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    Wait you can pick ahead weeks? I might as well just pick the whole season now to stop my steak of being eliminated by neglecting to make a pick.
  2. Fantasy Football 2K17

    I'd have paid by now, just sayin'.
  3. Games of Thrones Unsullied thread

    Too quick, not painful enough. You'd be letting them off easy.
  4. Games of Thrones Unsullied thread

    I've basically quit the internet other than the safety of this board after seeing a bunch of "All the crazy shit you are going to see on this weeks Game of Thrones!" links on twitter the last couple days. No thanks, not worth it. I'll just go read some books and catch up on the G1.
  5. "You gotta wear it through the airport." Just more reasons to love Braun. And I assume some sort of WWE version of that 5 feet of fury jersey will be up on the shop soon because that's pretty sweet.

    I can't figure out if having to watch the woman binge watch through entire seasons of Shonda shows will be better or worse than the slow excruciating burn of having to put up with them every single week even though I tell her to watch them while I'm at work and yet here it is Tuesday night at 6pm, I just got done making dinner and last weeks Greys Anatomy is being fired up on Hulu yet again.
  7. Fantasy Football 2K17

    Thanks for the concerns and kind words, guys. Last week I was on vacation in the woods without cell reception or internet, so that explains my silence in these threads. But yea...I'm fine - just stupid life is keeping me way too busy and I've never really been the best at follow through or planning anyway (in fantasy anything, DVDVR stuff and really life in general most of the time). I'll still be around in the free league (if it's not too late to sign back up for that ... I should probably check on that some time) and Craig didn't have to break my legs for non-payment - so all is good.
  8. The UpUpDownDown thread

    It saddens me that they don't know the rules of Wheel of Fortune. It's all about the money, and by that standard, Breeze should have won.
  9. What's up with Big Shows right arm? That's either awful photoshop or one of the weirdest looking farmers tans I've ever seen.
  10. Never has an Angelfire link looked so appropriate than in the middle of all those old Liger pictures.
  11. NFL PRESEASON 2017

    I feel like whatever benefit RG3 would have gotten being in a no pressure place like the Chargers would have been completely negated by how batshit insane Philip Rivers is.
  12. NFL PRESEASON 2017

    "Do you ask a lion not to roar?" God ... I love Cam sometimes. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2017/07/27/cam-newton-on-running-less-often-do-you-ask-a-lion-not-to-roar/ Also ... Why Your Team Sucks has officially started with, of course, the Cleveland Browns. http://deadspin.com/tag/why-your-team-sucks-2017
  13. [NXT] 7/26/17

    So really they just needed to put Itami in there with a guy who he wasn't afraid to kick the shit out of and everything will be fine. Really like the progression of Velveteen Dream where he's almost all business once the bell rings. He continues to impress in just about every match he's in. Oh and Nikki really needs to destroy Ellering during one of these AoP/Sanity standoffs and steal the belts.

    Yep - that's the one I used. I'm interested to know if he's actually programmed to only go for the KO and never attempt a pin, because in the 5 or so matches I've simmed with him I haven't seen him go for a single one.

    Hahahahahahahahaha! So I just got my first 100% simmed match ... between Ken the Box and Excalibur. I love this game.