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  1. CM Punk dropped out, see if Bobcat Goldthwath is in fighting shape,
  2. So basically they booked the freakshow fight to speed up Gall's development? You know that really doesn't change anything? And I don't blame anyone for taking 500,000 to get beat up for two minutes. It does seem stupid if you are already wealthy. But that is still a lot of money to pass up. Once again (and I know you'll ignore it) is he is a person who has pretended like he is more than someone chasing fame and money. In the end he is scum like everyone else, but he won't admit it. Or even his sycophants.
  3. And I am curious why it is "hilarious" to think Punk could have helped a small MMA or Wrestling promotion. He is the one who would act above money and fame. So why not give back?
  4. So they were hoping Gall would win? If this is not the case why not use one of the many fighters YOU said they had under contract? Why did it take so long to find someone to fight Punk? If Punk had not been fighting on the card, they would have needed another match. I feel confident the card does not have a blank spot for celebrity/freakshow fights.
  5. UFC signed Punk to get a freakshow match on PPV for a big buyrate. They signed Gall hoping he might be weak enough for Punk to beat. It is not this complex thing.
  6. The impression I got is because he was treated less important than them. I know he thought him and Undertaker should have main evented Mania.
  7. One of the 500 fighters you said UFC has under contract?
  8. How conveniant for Punk and his various sycophants. UFC could have put one of its already contracted fighters against Punk. They used Gall because they were hoping Punk could beat Gall. Which could for Gall, at least someone benefitted from the self absorbed ass MMA fantasy camp.
  9. I think for 500,000 bucks any of us would get beat up for a minute or two on ppv. All it takes is a lack of dignity. You don't have much in the chamber past sarcasm do you? Punk very publically decried WWE using part timers during his time in the company. Please explain how this is different?
  10. He is shit on for being a self important hypocritical ass.
  11. I've been hating him since he declared he broke his body doing something fake. The guy is a first rate hypocrite. He could have used his fame to help a small wrestling promotion/MMA group. But he chose UFC because he wanted big money and the spotlight. Which is perfectly fine it just means he is no different than someone like Hulk Hogan, who he would slag. That does not mention him having no problem taking a spot from a full time fighter after he bitched about part timers in WWE. Its not that he goes around chasing money and spotlight, its he for years has had no problem bashing other people for it.
  12. Such a gracious lady. I mean I kinda get it, but maybe turn down the self importance.
  13. CM Punk is listed as a UFC fighter. MTV: Mr.Brooks you fought in UFC? Punk: As long as you have no follow up questions, the answer is yes. MTV: And you say Mike Mizanin will vouch for you? Punk: Yes..... I love the Miz....