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  1. Name seems familiar. Did she once fight Gina Carano for whatever promotion CBS was airing on Saturday nights many years ago?
  2. First experiment was, "Can we knock WCW Thunder off the air by having a show on Thursdays?"
  3. Little Jimmy could've been there and recognized him without you noticing.
  4. Rusev then feuds with Owens who insists that Canadian Hockey is better than American Hockey. As for memorable Bradshaw matches, because of the finish: And if you're thinking this is an excuse to post something involving Mighty Molly Holly, you might be right.
  5. So many new chants are going to come from those crowds thanks to those drawings.
  6. And just how did they come about those particular pairings for Progress SSS 16? It has to be seen to be believed.
  7. Real factions as they actually played out in various promotions, or how they would be written up as to what they could do in 2017? Because Stud Stable.
  8. 8 hours ago, Vince Mcmahon realized just how many of his moneymakers were trained by Rip Rogers. Thus, to honor the Hustler, Orton was told that he would have to take a...well, you know. And now Drew Macintyre (sp?) can show up on Tuesday asking for a title shot...to prove which member of 3MB is the best. Wrestling can be funny sometimes.
  9. I'm thinking Veda will be in the tournament itself, and go to at least the semi-finals. Any commentary she does will be putting on a headset mid-match to taunt her opponent.
  10. I can't give any grief to Delirious' booking this week, thanks to this weekend's Sinclair show. Why? Because if I were a wrestler working a show in Korakuen Hall, and had a tiny bit of sway with the NJPW bookerman, I'd absolutely work out a way to get myself a tag match with Liger. And showing a main event match where Cody gets the win, just after premiering Cody's new t-shirt ad, ok yeah that was smart.
  11. Well, Vince allowed for Anderson, Gallows, and A.J. to pick up paychecks.
  12. All Hail Nazmaldun? @maciej Think they're doing away with all the Ants this season?
  13. He's retiring in August...just not necessarily the one in 2017.
  14. Hulk Hogan would be the Al Snow of stand up comedy?
  15. Wasn't sure to ask here or NJPW World thread but, Day 1 being streamed live for free, is that a real story?