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  1. No, but the point is guys like Christian or, to use better examples of a main event act, Shawn Michaels or Bret Hart were chastised as being ‘too small to be believable’ or ‘too small to be stars’ or whatever bad faith argument people embraced because they had a pre-determined idea of what a star looked like. And, of course, those arguments historically have been shown to not only be wrong but pretty damaging to companies. Wrestlers across the board are smaller and, thankfully, less roided up so using size as a criticism for any wrestler just seems retrograde. So, yes, while Christian is larger than other AEW main eventers it doesn't change the fact that it was absurd he was considered to be too small for years. Silly then, silly now.
  2. No kidding! I was gonna point that out, too. It’s why so many of these arguments just fall apart. Like when Corny talks about how the Young Bucks look like they can’t win a real fight as if Beautiful Bobby and Loverboy Dennis looked like the fucking Bruiser and Crusher rolling into a bar.
  3. Like I always say, I respect everyone’s opinion but working fast and kicking people in the fucking face a lot is a pretty effective style for their size. They’re not working bear hugs like the Twin Towers so I’m not entirely clear to that point. Also, this has to be the first Adam Cole and Scott Norton comparison. I mean, Cole’s finisher is him running and kneeing someone in the back of the head. Also seems like an effective in-ring strategy.
  4. Slagging on Cole and the Bucks for being ‘too small to be believable’ is such a toxic take. It’s WWE-derangement thinking that has led to decades of talented people having their careers fucked with and leads to Diesel vs Mabel main events.
  5. That reminds me, Callis sitting down at commentary and immediately just saying "who's the mark in the mask?" cracked me up. I get the feeling that Don still doing his ECW commentary schtick can wear thin at times but he's very good at playing that sort of douchebag heel manager.
  6. Ford looked rough in spots but that's gotta be the longest singles match he's done, or at least the highest profile. He's 30 so still in his prime but hopefully they don't fuck around and waste most of his 30s. He looked good and Roman had a pretty fucking solid week. Becky was FANTASTIC on this mic.
  7. - Punk has been much better in the ring than I anticipated. - Young Bucks/insert Elite member six-men are always a blast. A few years back them and British Strong Style six-men were consistently some of the most entertaining stuff in wrestling. Sadly, now, British Strong Style is I think retired or dead or something. Cole and Jungle Boy has a chance to be something and now I'm thinking of Gargano/Jungle Boy comparisons. - Page and Sky consider to be a bit of a black hole and the parade of ATT jobbers can get tossed but Masvidal IS a huge PPV draw so I get it. I hope Miro didn't see PVZ from the back and get confused, ya know? - I think Anna said that was her 26th match. Obviously she has a long way to go but for that level of inexperience it is pretty remarkable where she is. She really needs to be farmed out and working more and if AEW can get a working relationship with Stardom I think it'd benefit women like Leyla and Jay and even Conti. At the very least they should start running more competitive women matches on the Youtube shows because these women doing short squashes on there is beneficial they all need a place to work long and try new things without fear of failure. - It is so very AEW in all its weird and glorious ways that a show headlined up and down this century by Hall of Famers and some of the biggest draws in wrestling over the last ten years that the very last match has a run-in by a guy who was such a huge part of the indies boon but really has had little national exposure aside from LAX. This is just a confidently booked promotion in a week where WWE has decided that Roman Reigns needs to be on TV 85 percent of the time to keep viewers.
  8. I get what Cody is doing and I get that it may be working effectively for what he intends but I think being a babyface who gets booed is way more of a problem than being a heel who gets cheered. Like, Cody may be a fake babyface actively courting boos but this promotion whole thing is "listening to the audience" so this is the one guy doing the WWE-Cena schtick and it comes off odd and tonally off to what everyone else is doing. I think we now kind of retroactively understand that the Cena thing worked because Cena had unique charisma and eventually he leaned into it in a way that made his matches really special, especially against either a really fucking cool heel or a cool babyface. But we saw with Reigns it totally did not work and Reigns just annoyed everyone and came off like a loser until he just went heel. I know Cody doesn't think that heels and faces are a thing but look at what this company is doing up and down the card. The Elite are the biggest douche heels who ever douched. MJF and his crew the biggest pieces of shit on Earth. Team Taz is gang attacking people left and right. Bryan and Punk and Darby and Sting and Jungle Boy and Christian and the Lucha Boys and Kingston and Mox are basically 80s NWA babyfaces right now supporting each other and fighting against the evil-doers while Cody is embracing Russo-ism coming out of the middle of the tunnel. For the guy that for the first few years in the company was Mr. Old School rehashing his dad's old NWA promos and angles he's now way the fuck off from the tone of the promotion.
  9. Further Cody thoughts. He's dressing as Homelander, doing heel interference spots and had the Acclaimed plugging his reality show in a fake "scripted promo" knowing it would get booed. He clearly KNOWS what he's doing and I don't think he's especially chuffed by the reaction but I think that this is a promotion that for all it's post-modernism really does have pretty clearly defined characters. Cody is going way too meta with this.
