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  1. He "won" the Intercontinental Title against Razor Ramon on a Coliseum Video match. Decision was overturned because HBK left his IC Title in the ring and the ref found it. His sudden injury meant that Adam Bomb got squashed by Earthquake at WM X. Other then that, I think that was his whole WWE career.
  2. It was Tatanka, Luger and the Steiners first, but Tatanka was "injured" after he lost for the first time against Borga. Yokozuna crushed him after the match. Luger injured Pierre as retribution. Undertaker replaced Tatanka, Crush replaced Pierre. The show was super weird. Harts vs Kings Court without Lawler. Instead HBK who had nothing to do with that storyline at all. The Knights featuring Greg Valentine. The Smoky Mountain Tag Title match with almost 0 crowd reaction. Opener with Jannetty and Kid winning. The 4 Doinks....
  3. Hear me out! While Moxley goes on vacation while champion, AEW can hold a tournament for an interim champion. Great idea, right?
  4. Give Westside Gunn all the money to make "DR Birds" Garcias theme song!
  5. 10/10 Dynamite. Loved heel Swerve and Danielson/Hungman 3 was a banger.
  6. I want Khan to recreate the Russo speech from Bash at the Beach 2000.
  7. I wonder if someone sang "Go Ace" when it happened.
  8. I am pumped for the version of the story we get on page 69 (nice!).
  9. In which version of the story does Ace Steel bite Tony Khan? Did someone throw a piano in that version too?
  10. It fits, because Nick Jackson is almost the same age as Vince back then.
  11. Guys, guys! In a night full of BCC members having matches, the best match came from...BBC.
  12. The tag title match stole the show. Didn't think that they got something so great in them.
  13. They get doused in JR BBQ sauce and suspended.
  14. If this Dynamite doesnt get a monster rating I can't think of anything other that Tony could try.
  15. Tony leaking news to Fightful himself never gets old.
  16. I saw one Brody match . He hits his King Kong Knee Drop, his opponent rolls out of the ring right after, Brody too. Both get counted out. It is still the dumbest finish I have ever seen.
  17. I wonder how many times Parker Bodreaux have to wrestle till he shakes off his NXT tropes of posing and taunting all the time. You think he was trained by Pentagon Jr.
  18. Why would you buy another Monday Night Jericho shirt, though?
  19. With Claudio stating that he won March Madness as winning argument.
  20. I want Shooter to team with Moxley as the Death Riders and win all the gold in AEW!
  21. So for the guys who doubted Hikuleo, he got way better. Felt like a PPV to be honest, awesome Dynamite!
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