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  1. Let's go to the videotape.
  2. Was that 1% always the very end of the show when he pointed out they were all out of time?
  3. Who's Fuji? Fuji's dead, baby. Fuji's dead.
  4. There's no way they'll have a semi-retired 50 year old in a big time Mania...oh, wait...nevermind.
  5. Well we know it won't be a Vikings jersey, they already cut him years ago for having difficulty versus football tackles.
  6. I am late in reading all of this. Just wanted to say thanks because it shows someone other than me watched this movie, ever.
  7. Introduce him to Yoko Ono? Oh, you said in, not up, my bad.
  8. I think Pentagon's more likely to lose to the Snake Tribe than he is to Snake Plissken.
  9. So how long have you two been dating?
  10. Paul London's recent real head wound looks more gruesome than anything from Ox's fight scene. But wouldn't those characters be better suited for a reboot of Escape From LA?
  11. Someone needs to go all in on the carnival atmosphere they're trying to pull off and dress up as Doink for the battle royal. Can Kizarny sub for Shaq?
  12. Good as in the sort of artistic merit that garners Oscar nods, or good as in fun to watch, not that those terms are mutually exclusive? I ask because Machete was a 2010 offering. Also, we won't know if 100 Years is good because it won't be released until 2115, and Alita: Battle Angel is still in production.
  13. I've probably said this before, but I legit cheered when watching the first airing of this. Of the thousands of matches I've seen on that channel, this is one of the ones that stands out.
  14. I only have optimism for this due to the director. http://www.comettv.com/2017/03/robert-rodriguez-will-direct-a-reboot-of-escape-from-new-york/
  15. The string and crazy glue means Jeff is sort of fixed up, whereas Matt is so Broken he has a trademark? It's That Owl, weighing heavier on the heart and mind of Matt than it is Jeff, that is slowing him down. Ok really, Matt's just more tired from chasing after a 1 year old at the compound every day. ~~~ Meanwhile, who should win the Top Prospect tourney, and why?