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  1. Creatively Bayley is stagnant. It is clear that she knows she needs a change and is scared to make that change because she might upset some kids who cheered her at Full Sail. Right now she needs a major change and I don't know if that is a heel turn. But at the very least she needs a real mean streak. Dramatically she needs to beat Alexa Bliss with a cane. When asked what about smiles on faces. She explains, hurting people makes her smile. At the moment she is two steps away from being Norma The Lunatic.
  2. I think after all the shit the NWA gave them in 1993, WCW had no interest in partnering with them. Also in WCW's mind their title was the NWA world title lineage.
  3. Barry said the government was desperate to suck him into the counterfeiting charges but could not find anything. Barry said he thought Blackjack was innocent, that he fell in with a bad crowd. It honestly sounds like he does hold a small grudge at Kendall. BTW in case anyone can't tell, I love Barry Windham. I get way more pissed at anyone insulting him than I do Demolition.
  4. Barry did mention the 89 run. He thinks Vince still saw money in him and was giving him a push. Never fully understood why some people think Widowmaker was a bad gimmick. Barry himself came up with the name. Which was all it was, just a gimmick name. My own theory is because Barry had to leave early for personal reasons, People think he was being buried. But it seemed to me they were taking their time with Barry like they did Curt Hennig. Not rushing him into an immediate program. I know in some TV squashes, he was mentioned as a potential Hogan challenge. Which they did not do for everyone. If Blackjack and Kendall had not run into the trouble they did, he might have gotten a program with Warrior.
  5. But they are doing it to see who faces Jinder Mahal. Who gives a shit who Jinder Mahal faces if its not a firing squad.
  6. I believe they genuinely thought the Stalker gimmick was good. Barry got in trouble because he was gradually using less paint and added back the cowboy boots. But Vince caught on and the New Blackjacks gimmick began after this. They put him and Bradshaw in a thirty minute match that Vince thought was not up to snuff. Then sent them out again. Barry admits his cardio was not what it was and thinks Vince was trying to embarrass him. I give Barry more credibility than I do other guys. Because he was not always chasing conspiracies. Hogan could have done a lot of damage to Warrior as a heel. Probably more than he could have as a face.
  7. Photo

    That would fall into the scrub category.
  8. I wish people were gambling on 2000 WCW,
  9. Photo

    That was the indy scrub territory. But yeah he sucks.
  10. Photo

    my rankings are Kabuki Muta Killer Khan: That shit is a bio hazard. If a bunch of WWF job guys get a mysterious illness, Khan is the reason. Tajiri Various indy scrubs, that one TNA jobber. CM Punk's Weeaboo mist
  11. I don't know why people act surprised about the NFL findings. Football is always going to be dangerous. You can minimize the risks but it is still going to be dangerous. You reach a point where you either ban it or accept the good outweighs the bad. With wrestling I don't think it is different. Even the safest style is dangerous. WWE is not as interested in safety as they are the illusion of safety. So they'll ban chairshots, piledrivers and blading. But run ladder matches regularly and have finishers more dangerous than piledrivers. The NFL for their part take care of players after retirement. WWE needs to take care of its performers beyond paying for rehab, which is more for PR than any real concern.
  12. What in my history suggest I like Punk's elbow?
  13. Give Emma A Chance*. *Provided it is given in exactly the form Emma wants it. Otherwise don't even bother. If Sasha wants to honor Eddy Guerrero, she should stop butchering the frog splash.
  14. Photo

    The Undertaker cannot be stopped by conventional means. Certainly not by the mist of a guy lacking Muta and Kabuki's power.
  15. Wait is Vince changing finishes based on internet gambling?