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    I threw a bottle at the guy from Hoobastank once in high school. People make mistakes, maybe it was a kid or something. I very seriously doubt it was a "Me and Don Kernodle were almost murdered in Greensboro" situation Settle down Hollyw.. oh, double post
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    Dammit, quit talking about ICP. You're making me want to go dig out my Stranglemania 2 VHS (bought for one whole dollar) to see them rewind Combat Toyota getting dumped on her head thirty times in a row.
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    Someone needs to smarten his wife up about kayfabe. It's Hoobastank. No jury in the world would convict you.
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    Yeah, that only works in your favor if you're Shawn Michaels.
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    I dig the arms dealers stuff. Money has been part of Star Wars since day one. Han owed Jabba money. The Empire hired bounty hunters.
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    I am not a big fan of the whole "back in the day" notions about wrestling, but this is a time I wouldn't mind seeing security just leave the clown who threw the bottle in a back room with some of the boys for a little "talk".
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    just saw this online, they're running a live feed of the Never Mind 2017 show on DDT Universe: https://ddtuniverse.com/program/index/20171224_LIVE_DDT I just watched a match with Owashi and Takagi in drag fighting some joshi girls and their third partner beating Yamashita for the DDT Iron Man Heavymetalweight Championship.
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    We are getting a White Christmas in Putnam County NY. BAH HUMBUG!
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    The Masked Cabana and Fortified Hooligan was an epic lucha classic.
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    The war profiteering head nod is interesting, but I’m not sure they REALLY want to investigate that in a satisfying way, going forward. We’re still going to be shown x-wings wrecking shit, with the expectation that we’re cheering them along. That is, I don’t foresee an episode nine that ends with Kylo and Rey setting aside their lightsabers an sitting down to negotiate peace terms, including mutual disarmament and strict regulations on the military industrial complex. Also: Snoke’s absence from the original trilogy can be explained if he was “dead”—the Plagueis angle—or from a neighboring galaxy. The new canon Thrawn novel makes it very clear that some threat is out there, and part of the Empire’s war mongering is an attempt to get ready for it. I’d be shocked if that never comes back up.
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    and don't fob me off with Trevor Murdoch
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    Count me in for digging that stuff. I'd like to see more of that and I like the tinge of moral conflict with Finn and Rose realizing that, yeah, the Resistance is buying their shit from the same folks the First Order buys their shit from.
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    Tell Mark Hamill to have a coke and smile and to shut the fuck up.
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    For anyone who's playing Just Cause 3 on PS4 - the DLC packs are on sale on PSN for £3.99 (was £19.99 last week).
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    I loved the ICP explaining FFBB's name during their ppv. "He's fat, he's a fuck and he wears a barrel. What more do you want?"
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    Was it the one where I jokingly asked if he wanted to be Edmonton's backup goalie again? If so yes.
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    I am shocked -- SHOCKED -- that nobody's brought up Ken the Box or any of Survival Tobita's other opponents yet
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    Oh give me a break. Nobody's jumping on this bandwagon. This is pretty much like Coca-Cola deciding "Hey, people aren't drinking soda as much, let's get rid of the old Coke and try New Coke again!" On the bright side, if Vince is too busy failing with football again, maybe RAWs and Smackdowns will get better.
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    I have said it before in other threads, but kayfabe died for me when I found out Manaukea Mossman was just some dude, and NOT a guy doing a Moss Man gimmick.
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    This needs to be Raw's top babyface:
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    This is more just an absurd one than the jokey gimmicks, but back in the days where hella kids in Japan were ALL CAPS something, I always found Daio QUALLT to be fukin funny, just because what the hell is a quallt and why do you have to be one so hard
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    Can those two have a bad match with each other? When the match started and there was only 10 minutes left until the top of the hour, I was sad that it would be a shorter match. But then it got "special time allotment" and went an extra 10 minutes. It's amazing how those two had one of the first MOTY contenders of the year as well as one of the last of the year. Let's see a 60 minute Iron Man match with these two! And, oh yeah, the tag titles changed hands.
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    And insightful comments on the psyche of wrestlers by Dr. Sidney M. Basil and inside info by WWF expert Tom Pilliard. RIP Dan Shocket.
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    I JUST FINISHED THE FIRST SIX MEGA MAN GAMES. MY CHILDHOOD AVENGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I'll never forget Steph having to sheepishly promote that match on Jimmy Kimmel, being totally embarrassed and basically apologetically explaining that it's a work. Kimmel wasn't understanding what she was trying to say, and asked Quentin Tarantino (there promoting Kill Bill) for help. QT then started talking about comic book multiverses. It was a really great shitshow.
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    Thank you all for the constant reminder of why I didn't want the Lakers to draft Lonzo.
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    The Apter magazines are needed to get a full view of the wrestling landscape at a given point. Along with the dirt sheets and of course the TV. With just one or two you are missing part of the picture
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    Screw Dave, I'm an Apter guy. Give me fabricated interviews, top ten rankings of every territory and 3 month old results any day of the week.
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    By the way, I don't see many people defending Finn or speaking to how necessary he was. Something that's very glaring about Finn is how pointless he is. I wondered if that's because Poe was originally going to die when they crashed on Jakku. Then when everyone loved Oscar Isaac, his role became bigger and now you have a character who is basically on the same level as Finn. If Poe is dead, perhaps Finn isn't as pointless and Rian Johnson doesn't need to find an adventure to shoehorn into the movie to make use of this extra character. With Poe alive, you're basically doing just that to justify having this other important character to maintain their importance. Then again, Rian Johnson supposedly had this written before TFA even came out. Even still, if that's the case, it still feels like trying to find something for Finn to do.
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    Fire Pro World is on sale on Steam for $13.39. BUY IT!
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    In defense of Sabremike, here is a partial list of things I've said that I couldn't possibly love more on this board: 1) Brodus Clay dancing like a dinosaur 2) This Batista outfit that looks like he's showing up to audition for "Lorenzo Lamas Body Double" but no one told him it's a joke audition 3) Dolph Ziggler as a heel 4) This Batista outfit based on Roddy Macdowell's 1973 post-Oscar's orgy suit 5) Cody Rhodes, supervillain 6) This Batista outfit that he wore at the 2014 "If Pablo Picasso fucked Simon Cowell and made you watch" festival Note: he is leaving is pinky out so you can see the boss-ass skull ring he got in the teen section at Claire's 7) Eve Torres So anyone saying they love anything on a message board is not evidence of anything rational happening inside that person.
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    You can’t top a billboard like this though. Because when you’re driving by and you’re hungry, nothing is more appetizing than seeing a grown man carving another grown man’s forehead with a fork.
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