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9 hours ago, Casey said:

Well for one thing, their PPV income isn’t solely from internet streaming buys. That might work on BR Live or Fite, but I think he already said that the major PPV carriers didn’t want to do that. You can imagine why, I’m sure. Hell, I’m not even sure if WBD would want to do it if AEW switch to Max in 2024 and the PPVs aren’t included.

And really, if we’re talking package deals, All In/All Out should be the only one since they’re a week apart. WrestleDream was like 4 or 5 weeks or something after All Out.

Man, I forgot about All Out kinda - I said the IYH thing yesterday with the idea that Grand Slam might become the Sept PPV. Though, if you shuffle some, there are ways it could work. If it were up to me: June is Forbidden Door, so to me, it'd make sense to bump All Out to July, keep All In to August (date already booked) then Grand Slam becomes the Sept. PPV, and you're right on track for WD in Oct, Full Gear in Nov, and whatever December would be in this hypothetical (Winter is Coming?)

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43 minutes ago, Go2Sleep said:

I'd be surprised if Mark Davis doesn't have some kind of wrist/forearm injury, since he was avoiding using it after the doomsday device type spot and was holding it after every move/impact.

pretty sure he broke his wrist.

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After Dynamite tonight seems like Skye Blue will be the spooky substitute. She took the mist last week and now this week she's not all happy go lucky and had the big black eye makeup. Now do Abadon to Dark Order and Julia Hart to The Righteous when she returns. Spoky goth cult women triple threat.

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Adam Cole:

"Obviously, as many people know, my ankle is broken," Cole said. "And when it's all said and done, when I'm eventually able to get everything all fixed, I'm going to need to get two surgeries and it will be a total of eight screws and a plate in my ankle. So, not ideal. It's incredibly painful. It's the most painful injury I've ever had." 

Man, Adam Cole really did it in. Get well soon.

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This morning's 'too much coffee and procrastinating at work' thought: Butcher, Dutch, and Marc Davis would be a great trios team. Kingston, Wardlow, and Hobbs too but I think the time for that may have passed. Maybe when Eddie semi-retires he can turn his attention to being a next level manager. Okay back to work

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7 hours ago, The Natural said:

a total of eight screws and a plate in my ankle

Well, there's something I have in common with Adam Cole, just in my arm instead.

You gotta give the guy mad credit for going to the ring in that kinda pain. Or maybe not -- he could have messed it up worse, I guess. It isn't "Candido dies because he wanted to wrestle" but still. (Just watched that Dark Side again yesterday and seeing Cornette break down is surreal.)

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18 minutes ago, Cobra Commander said:

to avoid confusion, the Adams will be named as follows

  • Southern Adam (Hangman Adam Page)
  • Northern Adam (Adam Cole)
  • Canadian Adam (Edge/Adam Copeland)

So the Northern Adam is from Florida and the Southern Adam is from Virginia but Florida is more Southern than Virginia and this is to AVOID confusion... 😵

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