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    What about a more broad: Bands that produce awful albums, but are so much better live. Because Imagine Dragons fall into that category. They strip down all the terrible production live and actually sound pretty good. One of these days I need up upload the stuff I have of their original albums that got wiped off the internet as soon as they were signed to a major label and songs remixed into their first album. Because that stuff is awesome.

    These Angels cactus hats are awesome. I totally need one of those.
  3. #205LIVE

    That Gulak/Nese match was refreshing - when's the last time on WWE tv, in a non-jobber squash match, that someone got destroyed like that? Gulak managed to change while Nese came out still pointing to his abs and he paid for it. So simple, so good.
  4. The Board Game Thread

    Oh God, I love Smash Up so much. We probably get that to the table more than anything else in our collection. It's so easy to teach people and with all the different decks (especially with expansions), everyone typically gets a theme that they enjoy playing with. Well ... until I shinobi them all and then they hate me but whatever.
  5. All-Purpose Health and Fitness Thread

    Officially 10 weeks into the first real diet plan I've ever been on that didn't just include eating less pizza and walking all over the place and the results are pretty encouraging. Down 43.5 pounds, 30.5% body fat down from 39%, waste size has decreased over 6 inches (RIP so many pairs of perfectly good pants). According to "metrics", I'm still only 40% of the way to my goal - but it's nice to start seeing some real visible progress and now have the numbers to back that up.
  6. I assume the two different Youtube watch lists are the one you let everyone have access to at home and then the one filled with so much shame that you keep it to yourself? Not that I would know anything about that...
  7. Forget that - 8 person mixed tag. My Fire Pro is getting Graves/Neville/Mandy Rose/Eva Marie vs Harlem Heat/Sherri/Seth Rollins this weekend.
  8. Olympics Omnibus thread

    And terrible for us who get sucked into watching things all night long and end up barely sleeping for two weeks.
  9. Record Player Advice?

    A new used book store just opened up down the street with a huge used record selection. Of course, because me and the lady are weird, we bought an ELO album, the Babes in Toyland soundtrack and Snoopy vs Red Baron for like $10 total. Now I just need to, ya know, actually buy and setup a record player. This thread has already been infinitely helpful.
  10. Old man Rippa - a million and two and still going strong.
  11. Maybe after that, Greg Hamilton won't have to check with the ref to remember Dorado's name anymore.

    Anyone who thinks being indecisive doesn't make you a bad person clearly hasn't dealt with a hungry significant other who can't decide what restaurant to go to but every suggestion you make is eternally wrong.

    Flanders in LA? I'm so in.
  14. So I haven't watched RAW yet, but I'm trying to figure out how exactly Sasha isn't dead after whatever this was...
  15. She's Kane's sister-in-law. Eliminations come naturally for that family...