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  1. After what happened last week, I fully expect this to end with MJF hitting Wardlow to cause Punk to be DQ'd and that finally being the thing to push Wardlow over the edge.
  2. I feel like this is a new thing with the current update - it never happened before and in the last couple weeks I've gotten a 2nd photo from every villager expect my two newest ones.
  3. The new San Diego Wave of the NWSL really nailed their logo: It's so pretty.
  4. So this happened... It was a good Thanksgiving weekend.
  5. I’m attempting to work while processing this news and basically going through the same mental process and I think my brain is about to break.
  6. I feel like I'm going to continue to go old man on anyone who starts this game after the update. "You don't even know how hard it was to get artwork from Redd before the Harv's collective" and now less than a week into 2.0 I have multiple real versions of so many paintings.
  7. I got the star fragment island yesterday and it's awesome - two star fragment rocks, plus a meteor shower and it seemed like a ton of rare fish swimming in the ocean.
  8. So when I saw you had mentioned my name in this thread, I thought for sure I had forgotten to make my pick. This is a pleasant surprise.
  9. We had Yuka move out today, the first of what I assume will be many villagers asking to after us pretty much not playing for 6 months. But on the bright side, this will be one villager closer to our dream of an all cat island.
  10. Hopped on for the first time in forever last night and the game was definitely like "You miss me! Here is Redd and a Meteor shower and tomorrow is the Bug Off please keep playing remember how much fun I am!" Then Redd only had fakes, Celeste was nowhere to be found and the Bug Off has the same rewards as before with very little reason to do it again.
  11. Just wanted to say Thursday night games are fucking stupid: McCaffery out for 2-3 weeks Jaycee Horn out for 2-3 MONTHS
  12. I'm not so sure it wasn't - KiLynn hit a pump kick and a fall away slam too, which are basically Jade's two big moves. All that seems like too much of a coincidence to not be intentional.
  13. And handling that winning streak so well ...
  14. Lost in all this host talk is that the current champion Matt Amodio has climbed up to be the 4th most winning player ever at $440,600 over 14 days and has generally been destroying the competition with runaway after runaway. Apparently the strategy he uses has been controversial as he answer's every question with "What is...?" no matter if it is grammatically correct or not and has attributed that to his success with added time and brain power not being used on that.
  15. Christ, I am impressed with all of you. We just got a 3rd cat and I'm exhausted from dealing with THAT for a week.
  16. CSC

    The Olympics

    Check out the replies here - it's a bunch of former gymnasts explaining what she has is "the twisties" and yea it sounds absolutely terrifying for that to happen in mid air.
  17. CSC


    Makes his time in Carolina not seem so bad.
  18. Yea ... neverminded. Can't even really fault you, really.
  19. CSC

    The Olympics

    For about 8 hours yesterday the NBCSports app audio was out of sync for every single event as well. It hasn't been a great start to trying to stream the games. I got hooked on archery last night because it was one of the few events I could deal with the audio lag and ended up watching from the quarterfinals on and today I'm convinced I could be that good in 4 years.
  20. Which plan are you on? I've been doing Green, sort of. Green gives me so many points that I very rarely get anywhere close to using all of them in a day. I've figured out a set breakfast and lunch which uses about 15 points leaving me with 45 for dinner, which is pretty much anything I want as long as I don't eat a bucket of it. After a few weeks of a plateau, my weight has shot down this week and I'm really feeling like you can see a difference. I know I can feel a difference my energy levels are great and exercising doesn't make me feel like I'm going to die the next day. I've officially out of my COVID-fat clothes and back into my "just fat" clothes that I haven't been able to comfortably fit in for about 18 months. I'm sitting at 304 lbs and pushing hard to get down into the 200's by next week which would be 50 pounds down from my absolutely heaviest last October. Oh and everyone that says take before pictures is absolutely right. I felt so shitty when I started WW at the beginning of April that I didn't want to take a picture and now I would kill for a decent before picture to be able to see my progress.
  21. Damn Eurovision I have so much weird stuff stuck in my head right now ...
  22. I've been on WeightWatchers (you will never just be WW to me) for about 6 weeks now and have dropped 30 or so pounds getting me back down to my pre-COVID weight. On top of the dieting, been getting out taking 30 minute walks every afternoon which are getting longer and longer as I get in better shape. Things got real bad health-wise during COVID. Got to be the heaviest I've ever been at 345 (I'm 6'3") and just went weeks with almost no activity other than walking around our 500 square food apartment and going out to get the mail. It feels good to finally be burning that weight off and getting back into decent enough shape where normal every day things aren't completely exhausting anymore. I'd still like to ideally lose another 80 pounds to get back down to a healthy weight as I creep closer and closer to 40 and I know my body isn't going to hold out if I keep treating it like I have been,
  23. Had a super rough week this week. Woke up Monday morning, turned off the alarm, turned back to bed and my 13 year old cat Willow was laying there having a seizure. It ended up lasting for a couple minutes until she finally stopped shaking and after what felt like forever of her just laying there motionless (and what was in reality probably a few seconds) finally shook it off and came back to. We laid with her for a while with her and once she seemed to be mostly all there loaded her into the car to go to the vet. She seemed to be doing ok, maybe a little shaky moving around but she was walking around the car while we drove generally seeming pretty happy. They took her in right away for a quick exam and said everything looked normal, tempt and vitals were normal etc. so sent us back to the car to wait to get blood and urine work done and flush her system with fluids. Got that done and they sent her home with us & saying we would know results after 5pm the next day which sent me into total Papa Bear crazy mode of following her around the house any time she moved making sure she wasn't going to have another one & waking up multiple times in the night to find her to make sure everything seemed okay. Again she seems mostly fine aside from some neuro ticks here and there but she has always had them. Got the results back the next night and turns out she has stage 2 renal failure (which they say for a cat her age isn't exactly abnormal) so now we have to put her on a special prescription diet to slow the progress of that. But unfortunately, that tells us nothing about the seizure and to find out more we would need to take her to an animal neurologist to get worked up and see if they find anything. The vet recommended just waiting to see if she was going to have another seizure and if she does then move forward with that, which I agree with but we've been so on edge all week long about the whole thing and kind of feel like an asshole to take a "wait and see" approach with a member of the family. Today she finally seems to be acting normal again but still it's nerve racking not knowing if there's something going on in her head that we don't know about that could cause more to happen or if it was (hopefully) just a one time fluke thing.
  24. I downloaded Minecraft onto my laptop yesterday and started playing it for the first time. I'm pretty sure I'm never going to get any actual work done at work for a long time ...
  25. CSC


    Between this and Pujols to the Dodgers, it's been a wonderful weekend of knowing my friends are going feel my pain so hard this season.
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