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  1. I've been to 3 dream islands today and come to the conclusion that my island is complete trash.
  2. The best part of this is showing it to my friend who uses their character being tired and "going to bed" as the only way to get off the game without their daughter throwing a tantrum about wanting to keep playing and not knowing what she is going to do now that going to bed is actually being used as a game mechanic.
  3. I know I'm super behind on the party and not saying anything everyone doesn't know already - but binged through the first two seasons of Killing Eve this week and it's amazing.
  4. It's fun watching this season turn into Pandemic: MLB the board game.
  5. How do you not shut the game down with that information? Possibly infect the whole Yankee's team because tests aren't back? ..... wait Actually, PLAY BALL!
  6. Let me know if it is - I didn’t realize I had a few stacks left back in the corner of my house and wouldn’t mind selling for that much of a profit.
  7. I'm maxed out for the week right now at 171 until noon PST and it's a nosedive after that.
  8. This makes up for me stupidly seeing Redd on my island on Monday, saying I'll check out the paintings later and totally forgetting to log back on. I have Sahara today and turnip prices should small spike in the afternoon between 163 and 214. If anyone wants to visit let me know and I can open up.
  9. Oooh I could totally go for the Apples & Oranges painting if you're still able to open your gates.
  10. The great white spawns at all times of the day, the other three are from 4pm to 9am so you have a 2 hour overlap at the end of the tournament to catch them all.
  11. No matter how much I add, it's a constant battle to stay at 5 stars because she claims there are too many items laying around. I think I've figured out that recipes and such that you put on tables don't count towards that, but if you put them on benches or stools they do. I am down to needing only one more flower and that's the blue rose. After setting up a huge area to try to grow a black cosmo, one randomly grew in a totally different area where we weren't even trying so now we're just cloning the crap out of that one.
  12. I still have about a 50/50 chance at decreasing or a large spike, so there's still a chance - it just won't be until later in the week. Hopefully this afternoons prices will lean one way or the other so I can decide to wait or trying to find somewhere to unload.
  13. We got a ton of rain last week to the point I've spent a couple days just trying to clean up the flower disaster that it has made my island become.
  14. My bubble is collapsing. One of the housekeepers at work was just sent home yesterday for two weeks for being in direct contact with a family member who just got tested positive for COVID. Then got a call that my friends daughter's vet office where she works just had a confirmed case with a co-worker she had direct contact with a week ago. We've seen her twice since then including being at their house all night a few days ago sitting maybe 2 feet from her. And I get to keep coming into work despite CA shutting us down to the public because our president is an old, workaholic asshole who can't understand why people wouldn't want to come into the office every day right now.
  15. Solely from what I got yesterday and hearing they have changed algorithms for when visitors will show up - they seem to be ramping up the frequency of everyone showing up. Yesterday alone I had Gulliver, Wisp, Celeste (and Pascal but I think he is an every day thing right now) and the craziest night of shooting stars I've ever seen in the game.
  16. One of my friends got him yesterday, so he's definitely available to show up.
  17. That's .... sure not a lot of space between courts. I'm sure nothing will happen.
  18. As a Lakers fan .... yes, yes it is.
  19. Our prices are bad too with a maximum of 133 predicted for the week. Seems to have picked a bad week all around for investing in turnips.
  20. I hope this season never starts.
  21. I believe you still get the day between when they move out and someone else moves in to find a villager yourself. it's honestly about all I use my Nook Miles for these days.
  22. You are all fools to let the game choose your residents.
  23. I have a time traveling friend who is on the 21st and they just got a post on their bulletin board that the Bug-Off will be June 27th.
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