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  1. I dunno - I have a boat parade going on in my 3rd level river now and it's pretty awesome.
  2. Woke up on a Friday morning looking forward to a nice three day weekend, and now I'm sitting here asking 'What have I done with my life?'. THANKS
  3. Bought a Ring Fit today at Target cause it's the first time I've seen it out in the wild. I had no clue that it's a full on fitness RPG that actually looks like a lot of fun. ... of course we'll see if I think the same thing tomorrow after it's made me do 100 squats to defeat a boss.
  4. Yea I have a friend who is getting only orange stuff, mine is all blue. Maybe it's one of those events like the Thanksgiving one where if you've gotten all the items by the time the event is over, you can get all the recipes to craft different colors?
  5. Be sure to check the Nook app every day - the valentines stuff has at least 3 color variants and the megaphone has, I believe, 4.
  6. Damnit - this is gonna make me have to hook up my Xbox again and play something other than 500 hours of Animal Crossing.
  7. If there's not a slime bath for the winning coach of the Nickelodeon game, what's even the point?
  8. I love the Disney Villainous games, but despise the Marvel version as it centralized the fate deck and eliminates the fate marker so everyone can gang up on whoever is doing well and that extends the game to ridiculously long lengths and adds a lot of wonkiness and rule contradictions. We had to house rule a fate marker back into the game to actually finish one and stop the leading player from getting up and walking out. (Yes, it was me) Setup isn't too complicated but each character has totally different mechanics so it can take a couple games to really understand everyone's powers.
  9. Just bought Mario Odyssey, Breath of the Wild and Mortal Kombat 11 for the Switch since they were on such good deals in the eshop, bringing my Switch pile of unplayed games to a ridiculous level as we near hour 1000 as a household playing Animal Crossing. Stupid desire to complete everything in this game.
  10. I would put in an extra review for the Princess Switch: Switched Again that I watched on Netflix last night but it would only be 6 words. Wowza. Triple Vanessa Hudgens. I approve.
  11. I was dreading it when I heard there were going to be ornaments to shake from trees, but thankfully unlike the horribly tedious acorns and pinecones, it looks like trees that are lit up ONLY drop ornaments
  12. Congrats @Execproducer, you've managed to make this the greatest Christmas Chaos ever and it's only day 1.
  13. Hugs to you from afar, man. The weekend before moving my mom into a home where we were going through all of her stuff and having to throw most of it away and she was just sitting on the couch confused asking up why we were doing this because she just didn't understand was probably the worst day of my life until she died. I know it was the right decision and she couldn't take care of herself anymore, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't look at that day with regret and think if things could have been different if we had found a different place for her to be.
  14. Hang in there man. I'm learning every single holiday that first year after your Mom dies will completely suck. I wake up and the first thing that comes to mind is traditions that we used to have, and realizing none of those will every happen again and I'm crying before I'm even out of bed. Nothing is joyful anymore, just painful memories that I can at least smile at but still hurt deep down to think about. I felt like I was starting to feel "back to normal" again for a little while but this whole season has thrown me completely out of whack again.
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