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  1. Oh my goodness nooooo. Ryan didn't start it, but he has went the lowest. Look if you like that waste of a cum load, please be my guest, you are not going to change my mind. I would rather wrestling go the way of roller derby, than be what people like Joey Ryan and the "comedy" acts want it to be. So please, you, Craig, Casey and any other cretins you can muster, come at me. Also I love how you can praise a hundred things but if you call out one shitty thing, you are hurting wrestling.
  2. Thank you for not posting a wall of stupid like Craig did. I might disagree with you, but I can at least appreciate what you are trying to say. Craig just went every where and was not really coherent. It ended with something about a guy with Aids blading and not informing people he works with. I'm not sure why he thinks I or anyone else would approve of that. The damage is cumulative, Ryan alone cannot do anything, but he has become the face of the mediocre indy talent eating shit to get attention. Over a decade ago and before, the indy scene was a real alternative to WWE and TNA. But now you see an arms race between WWE and various indy hucksters desperate for attention. So no they are not all doing sexual spots, since Ryan has that market cornered. But you get other stupid shit that hurts wrestling and frankly it is already in very bad shape. I want AEW to succeed, WWE getting a true rival would benefit everyone. Because things are in a hole and this could pull us out, but not if they book every indy freakshow.
  3. It depends on how over the wrestlers are. I would likely do quick singles, tag, trios and eight man tags. Or go nuts and do a ten vs ten elimination match.
  4. I don't hate independent wrestling, I hate garbage that does long term damage to something I loved. You listed things that helped Joey Ryan, which has negative value to me. Just because you get attention doesn't mean its good. Which again, you made no attempt to defend on any artistic (for lack of a better term) basis. So replace Katie Vick with any number of things that drew money in the attitude era. The Undertaker once chokeslammed Kane into their dead mother's classic. This segment gained a lot of viewers and that feud drew real money, does that make it good? There are numerous examples of things that have drew money that were bad. Not that I think Ryan ever drew money, no matter how hard he tries to convince us. Correction, I'm great at it. But Its easy enough to read people. Anyone can see what Ryan's intentions are, despite the dozen people he has hypnotized.
  5. I don't think there was any malice behind it. He was ignorant on the current terminology, but instead of explaining it, the self important Twitter brigade picked a fight they can't win. But that is not what this is about, Ryan thought he saw a vulnerable point and went for it. In the end Jim will have his many fans and Joey Ryan will have his dozen troglodytes
  6. There was a shooting Saturday night at the water park near me. I found out my nephews were there separately. The youngest ran back into the park as people were rioting to get out to find his brother. I am proud of how much he loves his brother and how brave he is, but I am also mad he put him in danger. My oldest was looking out for little kids getting separated from there parents. He informed me that he and his friends, have worked out drills in the event of a shooting, because this is our world now. Thankfully no one was killed or seriously injured but two people were shot.
  7. Ryan has said that more than once in the past and his leeches use it all the time.
  8. That is because they either don't listen to the show or they know it undermines their argument. I love the argument that hates Joey Ryan's stupid dick spot is homophobic, really shows what they think of Gay Men. Ryan thinks all gay men are anxious to grab any penis they can or have their penis grabbed. A nice variation of a man accusing any woman who rejects him of being a lesbian. And thru out these discussions here and on twitter, I have never seen anyone really defend Ryan as a performer or that spot. They will say it draws, which is debatable, but WWE has done some stupid shit and they make a ton of money. The Raw where Triple H humped a dummy dressed as Kane, WWE made more money than Ryan will ever see, is Katie Vick a good angle. Ryan's hypnosis of a small portion of indy fans and promoters is fascination. What is going to happen is they are going to do this shit at a show and someone is going to contact the sheriff or athletic commission and they will be up shit creek. Something that happened to the indies in New Jersey and Kentucky in 2000. I will leave this here, I have never embedded a tweet, so forgive me if its botched. I suck at embedding, just click the link my lovelies.
  9. Just because you expect someone to be shitty does not excuse being shitty.
  10. Not really, he always promoted loud mouth managers in OVW and SMW. Cornette got sour at Heyman for lying (I know shocking) various times, starting with the how the Gangstas left SMW. But they seem to be on good terms. Getting mad at Heyman lying is like being mad at water being wet.
