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    You say that, but I'm still scratching my head about who the other other DZ might be. Edit: goddammit, I see it now...
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    Show seemed to fly by but another enjoyable week. Thought the opening six man was awesome, super hot crowd and nonstop action. Shida/Kris was great. Felt like a tough match where Kris needed a win and Shida shouldn't lose if she's going to be #1 contender but it was done well. Liked the prospect of Statlander/Kong in addition to Riho/Shida, Shanna/Nyla, some cool stuff abound in the division. And of course Britt redoing her in the crowd cameo. Cool to see Melanie Cruise in the Brandi angle, always liked her. Cody continues to be the best promo. Daniels' springboard botch looked real rough, but overall solid match. Another great Moxley performance in the main event with Janela holding his own. Moxley/Jericho should be excellent, though I still hope that if/when they get around to doing the Match Beyond that Jericho and Cody are still involved in it even though they are onto other things now. Jericho v. Jungle Boy in 2 weeks should be a lot of fun.
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    Honestly, this should be the final question of every game for a super ultra-prize. And regardless of the answer, no one ever gets it right.
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    I think it's fine. Nowadays, you're almost expected to follow something on multiple formats in order to really get it. The highest-grossing movie of all time assumed that you'd seen 20+ movies previously in order to "truly" follow it. The best show on tv right now (IMO), Watchmen, assumes knowledge of a 30+ year old text and has an entire website of supplemental materials that you need to read to "truly" follow it. That's why I hate WWE's insistence that it's audience can't remember anything that happened more than a week ago. We live in an age where the biggest media successes are build on YEARS and YEARS of backstory. People can keep up. They love it, in fact.
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    This was more like it. Aside from audio issues in the first 10 minutes, the sound production was good. I enjoyed nearly every match this week and liked the stories being told as well. Really good show tonight.
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    A further note about the Assembly Hall: that photo that looks like a giant UFO? That's all seating, and the ground isn't the floor. The real ground, where the ring was, is four stories below that.
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    Same here, and he's the one they have spent the most time adding more depth to in the last couple of seasons. I have my "who eats it" theories, and some theories on swerves. I think we are getting swerved on Ollie.
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    I thought it was a good show but I was bummed by how much was tarped off. Not that I'm freaked out or anything, because they're a young company and still putting the pieces together, but because I know that bad takes about it are coming. The Women's division is improving quite a bit. Statlander is becoming a favorite. Nyla murdered a couple people. I dig the shit out of Shida as well, I actually think she might be my favorite of the Joshi stars they've featured so far. So much to say but I must sleep. For now I just say that Dustin is timeless
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    Audio issues throughout for me too on Directv. Announcers super low in volume. Would occasionally fluctuate throughout the show.
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    Anyone remember when Bryan Alvarez’s big thing with TNA was that no matter who they brought in within weeks that wrestler “was just another guy on the show”. That’s pretty much every non-nxt signee now.
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    That's an impressive amount of stereotypes in one GIF, even by WCW standards.
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    I don't think I've ever seen anyone knock a "gold watch" reign. I wish every guy I cared about got a gold watch reign: Regal, Dustin, Arn. Joe.
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    Now that Orton has signed on for another five grueling years, he should pull a Jericho and re-invent himself into a 3-count cover band with two other guys
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    I have no clue what the words you just said mean, but Dark Order is awesome.
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    "Vince did pretty well for himself taking people off Verne's TV and making money off them." JR with the understatement of the year.
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    You guys said it all already but I wanted to chime in that the women’s division is really coming together. Statlander winning was done really well and Shanna attacking Nyla was rad too. I need this Brandi thing to start working a little better. I think she’s going for a spooky, female Heenan family more than another cult but it’s hard to tell and two cults on one show is too many. Maybe they need a head booker instead of everyone booking their own stuff?
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    AJ and the Queen @Dolfan in NYC
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    The students in my office started watching Christmas Chronicles. This might turn into a review. Or it might turn into me explaining to them for 15 minutes who Kurt Russell is. Or as they called him "the Old guy"
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    I'll probably sneak mine in over the weekend and be a *bit* late but watching at work has been a no-go lately.
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    Got mine watched, and the plan is to write up the review tonight.
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    Got my copy of the movie in the mail but I probably won't get to watch it until the weekend. Stupid fucking job has put me back in charge of mental health screens in the jails after my predecessor resigned, and she fucked shit up. A LOT.
