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  1. There was an amazing car chase on TV last night that was right out of a GTA game. Dude didn't pull over for a traffic stop, drove off, dumped his Honda Civic and broke into a refrigerated van and took off in that until he was running on the rims, took off on foot, broke into a house, stole THEIR truck while the husband is trying to attack him with a knife and wife holding him back and two dogs attacking too. THEN pulls off in that truck while running over at least one of the family members, weaving in and out of traffic on windy ass LA roads in the middle of rush hour with dozens of cop cars chasing him, getting stuck on dead-end streets, turning around and somehow plowing through all the cop cars and getting back onto roads. Eventually runs THAT car onto the rims, crashes into a gas station where the cops UNLOAD with rounds into the car. 10 minutes later and no movement in the car they approach, handcuff the guy and the fucker walks out of the car looking not hurt AT ALL. Damnedest thing I've ever seen. 5 star wanted level for sure.
  2. In the last 15 minutes I have fully believed that the Panthers were heading for a top 5 draft pick, to first place in the NFC South and that they can totally make the playoffs, and now back again.
  3. Someone in the comments nailed it - with the new logo and coming to Disney+ it looks like a Doctor Who Paw Patrol mashup.
  4. I'm about halfway through and the only thing slowing me down is having had a pet die less than 6 months ago and every time he's describing little things that are happening to Radar as he starts to break down makes me want to burst into tears. Other than that, it's been fantastic.
  5. As long as they wait until after tomorrow so I can go see them in person against the Rams and not be completely depressed before the game even starts.
  6. I know it's his gimmick, but he does seem particularly checked out of the current season so far. It will definitely be a different show without his personality for all the other coaches to play off of.
  7. Yea this game is crack - I've officially hit the point where the first thing I do every morning is harvest/replant my massive okra farm cause there is so much stuff I want in this game and need all the money. The first patch just dropped and looks to fix a lot of the known issues. The constant crashing and menu load times (on Switch) has been a little annoying, but not enough to get me from playing all damn day long most days.
  8. Practically every comment about the movie I've seen has said the exact same thing and now I'm trying to media-blind myself from finding out anymore before I get the chance to go see it.
  9. There's nothing more fun than dropping down a bunt to stop a stupid shift but for some reason we need a freaking rule because dudes are too insecure to do it.
  10. Just went to see Moulin Rouge last night at the Pantages and it was fantastic. The dude who played Christian gave the most charismatic performance I've ever seen on a stage and the whole thing was like a giant party with a standing ovation after every scene. It was wild.
  11. Thanks for the heads up on that - apparently this laptop comes with 3 free months of Ultimate Game Pass so I have that now. It was fun loading my Xbox friends list for the first time in years to see them ... still playing GTA 5. I don't even know where to start with so many games to choose from. I'm probably going to be a fool and fire up Fallout 76 or Skyrim on like my 6th different platform.
  12. Lord help me, I just got a laptop good enough to run pretty much every high end PC game I could ever want. I'm going to spend so much on Steam deals for games I'm never going to have time to play.
  13. So I joined the Peloton cult this week. I've only done a couple of rides so far, but I can totally see how people become obsessed with this thing.
  14. I thought the most disturbing, and yet sort of adorable, image of the whole episode was happy Anakin inside the bacta tank replaying dragging Obi Wan through the fire. Imagine 10 years of constant pain and you FINALLY get some redemption (in your mind) and he looked like he was filled with complete childish glee.
  15. Damn right! It ended up being a fun show with a couple memorable songs but man it loses everything in translation being an 8-week event with only 11 songs per week and a commercial break sandwiched between each one rather than a major event like Eurovision is. Just seems like another in the long run of similar TV singing shows just with original songs
  16. Didn't feel like sitting in the nosebleeds at the Forum, so got tickets to the Ontario show. Bring on the completely absurd Young Bucks homecoming match!
  17. If only - the amount of Door Dash we ordered in the last week while quarantined could have paid for another small vacation.
  18. After tempting fate with two trips to Disney World and now a cruise during a pandemic, the finance and I both came home from this trip with COVID. Thankfully we are both vaxxed and boosted so the worst of it is really just a long annoying head cold that we seem to finally be over the hump with, but it's still kind of sucked for the last week.
  19. American Song Contest contestants from each state have been announced including Jewel, Michael Bolton, Macy Grey and The Crystal Method. .... ok. https://eurovision.tv/story/american-song-contest-acts?fbclid=IwAR3Ms5Ysq9-KmiNEAaFbpXv5-9gXGtt8XpSaBTKd9FxnX9TCyj8EnzxB4L8
  20. Because the 200 hours I've already put into Stardew Valley isn't nearly enough. This looks amazing.
  21. Isn't the whole point of the "forbidden door" being people currently working in other companies and not just free agents who used to work somewhere else? All this Gargano/Keith Lee speculation makes no sense if you are using the forbidden door term for what it's actually supposed to mean.
  22. I can't wait for their cheerleaders to be named the Command Strippers.
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