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  1. I may be an idiot for not canceling the trip, and who knows what California will look like or what I'll have to do to get back in when it's over, but we're taking a trip to Florida and going to Disney World new week. Cheap airfare + cheap hotels + withdrawl from not being able to go to Disneyland was just too much to pass up.
  2. Yea I wasn't gonna sign up for something I flaked on last year, but I'll sure plan on submitting a one year late review of my last years movie!
  3. Giant fucking snow spider nightmare dreams should really be one of the warnings Disney puts up along with the others in the beginnings of programs.
  4. Mavsfan .... still being annoying even after he's gone.
  5. I have a legit Common Painting that I bought from Redd without realizing I already had it in my museum, if anyone needs it.
  6. Well now I'm pissed at myself for not putting in a ballot seeing the reaction to Coco being where it was, because it would have easily been a top 5 movie for me.
  7. Watched mine this morning and am working on a writeup, so should be in by tomorrow at the latest.
  8. Whoops! Meant to Saturday night, then ending up planning a trip to Walt Disney World instead which I was way too excited about and stayed up until like 4am doing, then overslept. ... And the dog ate my homework. Yea, that's it.
  9. A DVDVR Chat?? Hell yea! It's like I'm 20 again.
  10. Can't underestimate the importance of being able to give your kid a handheld screen to play on rather than taking up a television when the entire family is quarantined at home ...
  11. Watched the new Walking Dead: World Beyond last night thinking it may be different but nope - it's every Walking Dead episode I've ever watched, but now with SEXY TEENS! I'll probably keep watching, because I am so far behind all the others that it's pointless to try to catch up but this one is manageable at least and fills the void(?) left by tapping out on the other series.
  12. Nooooo! My Survivor pool strategy was just pick against the Jets every week and this really screws that up.
  13. I'm sure the NFL is heartbroken that they have to keep moving the Patriots into national Monday night slots ...
  14. Unless that article explains how to have friends in alternate universes who have different, better stock prices where I can sell off my shares - I don't see how it applies.
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