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  1. Best episode of the show. Everything clicked and finally they started giving guys promo time. Darby is a goddamm star.
  2. Oof, randomly saw his name pop on in a Twitter response to Bix I think. Some major health issues. https://www.gofundme.com/f/you-got-to-be-kidneying-me
  3. Yup and also I mean....Dave literally likes more wrestling than anyone. Dude praises WWE, NXT, AEW, NJPW, watches lucha, loves old style, new style etc. It's like people get mad Meltzer isn't more bitter and curmudgeonly. "Fuck you for liking stuff" is such an odd take, especially with how negative most fandom is.
  4. Okay - but that is what I'm getting at. There's a cognitive dissonance between "oh Bruce Pritchard said Dave Meltzer is lying and he was there so I believe Bruce" and people just blindly accepting everything they read in the newspaper or see on their TV station of choice and seeing any political or public figure pushing back as clearly lying. .
  5. Oh, just to clarify my post - I think all journalism needs to be viewed with a healthy dose of skepticism. These are people with blind spots and ideologies who get misled at best and act maliciously at worst. Dave is about as credible as anything else you'll read these days. Dave issuing a retraction puts him about ten steps above a lot of the national media, actually. However, it is fair to say that it's very easy in this climate to pile on and discredit journalists if they get things wrong and people blindly believing WWE employees every time they tow some company line is definitely a bold strategy. In regards to Dave - so much of the shit he gets does ultimately boil down to people not reading or people selectively listening to clips. The CM Punk one is a great example. Bischoffs dumb "Mabel is the third man" money grab is another. Also, throwing out the "plans change" stuff as a way to discredit is a really poor argument when EVERY single person who ever comes out of WWE confirms how common that is and how last minute a lot of the booking is. Also, in January - when Dave like lists every Mania match or starts positing on six months of business strategies - people realize that they LITERALLY have people who are supposed to call and loop him in. This idea that Dave has just been willy-nilly making up WWE stuff for years or that like Chris Jericho was his only source is pretty silly. I dunno - I read the Observer every week. There's not a lot that's wrong or off in there. Honestly, there's hardly any. I don't really listen to the shows so can't speak to that. Dave def has a habit of maybe not thinking before he speaks or he rambles out theories out loud. Also, if anything the benefit of the Observer has always been more for analysis and news rather than "spoilerz." I don't know - I mean, we all came to wrestling and following wrestling news at different times and era. I remember a time when Al Isaacs told us that Yokuzuna was joining the Hart Foundation every week or Scott Keith would literally just make up stuff on message boards that people would run with for years. Dave getting a story wrong for what 12 hours and issuing a correction really isn't that big a deal and says more about people's misunderstanding about what a journalism is than anything.
  6. I'll extend it. You choose two of the three among Roman, Seth and Dean and you still miss the obvious choice.
  7. - Starr vs Devlin lived up to the hype but holy God was that commentary bad. - Re: Meltzer - he's pretty good at offering up corrections. A lot of guys don't. I do find it interesting that the anti-Dave movement, which was basically fermented by known bullshitters like Bischoff and Pritchard trying to make a buck off gullible people, essentially boils down to saying that anything this journalist writes is "fake news." I understand cognitive dissonance is a thing but I would love to know if the people who think that the majority of what Dave writes is bullshit also believe that everything in the Times and WaPo is fake too. Or, is it this thing where the people who spend time yelling at Dave and accusing him of making shit up are gonna be outraged when Jericho's interview with Junior features a healthy amount of media bashing?
  8. Also, and apologies if I'm getting the info wrong, but Seth wasn't even in KSA when all this went down, right? Hadn't he already left to get up with Lynch? So, basically this is him defending the company when he wasn't even on the ground dealing with it nor really in full capacity of the facts. Also, a lot of people accepting AJ's take as well as the "I saw people working on the plane" observations. Does anyone really think a pilot or airline workers was gonna say to a bunch of Americans "actually, the government isn't letting you leave?" "
  9. The fascinating thing about Hunter is that even if he doesn't marry Stephanie he probably ends up in a pretty similar spot. Maybe not in the "running the company" position but he'd definitely be in a key creative/executive spot. Re: Seth - he works really hard and it's fine he's proud of his work but this isn't even backstage politicking. This is him very publicly on Twitter and in interviews carrying water for the company. That's going to KILL him as a babyface. Steve Austin never would have done that. Seth isn't even diplomatic. He's gonna regret all this one day.
  10. A great 80s movies would have been a bunch of wrestlers being held captive in the Middle East and Iron Eagle has to save them.
  11. Obviously, goes without saying but in the territory days - none of this flies with the wrestlers - in fact, Vince would probably get the shit kicked out of him and these guys would give notice tomorrow. .
  12. We haven't exactly LIVED up to the idea but it's enshrined.
  13. Just to followup - I'm seeing a lot of "well, Vince wouldn't have left if it was serious" and "what about Smackdown tonight?" Literally, being detained against your will without cause is one of the issues we founded America against. If American citizens are not being allowed to leave a country because the corrupt government their corrupt company takes money from is detaining them against their will this is EASILY one of the worst things WWE has facilitated. It's even worse than the actual deal. I get the economics. Leaving your people behind is about the most Un-American thing possible.
  14. Being detained in a foreign country is no joke, even though it's quite likely their safety is fine. Technically, these people are currently kidnapped.
  15. Forget Finn, apparently Jessi Kamea is trying out a new heel character after ditching the Bayley-lite gimmick. If Instagram is any indicator her new character is "hot girl on Instagram who posts obnoxious philosophical ramblings and pretends to be a muse." I am fucking here for that character.
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