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  1. I dunno, we were not the ones selling stock based on a TV story line. I think we come out looking alright.
  2. As a boy I thought Sting had a lobster on his tights.
  3. Bayley back away from Chris Benoit, He is not your friend, I repeat not your friend.
  4. They had tried to sign him, RVD was not interested, Heyman just thought he could create a perfect moment in giving him the title and kept delaying it. It is not too far off from what happened with Taz winning it or the first Sabu/Taz match.. It kept getting put off and when it finally happens, all the excitement has been drained.
  5. I don't think you can blame him for his hostility toward some wrestling fans. You have some people giving him crap for things he said in 1998, which was most likely given to him by Bischoff. I know my interactions with him have been nice enough. I liked how he called Jesse on his crap all night and Jesse was growing really frustrated. For some reason Vince and Gorilla let it slide. But Tony was pointing out every time Jesse endorsed cheating, whenever Jesse complained about the faces.
  6. I believe that was Bossman/Hogan in a cage at MSG. He called both that and the Boston match that was earlier in the day.
  7. Credible was great at bumping and selling. That goes back to his days as a WWF job guy. He just did not have much going offensively. As champion he had good matches most weeks. I don't really care who was responsible for a good match, a W is a W. Lynn was one of the only guys on the roster fans could buy. I also think he was a very good heel when given the chance. If you give the belt to RVD in place of Justin Credible. You could with the way ECW did pay per view (and assuming they found money into 2001) get multiple matches with Raven, Tajiri, Super Crazy, Rhino, Sandman, Kid Kash and eventually Jerry Lynn. That is at least two years and should be time to get new stars over.
  8. This Trump sketch was funny, but it still went way too long. Also aside from the Keenan/Leslie Jones drug dealer sketch, it seems like they focused on nothing else.
  9. Credible was a poor match up for Sasuke in a lot of ways. But he had a lot of very good matches with Mikey and Spike Dudley on house shows. He just was not going to have WCW/NJPW style crusierweight matches. He did not have the offense for it. He was the best bumper on the ECW roster, way better than a guy like Corino. But Corino was a better all around wrestler. At the same time, even when Corino won the belt in November, it was still tough to buy him as champion. Jerry Lynn was the best choice but at that point, But Heyman was expecting a perfect set of circumstances for RVD to win the title and that was simply not going to happen after he screwed up not paying Mike Awesome. I would say he should have had RVD go over Awesome for the title. But by September, Heyman had stopped paying him too.
  10. And to add to what I said. In the case of Sabu it wasn't just money. He just needed to treat him with basic respect. No Heyman was over pushing Credible from nearly the start. He saw something in him and at times I could see it too. But he was over pushed and it really hurt him. So kinda similar to Reigns.
  11. Its like with Elvis or Andy Kaufman, you can look at their final days and tell they were dying. Looking at Pillman's final TV appearances and its not surprising he was dead soon after. The Higher Power was one of the first real creative cracks (at least on a main event level) you could see in the WWF after they got hot. The same garbage that plagues them creatively today. You are going to have an evil authority figure and it is probably going to be a McMahon.
  12. At the time the only good candidates in my eyes were 1. Dibiase, had a connection to Undertaker and you could see him and Bearer treating him as a higher power. 2. Jake Roberts, he had a connection to Taker and Bearer. Would fit into the Ministry gimmick seamlessly. Also had reason to hate Steve Austin. 3. Mick Foley, this was my pick at the time. Was deranged, had a connection to Taker and Bearer and had reason to hate Austin, Vince and the Rock. He had been treading water since he lost the title in February. Dibiase could not really work. Since he was not a good non wrestling character. His time as lead heel manager in 94/95 did not work at all. Nor did he work out in WCW. Plus he could not take bumps. Jake was a wreck at the time and could not be trusted long term. Best you could do is maybe get two weeks out of him just to resolve the storyline.
  13. Not necessarily, the six man tag with the little people at Wrestlemania 3 was a mixed tag. Intergender would be man vs woman. Mixed is man and woman teaming.
  14. I was expecting him to bail out Vince and Shane at King Of The Ring 99. I keep thinking the best option for ECW in 2000 was for Heyman to pay his wrestlers the money he owed them. That bit with having Taz beat Awesome then lose to Dreamer then lose to Credible was worse than almost anything WCW booked that year. Then going to the PPV and Credible gets out of the triple threat match by threatening to throw the belt down. I mean its like that nonsense with that Punk angle. A champion refusing to defend his title, sounds like he forfeits. ECW had problems in 2000 but some of them like with WCW were self created.
  15. They should have gave the damn belt to Tajiri.