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hahaha, when was that from?


Part of me thinks its from when austin did a raw post show in london - but those cans are rarely sold around these parts...


set looks early 00's


Don't know exactly but I'd say 2003-2004 going by the shirt Steve Austin is wearing.

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She doesn't look like a star to me, she looks like she escaped from Worldstar. I looked into some of her work, and I'm still not seeing anything beyond an extremely athletic tiny woman who looks like one good face punch would crumble her. The more and more I watch that clip I'm reminded of some of the wannabe's I've meet in my life. Guys that could purchase the "I'm a star" act for the night going out in the club, but weren't actually stars.



This is Arn Anderson:




He is pudgy, balding, and has an affinity for coke bottle glasses and polo shirts. In this environment, he looks about as intimidating as every out of shape gym teacher I ever had (which is to say, all of the gym teachers I ever had).


But when the bell rang, he could fuck your shit up.





If you allow first impressions to color your opinions on wrestlers, you're going to miss out on some cool shit. 

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