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  1. Ugh - double post. Anyway - that ending segment was probably worse than anything WCW ever did. I know that's usually hyperbole but I really think it might be. Edge winning the Rumble and going against Drew or Roman is honestly about the most interesting match around one of the few matches that I don't think would get screwed up with booking.
  2. The WON recap is unreadable. Actually, that does beg the question of where are good written recaps of Raw and SD. The Post guys do an amazing job on audio of course but every written recap I stumble across is trash. Really makes me miss Larry Csonka more.
  3. Xavier Woods took umbrage with Undertaker's comments apparently: Of course, as Twitter is helpfully pointing out, Xaver maybe not the best person to bring up wholesome behavior.
  4. Man, Mox is just a star in a way that so many guys are not. He looks like he's having a blast and if anything AEW has done a good job NOT overexposing him. I'm really interested to see what his next big program after Omega is because there's a lot of fun stuff they can do. I will also brook no Team Taz slander. Edit: quick note on Jericho. I've kinda been afraid he's going to eventually botch the Lionsault and break his neck like Hayabusa but I do think last night was more of a rope issue. He didn't even jump and tried to kick himself off the ropes. Curious to see mov
  5. We are not there yet but rapidly approaching the booking of the Fiend being the most disastrous creative decision in WWE history. How many babyfaces are going to be killed because of this character and his Fiend-verse being over-pushed? The only person to survive a feud with The Fiend (and now Fiendette) is Goldberg and that's because he just squashed the dude.
  6. Cool that Priscilla Kelly got signed. She's improved a lot (great match with Thunder Rosa a few months back) and really got unfairly piled on for the online controversy.
  7. Dynamite gonna have to go TV-MA if Conti going to keep wearing those shorts.
  8. The point that because they get tested so often, wrestlers are probably less careful is valid. Like with the NYE parties...these people are sweating on each other and sharing dressing rooms weekly so very hard to say "don't hang out outside of work." The main thing you hope is that the next day they didn't roll over to visit Grandma in the nursing home or roll up to the Publix mask-less. Also, and I'm someone who lives in Florida and works as a public school teacher, the fact that this state has no restrictions on gatherings eventually does kind of normalize the idea of choosing what lev
  9. Yeah, and I think the piling on of "you must have done something wrong" is a little unfair. People who don't leave their house except to get groceries or people who went to go visit their mother once in six months end up getting it, as well. A lot of it is kind of bad luck plus behavior. These wrestlers are, at least if we can believe the companies now, tested more than the average workforce so hopefully the Covid police don't come down too hard and hopefully everyone is fine.
  10. On the bright side, Drew should more than likely be good to for the Rumble match. Regarding the SRS report - well, it's a few weeks after NYE and the holidays so not surprising. As always, hope everyone isn't hit too hard and hopefully everyone had the good sense to not visit grandma.
  11. That's the closest Nak has had to having a pulse in a long, long time.
  12. Working through the backlog of the week. Was this the one of the best five day stretch of televised wrestling ever. Maybe some G1 weeks would better qualify but you had: - the two Wrestle Kingdoms which were great. - Raw with a good McIntyre/Lee match - Dynamite with Omega vs Fenix - NXT with the LWS and the Kyle and Finn match - MLW had a really good Lio Rush vs Myron Reed match - SD with a good gauntlet match. - I'll even throw in the Impact Genesis Cup final with Christian and Ace Austin which was good. I mean, now that I type this out I realize t
  13. I very rarely watch AEW and NXT back to back or flip over and catch the end of NXT but did last night. Holy shit is it just a jarring difference in execution. NXT is so goddamn bright, there were muscular woman wearing leather and a mountain of makeup fighting each other, video screens everywhere, a billion camera cuts. It's just so unsubtle and loud. Usually WWE presentation doesn't bother me too much but it was so excessive. It was so different from AEW which is shot normally, the wrestlers are presented normally and is not the deranged sex dreams of a leather fetishist.
  14. British Strong Style and Will, at least to what I saw, were probably the biggest British-born stars to build the scene. Tyler is somehow still only 23 so he has a long time but after the Dunne match at Takeover and the great tags, you wish he hadn't had the brakes put on. At one point, both Dunne and Bate were incredibly over and I just would hate to say in five years "wonder when WWE gonna get around to pushing these guys." Bate, Dunne and Toni Storm and Ripley are all ready to be headline stars yet keep being put on the stop/start thing.
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