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  1. I like it. I live in a very small apartment with no room for fitness equipment, so as a no-equipment, in my living room workout it's really good. The demo 15 minute workouts were fine but once you go up into the 30+ minute range I find it's some really good cardio and judging from my areas of soreness is pretty good for the arms and core. I really wanted Ringfit Adventure as well, but have settled on this until it becomes available again. I lost most of the weight the first couple weeks and most of it was just an improvement in diet and cutting down on drinking.
  2. Had Celia move out yesterday opening up a spot on our island. Visited about 10 Nook islands before settling on Chadder as our 10th villager. I had no clue you could continue going to Nook Miles islands until you find a villager you want when you have an open spot - if I did, I would have started trying to get some of these idiots to move out a long time ago.
  3. I gained about 20 pounds in the first 6 weeks of this all just from drinking every night at home, playing video games, working 8 hours from my couch and a whole bunch of carbs. Became a bit more aware of things after that, started doing Switch Fitness boxing and eating a tad better and dropped the 20 pounds since then. So basically, I weigh the same just way more out of shape and more pale.
  4. There's always spots for more Godzilla statues.
  5. One of my friends that I was visiting last night had turnips at 500! Of course, this was the week I didn't buy any...
  6. No need anymore, I acquired one last night and got my hybrid breeding ground all set up. Now starts the process of eradicating the island of all basic flowers and replacing them with hybrids. Also hit 5 stars last night so looking forward to the first Lily of the Valley popping up.
  7. 178 right now for turnips and Flick on the island, which has been useless this morning because it's been raining.
  8. Just went down the rabbit hole of Youtube videos about setting up a flower farm to produce all the hybrids in the game and then cloning them all to get tons of flowers and pretty sure I'm going to spend the rest of the night blowing up my town to set all of this up.
  9. I showed up, saw your practically empty island and thought to myself "I have to go back and get him EVERYTHING he doesn't have!". Of course, then I came back to your island and found all the flowers I had just combed my island to bring to you all neatly organized and not out of control like I'm used to on my island. Oh well.
  10. They'll come one per day for the next 3 days, so like everything else in the beginning of the game - you gotta wait forever for it.
  11. Nah just pay it forward to everyone when they need it. My lady is on right now add her at SW-7649-8858-8269 and then I’ll have her accept and open the gate.
  12. Ugh turnip prices all the way up to 452 and I sold them all earlier this week. If anyone wants to jump on it let me know and I can open up my gate.
  13. Mine was at 157 this morning but haven't checked yet after noon.
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