  10. Yeah, I wish Cody was just...not whatever this is. Half there/half not. Weirdly disconnected from the continuity of the rest of the show. I think the thing with Arn has kind of run its course so hopefully they are doing something with that. The Nightmare Family is great for emerging prospects to have a faction but that roster is so loaded right now that most of those guys can and need to be long term projects and it's not like they have an identify. Pretty much since the MJF feud Cody has just been floating around and if anything he's UNDERPUSHED. It's like he's being annoying by being the "I'm the tippy top guy who establishes new people" act. The fake retirement hints are cheesy cause he ain't going anywhere either. I think he actually squandered a lot of goodwill from the audience by his character just being weird and ill-defined. FWIW - the Bucks were in a similar spot for the first year of the promotion where they didn't seem to really be doing anything interesting. Cody just needs to stop mucking as a gate keeper and get into something interesting again. Expanded thoughts - Cody should basically be doing the same thing as Christian is doing.
  11. According to Meltzer, Omega’s banged up to shit and like working on a million injuries that either require time off and/or surgery but he’s gutting thru this run to get these huge money matches. and just to clarify, not calling anyone out or being critical of anyone here. We all have watched a shit ton of wrestling and have informed opinions but the stiffness and work tonight was something both men haven’t brought in a long, long time. A very, very special match.
  12. Just one more thing on Omega. People can like what they like and people can certainly not be into the modern style but TONIGHT he was arguably as good or better than a guy that is universally considered an all time great and they beat the ever-loving shit out of each other in a way that you rarely see in mainstream American wrestling. Omega was just other-worldly and to not acknowledge that strikes me as someone in ‘89’ talking about how great Steamboat is while maintaining Flair couldn’t work. To be fair, I imagine Bret Hart would make that argument but nevertheless.
  13. That was Omega’s best performance since his New Japan run and all the people who never watched any of that stuff but insisted he can’t wrestle hopefully watched tonight and will learn something.
  14. What an utterly bizarre show. Toxic Attraction gonna be on the main roster quick.
  15. I will say if Cody really has closed the door on being a heel as some sort of moral stand (or more cynically, thinking about how Cena's good guy image helped him break into Hollywood) then he's not nearly as brilliant a wrestling mind as I give him credit for. I generally take most of Cody's comments as working but man if that's his call then he's leaving money and programs on the table.
  16. Jim Ross has thoroughly shown himself to be pretty reprehensible person for years. The way he worked fans into thinking he's some good guy mistreated by his employers is pretty toxic, even if WWE was frequently an asshole to him. I thought Meltzer had a pretty thoughtful conversation on this episode on the early Saturday morning WOR. I mean it's all in Meltzer-English but what can ya do.
  17. Enjoying Way of the Blade immensely. Looking to pick up Hornbaker's Buddy Rogers bio soon as well. Anyone read McIntyre's bio? I like him well enough but know that WWE bios are pretty formulaic.
  18. Owen and Eddy are the two wrestlers I can't really watch anymore because of how sad it is.
  19. I think like with any television documentary you have to accept that there's always a narrative and agenda. It's dangerous to immediately accept what's shown on screen as thoroughly factual. It's why I'm turned off on a lot of the Netflix true crime docs where they attempt to exonerate or cast doubt on someone's guilt but then you read deeper into it and realize that the person is probably guilty but the prosecution or police didn't/couldn't cooperate with the doc or after twenty years and the ways memory fades it's easy to cast doubt. I mean, I like Dark Side but the Moolah episode was heavily criticized. For what it's worth, Leaping Lanny has said the Savage episode is full of errors. The Gage episode was basically treated as light-hearted fun and you can definitely adjust that narrative to show him in a much worse light. The Pillman episode, which was ultimately optimistic, was probably easier on Pillman's decisions than they could have been. There's already pushback on this episode about whether Vince and Linda were on the flight and whether there was a settlement or not so I'd be careful to accept any episode of this show as the total truth on an issue, especially things decades old.
  20. Good point though the fact that Martha signed off on this shows a bigger softening on her end. This news has me strangely emotional. Like, understandably a lot of Owen's career has been mothballed. Seeing him actually celebrated is going to be a very emotional deal.
  21. Swing and a miss on my takes. I do hope Tommy Dreamer learns something and bounces back from this. What he said was fucked obviously. The fallout with Flair is, well, who knows. He’ll either come out on the offensive, which he kind of did on Renee’s pod or have a PR issued apology and wait it out. BTW - if you’ve known a flight attendant you know that sexual harassment is baked into that job, sadly. That’s an industry wide problem.
  22. The fact that there's been no update and photo of Hunter since the incident is an worrying sign. Generally celebrities get out the "I'm okay, gang" photos or tweets out pretty quick.
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