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  1. Something eventually happening to Joe Buck will be this generations Austin stunning McMahon for the first time.
  2. Instant Pot is, funnily enough, a terrible slow cooker.
  3. Name is official and pretty much what everyone knew already.
  4. I have DirectTV - Smackdown and RAW have been coming on forever at 5pm and so did NXT last night. Not sure where Dave is getting that NXT is not going to be on live? edit: Nevermind I guess standard cable is different than DirecTV.
  5. A streaming service I'll use for maybe 5 minutes a day? Bad value. No thanks.
  6. RIPPA trying kiss the SD to FOX thread goodbye...
  7. All Jokes aside, the trunks are a way better look for him. They make him look less squatty to the point where I can put up with the "look at that fatty jiggle!" offense that you can hear Vince laughing at through the announcers headsets. Now Tucker needs some new threads before he falls out of the ones they've been wearing with all the weight he seems to have lost.
  8. I really don't think Bryan came off as a good guy or a hero in that segment - that promo was still total heel Bryan. I still feel like this ends in Bryan turning on Roman - either being the mastermind behind it all or a "if you can't beat them, join them" situation with the dynamic of Rowan being in charge of the faction with Bryan as his little bulldog.
  9. I would much rather see TV focused on old man Tim Storm than boring man Nick Aldis.
  10. The worst part is, unless they do, New England's defense putting up 88.36 (! - god bless our wacky defensive scoring) is going to be wasted because every stupid Eagle on my team decided to get hurt last night.
  11. I am a fool. I should know better.
  12. Scarily - that's a question I've been pondering after the last couple weeks. If he's so physically broken down that he can't run anymore, and he sure as hell isn't accurate this year - what does he really bring to the table? Unless the foot is way more fucked up than they are letting on. Super Bowl 50 is feeling more and more like a last chance as the years go by and I think I need a drink now.
  13. Literally the only redeeming factor to following the Chargers is the tiny cool soccer stadium they play in and seeing how badly their fans are outnumbered by the transplant fans of whatever team they are playing. I guess also finding new and exciting ways to blow games could be considered fun, too if you're that kind of masochist. They are so fucked next year when they move to that new sperm cell monstrosity of a stadium.
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