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  1. It was dumb to tweet anything about it in the first place. The Tony Khan school of tweeting before thinking.
  2. Konosuke Takeshita going from Dark to Rampage, to a match against the champ. Also 2 jokers. Next week will be even wilder than the awesome show we got today!
  3. Konusuke Takeshita all day! He has improved drastically since his last tour. It's all there! https://twitter.com/Takesoup/status/1522732084749602816?s=20&t=dfNjBDDRm-DKwaam-Fgnfw
  4. Copy the current url you are on, paste it, change the number of the page. That is the only way it works for me.
  5. Give us more of Takeshita and NJPW Young Lions on Dark!
  6. https://twitter.com/ToruYanoFanAcct/status/1520250572808790017?s=20&t=Nt5x1Foh59fnfCTmY4UCGg Yeah, hm.... Okay.
  7. Rampage was awesome two weeks in a row now.
  8. Nah, he absolutely destroyed Samoa Joe. Great debut. And now over 80 billion new AEW fans in India.
  9. Nah, your not the only one. he went from 0 to 100 for me too.
  10. Henry finding the opening scissoring weird and then dying at the aftermath milking... All the stars.
  11. Would make sense as challenger for Jade Cargill. "A Storm is coming" [chuckles]
  12. That was XPW. ECW had Grimes almost killing New Jack though.
  14. Still working towards the Page and Cage Multimen Extravaganza.
  15. Spoilers for his debut: Flashing CODY letters everywhere, Picture of him and Pharao in 3D, music plays for 3 minutes. "Can it be? It is! OH MY!" Then he stands in the ring for 15 minutes while they replay his entrance, show a highlight reel of Pharao, go to commercial, three times, run something backstage where Pharao gets the 24/7 title. Cut back to the ring, Cody gone.
  16. I wonder where you read that....
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