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  1. Because it couldn't get worse than losing by 2.74 points to RIPPA two weeks ago, and I then went ahead and lost by 2.7 points this week. God I remember why I tell myself I should stop playing this stupid game every year now.
  2. In the same vein as that, it seems like the Roku app at least doesn't track what you've watched. I watched 5 episodes of Clone Wars last night, went to load it up this morning and it went right back to episode 1. Also ... I'm going to need some stronger coffee.
  3. Super happy Tony Schiavone may be the best thing to come out of AEW so far...
  4. Damn you AEW, we all deserve Mox/Shota in the WTL.
  5. They better watch out if they end up “leaving it to the fans”. The crowd in Osaka sure didn’t cheer the double title match as much as I’m sure NJPW would have wanted. Also ... Okada with the “maybe we should leave it to a fan vote” right to Niato’s face was savage.
  6. They usually take the holiday months off and then run again in January, so I would imagine that's the earliest they would return.
  7. For a company that is priding itself on being ant-WWE, running SCU/Lucha again a week and a half after the tournament ended would be the most WWE thing possible for them to do. I feel like a 4 way or something with SCU on commentary to establish a contender would make a lot more sense and still get them on the show.
  8. Can I be in, but just assign myself the pick I was supposed to review last year and didn't? Tried so many times to watch it but was just in such a bad place with the subject matter that I couldn't do it and now I feel like a total jerk for never doing it.
  9. The companions are fucking beasts at fighting. I have been lining up so many gun shots and see Parvati running into shot and bludgeoning the poor marauder with her club staff thingy taking them out before I can.
  10. 100% this. It feels like with a high enough sneak and lying, you could get through this game with barely shedding any blood (at least so far)
  11. Yea, this game is awesome. I’m about 4 hours in and have been sitting here for the last few minutes trying to decide on a decision that neither way feels totally right and I know it’s going to completely change the game no matter which choice I make. I can’t remember the last time a game has me torn like this so early on.
  12. Outer Worlds is also part of Xbox Game Pass, which you can sign up to for $1 right now. From what I understand, you can upgrade up to 36 months of Xbox Gold to the Game Pass Ultimate for only $1/month, which is a pretty sweet deal. I already feel a cold coming on for tomorrow *coughcough
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