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  1. Victator

    IMPACT is still around in 2019...

    Sure when they behave they're "Our Gang", but when they're bad they're "The Little Rascals". Impact is a zombie promotion now. There is nothing left of the original company and they barely run shows. I follow the youtube channel for old matches. They are having to piggyback on bad drawing indies to do TV.
  2. Victator


    Finlay kept a really strong push from the time he started in WWE to the end. Especially as he was best known as a solid WCW mid card talent. I think he main evented one or two Smackdown pay per views.
  3. Victator


    The Bodies put on a clinic, hitting tons of finishers. Man it sucks they never got a WWF tag title run.
  4. Victator


    We are taking away this ugly belt. Great, it's about time. Here is your new ugly belt.
  5. Victator

    The Man Comes Around - Raw - 2/4/2019

    Really? How much of my money have they gotten? When did I last watch a full episode? What is the cash conversion on a message board thread? I never said they are in danger of shutting down. To his credit, Vince McMahon has found a way to make money as the fan base shrinks. And again, the live show attendance and difficulty selling out even TV tapings is not mentioned. See you in two days
  6. Victator

    The Man Comes Around - Raw - 2/4/2019

    Right watching eight minutes of a show in a week is total investment. Unsuccessful is not the right word because they still make a lot of money despite fan interest being the lowest it has been in a very long time. You also keep dodging the live events being down and TV tapings not selling out.
  7. Victator

    The Man Comes Around - Raw - 2/4/2019

    By lapsed fans, I mean people who still watch old wrestling but don't care about the current product. I still watch old wrestling. The clips WWE puts on Youtube are usually four minutes. From October to December, I was rarely watching those even. House show attendence is down and they are having issues selling out live TV tapings. There is no way to spin that as anything but bad. The whole "hardcore fan" deal is a gimmick entertainment companies do to deflect criticism or lagging interest. Healthy companies don't have to resort to that.
  8. Victator

    The Man Comes Around - Raw - 2/4/2019

    Not really, considering they have not "drawn" me back since 2014. So yeah they lost me awhile back. But that does not mean they can't get fans back. But it would require them to stop the dumb shit that is hard wired into the company. Now for the bolded part. You seem to think saying the audience shrinking is an opinion, when it is an objective fact. The ratings have gotten worse every year for awhile. Live event attendance has been going down. The Network has stayed steady, but it has old content for lapsed fans and PPV for the remaining fans. Okay you don't get it. There are no "marks" or "smart fans, just fans. If you want to sound like Scott Keith, be my guest.
  9. Victator


    This is what the WWF light heavyweight division should have been. Heavy action with a dash of character. Flash was really good and deserved more of a chance in the WWF. He would not be a main eventer, but would have been really good tagging with Christopher. Godfather and Faarooq beat the piss out of each other.
  10. Victator


    I love that Acolytes/Public Enemy match. JBL said it went ten more minutes and was a fight the whole time and P.E got more offense.
  11. Victator

    Kiss From Mandy Rose On A Graves - SDL - 2/5/2019

    Which is WWE admitting they have no viewer retention.
  12. Victator

    The Man Comes Around - Raw - 2/4/2019

    LOL yeah one or two videos a week. Don't spend it all in one place. Oh wait and a posts on a message board. What is the dollar conversion to that? There is a mass fan exodus and has been going on for years and it has accelerated since 2015. Who still says "smark", is it 2002?
  13. Victator

    The Man Comes Around - Raw - 2/4/2019

    Ratings have been going down every year and they will keep going down. I only watch a Youtube clip once in awhile and even that is a chore.
  14. Victator

    The Man Comes Around - Raw - 2/4/2019

    I really want this to end with Braun slamming Nia thru the ring.