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  1. Wanted to quantify US only. Just an interesting thought experiment.
  2. Thinking at work - does the Impact/TNA title have the best lineage of any long-term "world" title currently around in the US? The Universal title is new, the WWE title has non-wrestlers like Vince and midcarders like Jinder and Bray muddying it up. The ROH title fell off a cliff. Also, Impact/TNA has a lot of overlap with all the other world titles because they either had legends like Foley, Sting and Angle win it or had guys on the come-up like AJ, Joe etc. win it early. So, yeah, is Tessa Blanchard currently holding the title with the best lineage?
  3. The thing with Ibushi winning the belt is I don't think you should do it until you either KNOW you can't do the Omega match ever or that it's the right time. That's what makes 2020 fascinating. They can go out and get Omega to work dates whenever they want but things went omnishambles but Ibushi winning and then being confronted by Omega is such big box office.
  4. Also, I think it's one of those things where watching Okada in real time means more to me than going back and watching Kobashi greatest match DVDs or Misawa DVDs. Flair I watched in real time from 89 up (good year to jump on that) and then have gone back and cherry picked the greatest matches. Bret and Shawn I watched all in real time. It's why like Michael Jordan is the greatest player to me. Or Federer is the greatest tennis player. Seeing it as it happens hits harder. This Okada run - I mean, even with the Sanada matches that bore the shit out of me - the work is so good and business is so good and even though Okada has his style the fact that he has had such a variety of opponents and matches...I think this is as good as it gets. I saw a lot of comments with the caveat that he's the "best big match wrestler ever." Well, if you're the best main event wrestler ever you're probably the best wrestler ever.
  5. Yeah, I may have veered into a bit of hyperbole but you know what her commentary reminded me of - Bischoff on 1/4/99 (Fingerpoke night). I hate that disaffected heel burying the shit out of everything commentary.
  6. I'm sure these thoughts have been chimed in but I will never understand how Cody and Brandi gave up what was a perfect act that made them both come across like the biggest stars in the world so she could do a DOA goth gimmick. Arn with Cody is kind of fine but babyface managers don't really work, it historically seems off because Arn by law wants to destroy every Rhodes he sees and it gives off a little bit of an HBK/Jose Lothario vibe. As has been said by all, Brandi on commentary was the worst thing this company has ever done and is probably as bad as anything Raw did in 2019.
  7. I'm with Dave on liking Ibushi vs Okada way more. Now, I did watch Night 2 spoiled so I admit that can have an effect. Also, after Night 1 I'm in the camp that Okada is the greatest wrestler of all time. If he retires tomorrow, he is. Maybe he falls off a cliff as he ages but does anyone think that's likely?
  8. Ric Flair, Bret Hart, Chris Jericho and Steve Austin seem to respect the guy but your mileage may vary on if they know what a good wrestling opinion is. Loving the overreaction to Dave's take. Dude really can't win on opinions. A over-pushed heel act killing your top babyfaces who have already taken loss after loss is hard to spin as a great move and, yeah, is exactly the mistakes WCW made and are exactly the mistakes WWE makes. Everyone pumped on last night's finish must also be really loving King Corbin and co. running roughshod on Smackdown. But hey - the ratings tell the story. Maybe the Dark Order as a main event angle will click but we all gotta be surprised how Omega and co have been booked. The company was literally created because they were free agents and so far they've been used to heat other guys up. It's a strategy that is pretty antithetical to how most companies start.
  9. What an exciting main event and not just because I bet $50 on Ripley to win. When the WWE wants to, they can do epic babyface wins almost better than any company on Earth. That was a like classic WWE main event-style match. Ref bumps, false finish, overcoming odds, and then a superwoman babyface overcoming the heel. When they choose the right people to push, that format is so great. I know it sounds revisionist but when I saw Ripley in that first MYC I was really intrigued. Ton of size, a great look and she just had something. And then the next year she found her character and she became a can't miss. Honestly, the company should look at her and Toni Storm - both early twenties Aussies - and see their Lee-Takahashi, Hunter-Rock, Cena-Orton generational feud that they can run for the next eight years.
