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  1. Michael Cole is the man. Putting this mark in his place. Guy looks like a fucking jabroni in those shorts. Cole was probably thinking back to he is goatee days and was pissed no one told him how dumb it looked and this snowflake got offended.
  2. I didn't read the thread. I'm sorry. Did Sasha get beat up by a bunch of soldiers at a bar in Syracuse?
  3. They actually have six....if you include Southpaw Regional.
  4. I would give it 6.5 stars because Meltzer and Omega can suck a dick. This was such a great match.
  5. https://twitter.com/MeltzerSaidWhat/status/1115132267930640384
  6. Seemed like everything he did was smooth and cool. Lie that little dip he did on the ropes when entering the ring.
  7. Can someone just make one? Then we can share the beauty of the best year round.
  8. Honestly, let's forget all about RRR. She sucked. It was a totally underwhelming run. Good for her if she put herself over. She made a shit ton of money an can go back to starring in shit B movies now.
  9. Yeah, that was my thought, but as we can see in the photo above WWE really missed the mark by not having a guy in overalls present.
  10. They were probably all young and still trying to make the NFL.
  11. With all the guest commentary spots this weekend....they couldn't let Chet Lemon and Black Snow call one match??? come on.....
  12. I love Rey Rey....forever, but I am happy Samoa Joe got a dominant squash at Mania.
  13. Fuck Hogan. lol. I wonder when Brock/Seth was supposed to go on. I liked the show, but it I was spent after Kofi-DBryan. The HHH tribute hour was awful. I'll rewatch after that because I didn't really enjoy it as I wanted to go to bed/was falling asleep. Also....Elias was pretty awesome.
  14. Wait until Dave Meltzer sees Hawkins holding his belt while watching this match. He will probably call him a loser who takes it all to seriously and shit all over him.
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