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  1. I am a dumb dumb who can't read. NM. Well, to be productive and I will say I watched the Kylie Rae and Orange Cassidy match and found it to be pretty fun and Kylie could be a big star. .
  2. The Magee vs Ted match was fine. I mean, the legend of Magee being comically bad has been so built up now that it couldn't live up. He was decidedly terrible but in there with a guy that is an all-time great so it was whatever. It really is the story behind Magee that makes it all interesting.
  3. Reading Larry Matysik's book on St. Louis wrestling and it really is kind of a Bible on promoting wrestling the right way. Not that a lot of the old fashioned booking would work in this day and age but reading the book I get why a lot of people look at the rules of St. Louis still applying.
  4. The Candance/Joey bit from BTE legit had me howling. A random selection of fans and wrestling stars asking Joey "what happened to that blonde girl you used to tag with," him staring forlornly had a Candance doll and then Allie telling him he needed to get his act together. It's pretty hilarious they're running an angle based on someone under contract to WWE. The payoff has to be Joey getting a new tag team partner. Maybe Penelope? Also, always curious to see the cameos on BTE and if it means anything moving forward. Oh, and the The Librarian payoff was pretty funny.
  5. I dunno, I feel that this is gonna be a Funkasaurus deal. Everyone expect the spooky, sinister Bray and instead we get wacky babyface with a puppet. Maybe I'm wrong but when I saw that...and I know their sense of humor is completely off-base most of the time...it seems like that was meant to be played for laughs.
  6. I was thinking of guys with only one reign and winnowing it down to just the WWE title. The Swagger World title reign at least gave us the Eagle.
  7. Speaking of Bray - I was thinking that he actually might be the most irrelevant WWE champion ever. I'm ignoring the various iterations of the World title (though he might be the one there, too) but as far as the lineal title goes he had the most pointless, nothing reign of anyone that has held the title only once. - You have transitional champs like Stasiak and Andre but they took the belts off top stars in historic matches and transitioned the title to top babyfaces. - RVD's reign kind of meant nothing but he won it in a pretty high profile slot and it lead to the formation of the ECW brand. - Jeff Hardy's WWE title was only 21 days but he was a really hot babyface and it was a high profile feud with Edge and was the culmination of this long build of him as a single star. - Rey Mysterio had the belt for a few hours during the Punk/Cena stuff so I guess that might be the most pointless. - Jinder's reign wasn't much but they gave him a run and he was focused on heavily. He won the title in a singles match main event of a PPV, too. - Bray wins the title in a multi-man Elimination Chamber, drops it in a horrible, nothing match at Mania to give Randy his 100th championship and then has one of the worst feuds of the decade and then that's basically it for him. He's now gonna be a puppeteer.
  8. Mark Madden is the worst commentator in the history of wrestling. He'd go into business for himself on air to get his friends over and bury people he didn't like. The Kevin Smith catchphrases were god awful; he always acted like he was too cool for wrestling and he managed to make an unwatchable WCW even worse. The only thing even close to him was heel Cole, which was more just a really, really bad creative call and Coachman's Raw stints. As with most things, as awful as WWE is at times them at their worst compared to WCW seems like golden age All Japan.
  9. So, Bray is coming back as a comedy act, right? No way the buzzard puppet is meant to be taken seriously and the rumor was this was a RADICAL change. I'm game for Bray Wyatt as Santino.
  10. Also, Velveteen Dream ain't keeping his name if this is the new thinking. Vince: "No one know what Velveteen is. Is he a rabbit? Is he a piece of cheese? And Dream, that's disrespectful to Dr. King and Dusty. His name is Purple Pete, pal."
  11. Sorry if that has been mentioned but what is so weird is that not since OVW have they so radically changed names like this. I mean, we all roll our eyes at guys losing first names or nicknames or stuff like that but to completely change the team name and ring names of a pretty established act is something out of the pre-NXT days and is kind of concerning. I mean, this isn't far off from Adam Cole coming out as like Bobby BayBay.
  12. What is really funny is they do the Bayley beating up Sasha angle and end up shifting into doing goofy comedy skits with Dr. Shelby and an awful tag team. Then they do the Becky beats up Charlotte angle and it leads to the main event of Wrestlemania. May say more about the performers than the storyline but just imagine if the storylines had been reversed.
  13. What's the WCW and Tenryu story? Something to do with the six-man belts, right? Also, can we stop with angles that involve people punching each other really hard for real?
  14. Yeah - I like Kelly and what she's doing is certainly A LANE to go down but at some point it becomes law of diminishing returns and I think gross out spots have a much larger potential to turn off an audience than comedy acts like Ryan do. The uproar over the tampon spot was ridiculous and I don't blame her for riding the wave and doubling down on the shtick but I think there's an under-served punk community in wrestling.
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