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  1. I thought the most disturbing, and yet sort of adorable, image of the whole episode was happy Anakin inside the bacta tank replaying dragging Obi Wan through the fire. Imagine 10 years of constant pain and you FINALLY get some redemption (in your mind) and he looked like he was filled with complete childish glee.
  2. Damn right! It ended up being a fun show with a couple memorable songs but man it loses everything in translation being an 8-week event with only 11 songs per week and a commercial break sandwiched between each one rather than a major event like Eurovision is. Just seems like another in the long run of similar TV singing shows just with original songs
  3. Didn't feel like sitting in the nosebleeds at the Forum, so got tickets to the Ontario show. Bring on the completely absurd Young Bucks homecoming match!
  4. If only - the amount of Door Dash we ordered in the last week while quarantined could have paid for another small vacation.
  5. After tempting fate with two trips to Disney World and now a cruise during a pandemic, the finance and I both came home from this trip with COVID. Thankfully we are both vaxxed and boosted so the worst of it is really just a long annoying head cold that we seem to finally be over the hump with, but it's still kind of sucked for the last week.
  6. American Song Contest contestants from each state have been announced including Jewel, Michael Bolton, Macy Grey and The Crystal Method. .... ok. https://eurovision.tv/story/american-song-contest-acts?fbclid=IwAR3Ms5Ysq9-KmiNEAaFbpXv5-9gXGtt8XpSaBTKd9FxnX9TCyj8EnzxB4L8
  7. Because the 200 hours I've already put into Stardew Valley isn't nearly enough. This looks amazing.
  8. Isn't the whole point of the "forbidden door" being people currently working in other companies and not just free agents who used to work somewhere else? All this Gargano/Keith Lee speculation makes no sense if you are using the forbidden door term for what it's actually supposed to mean.
  9. I can't wait for their cheerleaders to be named the Command Strippers.
  10. My Mom took me on a crazy trip visiting all 22 missions in California the summer after 5th grade just the two of us for like a week. Bat out of Hell was one of the 3 cassette tapes that I brought with me and my Mom, the saint that she was, let me listen to that sucker on repeat up and down the California coast the whole trip. It will forever be my ultimate driving album and this is such a bummer to hear today.
  11. After what happened last week, I fully expect this to end with MJF hitting Wardlow to cause Punk to be DQ'd and that finally being the thing to push Wardlow over the edge.
  12. I feel like this is a new thing with the current update - it never happened before and in the last couple weeks I've gotten a 2nd photo from every villager expect my two newest ones.
  13. The new San Diego Wave of the NWSL really nailed their logo: It's so pretty.
  14. So this happened... It was a good Thanksgiving weekend.
  15. I’m attempting to work while processing this news and basically going through the same mental process and I think my brain is about to break.
  16. I feel like I'm going to continue to go old man on anyone who starts this game after the update. "You don't even know how hard it was to get artwork from Redd before the Harv's collective" and now less than a week into 2.0 I have multiple real versions of so many paintings.
  17. I got the star fragment island yesterday and it's awesome - two star fragment rocks, plus a meteor shower and it seemed like a ton of rare fish swimming in the ocean.
  18. So when I saw you had mentioned my name in this thread, I thought for sure I had forgotten to make my pick. This is a pleasant surprise.
  19. We had Yuka move out today, the first of what I assume will be many villagers asking to after us pretty much not playing for 6 months. But on the bright side, this will be one villager closer to our dream of an all cat island.
  20. Hopped on for the first time in forever last night and the game was definitely like "You miss me! Here is Redd and a Meteor shower and tomorrow is the Bug Off please keep playing remember how much fun I am!" Then Redd only had fakes, Celeste was nowhere to be found and the Bug Off has the same rewards as before with very little reason to do it again.
  21. Just wanted to say Thursday night games are fucking stupid: McCaffery out for 2-3 weeks Jaycee Horn out for 2-3 MONTHS
  22. I'm not so sure it wasn't - KiLynn hit a pump kick and a fall away slam too, which are basically Jade's two big moves. All that seems like too much of a coincidence to not be intentional.
  23. And handling that winning streak so well ...
  24. Lost in all this host talk is that the current champion Matt Amodio has climbed up to be the 4th most winning player ever at $440,600 over 14 days and has generally been destroying the competition with runaway after runaway. Apparently the strategy he uses has been controversial as he answer's every question with "What is...?" no matter if it is grammatically correct or not and has attributed that to his success with added time and brain power not being used on that.
  25. Christ, I am impressed with all of you. We just got a 3rd cat and I'm exhausted from dealing with THAT for a week.
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