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  1. I blame Stardew Valley ... 200+ hours and counting wasting time organizing a farm when I should be organizing my own apartment.
  2. CSC

    2018 Summer Blockbuster Movie Pool

    46% of reviewers have no soul, I shouldn't be surprised.
  3. CSC

    2018 Summer Blockbuster Movie Pool

    Christopher Robin is sitting at 56% after 9 reviews. Not gonna panic.
  4. CSC


    AMC's new subscription service sounds pretty great. 3 movies a week, no limit on how many you see in a day or how many times you can see a particular movie, integrated into the already pretty great AMC app so you can choose reserved seats (at least at my AMC you can) and not have to show up all early, plus you get all the benefits of the old Stubs premium membership like front of the line at concessions and rewards. I guess the only downside is that you are locked in for 3 months of it, but even that isn't really bad.
  5. CSC


    Every scene with the massive eyes just reminds me of Ready Player One and making me not really sure if they're going for realistic or looking like it's set inside a video game or somewhere in between. It looks cool, but it's fucking with my brain.
  6. CSC

    2018 Summer Blockbuster Movie Pool

    Take your time. Just means longer to enjoy the prize winners lounge before my inevitable freefall.
  7. CSC


    So I got suckered into signing back up for DirectTV when we went to AT&T to upgrade our phones to their new unlimited plan, which includes 3 months of every movie channel known to man (HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, Starz - also Sunday Ticket free for a year and oh yea I can already hear the arguments starting as I enter by 14th hour sitting on the couch watching football on Sundays). Are there any new(ish) shows on any of those that are worth trying to binge through during that time? Or am I just going to watch more movies in the next 3 months than I have in the last 2 years combined?
  8. CSC

    ¡EL IDOLO FENOMENAL! - SDL - 7/17/2018

    I didn't mind it at all. Almas looked strong through the whole match, had him setup for the hammerlock DDT and just got caught. Sets up perfectly for an eventual PPV rematch down the line.
  9. CSC

    ¡EL IDOLO FENOMENAL! - SDL - 7/17/2018

    Well ... I guess I'll be watching Smackdown this week.
  10. We do an Italian movie series at work and the new people in charge have been buying us Criterion editions of everything they want to show, and once we show them I pretty much inherit the DVD's, so I've got myself copies of Bicycle Thieves, La Strada, Amarcord, Il Sorpasso & The Great Beauty all within the last few months.
  11. CSC

    Extreme Rules X - 7/15/2018

    Oh good, a crowd has figured out a way to ruin yet another thing in wrestling. Welcome to a lifetime of iron man matches having every minute counted down. WHAT?
  12. CSC


    Yea ... there's no way he's not going to be going by just "Dijak" within 6 months. Interesting way to trademark a new name but essentially still be able to call him his already known name.
  13. CSC


    I had totally missed Serena Deeb being a coach but it makes me feel less crazy for thinking I saw her breaking apart on of the NXT brawls from the last month or so.
  14. CSC


    That finish was *so* close to going totally wrong, but ends up being one of my favorite lumbar check sells ever.
  15. CSC

    Extreme Rules X - 7/15/2018

    Cheerwine is incredible. I remember when I found out about it on this board and had to order some from random dudes on the East Coast to get any. Now it's on store shelves everywhere around here - truly wonderful times we live in.