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  1. UFC feeling the need to consult her tells me they thought it was wrong.
  2. Victator


    One thing from my 94 viewing is seeing how bad Road Dogg was as a rookie. I think he ended up as a good (not as good as his brothers) worker. But in 94 he looked like he could barely lock up. The reason is he was trying to imitate Brad without Brad's talent and it hurt him as a rookie. By 98 he stuck to what he could do well. I understand why WCW never did much with Scott Armstrong, who never had a good look or charisma to compensate. But Steve was really good and outside of teaming with Tracy Smothers, never did as much as he should have.
  3. Victator


    They did a good job pushing him and then like Yoji Nagata they jobbed him to hell his final months. Which is something I can't understand. Especially with how they had Nagata beat Ultimo Dragon every time and Dragon was not going anywhere. Well if he had not been injured.
  4. Victator


    My friend who does the art for my books wrote all the Mega Man articles in addition to some of the Data East stuff.
  5. Victator


    Bobby Walker is so bad. I don't know how he stayed in the company so long. I think it was how he tried stuff he could not pull off consistently. Of all the talent WCW overlooked, its funny to think it was Walker and Sonny Onoo who sued for discrimination. I do think Sonny was an underrated late era manager. Ernest Miller's act was not as good when Onoo left.
  6. That was the crux of the angle, Sullivan berated Mike Rotunda for not living up to his potential every week. He was not doing the satanic stuff and was going back to his days as a clean cut wrestler. He was also scouting Rick Steiner too. When the group is formed and slowly over a few months Sullivan was gradually reverting to his old self. By March, Sullivan is the Games Master in bondage gear, while Mike and Rick are acting like brainwashed bullies from Leave It To Beaver. The whole thing is great until 1989, when George Scott added Dan Spivey and they were just another heel group. Then they got split up after Scott was fired and Spivey was put with Sid, Doc was turned face and Rotunda did not recover until he went to the WWF.
  7. Sullivan was booking in those years. I would still pick Dusty for late 91 and all of 92. I think the key to the success of WCW when Sullivan was booking is the Turner people were not interfering and Bischoff was not sabotaging the shows like Jim Herd did. At least not until 1998.
  8. Victator

    Stuff. Not good. Not bad. Just...stuff.

    School is going well and I still have no idea what I am going to do with it. Mickey Mantle once said if he knew he would live so long, he would have taken care of himself. When I was nineteen I thought I had no future. No matter what I was just trying to run the clock out. I took care of my family and friends, but I did not care if I died. Even my writing was/is a hobby to give me a creative output. Some numb nut on here thought I was doing it to make money. Yeah I am living large on that thirty eight cents I got last month. But now I have a support system and people who think I am worth something. So I am trying to plan a future late in the game. I have created a savings account and have a plan to put a decent amount of money away. I now have good credit, so I might be able to buy a house. I can have something tangible to leave my family one day.
  9. I don't know if it is because wrestling companies can't do basic story telling now. But watching 94/95 WCW and I am really enjoying it. Stories that make sense within their own world, clearly defined characters and decent action. I suppose the Dungeon Of Doom is silly, but compared to Lucha Underground and other indies, it is UWFI. Going out and aggressively signing talent like Malenko, Benoit and Eddy along with the luchadors was a great move. Kevin Sullivan knew what the the company needed and how to satisfy various egos. That WCW went to hell after getting rid of him in creative says a lot. I think he could have righted things in 2000, since he was not trying to fix things over night.
  10. Victator

    RIP to Tom 'Dynamite Kid' Billington

    What I would say is that he contributed enough to wrestling, we can find positive things he did without being negative. I can't even properly describe why this bothers me like it does. He created all of his adult miseries and left himself a lonely miserable man. Maybe I find that sadder. I hope he is at some sort of peace now.
  11. Victator

    RIP to Tom 'Dynamite Kid' Billington

    I read Pure Dynamite about nine years ago. I've known people worse than Dynamite with none of the pluses. To his credit he owned up to bad things he did, probably too much. Without the anger and pain, we would not know who he is and maybe he would be happy. Or maybe he would still be miserable. But that is life isn't it, we live with the choices we make. Whatever the case, Dynamite paid for every bad thing he did. But good or bad we end up in the grave. As a talent you can't really deny him. Every undersized wrestler owes him a debt. He had a good mind for wrestling. Unlike a lot of talent, he did not only care about carbon copies of himself. He could see the value in every type of wrestler. I'm disappointed the turn this thread took. I don't think we needed a crash course in the bad things he did.
  12. Victator

    SDL is The Dangers of Methane Gas - 12/4/2018

    He better hope Nakamura doesn't have a kid.
  13. My belief is when Smackdown goes to FOX, it will be THE SHOW. In the past Smackdown traditionally wins to make it not look like the B show. I think this was preemptively to make Raw relevant next year. He likes NXT, but wishes he could have had those resources.
  14. Well we can look at how Vince reacted at WCW using his own tactics in the nineties. So that is face logic for Vince.
  15. Victator

    Raw is Bane Ambrose - 12/3/2018

    Was the arena as empty as it looked in a picture I saw? I rather not watch it.