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  1. I'm almost positive that the Knights logo was one of the default logos in Madden when you would rename/move your franchise for YEARS. What an uninspired design.
  2. From the Observer this week: "No real surprises on the most-watched network shows from last week: 1. Money in the Bank PPV; 2. NXT on 6/14 (given the competition since it was PPV week that’s a good sign); 3. Extreme Rules PPV; 4. Money in the Bank post-game show; 5. Reborn by Fate: Hardys interview; 6. WrestleMania 33; 7. This Week in WWE; 8. Bring it to the Table from 6/12; 9. 2011 Money in the Bank PPV; 10. Money in the Bank pre-game show (that’s way low from what you’d think). Talking Smack was 11th and 205 Live was 12th." So everything that beat it out last week at least makes sense, no random Nitros or anything like that.
  3. I have about 20 items out, but none of them are "due soon" since the library I work at doesn't charge late fees to employees - so we can pretty much keep things as long as we want.
  4. Aaaaaand just like that my Wonder Woman advanced knowledge advantage is gone, gone, gone. #2 RT! WTF was I thinking?
  5. I mean ... Unless we want guys who will perform the heist perfectly and yet somehow find a way to stupidly blow up the payload while trying to pull into the garage - the GTA crew (at least the XBox side) probably isn't the best idea...
  6. ******1/4! This should be fun.
  7. TV

    That Sci-Fi/Fantasy team is incredible - Lou Ferrigno, Vinnie Jones & Kevin Sorbo with Charisma Carpenter and Jill Wager as eye candy. Good Lord.
  8. TV

    ABC's whole lineup of summer game shows is pretty fun. I'm always a sucker for Celeb Family Feud and stuck around for Steve Harvey's new shark tank ripoff and $100,000 pyramid, which Michael Strahan was a shockingly competent host for. it was also great for the hot, super-intense contestant that made LL Cool J go from a "I'm totally banging this chick after the show" vibe to "Oh God if I get a question wrong this crazy chick is going to kill me" within 10 minutes. This season of Food Network Star seems to have some interesting people on it. but the last few seasons has really turned into give Matthew every shot to get his shit together because they obviously want this dude on the network.
  9. The most shocking thing is that they're STILL out there working tiny So Cal shows.
  10. "They call me Bilbo Dunkins!" More of, whichever one of TM61 that is, please.
  11. Pffft I don't know what you're talking about, good sir.
  12. It's still June 1st here, so IN JUST UNDER THE GUN! Box Office: 1. WonderWoman 2. Spiderman: Homecoming 3. Despicable Me 3 4. Cars 3 5. Dunkirk 6. The Emoji Movie 7. Transformers: The Last Knight 8. The Mummy 9. War for the Planet of the Apes 10. Captain Underpants 11. The Dark Tower 12. Atomic Blonde 13. All Eyez One Me 14. Baby Driver 15. Valerian and the City of a Thousand People Rotten Tomatoes: 1. Wonder Woman 2. All Eyez on Me 3. Dunkirk 4. Despicable Me 3 5. Cars 3 6. Spiderman: Homecoming 7. Captain Underpants 8. War for the Planet of the Apes 9. Baby Driver 10. The Emoji Movie 11. Atomic Blonde 12. The Mummy 13. The Dark Tower 14. Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets 15. Transformers: The Last Knight Tiebreaker: Cars 3: $175m
  13. Harper randomly turning into a normal dude only works if, in the future when he ends up on the same brand as Bray again, he immediately reverts back like Brays influence only has a radius of so far.
  14. Movie

    I watched Down Periscope and Rat Race last night - I feel dumber and much happier because of it.
  15. Woo! 15 movies left. Time to stop procrastinating and throw a list together before Friday.