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  1. It's kind of hilarious that a gimmick that was meant as an annoying way for Westerners to do a goofy NWO/DX parody act has now outlasted both groups by many years and is now just a typical heel stable.
  2. That's an interesting show. Tho the main event and Kenta match could be rocky. Big, big spot from O-Khan.
  3. One of the great near falls ever. Ibushi winning is such a nice surprise. He really was an afterthought in this tournament but now these next few months look like the culmination of a very long journey for him. So, this is going to sound worse than I mean it, but Ibushi winning this and getting the main event against Naito after this summer of Evil mucking up the main event scene and the Sanada tease is like how the WWE spends the year pushing whichever dorks in main events but when Mania comes they go back to Lesnar because he's actually a star. Ibushi is a star. Evil and Sa
  4. The tag belts being traded bothers me way more than it probably should. However, in a year of WCW-esque moves that is REALLY up there with WCW-esque moves in making titles total jokes.
  5. Which ones do you recommend? I didn't realize he wrote baseball books and the time period he focuses on is my main area of interest.
  6. Has anyone read the Scott Norton book? Curious how detailed it is with the puro scene?
  7. Jumping in on the tag discussion. D'Von wasn't non-descript, especially in ECW where he was really the glue that carried that act until Bubba developed his act fully and became the promo he became. He did great work with the early Dudley angle that turned them from the comedy act into the top heels. I'm also partial to the Dudley Southern oversell formula. Some of the heat stuff was annoying (and it's a big turnoff with the Bully Ray act in that he'll bump and sell for the babyface but the heel act is SO obnoxious that it's a turnoff) but them flopping and selling for babyfaces was alway
  8. I'm firmly convinced that Ishii is 100 percent a Hall of Famer now. I was on the fence but seeing how good he is no matter the setting even when other elite wrestlers are struggling with the clap crowds is showing that he's an all-time great.
  9. What's odd is that a company that was launched specifically because Hangman Page, Kenny Omega, Cody and the Young Bucks were the hottest free agents in wrestling can now be accused of "over pushing them " like they're TNA Jeff Jarrett. Honestly, this first year has done a good job of not over-pushing these guys the way they could have been. I dunno...people must have really hated NOAH when it started then.
  10. Surprised at the heat towards Cody's win. That's pretty classic old-school booking in every way. I have a hunch that the feud with Lee isn't over as they could come back and do another gimmick for the final blow off. You can go two ways with the Cassidy deal. He could simply just win a hard fought match or the story could be that he comes in over-confident and loses and THAT sets Cody down the way to the inevitable heel turn.
  11. Jesse Ventura at the end of Wrestlemania VI ‘ya know, Gorilla - maybe Hulkamania will live forever.’ Imagine in the world where Warrior takes off and Hogan’s movie career is successful and that’s the capper line of Hogan’s big run from one of his biggest critics on air for years? Non-WWE category - Don Callis breaking down weeping, repeating ‘hook the leg, hook the leg, hook the leg’ after Omega hits the One Winged Angel to defeat Okada. Up there with Heenan’s ‘Yes’ call.
  12. Yeah - his lackadaisical performance the last fight and I could just see him clowning around and being smoked.
  13. That's fair. And don't get me wrong - I love the show. But some of the reactions on some random segment being bad is like it's the Fingerpoke of Doom. Wednesday was a perfectly fine show.
  14. AEW is the only company ever where the weekly TV is scrutinized as if if we all dropped 70 dollars on a Pay Per View.
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