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  1. Love ya Craig but that is quite the sentence construction there.
  2. Not enough chatter that it looks like they are doing an Antifa faction.
  3. Came in to comment about JR. He needs to be removed from commentary. That was as unprofessional as some of his NJPW stuff
  4. Randomly throwing out thumbtack spots in a first-match open challenge with no backstory is not an avenue they need to be doing. I noted a few weeks ago, but Cody is veering a bit close to RVD TV-title over-indulgence. If the goal is an inevitable heel turn then great but it's a bit much.
  5. RJ City and Orton are having a very funny Twitter exchange currently. City is wildly entertaining on social media. Can he actually wrestle or is it all shtick?
  6. I got my buddy a birthday Cameo from Tommy Dreamer a year or so ago. I think it was $40 bucks and me and the dude’s wife split it. Dreamer left a perfectly funny video and it was a goofy surprise to send it to my buddy. I think that’s how most people see Cameo. It’s a goofy gag gift.
  7. My big takeaway from last night is people really have no clue what a "robbery" is anymore. Sweet Pea vs Chavez was a robbery, Pac vs Jeff Horn was a robbery, Roy Jones in Korea was a robbery. Now, "guy I wanted to win loses a close fight" is considered a robbery.
  8. Last night's Liz Hunter and Matt Brock shoutout on AEW made me think of has anyone ever put a definitive list of fake "Apter" mag writers? I'm sure it's been brought up over the years.
  9. Came here to post about the PWI shout-out. That made my month.
  10. Some states have never been on lockdown at all. I don't believe any state is still under a phase one lockdown. I would imagine AEW and WWE could run in a lot of states but it's cheaper/more convenient for them to run in their home arenas in Florida.
  11. Wrestling such a carny business. Chikara built itself on family friendly wrestling, where guys would get fired for cursing. Progress had Jim Smallman do some a lengthy punk rock monologue about how the only rule is "don't be a dick."
  12. I've always been baffled why there's no uniform age of consent law in the US. Whether you want to make it 16 or 18, seems ridiculous that you can go to jail in one state for something and not in another. In regards to marriage laws, you know...one hundred years ago it wasn't uncommon for people to marry at 15 years old, if not younger. Life expectancy, cultural mores, economic issues dictated these decisions. Shit, my mother and father married at 16 and 17 respectively. Today, for various reasons, we would see that as way too young. I don't think anyone under 21 should be allowed to get married. Of course, there are inconsistencies that abound. You can go to war at 18 but you can't have a beer at the bar, as the famous saying goes. In regards to Scurll and these other Brits, less focus should be on the age and more on the assault part. We start to lose the plot when we start applying our cultural standards to other places. I have a good friend who is French who is literally baffled that teenagers can't drink in America. In France, you can drink at 16. He'll never understand it. Regardless, age of consent and marriage laws are a very complicated tricky issue. I know as a teacher we run into issues where seniors date freshmen and we have to warn them about legal ramifications Anyway, England having a pretty liberal age of consent ruling doesn't condone assault or rape.
  13. That's fair. They certainly don't deserve the benefit of the doubt.
  14. There's a lot of naval-gazing about "who knew what about whom" but man, the murmurings about Chikara and Quackenbush have been around a LONG time. The English wrestling scene was apparently a closed-circle of enabling assholes but as stuff comes out about Chikara probably good to call out people who ran interference for them, especially int the "wrestling media."
  15. I'm a little baffled at the "they need to shut down" takes. I don't know what people expect the next couple of years to look like but people testing positive for this and workplaces adapting is just gonna be the new normal. The NBA is expecting tons of positive tests and what ESPN reported basically said playoff teams were shrugging it off as "get it out of the way now." Moreover - the WWE has been running for months and not testing. If you don't think there's been guys competing who have been asymptomatic, you're being naive. And the stuff with the "travel ban." With the exception of WWE execs, which gotta figure something out, both shows kept running with travel restricted from some of the largest states in the country so not sure why the reverse would be difficult otherwise. Fact is, statistically everyone of these people is tested positive are gonna be fine and probably everyone won't have more than a mild code. What this SHOULD do is eliminate the use of everyone over a certain age for the foreseeable future. For the record, I live in Florida. I'm in Northwest Florida so not as hard hit but everyone is definitely aware of the uptick in cases since the state loosened restrictions on businesses and public spaces. This WAS always gonna be the tradeoff and it's going to be mirrored in every state as restrictions loosens. So, I think everyone needs to take a breath on the "sky is falling." WWE should be buried ten feet under the Earth for the negligence of not testing until last week but moving forward no reason to not keep running.
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