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  1. TV

    Are the SNL episodes uncut. In particular is "the Pregnant Teen Beauty Pageant hosted by Roman Polanski" sketch on the Dudley Moore episode?
  2. Yeah they told him not to leave with the belt. In other towns they had him wrestle the second match without announcing him as champion.
  3. It does explain why they call him Tom Thumb.
  4. I'm also certain he is in the next building. But I let it go because I am afraid I will beat someone to pulp and go to jail.
  5. My cat was stolen. ): Who steals a cat?
  6. Yeah but a cat can't kick the crap out of you.
  7. Its hard to explain, but some fans are wrapped up in their own reality. The 2016 Rumble is now one of my favorite Rumbles ever. I was so invested in Reigns not winning that I enthralled the entire time. I can't remember the last time I was so interested in a match. I think WWE has been trying to recapture that emotion for years. Its why they won't turn Reigns and why they put him in the Rumble this year.
  8. As long as you know you can't ride in their pouch like a cartoon.
  9. TV

    I also think the Waitress was a bad person before Charlie came along. Its interesting how her back story came along in pieces over the series. I think the Shore episode revealed she had a problem with meth years before. I thought it was noble Frank wanted to protect the frog kid. "I would run away and then the doctors would chase me with a giant net." "Did you grow up in a cartoon?"
  10. He would have been fine as a transitional champion.
  11. I think the way to explain it is. During the show nobody is in on the joke. Because the fans want to believe, they want to get wrapped up in it and believe in a more magical world. But I get the sense Maher would not get that.
  12. I set up a youtube playlist of Steele matches. He was a very good heel. His matches with Hogan and Backlund had great heel work. It was impressive how he could play a beast but also somewhat cagey. He could also take big bumps when he wanted to. At exactly the right moment and to maximum effect. I watched a lot of his face matches. I don't know if he was ever fully comfortable in the role. But the matches were entertaining. One with Orndorff I really liked and Steele is pretty high up in my favorite Savage opponents. I had this dream once, that Savage pinned Steamboat at Wrestlemania 3, Steele went berzerk and maimed Savage, then went on a rampage that Hogan had to stop. Speaking of, is Steele the only guy to beat Hogan on television (first WWF run) and Hogan did not get his win back?
  13. Seems like they don't have a lot of crazies, but the ones that are....