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  1. The one in Vegas is the Pinball Hall of Fame. This one is in Banning. Unfortunately, they are only open to the public 4 weekends out of the year, but those weekends are glorious. Had an amazing time but by far the best part of it was Billy Mitchell showing up unexpectedly, buying his own ticket to get into the event and entering the Kong tournament, coming in 3rd place and then spending the last 10 hours of the day sitting at the same machine failing to beat his 3rd place score and throwing a complete temper tantrum every time he couldn't.
  2. CSC

    MLB 2019 - MARCH/APRIL

    Just 4 dudes on contracts worth like $700 million combined discussing service fish. Thank God baseball is back.
  3. I'm too lazy to look it up, but there has to be some college in California or Florida that has a decent sized stadium with a view of the beach that you could split the difference with.
  4. I wish they would have treated the gauntlet match to get Trouble In Paradise over as a death move that can be hit out of nowhere. I could buy Kofi being beaten up by 5 guys but finds a new exciting way to hit the movie to get past them. Then when he would hit it at WrestleMania and Bryan actually kicked out, the crowd would freak out. Then reverse the finish of Ali/Bryan with Bryan going for the running knee and Kofi countering with TiP for the win. But you know ... lucky rollups work too.
  5. There's still hope for us all!
  6. CSC

    New Japan Cup 2019

    Oh it did - everything Archer did looked BRUTAL. That Oscutter/Pounce combo literally made me jump off my couch watching it.
  7. Going to the Arcade Expo at the museum of pinball tomorrow. 15 hours of over 1,100 pinball machines & retro games. My fingers are cramping already just thinking about it.
  8. Randy Andersons reaction is nearly as impressive at the Perfect-Plex itself.
  9. Looking at SoCalUncensored, they're actually on the card for the VWE card in Stanton tomorrow.
  10. To be fair - it's named almost exactly the same as every NXT Spoiler free episode discussion thread, and there's one on tonight so I read the title as discussion of tonight's show and not the full taping spoilers. short version: I'm tired, leave me alone.
  11. Your Takeover:New York NXT Title Match...
  12. Back in the good ole days, women wrestlers got their pictures taken INSIDE of apartments, not coming out of them! #WomensRevolution
  13. Looks like a giant Costco chicken bake with dipping sauces. I'm so in.
  14. Going by current Rumble rules, as long as you knew how to tread water, you could basically never be eliminated.
  15. I assume the original idea before Chiampa got hurt was to do Revival vs DIY vs Blacochet - which would have made a lot more sense and neither NXT team would have felt like a 3rd wheel. I actually like the card. Give me some variety like this as opposed to running the same card 3 months in a row with different stipulations tacked on.
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