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  1. Yeah, very curious about the Starr vs Walter match. Logical booking says that Starr goes over after this huge chase. Of course, we all know the reasons why that's not likely to happen. Also, Starr may not even want the win. Like with Dreamer/Raven, the money is in the chase and them working this story across so many companies for years makes you wonder if Starr wants to blow that off.
  2. That Walter/Bate match might be my MOTY and I watched it spoiled and am pretty cold, like everyone, on NXTUK. That was like an All Japan 90s match mixed with the best Vader/Sting formula possible.
  3. All the concern trolling going on over Jericho's lifestyle on social media is pretty terrible.
  4. Hagan

    NJPW G1 2019

    Ice cold take but that finale was a masterpiece in storytelling. Also, co-sign on Miho Abe being a great second. Great performer that really adds to his act. Also, Kevin Kelly once introduced as "the beautiful and conflicted Miho Abe" during her pre-match prayer to Taichi and I laughed for like 30 seconds.
  5. True but I think it'll go more towards the variety show format of other the other show and I suspect that the matches will be worked more towards WWE house style and not the PWG-style that the main events tend to veer towards Actually, an interesting thought experiment would be what if NXT succeeds. If it stays largely the same, with the faster-paced style and less 50/50 booking etc, it will def have more critical acclaim. What if it's a ratings hit, though? History says when things get successful that don't align with Vince's vision he tends to destroy them.
  6. It's going to be be patterned after Raw and SD in format and tone. Literally zero chance it's not.
  7. The good: 1) More opportunities for NXT talent to be exposed to a wider audience/be featured in prominent roles (and I hope their pay increases as a result). The bad: 1) Gonna be really, really hard for newer acts to be featured. NXT is already heavy with people who don't need "developmental." 2) Chances are absolutely zero that the main roster guys and storylines won't bleed over into the show, especially if the ratings aren't what they expect immediately. 3) This one kind of contradicts 2 but the other issue is if they grow disinterested in it and it becomes Main Event 2.0. ME was supposed to be an A-level show when it got on WGN and they gave up. They gave up on WWECW. The track record is pretty glaring here. Really hard to see this as a positive except it'll expose guys to a wider audience, even if it turns them in NXT lifers.
  8. Good show but not great. - Opening three-way was great and PP came across like total stars. - I’m with everyone that the Librarian stuff is bad but I’m now wondering if the point isn’t to lean into it to get heat. Bates looked good actually and she seems like she could be a good heel. Kind of a waste of Allie who mainly sold and the match could have been shorter. - The Jebailey stuff didnt need to be on TV, though the crowd responded to it. It was good for what it was meant to be It looks like they have decided that the pre-shows are gonna be BTE payoffs and comedy and I’m not sure that’s the best use of that medium but the fact that the comedy isn’t on the main show seems to me that they are aware of what they are doing. - Daniels and Cima was fine. Bit underwhelming. Daniels is best suited for a tag. - Women’s match rocked. Great showcase and everyone looked great. - Fourway had some fun moments though Jimmy Havoc felt superflous. They have several guys who are really only good in death matches but they don’t need to overdo that. - Cody and Darby was good but below expectations. Darby had a much better match with Mox a few weeks back. Liked the time limit draw, and Darby with the right build can be a huge babyface. - Six man was every version of that match ever. I mean, it’s bonkers but it all starts to blur. I’m begging for more singles matches. Great match but like WWE ladder matches, you’ve seen it dozens of times. - Main was fun. Glad they recognize that Mox is the guy. Janela was good too.
  9. Since we’re about to have a few days of debate about chair shots to the head and the usual gatekeepers tut-tutting at Cody, I was thinking if the freakout over chairshots to the head is a little over-wrought and what made everyone so sensitive to it. The ban was a WWE response to the Benoit murder/suicide, right? And it’s easy to look back at clips of chairshots and draw a line to his brain damage? But we also know the headbutts contributed and, in fact, the very nature of wrestling with repetitive sub-concussive bumps is dangerous. Isn’t it kind of like football where everyone freaks out over the big hits and ignores that play by play contact is doing damage? I mean, I’m not calling for Tanaka and Awesome chair battles and Beyond the Mat is still hard to watch, but isn’t the issues with chair shots kind of people letting a WWE directive define a issue. It’s the same with how people think a traditional piledriver is unsafe and it’s really not. And all this is going on while everyone is taking apron bumps and doing dives in every match. I mean, Darby’s bump tonight was just as dangerous as the chair shot but no one seems as turned off by it.
  10. - The best part of WWE weddings was when they would trot out that Macho and Liz song. Legit the best recurring gag in company history. - Don’t mock widows. Love is complicated, especially when kids are involved. Love and life involve grace and empathy. In 2019 we’d all be better off for it. - The online fanbase is really irrelevant. Your rank and file WWE fan won’t be aware of this creative change but that doesn’t mean it’s not a bad call.
  11. Is ‘that is Taz’ the new ‘who is Pitbull?’
  12. So, I watched the Fyre Fest doc, the Theranos doc, and a doc on Carlos Kaiser (the famed football faker) this week. Between those and reading about how Charlie Ebersol basically bullshitted his way into creating the AAF, I’ve been thinking about the gullibility of supposedly very smart people to fall for complete frauds. There is some relevance to that today, both in WWE reaching back into the past instead of giving anyone who has booked wrestling in the last five years a shot and in the optimism of fans who listen to Eric lie on a podcast and think he’s actually a visionary. In regards to Heyman - I mean, he’s a conman through and through. He has been involved in WWE creative lately and seems knowlegable on modern wresting but all the issues that have doomed him for twenty years will doom him now. This just seems like a move of desperarion and historically that doesn’t work. A lot of us long-time fans saw companies go down and it really feels this is maybe not the beginning of the end but maybe the prologue.
  13. Valid point, but in baseball generally your managers come up from your minor leagues. In other sports, how often do the big name splashy coach retreads not end up working out? Look at Gruden in Oakland. I guess my main issue is that this company has guys like Gabe Sapolsky and the rest of Hunter’s NXT team down in Florid and the PROGRESS guys running NXT UK and none of them get tapped over two big names but retread hires.
  14. What is the point of NXT and NXT UK creative if that’s not your bench for when things go bad? This would be like the Yankees having Judge and Stanton go down and instead of calling up the prospects from the minors they sign Bernie Williams and A-Rod. Actually, WWE’s decision with this exactly mirrors their decisions with main event talent for the last decade in recycling past headliners for a stop-gap solution.
  15. Question for Orlando people - I'm gonna be in town next week and was thinking about going to the NXT tapings. I was gonna use Stubhub. How flexible is it to get in the day of the tapings or is this something I should do in advance?
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