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  1. No matter how little I use it, the yearly Vanessa Hudgens Hallmark style Netflix Christmas movie makes my subscription totally worth it.
  2. That's an impressive amount of stereotypes in one GIF, even by WCW standards.
  3. Because the aura of Jerry Richardson is still strong and Rivera has ruined the great white hope that they expected to have after Kyle Allen's first few games and someone's head had to roll because of it.
  4. Without an actual Takeover during Rumble weekend, they could totally run two Rumble matches on consecutive weeks for the men and women. There's at least enough women to easily fill out a 20 person Rumble. That way they could stretch out the big title programs to Mania and pop a couple big ratings for Rumbles on USA.
  5. And people wonder why some of us just like going into the photo thread and looking at cool pictures of wrestling without context...
  6. I love that they make it a point that Moxley's entrance is actually for a reason, that he doesn't want anyone to be able to sneak up behind him, instead of it just being because it's cool (which it is).
  7. Call of the Wild ... what would have happened if Han Solo hadn't died. Continues to get old, loses his eyesight, retires to a lush planet with a dog who he thinks is Chewy.
  8. I did not expect the 60's & 70's live action Disney movies to be the thing that I ended up enjoying the most on here, but over the past week I've watched The Cat From Outer Space, Emil & the Detectives & The Ugly Dachshund ... all of which have been superb. Fired up Unidentified Flying Oddball last night and in the first 20 minutes they had insinuated that they should send a woman to space instead of a man because they are replaceable, taught an robot about women by showing it pictures of them in bikinis and then when they send the robot to space it snuck a Playboy onto the ship.
  9. Real voice Undertaker is tripping me out nearly as much as the first time I heard real voice Dusty Rhodes.
  10. I thought it was pretty clear that the doctor had a blood bag palmed in that towel then he came running out and Aliyah couldn't get the thing to pop. You could see her trying to poke/bite it open toward the end of the segment and the camera quickly cut away and never went back.
  11. Rudolph absolutely had a hand in what happened by whatever he was trying to do once his helmet was ripped off, but that still doesn't making him getting his helmet ripped off and then beaten with it justifiable, no matter what fighting means to anyone. It was an overreaction to a situation that Garrett himself started and now he's being punished for it.
  12. He instigated the fight by being held onto and ridden into the ground well after the ball was gone when the game was completely out of reach? Uh sure. "That guy pushed me so I bludgeoned him over the head with this blunt object. It was his fault, officer!"
  13. It's double title fever!
  14. Yea - that reeks of the NFL thinking the rest of the season or only 6 games won't sound like enough, so he's "suspended indefinitely", will appeal and be back on the field for the first game of next year. As far as Pouncey, pretty much this...
  15. Adding NXT to the matches at least gives it some sense of actual stakes. I could never believe a RAW or Smackdown guy caring about beating the other, but I could see the motivation behind them wanting to beat all the NXT guys who get all the praise over the main roster every big PPV they run. It's something at least, which is better than it's been for years.
  16. After last night, I could see them running Rush/Garza again to get a title match on the show. I feel like those two could really use the two ring setup to do some crazy shit.
  17. Yep - Have wanted to watch it for forever, but there's never been a good place to stream the whole series until now.
  18. Because it couldn't get worse than losing by 2.74 points to RIPPA two weeks ago, and I then went ahead and lost by 2.7 points this week. God I remember why I tell myself I should stop playing this stupid game every year now.
  19. In the same vein as that, it seems like the Roku app at least doesn't track what you've watched. I watched 5 episodes of Clone Wars last night, went to load it up this morning and it went right back to episode 1. Also ... I'm going to need some stronger coffee.
  20. You may be on to something...
  21. Super happy Tony Schiavone may be the best thing to come out of AEW so far...
  22. Damn you AEW, we all deserve Mox/Shota in the WTL.
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