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    Might want to rewrite that last sentence, dude.
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    A neckbeard is the unshaven and sloppy looking guy with the nachos who tries to get a ridiculous and unfunny chant started every three seconds and then leans in to make sure you know that Kurt isn't REALLY Jason Jordan's dad.
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    EA would drink chocolate milk to show how diverse they are
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    The Black Panther movie had a lot of the MLK / Malcom X back and forth that the X-Men comics did in the '60's had when it was a more blatant fable about racism. I don't think that Killmonger's dying words shattered T'Challa as much as they inspired him to right the wrong of Wakandan isolationism his way rather than follow Killmonger's path of conquest or T'Chaka's path of selective ignorance.. Oh, and "Hi, Auntie!" = Best Line Of The Movie.
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    Now I'm incredibily sad that Hogan and Mutoh never made a buddy cop action flick in the 80's.
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    Maybe they'll actually book a local guy to work Harry now, instead of spending all that money to put two out-of-town names against each other like fucking money marks.
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    Seriously, how is Rusev not a bigger deal? Sometimes I swear WWE hates making money.
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    I like how he cropped Baron Corbin from the picture
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    I don't think I've ever done a 180 on someone as fast with pure character work than I have with Cody. Dude's been on fire.
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    Hogan came in as a full timer, so Punk would have been ok with it.
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    It does feel a bit like New Japan is leaving money on the table in California, and (broadly) may not quite have anticipated how big of a deal the Golden Lovers/Elite/Bullet Club angle would be. But I do want to be careful with that latter point. Even if they're only indulging what the primary actors want to do and being totally hands off otherwise, that takes a great deal of trust. Regardless, it's all happening, which I didn't really ever expect, so... yeah. A cool thing to file away in the "Jay White is gonna make me wonder why I ever doubted him really soon" tab: Unprompted, during his backstage interview, he mentioned that Ibushi should be wary of Omega, lest he get his heart broken again. Specifically, he should remember the distraction against AJ. Of course this furthers his character's apparent thrill at creating division, which is good. But it's especially cool because, as White mentions, he was ringside for the match as a Young Lion. But he wasn't just standing there, he and his buzzut mohawk basically carried Kota to the back after Kenny (albeit reluctantly) betrayed him. Continuity!
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    I'd rather watch a show with Peter Facinelli, Tiffani Amber Thiessen, and Bill Bellamy called Fastlane.
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    Needs an obligatory exit interview: "In your time with the organization, is there anything that hindered you, or you think should be improved moving forward?" "Well, I, individually, thought I was performing to the best of my ability, but I felt management lent a deaf ear to how my productivity and success ultimately suffered from a co-worker repeatedly blasting me a crutch..." "Sure, we hear that a lot."
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    "No I'm not Green Lantern Fan, you lunkhead security guard. He wears a Green Lantern shirt and this is clearly a Black Lantern Corps shirt. I want you to go get your supervisor, and I will be timing you!"
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    And that day those children learned Bulgarian!
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    But to be a dick he read it in Bulgarian.
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    It was at this moment, Harley realized he fucked up.
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    My God Bix is fucking insufferable. Motherfucker you literally just typed out the thing you said in relation to the spat right before typing out that bullshit above. Bix, who tried to dunk on Graves, gets owned and acts all shook in response. Enough so that he typed out a whole article about it.
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    Yeah there's no part this story that isn't either shitty, tragic, or both.
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    Come now, Hardy's Bane is only good thing in Dark Knight Rises aside from Anne Hathaway on the Batpod.
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    My friend, let me tell you about the gay community...
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    There is not enough love for Killmonger using racial profiling to his advantage as a part of his plan to steal the Wakandan artifact from the Museum of Great Britain.
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    I've heard quite a few of my white nerd co-workers go on about how they like Killmonger as a character and sympathize with him. Then I reminded them that if Killmonger were a real life person, he'd either want them dead or chained up a labor camp in service the greater Wakandan empire. Further evidence that Erik Killmonger was a great and complex character in a great and complex movie.
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    Killmonger's last line was heavy shit for an MCU film. Shit straight up shattered T'challa.
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    Saw Black Panther on Saturday with my boo and my kid. It was pretty fucking awesome but being an avid reader of Black Panther as a kid and an adult, there were a few things that bummed me out. So, given how everything shook out, I'm assuming that in the inevitable event of a sequel, they'll probably roll with Nekra or adopt bits from the Dark Reign / Passing The Mantle storyline and bring in Morlun. I don't know if anyone really needs an updated version of The Mandrill in a BP sequel. I thought it was interesting how Coogler kept the audience from 100% sympathizing with Killmonger's ideology and personal plight by having him do ruthless villain things like poisoning female museum curators and murdering defenseless people in cold blood.. Every mark on his body represented a life he personally took. As much as you want to sympathize with him because of his personal tragedy and path in life, he was definitely a legit monster. It was also awesome to see Wakanda as a hypothetical example of what an African nation unfettered by colonialism or slavery might look like. Everyone who stayed for the end credit scene marked out.
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    One thing I noticed - and this is connected to my love of Cinema Sins - is the action cinematography. The casino scene, into the car chase, then later the fight for the throne seemed to be shot with very few cuts, unlike some of the action scenes in other Marvel flicks.
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    This is what happens when you allow a director to do his thing. Black Panther was A+ level film making. A film that had A LOT to say.. this touched on everything from colonists to isolationism, it was beautifully done, the world building was perfect. No dumb corny joke making. Killmonger is MCU's best villain by a wide margin. I think this might top Winter Soldier for Marvel's best film. The cast was flawless. Only bad shit was some of the CGI at the end. They could have tidied that up.
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    So good. M'Baku was a delight, *howhf*howhf*howfh*!
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    Just came back from Black Panther. Thought it was good. Have to concur about the villain deaths.
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    "AND THE EARTH IS FUCKING ROUND." CODY! Nothing like a grown man walking into a school zone with a 4 litre jug of his own piss.
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    I wanna say 2 more? EDIT: Yup 2 more the titles are in the spoilers.
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    Just renewed my Sixers seasons for next year for $10 a game. Also got the pay as we play playoff option and my first round tickets are $12. If an act of Embiid happens and they make the finals my seat will be $25 a game.
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    I agree with the notion that at this point, just renumber every year and treat them like tv seasons.
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    There is one thing that really bugged me about Black Panther and this is something that didn't really bother me before:
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    in a move that will surprise no one, Disney has not imposed a review embargo for Black Panther. With 65 reviews in (15 from Top Critics) it is sitting on a 100% Fresh rating. As if this movie needs more buzz.
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