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  1. I've never played a Massive Effect game other than a couple hours of the first one. I've never played a BioWare game. I'm fucking in love with this game after clearing the first planet. Buy it, there's no reason to hesitate.
  2. I'll be off crying into my coffee if you need me.
  3. I mean... an hour into the polls it was pretty much...
  4. So many 30 for 30's to re-watch for this... And speaking of which, when is the Andre one scheduled to come out? Even without seeing it, I feel like if it's done remotely well that it would have a chance at a top 10 finish around these parts.
  5. It was said many times in the earlier rounds - but eventually you have to have the in-ring work to justify the votes and we hit that point.
  6. I made the mistake of actually stopping and talking to her. I regret it so much. I'm amused at the amount of time I wasted on Eos running to and from the Pathfinder avoiding radiation trying to do side quests BEFORE clearing the vault.
  7. Maybe Goldberg is as crazy as Randy Orton and will let Brock totally "unintentionally" try to cave in his skull and make him bleed all over the place with an elbow. Leave him laying and the end of WrestleMania is the ultimate "don't fuck with Brock because he will destroy you eventually" moment. And there's zero chance Shaq is wrestling in the battle royal without them announcing that Shaq is at least going to be there. They're not dumb enough to waste a "name" appearance like that.
  8. Man screw you game - I wasn't expecting to be making decisions about whether to exile someone for "murder" at 8 in the morning. Been sitting on the option screen for 5 minutes trying to figure out what to do.
  9. Awesome - now I'm super paranoid about the stuff I probably missed on Habitat 7 trying to get my bearings.
  10. I had to go female Ryder because the male options for facial hair were just so infuriatingly bad there's no way I could have looked at his face all game long. That being said, she's just a crocheted beanie and some thick rimmed glasses away from being my GTA sister from a different galaxy.
  11. Next week - they did a promo for it this week with Hero challenging Drifter.
  12. Thank God - found a save where I only lost about 15 minutes and now it's working fine.