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    They really missed the boat by not having Elias take his stool and guitar into the pod and having him sing for through the entire match until it was his turn to enter and then have everyone mug him when he eventually entered.
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    I like how he cropped Baron Corbin from the picture
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    A neckbeard is the unshaven and sloppy looking guy with the nachos who tries to get a ridiculous and unfunny chant started every three seconds and then leans in to make sure you know that Kurt isn't REALLY Jason Jordan's dad.
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    The Black Panther movie had a lot of the MLK / Malcom X back and forth that the X-Men comics did in the '60's had when it was a more blatant fable about racism. I don't think that Killmonger's dying words shattered T'Challa as much as they inspired him to right the wrong of Wakandan isolationism his way rather than follow Killmonger's path of conquest or T'Chaka's path of selective ignorance.. Oh, and "Hi, Auntie!" = Best Line Of The Movie.
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    Asuka's hardcore. She'll take 'em both.
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    Cena's giving a pretty great broken man promo on the post show right now.
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    I don't think I've ever done a 180 on someone as fast with pure character work than I have with Cody. Dude's been on fire.
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    It does feel a bit like New Japan is leaving money on the table in California, and (broadly) may not quite have anticipated how big of a deal the Golden Lovers/Elite/Bullet Club angle would be. But I do want to be careful with that latter point. Even if they're only indulging what the primary actors want to do and being totally hands off otherwise, that takes a great deal of trust. Regardless, it's all happening, which I didn't really ever expect, so... yeah. A cool thing to file away in the "Jay White is gonna make me wonder why I ever doubted him really soon" tab: Unprompted, during his backstage interview, he mentioned that Ibushi should be wary of Omega, lest he get his heart broken again. Specifically, he should remember the distraction against AJ. Of course this furthers his character's apparent thrill at creating division, which is good. But it's especially cool because, as White mentions, he was ringside for the match as a Young Lion. But he wasn't just standing there, he and his buzzut mohawk basically carried Kota to the back after Kenny (albeit reluctantly) betrayed him. Continuity!
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    Seriously, how is Rusev not a bigger deal? Sometimes I swear WWE hates making money.
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    I know I'm the only one but if I wasn't already sick of Braun, that match definitely made it that way. What a boring ass Chamber match to see every single guy eliminated the exact same way. Absolute buzzkill and the same kind of shit that killed Survivor Series to me last year. Gotta be up there with one of the most predictable matches they've done and it went the lamest possible way to get there with absolutely nothing interesting along the way, no setting anything else up, nothing for any of the other guys in the match. On the flip side, the womens chamber had some real good moments. Alexa's Twisted Bliss off the pod was absolutely awesome, even if it wasn't sold - still a super cool visual and risk that looked great in execution as well. Thought the early portion was pretty good but the middle fell apart some and was real disappointed when Sonya went out, but overall a pretty good first womens chamber, the pre-match feud video deal was a pretty cool one as well. Alexa's post match promo was excellent, loved that the most of anything on the show. the Rousey segment was overall full of awkwardness but was entertaining to watch unfold. Kurt was hilarious, guessing he'll be Ronda's partner at WM so that'll be fun. Always dig Asuka vs. Nia but this one felt the least of their three bigger matches and the ending was rather abrupt, not a bad match but shorter than expected.
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    If they give her a bell, she can be the new Festus.
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    This Cena interview is amazing guys.
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    People in that match that are over in the order that they are over (bold and underline = who's getting pushed into Mania main event): 1) Braun 2) Elias 3) The Miz 4) Cena 5) Finn 6) Seth 7) Roman
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    Sasha is about the worst friend to have, and Bayley is a chump. No wonder Alexa gets "You deserved it" chants for beating them.
