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  1. It's not the same world title matches repeatedly for 3 months after WrestleMania like usual, so I approve.
  2. Bravo Romeo Alpha Uniform November BRAAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUU....DUH NUH DUH NUH.
  3. Just finished The Hike by Drew Magary - there was something so familiar about his writing but didn't realize until I finished that he's the dude that does the Why Your Team Sucks articles for Deadspin. The book itself is fantastic. I think I finished it in like three sittings and the last third I legit couldn't put it down. And thank God I finished the book before realizing he was also THIS guy so I didn't have to see this in my mind the whole time...
  4. TV

    I've watched every season of Survivor since the beginning, and that is by far the most fucked up thing I've ever seen a contestant do. Poor Zeke. Just felt so bad for him sitting there completely comatose during the whole thing. And the "apologies" afterwards just came off at so insincere and fake it was mind-boggling. God bless Probst for bringing the hammer down at the end and, honestly, I hope that's the last we see of Varner. Edit:
  5. So Nintendo has discontinued their NES Classic, because apparently they hate money.
  6. Yea ... you don't want to. It's all downhill from that entrance GIF.
  7. Welp ... I'm an idiots. Long story short - after a week of troubleshooting and thinking my Xbox was a goner - tried one more time this morning and realized I was running my HDMI cable from the Sat/Cable in HDMI port and not the HDMI out port. I'm an idiot. Game On.
  8. Ingobernable is actually really good. Started watching it on a whim for exactly the wrestling name connection and finished the whole thing in a couple days.
  9. Everything with Mauro sucks - but it sure is nice having YBT/Graves back together on 205Live. That post WrestleMania show with them on commentary and the hot crowd really shows off the potential 205Live would have in the right environment.
  10. NXT

    Yay! Got tickets to the May 5th NXT show in Riverside, CA. 4th row GA balcony. Stoked!
  11. Fuuuck - in the middle of playing this morning I randomly got a "Signal Strength too Weak" message from my TV. Tried a reset, hard reset, factory reset, different HDMI cables - everything and nothing works. Everything else I have connected to the tv works fine, even when switching inputs. Have to pull the old TV out of the garage tomorrow, try hooking the Xbox up to that and hoping my system didn't take a shit and it's something simple to fix. I feel like this may be the universe's way of telling me maybe I shouldn't have called out sick for a play ME all day day.
  12. I guess I'm just lucky - I haven't had a single issue with the APEX app. The only issue I've had is with the game itself where I'll have to go back to the main screen to re-connect online if I've been playing single player for too long and then try to access the Strike Team stuff. Well ... other than 95% success rate strike teams constantly failing their missions because they have a -5 careless associated with them.
  13. Fuck those protestors. I'd like to be with Papa Ryder too, but he died trying to save their ungrateful asses.
  14. As far as I can tell, at least there's no penalty for failing other than "just" gaining XP. I had an insane amount of Bronze crates to open once I finally logged back on to the game (After a moment of panic where my XBox wouldn't turn on and when pressing the on button it would just chime and do nothing. Thankfully just an unplug did the trick) between my Strike Teams and the absurd amount of Loot on Havarl I collected today. So much R & D to do and 17 skill points to figure out where to put. Right now I am loving my combo of Biotic Charge & Nova followed by Melle/Shotgun blast but I'm looking to add some Tech to the mix. Flamethrower is really tempting, just because I got used to being a flameshooting machine in Skyrim. Everything else has just gone in to Shotguns & Combat Fitness/Tools but it's time to start adding some fun destruction stuff to the mix.