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  1. Aww you think I read that in any way other than "Woohoo I have 4 more days to maybe catch a few movies I really should have seen before I turn in a ballot."
  2. Well now that am back in the office, I have lots more time to waste going through Flickchart today. Originally I thought getting up to 50 movies was going to be hard, but now I have 200 ranked and am really more lost than ever as I realize I have almost no feelings for the majority of these movies, even if I liked them or thought they were great.
  3. The quote and edit button being in different places now continues to fuck with my brain and ability to not double post.
  4. CSC

    2020 NFL Week 1

    Bad day for 4th & 1 FB runs across the NFL.
  5. CSC

    2020 NFL Week 1

    I literally don't even know how to handle watching Cam on the Patriots. On that one touchdown run my brain went from happy to sad to jealous to depressed to happy for him but then fuck I still hate the Patriots.
  6. I've clicked through the scene while reading an article on it that I believe everyone is riled up about and yea - it's pretty bad and I regret even seeing that much of it.
  7. Seeing a dysfunctional mother-daughter relationship on a daily basis, the daughter disappearing and not being involved in the mother's life for seasons at a time is the most realistic thing to ever happen on that show.
  8. I've never made it past week 4 anyway, and the league can't implode THAT quickly. ..... right?
  9. Stupid yahoo league's that I haven't set up gmail alerts for. I suppose I should do that now.
  10. Oh I know how I'm going to handle it either way. Not Well.
  11. I hate this season so much already.
  12. The stupid tree recipe you get looks cool and ends up being the smallest fucking tree decoration ever. Not worth the shaking.
  13. Ordered NBA2k20 on the Switch for $4.99 cause I figured it was too good a deal to pass up to have a proper sports game to play on the Switch - of course I'm a fool as the game is too big to run on the internal harddrive and now I just had to drop $60 on an absurdly large microSD card so I won't have this problem again.
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