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  1. The eventual Adam Page: Full Gear Ready photoshoot is going to put the women's one to shame.
  2. That whole thing was so confusing. So he has his conversation with Sansa, gets the dagger and ... we never see it again? I thought for sure at that point he was going to be a goner trying to defend the women and children from walkers. edit: Oh God ... he's totally taking out Dany with that dagger and after he does Jon is gonna be all "I KNOW THAT DAGGAH"
  3. The Voice got really good this year when they seemingly realized that all the blind auditions/battle rounds were the best part of the show, added the cross battles and are only doing 4 weeks of the traditional music show elimination model Also Kim Cherry.
  4. Just from messing around with the website, there doesn't appear to be one subscription that covers all of BR Live's content. The two main subscriptions look to be their soccer and lacrosse subs ($9.99 and $7.99 respectively) and then they have ala carte arm wrestling events for $2.99. The whole site is a bit confusing and being able to actually access pricing without signing up for an account would probably help solve some of that.
  5. Smackdown being produced by FOX? I look forward to Michael Cole being replaced by Joe Buck during the off-season.
  6. Time to swoop in late with that at the top of my RT list like I did with Wonder Woman a few years back. Not that it helped at all in the end... Speaking of which, I don't know if we expressly said that June 7th was the last day to turn in a valid ballot, but with New Mutants falling off the new date would be May 31st.
  7. Her child was killed in front of her, best friend be-headed in front of her and then isolated herself while going insane. Pretty sure that’s when her mindset changed. She went from listening to others advice to unleashing the full power of her ultimate weapon, lives be damned. There’s a difference between fleeing in fear and getting the fuck out of dodge from a sneak attack and regrouping now that you’ve seen what they will be throwing at you.
  8. So George is basically Cersei? Let the show go to war with the fans, say you're sending your army (writing the books) when really you have 20,000 (2 books) sitting there with you at home. Let the fans tear apart the show, making any changes necessary and release the books as the savior. Fucking mad genius.
  9. The Bronn shot only hit because of Dany's hubris, figuring nothing the Lannister army had would hurt her dragons. The 2nd time was a sneak attack and Drogon was able to dodge them even at that. This time they were fully prepared, knew more or less where they would be and altered their gameplan. Not sure what is so confusing about how they would be less effective this time.
  10. Video poker machine? Nah. That's a lifetimes worth of vending machine Skittles.
  11. Never mind just saw essentially what I posted in the Double or Nothing thread.
  12. Harper doesn't have any recently retired football friends which I'm sure WWE would kill to get on their programming on a regular basis.
  13. So there's going to be a number one contender for the AEW title before there's even an AEW champion? Wouldn't it make more sense for the battle royal winner to somehow be involved in a match to crown the first champion? (Unless I guess PAC vs Hangman ends up being for the title)
  14. They already have. The edge that made her so popular for the couple months before WrestleMania is gone and she's goofy, smiling, punning Becky again.
  15. Holy shit - the little team write-ups on the XFL website are GOLD. I can't help read all of these in the Vince Survivor Series promo voice. About the LA Franchise: Tampa Bay is the best tho: Because when I think Tampa Bay, I think World Championship Football.
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