  11. That isn't true on any level. Cornette can go to Canada, he chooses not to. He also quit Impact when all that shit with Anthem and Jeff Jarrett was going down.
  12. He isn't against high spot wrestling, I mean shit he managed the Midnight Express which was mostly high spots. I really wonder what show people are listening to, when they say stuff like this.
  13. Why would they? Wrestling promoters have been doing bait and switch TV finishes for years. But it still sucks that the biggest company still does this.
  14. Really good TV match, Henry looked good out powering Brock and Brock looked good tossing Henry around.
  15. Stevie Ray tells a story about Tenta being furious after being pulled from the match. He is screaming and cursing which is apparently out of character for him. Arn was terrified and hiding in Harlem Heats trailer.
  16. They usually put on good shows, but that last one was miserable. For what its worth the regulars were not too mad about it. Also I have closed the door on AEW, every promotion has growing pains. I really want a second successful wrestling promotion. Its better for the long term health of wrestling and making sure it exists for new generations. I did see Moxley's debut and he looked great and Jim Ross sounded 20 years younger.
  17. Billy never said anything bad about the Rock after leaving WWE. He said it felt like Triple H was trying to kill him off. In the Summerslam build up, Billy got the best of the Rock most weeks. I think that was the key to why the Rock worked, He would bury you on the mic, but was giving in the ring. Billy said he was more than happy to be back together with Road Dogg and out of the shark tank.
  18. The issues with WWE and all of wrestling has not been the matches, It is that every promotion sucks at every other aspect. I have watched less wrestling this year than I have in a decade. Every month I dip my toe into the pool and it reminds me why I left. I watched the AEW preshow and that battle royal is one of the worst things I have ever seen. Then that promo with the librarians made me tap. I was getting WCW 2000 flashbacks. I was told Cody and Dustin had a great match. I hope these guys get their shit together before they have national TV and don't book every indy freak show they know. I went to my local indy and I hate to say how bad the show was. I took my nephew to see the tag team gauntlet where we wanted to the End. They worked the last AJPW tour carrying the New South tag belts. The show opens and the money mark comes out portraying the evil owner. Saying The End are not going to be there and did not offer a refund or an explanation. They did a battle royal for one belt. Then later in the show they do this angle where Baron Black's girlfriend got beat up very violently. I am not opposed to this sort of thing if it gets a heel over, like the Dudleys retiring Beulah. But this felt desperate. Also the lights were off during intermission and was miserable for everyone. Why does an indy need an evil owner? This has been done to death for twenty years and it got over once. Lets be honest, Steve Austin without Vince is still really over and had a supply of heels. Vince without Austin is worthless. To end on a positive note, I like MLW a lot, they have great production that looks unique but keeps a sports presentation. I have not seen any god awful or even plain awful shit. But hell even they did an evil owner. Just make it stop.
  19. For me he sounded like someone slagging their ex and you know they will be back together sooner or later. The Shield guys are relatively as powerful as guys like Austin, Rock and Taker, who all regularly vetoed stuff. Some of the blame goes on them. If you are at the point you are ready to quit, just say no.
  20. He was probably asked about it a lot and needed to say something. Looking at the rest of this thread, I feel like I came into the middle of a movie. I have not seen the board like this since the Kaiju Wars of 2006. Maybe you guys need me to be a lightning rod.
  21. Victator


    I watch a lot of old stuff at times but have no useful place to post it.
  22. I really love the E Shop on my Switch, it reminds me of going to the video store when I was a kid. I would not have game magazines or the internet, I just had to look at the box and make a guess. With the sales my Switch store has, I can afford to gamble on different stuff. I have only been burnt once on a truly shitty game. But it was so cheap, it didn't matter. My favorite thing this week is something called Guns Gore and Cannoli. It is a side scrolling shooter where you play a Mafia hit man fighting zombies among other things. Has a Metal Slug vibe and is really fun. I just wish it had online multiplayer.
  23. Really? That feels wrong. I'm not saying its not true, it is just hard to imagine. One last thing about Kronik in 2001 WWF. After the PPV they were sent to HWA and Clarke quit since he found the idea demeaning. Adams went with it since a check is a check.
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