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    I can definitely see a big death or two happening considering how big Crisis will be. Really hope it isn't J'onn. He is one of my favorite characters on Supergirl.
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    I really can't remember the last WWE guy who got the left for dead treatment and was then turned into a goddamn star like Keith Lee has. He was literally beneath ACH three months ago losing every match and cutting inane promos. He's coming off as THE guy right now.
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    I would legitimately love it if they just go all in on Keith Lee and have him take all the belts of the Era himself.
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    Nope, it's just been shortened to simply Death.
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    Ya’ll just need to calm down and chill. This may be the Ambien Walrus speaking, but the problems will ne ironrd ou and I see nothing less than AEW retrieving the wrestling sword from the mountain. Did you now hard it is to spell Magnificent with the Ambien Walrus following you? Let’s goooooo
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    The Expresses would've been fine in the WWF. They could work with anybody and they'd probably still get married to each other. Maybe Cornette would've had to wear a train conductor hat or something because I definitely think the Midnights were getting saddled with something train related. Jimmy Hart in JCP is where the money's at though. Dump Paul Jones and put Jimmy Hart in his role. I don't really think either the Harts or Bulldogs work as teams in JCP. I could see Neidhart getting over pretty well as a heel and getting turned face. The Bulldogs might've worked as heels but they'd probably be better off as singles with Davey Boy as a face and Dynamite as a vicious heel. Bland straight out of Calgary Bret Hart's not getting over in JCP.
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    The karaoke scene where Kevin sings Homeward Bound made me cry.
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    I use wrestling politics a lot in my every day life. I work in a Solicitor’s office where there is a definite similarities to wrestling in terms of card positions and egos. I left my current company 6 years ago for a rival firm and got a decent wage rise and “push”, done a great job for a year, then a new manager came in who didn’t take to me and marginalised me and my whole team. I met up with the boys from my old job for a beer one night and they talked me into calling my old boss for a chat. I done that on the Monday and less than a year and half after leaving I was back in my old office in a better role and on much more money. Steve Austin always said “these young guys have to build a relationship with Vince”; it’s true. I’ve always had a great relationship with my current boss and it pays off, even if he is a maniacal control freak, like Vince.
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    No, though that did happen. I'm spoiling a 4 year old movie, but it was dumb anyway. Waltz character Oberhauser's father had took Bond in when his parents died, the two were raised like brothers, Oberhauser was jealous, and has taken his mother's family name.... Blofeld.
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    LOL. Ron, you won a division title at 7-8-1. That's like being proud of being NFC East champ this year.
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    Maybe if Harden shot better than 11/38 and 4/20 from 3 (and Westbrook 7/30 & 1/6) last night, no one would be bitching about one missed call.
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    Okay, I certainly don't think you need three damned YouTube videos to illustrate your point. And to answer your pearl-clutching... There is accountability for bad reffing. Referees are constantly scrutinized in the league, with employees dedicated exclusively to finding where referees fucked up. This is an egregious mistake (that the Rockets *did not challenge*), and the ref crew in question will probably be: severely fined, demoted off playoff duties, assigned to less competitive games, suspended, and possibly fired. Your team lost, and that sucks. But speaking as a ref, kindly stick it when you say there's no accountability for referees. It's one of the hardest jobs out there and the only time you will EVER be noticed is when you are human, and fuck up.
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    It had to happen considering RE3 pretty much used the same setting as RE2. Must've been developed hand in hand with the RE2 remake
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    I think a big factor on Bret's push in JCP/NWA initially would be how good a relationship Stu had with the Crocketts and/or Dusty.
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    With the move going on I have been behind on ROH for a couple weeks. But since I'm switching from Comcast to Youtube TV while I technically get ROH's shows I find myself not wanting to anymore. Be it through that or Fite I think I'm completely done with ROH. For all that people say about giving up or FFing through Raw I have skipped over so much with ROH it's not even funny. Which really sucks as I figured while I won't give them money it wouldn't hurt to at least watch the shows on delay. But considering I've followed ROH since they started to be done with them feels kind of sad. But if there is a match worth checking out I MAY catch the replay. Other than that I think if I'm going to check out ROH it's going to be through DVDs from the early '00s.
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    I prefer the irony of Darby Allin being a straight edge guy named after two guys that OD'd.
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