  10. I do think that the show opening up with the men's match makes a title change less likely.
  11. Ripley not winning would be the worst booking call of 2019.
  12. Re: XPW discussion a few pages week. Watching XPW when I was like 17-18 is the only dude my dad flipped out on me watching wrestling. He walked in during some skit where I think Pogo the Clown was terrorizing a tied up porn star or something and flipped.
  13. Thanks, Rippa. Re: Dave - I wonder if kind of like how Lesnar's UFC popularity helped his HOF case if Batista is going to be re-evaluated if he continues to be a semi-big movie star. I know that's not supposed to be a factor but I feel like it can only help. On another point, regarding guys like Edge and Orton - pretty much ever since the boom period there's been a lot of argument of how "no one is a draw; the brand is the draw." It seems like the measuring stick is always Austin and Rock. But look at present day WWE which is far less popular than it was during the Cena/Edge/Orton years when they were built around as the headliners. Shouldn't we look at the money drawn and not the money drawn compared to random time in the past? To Oyaji's point about Ibushi - isn't the general consensus is that Ibushi has been an elite worker for a lot longer than Omega? I'm not incredibly familiar with Omega's work before New Japan with the odd exception but it seemed Ibushi has been considered one of the best in the world for over a decade
  14. I don't think either should be in but the debates regarding Scott Hall and Kevin Nash will be fun. Speaking of, I guess I wasn't around for the initial debate but doesn't Big Dave have a pretty good case? Dude drew some of the biggest buyrates in history.
  15. A couple of quick thoughts while my students are reviewing for an exam - I punted WWE PPVs after Wrestlemania but did a cherry pick catchup and...well...not a lot of great. I think AJ has been slightly better than the talk is. Seth, for all his faults, just works so incredible hard in his matches. It's that weird thing where he's a much better athlete than he is a wrestler. He probably really is very good at Crossfit. The women have really carried the company this past year, even if not everything has been smooth. - To that end, are people downgrading last night's main event because Sane got injured and everyone is super weird anytime wrestlers get hurt now? Don't get me wrong. Not a smooth match but they all beat the Hell out of each other and it felt like a genuine hate-filled match. This idea that it's some disaster seems a little much of a stretch. I do think it's time to have a talk that maybe putting the women in these car-crash gimmick matches MIGHT be a bad idea both from execution and for their long-term health. Charlotte, Becky and Banks etc are gonna be walking like Foley in ten years if this keeps escalating - Related - last PPV of the year and, yeah, the women's "evolution" is a dumb, self-serving marketing thing but 2019 on the whole saw some really great opportunities for the women and high profile spots being given to them. I mean, ending aside, pretty cool that Asuka and Kairi Sane won a PPV main event. - Are Bray's puppets babyfaces? They seem pretty terrified of Bray and the Fiend. - Wrestlekingdom seems to have less buzz this year. The double main-event tournament really muddles the plot. - Does anyone gamble on WWE matches? I'm thinking about betting the house on Ripley on Wednesday. Have less of a feel for Finn and Cole though. Has anyone won or loss big on WWE matches? I feel that I used to have a pretty good feel for the direction of the company but the last few years they've lost the plot. - Like most, the bloom has worn off on AEW a bit for me but it's still been a good show week after week, especially with how dire most TV wrestling has been. I do think a two-hour show is probably slightly too long, especially week after week but each show has had more good than bad. I do think this company is going to be here for the long haul so the hyper-minute criticism probably needs to taper off. AEW and Smackdown aren't being cancelled or moved anytime in the foreseeable future. I remember living and dying with WWF and WCW ratings though when I was 18 so I get if it moves your needle though . - Everything with Scurll is fascinating right now. Ya know - with the British scene being basically dead and the indies in need of stars - there are worse things to do than to be unaffiliated and fill that void. If Scurll can work for NWA and work for ROH and still have flexibility for Japan and British indies - you can both be a very big star and probably make a nice living on your own schedule.
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