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  1. As far as I can recall, Baba gets to the arena, hears the people chanting Mi-Sa-Wa, Mi-Sa-Wa and decides that the night was the night. It wasn't during the match or anything.
  2. Punk got his release papers on his wedding day from the WWE.
  3. The example people keep using is Baba deciding Misawa was going over Tsuruta but even that wasn't DURING the match. That was Baba getting to the arena, seeing the reaction for Misawa and running with it. I'm not sure there is a high profile example of a finish being changed on the fly due to crowd response. Injury, for sure. You also have examples of like Janela submitting to Nick Wayne and Nick not knowing he was going over.
  4. If I'm not mistaken, Lexy is DDP's daughter as well.
  5. Tony's press tour next week and the post-show scrum for DON promises to be interesting - he can simply be asked about the upfronts, MJF, booking etc.
  6. As with many things - a lot of things can be true at once. Sasha has a history of temperamental behavior and pushing back at creative. To be fair, WWE would be better if more of their top stars pushed back harder. That said, walking out mid-show in any live performance whether it's sport/theater/movies/TV/or just like YOUR JOB is never okay. It puts stress on your co-workers and does a disservice to the people who showed up. There's a way to handle stuff and a way to not handle stuff and barring legit safety concerns (which, let's be honest - that WWE statement is all nonsense. Zero chance either of those women had issues with the skill level or safety of their co-workers, unless Nikki and Niven are secretly the APA just fucking people up daily) or like sexual/mental harassment you don't leave. The WWE statement is totally unprofessional and it is amazing in this sort of Nick Khan corporate sterilized WWE that that statement was greenlit. In Hollywood, accused rapists get nicer press releases when they get fired. Obviously, a ton of stuff to come out and a lot of moving parts need to settle. Sasha has walked out before and it got smoothed over. This feels a little different. Naomi is the weird one as this seems really unlike her public persona and she's a company lifer and her family is all tied up with the company. And, yes it's very hypocritical for WWE to get mad at THEIR creative being changed when they do it constantly but hypocrisy doesn't mean a person is wrong with their point. It just means they should self-reflect on their own actions and behaviors. Anyway - fun story! Most exciting stuff in a while!
  7. Mox the easy answer for me. What a fun wide variety of work he's doing. Death matches, grappling, showing he's possibly the best six man tag wrestler (non-Mexico) ever.
  8. Anyone going planning on doing the Warrior Wresting show across the street that day too?
  9. That Ninja Mack three-way one of the most bonkers spot fests I've seen in a while.
  10. I am going to this show. Got the summer off and I was planning on being in Madison, Wisconsin for a friend's birthday a few days prior so gonna take the Van Galder Bus up to Chicago for it and then fly back home from O'Hare. Goddamn pumped.
  11. A buddy texted me during Dynamite to point out that "Tay and Sammy mouth-fucking as an entrance is great TV." And here we thought NXT 2.0 was the show for the hornies.
  12. I know you're not referencing age but rather how each guy has been pushed but pretty crazy that Cole and Starks are both 32. Cole has been a main event act in a shit ton of companies forever while Starks feels still like a guy just getting his first push.
  13. We got a dude throwing a fucking fireball on live TV. Apparently Jericho, like myself, just read the Sheik book!
  14. I agree with you especially because this sort of character leads to a lot of toxic bullshit from fans but she has GREAT HEEL facial expressions and this douche-bag act they have can be a hot act. Like, Tay as plucky babyface had a ceiling especially with the self-imposed limitations AEW has with the women's division and her own limitations bell-to-bell. This act is going to get her on TV every week and they're already touring around together, like hitting AAA in a few weeks. Honestly, it's a net-positive for both of them, I think.
  15. I feel Forbidden Door is kind of a wait and see. I mean ideally it's like Punk vs Naito, Moxley vs Tanahashi, Ospreay vs Omega, Danielson vs Okada, Hirumo vs Darby, Page vs Ibushi and Joe vs Shingo. Just banger after banger of top tier matches especially from the New Japan guys that haven't been around in America in a while. Most likely we're getting some tags and a bunch of matches where the winner has to be pretty obvious and a BIG serving of the Bullet Club Saga.
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