel is what Morrison should be doing.
  23. I thought RAW was pretty meh tonight. I mean it wasnt bad or good. It was just there. I can not stand Miz and Morrison anymore. It's like the WWE to build up Lana only to take her out before she gets her big moment at the ppv. I did mark out for her winning tonight though.
  24. If I recall it was all because while he looked southern, he had a distinctive New York accent. Vince couldn't believe someone could like a truck driver and be from the north. I forget where I read it a couple years ago (or maybe it was just a joke...but probably true), but someone got in Vince's ear about Becky being "too Irish" with her accent. Of course they didn't expect the whole Man thing to happen so they had to roll with it.
  25. Reminds me of this story from 2007ish where Under Armor (I think it was that...maybe Affliction?) wanted Shelton Benjamin for an ad. The WWE said no, offered Cena instead. They didn't want him and the deal fell through. I also remember something about Chavo Guerrero possibly getting some sort of deal back then and again the WWE put a stop to it offering someone else. That's how the machine works up there. If it's someone they want to be over, great. If it's someone they don't than it's a problem. Vince is also Monty Burns more and more ever passing day. One day he loves someone. The
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