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  1. CSC


    But here we are a few weeks later and who isn't better off from Bryan losing to Rusev? Bryan came back after the loss with a scary intensity and Rusev is so over that Aidan English and Lana are totally over by proxy. The other stuff I get - Carmella as champ is about the worst option with the current women's division but they're still majorly featured and usually given 2 major matches/segments on a show where there's only ever 5 or 6 total and Sanity is suffering from being way too similar to a Bludgeon Bros feel. And Nak, well yea but I think that comes from our own inflated expectations, where everything past his debut match with Sami has been what it is and it probably isn't changing at this point. At least it's better than Jinder in the title picture for 6 months.
  2. CSC


    It baffles me when people complain about Smackdown or wax poetically about the "Smackdown 6" when, in the last month, we've gotten/are getting: Rusev/Bryan AJ/Nak Bryan/Jeff Hardy Bryan/Samoa Joe Which, on average, have gotten 15 minutes a piece. If you're not happy with that, you're never going to be happy with anything WWE puts on TV. "
  3. CSC


    Also ... the new helmet rule apparently applies to linemen in the trenches as well which 1) I have no fucking clue how they're going to enforce that without calling 5 penalties per play and 2) RIP running game.
  4. CSC


    So essentially keep players with differing views in the closet. Sure, nothing wrong with that at all.
  5. I loved Miz catching himself in the middle of heeling it up about to say "I don't play video games!", realizing there's dozens of hours of UUDD evidence to the contrary and awkwardly pulling out "I don't play ..... THAT video game!"
  6. CSC


    So the brand split is basically over then. No way FOX or NBC is gonna be year "nah it's cool if half the roster isn't on our network". Let the unifications begin!
  7. CSC

    The Royal Mellabration - SDL - 5/15/2018

    Going full fantasy booking here - I love the idea of changing up the usual MiTB tropes with Charlotte just flat out saying that she will face the Champion on the biggest stage of WrestleMania from the beginning and Rousey/Asuka fighting because they want to be the ones to finally beat her there (Asuka as payback and Rousey to prove she's the best). Then you could have someone who needs the rub like Ember Moon win the Rumble and she already has a built in story with Asuka from their NXT days and Flair/Rousey be the first women's match to main event a WrestleMania.
  8. CSC

    The Royal Mellabration - SDL - 5/15/2018

    Poor women's champions .... so Asuka/Rousey are gonna win the titles in what - a combined 5 minutes maybe? I assume this means Charlotte wins MiTB and we get two long reigns culminating in a "WHO WILL SHE CASH IN ON AT WRESTLEMANIA?!" story line.
  9. CSC

    The ComingToAmerica Comes to America Thread

    Dunno if I could be of any help but will put this out there - but what are you finding lacking about LA and anything in particular you might be looking for that maybe I could point you in the direction of?
  10. CSC


    Also in the time sucking games realm, Stardew Valley released its multiplayer beta which includes that, new events, a bunch of new stuff and getting shamed by the rest of the villagers for dating multiple people. Good times.
  11. CSC


    And apparently a giant set of brass balls... http://nymag.com/news/features/establishments/68513/index3.html
  12. CSC

    2018 Summer Blockbuster Movie Pool

    This just made me ashamed all over again about putting All Eyez on Me at something like #2 on my RT list last year.
  13. CSC

    Rusev In The Bank! - SDL - 5/8/2018

    I think that Peyton is coming off OK but man ... Billie ... Good lord. Maybe Road Dogg is having flashbacks of being overshadowed by a tag partner named Billy and subconsciously sabotaging her because I don't know what else possibly makes sense.
  14. CSC

    Money in the Bank IX - 6/17/2018

    Yea ... that's not going to happen for a long time now that MiTB is presented as a "Big 5". That tag match is easily solvable if they go with 16 - just start with a battle royal or do eliminations until the field gets cut down to 8 and then the case becomes available to be retrieved.