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  1. That's my Number Two dream match at the moment, right behind Okada - Danielson
  2. The only way the booking of that Jade - Shaffir match makes any sense to me is if they soured on Marina after the lack of a reaction on Dynamite and decided their best course of action was to just make her look like a geek. Fucking baffling.
  3. If Kenny's healthy, Omega Okada V is a no brainer. Omega owes Okada his win back, and I don't think the L would hurt Kenny if you attribute it to injuries and ring rust. Is Ibushi still hurt? Golden Lovers vs any one would be big if possible I'd imagine BCC will be in a trios match, though that robs us of potentially Danielson vs. Okada (1st choice) or ZSJ (2nd) or anyone else on the roster (3 through infinity) Hopefully Danielson does the G1 this year so we can knock a lot of these dream matches out. Did Danielson ever face Shingo during his ROH excursion? Dragon Gate USA? Hoping for Punk vs KENTA too. If Hangman's still champ he'll need someone to beat. Naito? Shingo? EVIL? Yoshi-Hashi? Fuck, give me Yano vs Orange Cassidy, Samoa Joe vs Ishii, Keith Lee vs. Jeff Cobb. FTR vs GOD
  4. Makes sense it would be an ECW guy
  5. Serena Deeb's 5 minute challenge seems to have disappeared, but that would've been a good way to debut Marina
  6. Dude's lucky they didn't name him Adolf Bratwurst
  7. Agreed, and I have zero faith that they won't fuck it up
  8. Checking out the AIW roster page Face Anna Jay Shida Statlander Mercedes Martinez Red Velvet Riho Ruby Soho Tay Conti Thunder Rosa Heel Britt Baker Bunny Jade Cargill Jamie Hayter Layla Hirsch Nyla Rose Paige Van Zant Penelope Ford Rebel Serena Deeb ??? Abadon AQA Emi Sakura Leva Bates Yuka Sakazaki
  9. I've been fantasy booking CM Punk using his latent powers as a cult leader to turn the Dark Order against Hangman since he showed up back in August, so I'm hoping for that, or any Punk - Cabana interaction.
  10. For the record, I absolutely plowed my girlfriend while wearing the Pro Wrestling Ohio Tag Team Championship belt. I did not spunk on the belt however, because I respect the business.
  11. Fuck, Cody's gonna be back in AEW by Double or Nothing, isn't he?
  12. Not apologizing. In fact I'll say the last few months of AEW specifically has made it so rewarding to be a wrestling fan, wrestling being unique in that you get to see the same characters play out over decades in real time, so that when references to ROH angles from 16-17 years ago get made, and you remember watching those moments when they happened (or a few months later when you dropped way too much money on the DVDs) it adds so many more layers to what are already compelling stories.
  13. Maybe I had tears in my eyes when Punk came out to Miseria Cantare. Maybe I'm a big pussy.
  14. Loved everything about this show except the FTR Tully breakup.
  15. With all the names you're throwing out I'm starting to think I was a little too hard on young Brock. He seemed lost in that first match and was mechanically going from spot to spot, but fuck, he didn't botch anything, nor was he even out of position. He did fine. Brock Anderson is fine everyone, and he's gotten better. He's a good kid.
  16. Word. Must've blocked that out. I wonder who the greenest worker on national TV would be if we exclude second generation talent.
  17. @CaseyYou're on. If I win you have to watch something with a lot of 70s matwork, and if you win I have to watch some wrestling that I hate, like uh... matches where a much smaller heel has long heat segment on a large babyface.
  18. I thought Brock looked leagues better in his recent tag against FTR than he did in his debut tag last year where he looked completely lost and was in all honestly the greenest dude I've ever seen on national television.
  19. Tag title match will likely be Bucks vs. Jurassic Express vs. ReDragon It seems like they're building to a three-way for the TNT title too, Darby vs. Sammy. vs Andrade I'm hoping for an all hoss ladder match, lets get Miro in that mother fucker. With Cody gone, I think it's clear in retrospect that Black's loss derailed his momentum. Imagine instead of Cole, Page was defending against an undefeated Malachai. But 100% MJF's winning that belt at Double or Nothing
  20. This may have been said already, but... Cody gets an immediate main even push, loses to Roman at Backlash, drops down the card and is just another dude by Summerslam. That's certainly the most likely scenario, and I'd be shocked if it's not the case. Also, having witnessed what turned out to be Cody's last AEW match live, he definitely got the loudest crowd reactions, and it was way more 50/50 than it comes across on TV. Punk was a close second, and Darby, Hangman, and Bryan weren't on the show, but you can't argue the dude wasn't over as fuck.
  21. I worked for AIW at the time and I can tell you we all hated it
  22. Good riddance. I've been giving Cody waaaaay too much credit assuming his heel who thinks he's a babyface act was intentional or going anywhere. Unless it's a work, but then I still don't know where it's going and I still don't care. AEW doesn't need him anymore and he can take Jericho with him.
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