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  1. They never gave the big guy with AJ a name even when he was on Raw Underground as Shane's bouncer. Shane would have been hyping the hell out of him if he had a name. Despite missing the first half hour of RAW, it turns out I really didn't miss anything of importance. The letters S.O.S. came to mind while watching RAW. Same Old Shit (though when I initially thought of it I was thinking Same Old Situation by Motley Crue). It's clear that they didn't give any actual thought as to who should go where and why. I really hope the whole Otis thing ends up with him on RAW because I could nev
  2. I never understood the stockings thing myself, but I think most women wear them simply because they help cover up bruising and the dreaded cellulitis. I always assumed the men having clean chests must have been a Vince thing maybe for television. Rick Rude ended up growing quite the manly hairy chest in WCW. Maybe it's a better aesthetic having a smooth waxed chest to a natural one? I'm still convinced Vince took one look at Killian Dain and his body hair and that was that for Sanity before they even got to Smackdown.
  3. I think when it comes to pin pointing when the WWE's decline started you'd have to go back to I guess when the TVPG era started exactly. It's been a slow gradual build to where we are now. The only difference between now and any other year is the people in the WWE have finally gotten to live their dream of a wrestling show with no fans. They can pipe whatever cheers/boos they want. I don't think we are at WCW 2000. We're like WCW late 1998-early 99. You have to look at the entire picture. I mean the booking of Roman Reigns from WM32 to now could be several books. This had to be the
  4. It's going to be very amusing when no one in Retribution is drafted and they all are "free agents". Who exactly is doing the drafting for RAW and Smackdown anyway? Last year they had those war rooms with the people from FOX and USA. This year Stephanie is just reading names.
  5. I thought the first night of the draft was dumb. I don't get why people all ready on their respective shows were drafted to stay on their shows. I know I'm giving it way more thought than they did, but all the possibility's to shift people around and so far they haven't. Like Ricochet should go to Smackdown. But he's stuck in the void that is RAW. The stupid Seth/Mysterio's feud is going to continue. I'm guessing poor Buddy Murphy gets drafted to Smackdown on Monday. As for the show, it ws all right. Bayley/Sasha is setting up for a great HIAC. Did Roman/Jey need to be in HIAC
  6. Cody and the Bucks are nowhere near as bad as Triple H or Jeff Jarrett back in the early to mid 2000's. I think The Bucks to their credit saw that "hey, everyone thinks we'll just book ourselves to be champions forever and beat every team". But they haven't really done that. They have made a lot of teams look great in defeat and even more than a few matches that everyone figured they'd win in (most notably Private Party in the title tournament). Cody on the other hand put himself into a corner when he did the whole "if i lose this match I can never challenge for the world title" thing. Wh
  7. Look how young Abby was. His scars hadn't become coin slots yet.
  8. Maybe Vince really wants to kill the company. It drives him nuts that he will have to step down someday and someone could in theory make the company bigger and grander than he ever did. None of this can possibly be legal, but he knows no one will dare challenge it because McDivitt will have them in court forever.
  9. Regal must be in Atlanta because he pretty much does all his NXT stuff via skype.
  10. I've had a theory about this for a while, but I believe they intentionally ground people who could reach megastar status because they don't want another Rock or John Cena. They've mentioned it a few times on tv, "no one is bigger than the WWE". I truly believe that'd some edict Vince came up with the moment The Rock had his first huge movie and realized he didn't need this anymore. Part of the problem is Vince wants that new Hulk Hogan or in this case John Cena. Someone who is a white meat babyface to the core and would never abandon him. Plus, I don't think Vince will ever understand the
  11. I believe when he first started in FCW he was playing a very entitled rich football player or something. This has been simmering in him for years. Just imagine if they let him do all this after he beat The Undertaker. The show's bar was so low yet the ladder match was a great opener. They were killing each other like they were wrestling in front of 5 people for Ian Rotten in IWA Mid South. Sami with the handcuff through the ear hole was great. Hopefully he has a long run as champion. I really hope the Apollo/Lashley feud is over. Bobby destroyed him and it's time to move on. The Hurt
  12. I like Aliyah. I'm honestly amazed she survived all the purges and roster cuts. I would love to see her lead a stable as a manager/part time wrestler. She can pull off the arrogant rich girl gimmick.
