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  1. You said memorable. It would be an opinion if I said they were memorable to everyone, but if I say they were memorable to me, well that's a fact. Now I think there is a very good chance the matches I listed were more memorable than the Brawl For All final or that mixed tag match.
  2. Someone is trying to throw their wife off the trail.
  3. Don't call me a liar. I named matches that w=I found memorable and like a lot of "people" around here you were not man enough to admit you were wrong. Instead you move goal post.
  4. I wish Rick Martel would make a cameo as the Fashion Police Chief.
  5. I'm concerned Bayley does not know what she is in for. That she is using Tommy Dreamer as her role model in a Kendo Stick match is a bad sign.
  6. No matter who wins, everyone deserves a big hand for participating.
  7. vs Undertaker at the Raw after Wrestlemania. Acolytes vs Hardyz and Michael PZ Hayes vs Blue Meanis on a 2005 Smackdown vs Undertaker on a 2005 Smackdown That is just a sampling. I limited Acolyte matches to one. Because there were others I could go to.
  8. There are like twelve pages bro, so chill.
  9. You have to work out with them or you're just going to get fat. Eddie said at the time he had stopped drinking beer altogether and that really helped. Nobody really compared Jinder Mahal to Eddie Guerrero right? I mean c'mon fellas I know nobody would be stupid enough to do that.
  10. You need to have something resembling charisma.
  11. This is wrong. Tell me some things he was shitty at. My guess is you don't like things he has done personally, come from a bygone era of "Why he is over six feet tall, he must be bad!!" or a combination of both. I found Bradshaw, going back to when I first saw him in 1996, to be a good brawler with good timing and his stuff looked good. He could cut a decent promo too, but as JBL he would wear out his welcome. But that is ever WWE heel going back to 1999. JBL is a crappy person, but that doesn't make him a bad wrestler. As for Jinder, his equivalent would be Tiger Chung Lee beating Steamboat for the Intercontinental Title.
  12. When he looked like that, he was not decent, he was great. Are you going to say Jinder is just like Hulk Hogan or the Ultimate Warrior. There is a talent/charisma component to this. Its not that Jinder is on steroids (which I don't care about either way) its that he brings nothing else to the table. I'm far from the pulse, but I don't see this being anything beyond an oddity in two years.
  13. He was Afa's son who was briefly on the main roster in 2008 and was a founding member of Legacy before they became Orton flunkies. He was okay in the ring and showed some promise to improve and Orton got pissed at him for not paying dues. Which I found weird because Orton never worked anywhere but OVW and WWE. So he was released pretty quickly after a big debut. I would say he is Devito to Reigns Arnold.
  14. Ricky deserves every dollar he can get from them and a million more.
  15. Jinder is Tiger Chung Lee winning the title in 86.