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  1. This was a fun show tonight. There really wasnt anything bad about it. I loved Wardlow popping off the cuffs. MJF is going to get murdered at the PPV in an old Bobby Heenan-esq fashion and it will be so fun to watch. I loved the ending with MJF getting laid out with the chair and Spears being all "oh shit". I kinda feel sorry for Hangman because I think it's pretty clear he's gonna lose the title. But that was a hell of a promo on Punk tonight and I would be pleasantly surprised if he retains. Mox/Kingston vs. Private Party was a fun match. Private Party got some good offense in despite getting killed by Mox and Eddie. The post match brawl was fun. I think this Anarachy in the Arena brawl is going to be something special. Just a good ten minutes of mayhem. Cobb and O'Khan showing up was great. I suppose we're getting a three way at Forbidden Door based on that. I wish Cobb would be a regular in AEW, but I guess he makes too much in Japan to want to do that. Thunder Rosa sold me on her match with Deeb. Can't believe they tried to play her off though. The double main event was pretty good. I figured Britt would win because they obviously are setting up for Statlander and her. I can't see them going with Britt/Ruby in the final. Joe vs. Kyle was a banger of a match. I knew Kyle wouldn't win, but he sure did make it compelling up till the end.
  2. I just looked it up. Lashley is 45 and MVP is 48.
  3. Tonight was a decent episode of RAW. I don't know why I was pumped for the cage match, but I was actually looking forward to it. It was what it was. I wasn't expecting Omos to bump off the top of the cage, but it was fun while it lasted. Bobby going through the cage was a nice ending. They should just cut the bullshit though and reform The Hurt Business. Cedric, Omos, MVP, Shelton when he's back from his injury. I could see them feuding with Bobby for a while before they figure out the WWE title situation again. The six pact thing seemed dumb from the start. But I'd imagine it really must be dumb for them to say screw it and walk like that. I loved Asuka vs Becky. That was a fun match and I'm glad the old mist spraying Asuka is back.
  4. I saw this on Reddit regarding the possible Flair match.
  5. Ronda vs. Raquel was a fun match. Ronda not being able to judo throw her around was a fun little twist. I was afraid we would see Raquel just lose to an armbar, but Ronda having to dig deep for that roll up was a nice touch.
  6. I am still laughing at "Mensch of the Centch" from MJF.
  7. I voted for W. Morrisey/Caz. I still think there is potential with him with or without nZo. I would have voted for Deonna, but she'd be on Dark within a couple of weeks of showing up.
  8. I jumped when she hit the floor. I was convinced she landed on her head and neck and piledrove herself into the floor.
  9. Sami stooging and doing his best not to get chopped by Gunther should be amazing.
  10. It's more of a "we want them just so no one else can" thing.
  11. I was asleep for the first two hours of the show so it appears I missed most of the interesting stuff. I woke up in time for the wedding and what a glorious trainwreck it was. I didn't expect the Buffalo crowd to shit all over it like they did, but it was amusing seeing R Truth try to keep things going when the crowd was chanting stuff. Cody vs. Owens was a good match up until the ending. Not sure why it went off the rails like that. They could have just had Rollins cause a DQ and got the same result. I saw they split up Rhea and Liv. Why can't we have nice things?
  12. So I watched this weeks show on the TBS website because I forgot it was on Wednesday. Anyway Punk vs. Penta was a good opener. Penta needs some damn direction because he is floundering at the moment. He needs to go back to being the Penta who was snapping arms on Lucha Underground. At least I think he does. ReDragon vs. Jurrassic Express was a damn good match. O'Reily always looks like he's run out of gas by the end of a match. I thought maybe ReDragon would win, was pleasantly surprised with the ending. Plus them setting up for FTR vs. ReDragon was a nice touch after the match. The ROH Tag titles are going to be so fun to watch with FTR as the champions. MJF is such a great dick. Him offering to triple Remsberg's salary had me laughing. AEW needs a rudo referee who would have taken the deal. But if this sets up Captain Shawn getting an actual win over MJF, that will be some great long term booking. The JAS vs. Eddie/Proud & Powerful match was a fun brawl. I hope the next Blood and Guts involves all of them. Eddie Kingston winning a War Games match is something that needs to happen. Marina Shafir has the look. But I dont see her beating Jade. Should have kept building her up before that match came up. Thunder Rosa should have left her segment walking tall after doing the cake face to Nyla. Joe vs. Suzuki. DAMN. That was sure a manly match. The ending was meh with the run in from the giant Indian guy no one knows anything about. They should have stretched it out a little longer with some promo's for the guy before debuting him. But apparently Uncle Tony has learned from his mistake all ready.
  13. I only watched the last half of the gauntlet match. The Creed Brothers had me hooked into thinking they would pull it off. I was impressed with Brutus doing that deadlift back suplex on the big guy. I'm surprised Pretty Deadly won right off the bat, but the WWE might have lucked themselves into a damn good feud between them and The Creed Brother's. So it all works out.
  14. I would put the belts on The Creed Brother's and just let them run rough shot over everyone like early 90's Steiner's.
  15. Considering it's coming back, I would love to hang out with the cast of Futurama. Mostly I'd try my shot at Amy. But going drinking with Bender. What could possibly go wrong.
  16. What a fun episode of Rampage. Trent vs. Bryan was a really good match. But man, Yuta vs Mox was amazing. I almost wish that was a PPV match. Wheeler brought it big time and it feels like a new star was born especially with the crowd chanting his name. Excellent all around.
  17. I was surprised but I enjoyed both nights. Night two was by far the more enjoyable though. Sami Zayn is a Bret Hart level miracle worker with what he pullled off with Knoxville. Also the match was funny which is rare for WWE comedy. I popped for Bobby Lashley slaying Omos. Lashley I wish they had one women's title match on each night because Becky/Bianca would have been perfect for night two. McAfee was amazing. The thing with Vince was dumb, but it made up for it when Austin came out. Hoo boy Linda no longer has the worst stunner sell ever. Speaking of Austin, God he looked good last night against Owens. I was expecting Roman to win and he did so I wasn't too tore up about that.
  18. I just was curious if he could do one at all. That said they should have saved it for Mania. Bobby was super over last night which was good.
  19. Best we can hope for is one liner from Corey Graves.
  20. Aside from the reign of terror in 2002-2003 where Booker should have won at WM 19 and Goldberg in the elimination chamber, I always thought Triple H was a solid champion. He just wanted to be Ric Flair without all of Flairs baggage. I think he redeemed himself for all that hate the iwc had him with nxt. His nxt had plenty of stars for the wwe. It's not his fault that Vince didn't see anything in those people. If given the chance he probably could be a competent head of a show but thats never happening until Vince is gone.
  21. This thing with Seth is getting so dumb. I hope Cody does show up next week because at this point I am losing interest in caring about this alleged match by the minute.
  22. I just want to see omos leave his feet just once. He still hasn't taken a single bump. Lasley could probably do his spinebuster on him with legit deadlift strength.
  23. I kinda hope Sami vs. Johnny is a cinematic match now. It's too bad they aren't near water. The match could end with one of those giant whoopie cushions that launch people 50 feet into the air.
  24. I was at WM 10 and I'll never forget seeing that ladder match live. Everyone loved Razor when i was growing up. He really was effortlessly cool and there will never be another him.
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