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  1. I unfollowed the Impact youtube channel when they had Joey Ryan do the dick spot with Tessa Blanchard. The Allie and Rosemary stuff is garbage Vince Russo would be ashamed to put his name on. They run shows in barns and give "comedy" indy wrestlers time on their shows. Their best stuff tops out at not awful.
  2. Brutus also main evented Summerslam 89 in a tag match. I'm surprised I am the first to mention this, but you need footage of the wrestler winning a match for comparison, to see if they give a signal they are losing.
  3. They went and fired Arn Anderson for it. Which earned her a spot on the shit list.
  4. I feel weird giving Disney money for this. It feels like I am supporting the evil empire, I have been saying the government should bust them up. But now they have my beloved Simpsons hostage. I guess I will deal with that when the time comes.
  5. Back in 2007, I noticed I started noticing whenever Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin were going to lose. They came out looking like their puppy had been hit by a truck. When they were going to win, they looked enthusiastic. The NXT people are pretty easy to read. But in the end its a matter of opinion. Or we end up examining it like the Zapruder film.
  6. When Matt was released in 05, it was because he was accused of slashing Edge's tires. Which was a whole situation involving other people. Then they brought him back two months later and Matt heavily implied he was never released in the first place.
  7. Thinking about it, Sasha and Bayley are acting exactly the way I would expect Triple H proteges to act. It seems like a problem with NXT in general. They get there and get this impression they are big stars, so when they get called up, they think they have already made it. Or not, who knows, but it does seem like its the NXT people who do this.
  8. I was going to post a pic of Boo Boo. The google image search was unkind.
  9. Magee managed to have bad matches with Arn Anderson and Tim Horner.
  10. The funny thing is, Hogan had him lay on the mat for a ten count. Which he would do sometimes to be a dick. That happened to Perry Saturn when he left WCW. He took a two year deal and when it came up, there was no more WCW.
  11. I had been paying attention to youtube and talk here before I took the next step. I hadn't watched much TV wrestling until Sunday.
  12. I'm not, unless someone I know sends me something, Not sure what that has to do with it. Sasha has been a deluded ass for years.
  13. Its a phrase Davey Boy Smith coined about guys who came out pouting when they were jobbing. Also she should shut up, she is treated better than most of the roster.
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