  13. This show was so bad on so many levels. I only made it an hour or so before I tapped out. Retribution had potential. I mean it was an interesting idea. But if it were on NXT where things could flourish and flesh out, maybe it could have been molded into something. What we are seeing right now is just sad. I don't know the legal ways one could do within a corporation, but there needs to be a damn coup for the sake of this company and Vince has to be taken out of power. Smackdown is at least watchable because we know he doesn't care about Smackdown. But RAW reflects the whole damn company a
  14. Yeah he said this was the first match on national live tv he ever gave that rating to. I was sure the HBK/Cena match where they went almost an hour was 5 stars.
  15. So they finally won the 50+ demo? The show was really good as usual. AEW has such a fresh feel to it. They'll try things that probably won't work. At least it's not micromanaged down to the second. Also had that parking lot fight been on raw, most of us would have gotten seizures from the rapid cuts they would have done. That was easily the best hardcore match I've seen in years. I hope this match is kept around as an option for blood feuds. FTR would be amazing in one of these matches. I like Kenny Omega as a douchey heel. But douchey heel who can talk shit he is not. He's all right
  16. Dancing with the Stars was debuted last night as well so RAW probably lost a ton of casual viewers to that as well. You would think weak MNF games would be a blessing for the wwe, yet it never is.
  17. That Mickie/Asuka match was good till the messed up ending. Hasn't that ref had a history of screwing up finishes? I know he's blown a couple on RAW before this in the last year or so. It's also entirely possible Vince got bored with the match and told him to ring the bell. Dominik vs. Seth was good. Though I wish they could have had some blood. I mean if Seth is going to play this corporate version of Raven, he should at least bleed once in a while. So Braun is on Raw Underground. I guess we know who's getting traded/drafted soon. This retribution thing is so dumb. But DAMN di
  18. I completely forgot there was a show tonight. So this has to be the quickest turn around they've done for a next ppv since "Tuesday In Texas", right?
  19. Wasn't Ring Ka King a success in India? They couldn't keep that going for more than one season. The thing I never understood about NXT UK was why didn't they just brand it NXT Europe. They could have brought back the European championship, the UK Title would be the work horse that the US/Intercontinental is. I mean sure they crippled the UK Wrestling industry, so i guess that worked out for them.
  20. The whole Underground thing doesn't annoy me so much with it being dumb. What annoys me is they could have announced this like two or three weeks ago and made something of it. Shane is hosting a fight thing. Who wants to sign up. Like The Viking Raiders aren't really doing anything. So it was nice to see Erik in there. But this reeks of we literally came up with this today which is amazing since these shows are taped. Just imagine how much more rushed it would be if they were doing live shows in front of people. That said it's bullshit you do some fighting thing and Shayna isn't part of
  21. I still wish they had something to fill in the background of those big WWE logo belts. But the brand is more important than anything else. I remember reading somewhere when the at the time new WWE title belt was revealed, it was done with the idea in mind when the champion is on a red carpet or talk show that big ass logo was front and center.
  22. I don't think there's anything wrong with NXT per say that it needs new writers. I just think the PC is a black hole that sucks the essence of NXT out of it.
  23. I forgot to comment on the show the other night. I thought it was another great one as AEW has been making some really compelling television to watch. The opening ten man tag was fantastic. I kinda wish it ended in a double dq/no contest because at this point they have to be building up for Inner Circle vs. Best Friends & Friends in the Blood & Guts/War Games match. I'm just picturing all the ways Marko Stunt could get lawn darted in that. Cody vs. Warhorse was great. I had never seen a Warhorse match before hand. All I knew about him was he was this guy everyone was retweeti
  24. So the WWE is shoehorning a ppv in a week after Summerslam? Ah nothing like the old one week build for stuff.
  25. The only thing about Excaliber that I don't like is he'll react to someone like they're this huge name and we all should know who it is. The biggest example was him all OMG IT'S LUTHER and JR was all "who?".
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