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  1. I don't get how this 1 time payment is going to help all those bartenders and waiters that are fucking broke and pissed right now. They should just come out and do that Miracleman "Come summer, money won't exist... But then, it never did" thing.
  2. At least they don't play the jingle in the store. That would be cruel.
  3. Ha! Joke's on them. You have to be alive to pay a fine.
  4. Dudes on second shift start doin' a bogus "oh I don't feel good" thing thinking they'd get free money and now they're stuck at home until they get tested. Since they were bullshitting they probably can't get tested. Supervisors are looking bedraggled and get hinky if you ask about if people are sick why are we still in this building. I'm still going to have to work on monday. best case scenario is I can beat new doom and die in my sleep at 4:59 am monday morning.
  5. First of all, are those Preacher and American Gods shows any good? Is it just retelling the books? I've just never heard anything about either of them positive or negative. Second, there's a fucking Bloodshot movie? What the fuck. I even liked both the old and new Bloodshot series. Matter o' fact I love most of that old Valiant shit. Now more than then. Geomancer sucks tho'.
  6. It has the best representation of tag team wrestling I've ever played. You can go over an hour and it doesn't require you to pinch th' tip. Use Joe Higuchi for an extra slow count.
  7. That's pretty freaky Inoki. Isn't it cold out in space Inoki?
  8. Doomsday Clock was so far up it's own ass and the art stunk.
  9. assfax

    Metal Vocal Moments

    Dio's opening scream on Mob Rules from Heaven & Hell at Radio City Music Hall.
  10. Been loving this new 5.1 Dukes of Stratosphear blu ray!
  11. I was playing this yesterday and got a pistol with timed payload powers and now bad guys are flying in the air like chairs in the Ghostbusters 2 courtroom scene.
  12. So this is finally getting down to where you can just say "why can't sony/xbox just make games for the other platform?" First big guy to break the seal will kill the myth. It's like Sony movies on a JVC VCR. Another way to offset is to only offer digital for opposition consoles.
  13. Beat new star wars game. Pretty good. Didn't like all the narrow passages and sliding parts. It's equivalent to how Spider Man had that game that was good last year. The secrets play out closer to how Arkham Asylum and those newer Tomb Raider games did it. You can plainly see on the map where the hell you've been and what the hell you've not done. 22 hours 93% complete and I'm done. Also, used the Origin access thing and played it on PC. It's just a damn video game. You go around looking for power ups and secrets. You fight mooks and bosses. You do some low level Zelda shit. You upgrade your health and magic. The wookies look like shit. You yell at the TV when some bullshit kills you. I went through the whole game not getting my shit trounced. Then that last boss has some False King Allant power draining grapple. Could've put my fist through a wall. I was bellowing. That's how you tell you're having fun. Bad games get turned off. Good games invite self flagellation. I only took about 6 attempts, but you get deep in like No Mercy triple threat ladder matches blown at the last second. Killed the flow. I sound like I went to a concert. Some of the tertiary darth souls derivations seem bizarrely beholden to. What was the purpose of the "soul recovery" mechanic in this context? Single button mashing QTEs during boss fights just seemed unnecessary. Added nothing. It ain't a slam dunk no brainer like Spidey 2018. It is the type of straight ahead game they just don't make enough of.
  14. I'm waiting for that PC version. I know I won't get spoiled because I still know basically nothing about MGS5. Yes, I still haven't played more than that first 45 minutes all these years later.
  15. I'm loving the streamlined ammo system. Especially now that I've got a goddamned grenade launcher. I've done all the first levels shit and am about to get on my spaceship to leave.
  16. Yeah, on New Vegas I was a sawed off motherfucker but most of the fighting was done by Boone, ED-E and the robot Elvis dog. I mostly remember things like that boomers Volare quest where my science was so high I could just say to use a rubber gasket or some other bullshit. I turned the UI thing off that shows your odds off succeeding speech checks.
  17. Yeah, I'm fixin' to play this fucker for about 13 hours straight. Got some Knob Creek, 23 ounces of whole cashews, snickerdoodles and two cases of Banquet beer. Should last me until 8 PM if I nurse it. Then, if I wake up tomorrow I'll go play that new Elvira pinball machine.
  18. I'm going to treat my lying stat like 'stache on Mario and Luigi. 99 percent of points go there.
  19. Asgard's Wrath. There's a lot I'm loving about it but the combat just stinks. Bad guys are just draining my health with kicks while I'm trying to figure out how it works. They also despawn if you walk too far away and regain all health. Maybe I'll drop it down to piss-ass baby easy next time I play it. Menus seem kludgy and the loading time after you die is about 70 seconds for me. Picking up your little Battle Beasts is still amazing. All that shit made me finally dig my G27 wheel out and start getting way into Project Cars 2 and Dirt Rally again. IN VR. I did Pike's Peak, drove off a cliff full speed and had to shut my eyes while wincing. That's more like it. I remember playing that F1 game on PS1 years ago and just spinning in circles out in the grass and going the wrong way to kamikaze fuckers. With the damn wheel this shit is exhilarating. Full throttle 5th gear going into Massenet at Monaco is erection inducing.
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