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  1. NXT Mexico legitimately sounds like the most awful idea in wrestling history. Like, even if they hire the best and brightest wrestling minds in lucha and bring over the best talent, everything that makes lucha lucha will die in the WWE system. I mean, I don't even get lucha libre and I have tried my hardest. I can't imagine WWE Peacock subscriber tuning in to watch dives to lead to commercial breaks every match. Edit: okay, so that's not exactly what Hunter suggested but really with the way WWE has run-off the Hispanic fanbase and booked Hispanic stars into oblivion, what's t
  2. Flair and Funk's I Quit match was 18 minutes long. Cole and KOR was double that. If there was one thing I would change about modern wrestling it would be to change main event times across the board to under 20 minutes.
  3. Really solid show. - I really don't get Zoey Stark. - Kushida vs Dunne was like low-key really, really great. Maybe the best Kushida WWE match. - Gauntlet was fine but those matches go on forever and are getting to be about as overdone as ladder matches seemingly. Was hoping Swerve would win. - Triple tag match was like a PWG special. All moves but a lot of fun. MSK has really, really overdelivered in a way few others have in NXT. Not many established indie acts can say they left the indies and got markedly better in NXT but they are so much better. - WALTER vs Ci
  4. All depends on where you are but I agree that things that are popular are going to draw big. Every single NFL game will sell out this year. UFC shattered its ticket sales records. Things are starting to bounce back in a huge way in the states that are removing the barriers. The issue with WWE is their popularity is down and that's why they're probably less eager to pull the trigger. If they thought they could be like UFC and get immediate sellout for big cards, every PPVs would have already been booked into an arena.
  5. Probably my hottest wrestling take is wrestling companies should ignore Twitter and social media and push/book whomever is best for their business.
  6. Nice post. And yeah, more even than the in-ring stuff I never got his character. I knew what it was on paper as the working class hero but he seemed to kind of be an asshole and just talked about how awesome he was and how women wanted to bang him. Like, I'm supposed to believe Baby Doll was with him? I know he was positioned as the anti-thesis of the Ric Flair character but he really wasn't. Ronnie Garvin was. Ricky Steamboat was. Dusty just seemed like he wanted to out-Flair Flair.
  7. I wonder if fans were allowed to make noise and they could run full arenas whether some of the booking flaws would be mitigated? So much of the company is heat, heat, heat and without that fan emotion to play off of it gets tedious. Main event match times is def a problem as well as the inability to bring in American freelancers to boost up cards. Guys like Moxley and Jericho etc. swooping in added some spice to the depth of the card. Running so many shows and having to split up so many matches is also a huge issue. I think in many ways the pandemic hurt New Japan worse than a
  8. My hot take is: I don't get Dusty Rhodes. I mean, the promos are good but his weird NWA character of John Wayne/ladies man/ guy who also bragged about his money and wore a mink coat despite supposed to be representing the blue collar workers just always rang false to me. He was never super great in the ring and didn't look particularly tough. There was nothing especially cool about him. I get why Vince just turned him into a goofy dancing fat man with an unattractive girlfriend.
  9. I guess the question to me is this switch more of an Evil title switch where the plan is just to make a main eventer moving forward or is this an Omega type switch where they plan on pushing Will as a tippy-top guy and the focal point of the company moving forward. He's certainly an amazing generational talent so him getting an extended run and carrying it to the Dome isn't a bad idea.
  10. Here's the thought experiment: Slippery-slopes arguments are fallacious because they ultimately are arguments in bad faith. However, there is a very logical chance that the end point is the archive gets nuked. That's not pie-in-the-sky conspiracy. Logically, you can look at what they are editing, what they are looking for and all of us can easily name HOURS AND HOURS of content off the top of our head in the archive that is racist, sexist, homophobic and misogynistic. So, show of hands: if Peacock decides to just nerf the archive or put up shows that are so heavily edited as to be b
  11. The poor interns stuck watching 17,000 hours are going to be the arbiter. As has been noted, I'd bet more money that the archive gets quietly killed before I'd bet that they are going to have thoughtful, diligent conversations about what should and shouldn't go. No one watches the archive anyway. Maybe that's a good thing. Get rid of terrible things, let the world know they are terrible and move on. My think is - it's actually not going to change one thing in the industry, Vince still gets his money regardless and it's just going to annoy me that I can't watch Saturday Night's Main Event
  12. Understandably, a l lot of focus on the Edge misfire but the Banks vs Bianca feud is one of the biggest examples of a horribly built match in a while. This was a match that I thought had a legitimate shot to main event one of the nights and now I expect it to be a 10 minute early match that ends on a distraction roll-up finish. Aside from the representation issues, which could have been hyped more, you had a new, well-protected challenger against an established star on her hottest run. They were a billion ways they could have went with it and instead they've gone down the route of comedy
  13. It's not just WWE though. Mid-South has language and representation that is offensive by today's standards. Most of ECW has language and misogyny that is reprehensible. WCW has problematic issues . The issue is that it's not one company. The entire industry (then, now, forever) is filled with stuff that is going to offend people now and in the future. You may as well just say wrestling history begins the day Peacock bought the Network (though even then you have the Apollo Crews stuff). And I mean, getting rid of this stuff is fine because if it offends people, it offends people. No
  14. Peacock can do whatever it wants with its content but now that the editing has started it's far more likely that the majority of it ends up getting memory-holed. It's great that people want wrestling to be better than it is morally but 1) it never will be fundamentally because being low-brow is a feature and not a bug 2) the movement to atone for its past really just means that a lot of the history has to be erased. I dunno - sometimes when I hear people be so offended about what they see in wrestling I just wonder "why did you start watching? What did you expect?" I was going back
  15. QT Marshall was all over the early pandemic shows and has been a featured prelim guy from the start of the promotion and associated with Cody. Had a pretty good blow off NHB match with Dustin vs Butcher and Blade a few months ago after a several week built feud. As prelim acts go, he's probably been one of the most established.
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