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  1. As a face, Flair has a higher percentage on hitting top rope moves.
  2. I think Sting was involved in the best angle Rude was even involved in. Actually probably best WCW one period. I just thought they never did anything of note after that. Well I don't think that Rude breaking his neck counts.
  3. That is not currently a concern in government. Though honestly I can't imagine them caring any other time.
  4. Steamboat is Rude's most famous rivalry. Only ones I could think more/as fitting is Jake Roberts, Heyman or Madusa.
  5. Expand further, because you seem to think cumming on company equipment is normal behavior.
  6. Someone feels optimistic. It is too bad the UK Office never did PSAs or Paige could have avoided this.
  7. So by your logic (and feel free to correct me ff I am wrong) because a bathroom smells like shit, you would be cool with someone shitting in your kitchen? I wasn't accusing anyone of anything. Just explaining I do not know particulars.
  8. How are you people arguing with this? I say "Don't put salt in your eyes" you put salt in your eyes.
  9. I have not seen the video and don't intend to, because that is nasty. I just know basic details.