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    Man. I caught Black Panther on Monday and bits of it are still sticking with me hard. I want to catch it again in theaters and it'll be a day one BR purchase for me. Last Marvel movie to really land like that for me was probably GotG and I honestly liked Black Panther better. Above all else it did an amazing job giving characters with very little screen time a ton of flourish and personality. M'Baku was on screen for what? 10-15 minutes out of 150? And yet I still came out of it thinking he was great, had a lot of depth, and wanting more. And the thing is, there's a ton of other characters I can say that for. The whole movie just popped in a way Marvel stuff hasn't been. The funny stuff was genuinely funny, but moreso because the movie knew when to knock off the jokes and get serious. And also, it raises complex moral and ethical questions then has an ending that reflects and builds those as opposed to the Age of Ultron/Civil War shit where they ask whether the heroes are in the right then just have them punch the bad guys until they fall down and never actually resolve the question. SUCH a great movie. Pretty easily my favourite Marvel film to date and the best at first watch. We'll see if that impression holds, but I can't imagine it won't.
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    Baron probably requested it to hide that outfit.
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    I posted about that the night of The Embrace in how weirdly symmetrical it all is. Jay was the one to carry Ibushi to the back on that fateful night and there he is beating Omega to light the spark of the two reconnecting. This is such a ridiculously amazing angle that has LAYERZ. Beautiful layers and because there is a sense of ownership and even reality, you get this attention to detail and care that is normally absent in such angles. It's the best. It's cool that he specifically mentions that and remembers it. He's already starting to make some adjustments in his in-ring persona to match his new character, now I think there are just a few aesthetic tweaks to make and he's more or less good to go. His hair has a bit of the Bret Hart/Curt Hennig syndrome where it puffs up quite a bit as it dries out later on in matches and it's not a good look. He needs to get hold of whatever stay-in conditioner or whatever it is that Roman soaks his hair with, as that mother fucker's locks are dripping nonstop.
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    I'd rather watch a show with Peter Facinelli, Tiffani Amber Thiessen, and Bill Bellamy called Fastlane.
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    To be fair, he didn’t type out a whole article. At least half of it was copied and pasted Twitter posts from that Fightful editor. Bix should have credited him on the byline.
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    Downloading that as I write this haha, thanx for the heads-up
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    There's something extremely visually unpleasant about seeing the two bended W's on the side of something that's supposed to be a square. Also, the E not being the same size as the W's...
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    Black Bolt has been one of marvel’s best comics this last year.
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    Bix and Corey have one thing in common. Neither will be medically cleared to wrestle in WWE.
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    I mean, there was a period before the conquistadors landed there.
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    And not for nothing, but wearing THAT vest in those particular colors would indicate your preferences. It's called "flagging" and it's an offshoot from the old Hanky Code. (Link is SFW)
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    Masked man named Johnny Wrestling? Christ Regal is so good in that video. He's such a great actor in a way wrestlers almost never are.
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    I feel this is more appropriate here
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    I agree with the notion that at this point, just renumber every year and treat them like tv seasons.
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    I have that Elias shirt and have twice been asked about who Elias is and where I saw him in concert since the dates on the back don't include a stop in Michigan.
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    The New Avengers illuminati story based around incursions? That was some great reading..
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    Black Panther versus Namor, please. You can do that whole thing where someone starts as a "villain" but ends up as a hero by the end of the movie, setting up their own line of movies eventually.
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    I've heard quite a few of my white nerd co-workers go on about how they like Killmonger as a character and sympathize with him. Then I reminded them that if Killmonger were a real life person, he'd either want them dead or chained up a labor camp in service the greater Wakandan empire. Further evidence that Erik Killmonger was a great and complex character in a great and complex movie.
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    The x23 book is easily the best x book maybe since Gillen.
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    This is what happens when you allow a director to do his thing. Black Panther was A+ level film making. A film that had A LOT to say.. this touched on everything from colonists to isolationism, it was beautifully done, the world building was perfect. No dumb corny joke making. Killmonger is MCU's best villain by a wide margin. I think this might top Winter Soldier for Marvel's best film. The cast was flawless. Only bad shit was some of the CGI at the end. They could have tidied that up.
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    So good. M'Baku was a delight, *howhf*howhf*howfh*!
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    Just came back from Black Panther. Thought it was good. Have to concur about the villain deaths.
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    Give me my I Can't Believe It's Not the Justice League movie, dammit! Or at the very least a Booster/Blue Beetle buddy comedy.
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    So was that little Alexa/Mickie team up build for absolutely nothing?
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