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    Got my tickets for 8am Saturday morning for $6.99 each. Gotta love AMC and their cheap movies before noon, even when it's big films like this. And yea - reviews are pretty much EVERYWHERE today, so it's time to quit everything but my safe little wrestling corner of the internet. I've already seen more than I'd liked to just from headlines alone.
  2. It seemed like not only did Callis & Omega sell the Codebreaker like death, but Jericho was doing it differently than he did in WWE. In WWE is was more a straight on knees to the chest where these two he approached more from the side, grab the back of the head and drive it into a knee. Just looked way more devastating this way.

    So the last trailer dropped and basically, Star Wars are assholes for spoiling that last bit.
  4. Pitchers & Catchers Report 2/12/18

    81 nights of fun baseball in good weather is really as we need. Anything more is just gravy. also ...
  5. You only wish it was. I know I'm not the only one who used to print out the old DVDVR's back before cell phones and keep them in the bathroom to read over the course of a week.
  6. Single poop DVDVR's ... I like it.

    The one I simmed last night played out so WWE realistically that it was scary. It started with each team member matching up with one from the other team. Eventually things broke down after someone got thrown out of the ring and everyone brawled for what seemed like forever. Team A eliminated one guy, then Team B eliminated 3 guys after that leaving it 1 vs 3 and eventually he (Vader) made a superman comeback to be the sole survivor. THERE WAS EVEN A FLASH PIN OFF A DISTRACTION! I completely freaked out at that.
  8. Same situation at the show - he basically stopped the show for 5 minutes to hit on the chick in the front row but yea ... she seemed to enjoy it.
  9. What is on your Xmas viewing list?

    Christmas Vacation is a must while decorating the house. I need a movie that's going to convince me that of course the Christmas tree needs 3 more sets of lights before loading it up with ornaments.
  10. This Weather Sucks

    Los Angeles fires are crazy right now and I just got an emergency alert on my phone that winds are supposed to be even stronger tonight than they have been for the past two days. It's so bad they're shutting down Universities due to the horrible air quality. And now a set of power lines blew down on one of my favorite hiking trails about 5 miles from my apartment and THAT has already spread and destroyed a few structures.
  11. SDL is The 12 Days of Rusev - 12/5/2017

    Hell - even Aiden English is getting cheered because of how amazing Rusev is.
  12. I feel like this feels like the right thread to say I'm being dragged by the girlfriend and her brother to go see Pauly Shore do standup at the Brea Improv tonight. I have seen zero of his stand-up, but I'm pretty sure I can imagine.

    FUTURE MAN on Hulu is probably the dumbest thing I've found myself enjoying in a long time. The whole thing just cracks me up imagining all my stupid video game characters I've created over the years dealing in the real world and, I mean, I'm all in for anything Eliza Coupe.
  14. The UpUpDownDown thread

    Grizzle Gary vs The Dangler really seems like something that's going to get flagged and taken down by Youtube based on the title alone.