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  1. Jinder would be better off just dropping English all together. Crazy dance celebrations to the ring and 30 second Punjabi promos are all be needs.
  2. NFL

    It was doomed long before these stadium issues - the best is that the cause for the delay was because of record rainfall - something that it really seems like you could have been prepared for and not cost an entire year delay of a new stadium. That being said - I'm pretty shocked at the crowds the Rams were continuing to draw in the Colosseum last year. While the enthusiasm for the team(s) doesn't exist, the desire for live football is definitely there. And by the time people lose interest, the shiny new stadium will draw them in again. So that should buy the Rams & Chargers around a decade - but yea... then they're fucked.
  3. There's a new Sheriff in town.
  4. *POOF*
  5. Sorry to hear about all that JT. I'm going through similar with my mom - she was just diagnosed with alzheimer's and is going through more tests over the next week just to see how far along she is. Over the last 10 or so years, she's been going through a lot of shit from depression to us having to convince her to move to a senior living facility to get daily help which lead to alcoholism (something she's been dealing with since before I was born) and eventually this diagnosis of alzheimer's. I know she's getting up there (she's 74) but it's a pretty jarring experience to sit there with a doctor and hear how long she realistically has left and how long it might be before she doesn't even recognise me anymore. That being said - my brothers and her had a pretty fantastic Mothers Day together. I think we all appreciated it more than we have in the past because of knowing all this.
  6. Sim Airport is out on steam in beta and looks pretty fantastic. Might be time to replace Stardew Valley as my logistical sim/work time waster.
  7. Since the whole interview doesn't seem to be up on the Youtube yet, GIFs will have to do.
  8. With Extreme Rules coming up and that ending, could we be in for the long awaited return of the classic Big Show/Eric Rowan stairs match gimmick?
  9. Let me say, having to take a walk of shame off of a roller coaster for not being able to lock the restraints is a pretty good wake up call that you need to get in shape. Especially when you've just bought season passes and realize you can't even use them because you don't fit on most of the rides. Since then, I've gotten back on WeightWatchers, dropped 15 pounds and feel better than I have in months. I know it's a long road, but I've done it before (and then was stupid enough to put it all back on over the course of a decade) so I'm at least optimistic for once. I've got a date with those damn roller coasters penciled into my calendar for the beginning of June and determined to get onto them.
  10. Yea - with the lack of time I've had to play recently, that's going to be around Christmastime before I finally finish the story and move on to MP. By then, I'll probably need a hug anyway.
  11. Not saying he wasn't, but he looked concussed as fuck during the singles match with Cesaro a few weeks back too. Would it really be that surprising if "concussed as fuck" was just Jeff's normal sorta tired look at this point?
  12. Yea I guess this this makes the most sense to post here - Got Hamilton tickets for my birthday in December for its run at the Pantages in LA! Pretty stoked for that.
  13. Trent Dilfer is gone, too.
  14. The house of horror match is pretty clearly non-title. It's a nice bit of layering where he still has to deal with Bray but Jinder is still right there waiting for his title match once Orton is done. Haven't seen the show but I am all for Fashion Police over AA/Usos #115 at this point. Also, if you didn't love them before, this...