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  1. sydneybrown

    Raw is Advanced Brockomonics - 9/17/2018

    It really sucks that Sami is injured because Lashley/Lil Lashley vs. Owens/skinny Owens could have been fucking gold. I mean, WWE would have fucked it up obviously, but the booking we could have imagined before they fucked it up...
  2. sydneybrown

    Hell In A Cell X - 9/16/2018

    I actually think by accident that is the best thing for them. If they feel they have to put Sasha or Asuka or Ember on PPV just to fill up a card. Guess what? They lose. Asuka not appearing on TV may actually be a benefit since they can potentially reintroduce her. They won't. But I'll take that option over what we're about to see which is some bullshit Naomi flunky.
  3. sydneybrown

    Hell In A Cell X - 9/16/2018

    I literally went to go see when that match happened after my earlier post. I can't fucking believe it has been a year. Sami Zayn has been a heel for a year. I would have guessed six-seven months. Even seven seems crazy. Don't ever get old.
  4. sydneybrown

    Hell In A Cell X - 9/16/2018

    That finish was horrible though. Randy clearly got gunshy and got the fuck out of Dodge WAY too early and Jeff looked like a fucking idiot. Replaying it to death only made it worse. If anything, I now have way more respect for Zayn and Owens perfectly dodging the Shane McMahon missile.
  5. sydneybrown

    Hell In A Cell X - 9/16/2018

    Watching Lesnar totally obliterate Strowman...he might as well be Ryback now. Geez. I can't say I'm a fan of either but watching Orton stick a screwdriver through Hardy's ear and then seeing Hardy getting a receipt by ripping Orton's back and leg into a bloody mess, it's definitely a rare WWE match where I was legit worried for the safety of everyone involved. And WWE can fuck off if this show remains TV-PG.
  6. sydneybrown


    I guarantee Michael Cole doesn't know which one is Dash and which one is Dawson.
  7. sydneybrown

    Better Call Saul

    That actually annoyed me. AMC obviously gets a few "fucks" a year and that felt like a wasted one. They are overdoing Hamlin at his wits end. The audience is smart, they don't need someone acting borderline psychotic for the audience to think "oh, he's not doing too well." Hamlin is the opposite of how someone like him should be acting. That being said, the pinata scene is the "I am the ONE who KNOCKS" BCS moment. Last five minutes was the best of the season.
  8. sydneybrown


    Granted I'd love to say that "Be a Star" promo that the audience shit on killed her, but then we've got the fans cheering "heel" Becky every week. I'm guessing "creative has nothing for her." And the other jobbers are already losing to Rousey/Bella/Flair/Lynch/Bayley/Banks. And they don't want her jobbing. And after the bullshit with Asuka, would you WANT Nia doing something similar?
  9. sydneybrown

    Raw Is The Napoleonic Code - 9/10/2018

    Not necessarily an explanation, but if there was ever a guy who needs a reboot, it's Kevin Owens. I can't remember the last time he won any match of significance or came off as any sort of threat (Shane and his oofing?) That Strowman feud made him look so bad, I thought he was about to be released.
  10. sydneybrown


    Now I'm curious. Did PWI go back to strictly B&W at some point? Because they definitely were full color in the early 90s and I quit reading them once i discovered the internet a few years later. Ironically thanks to an article in PWI telling me about RSPW. Which shows you how old I am.
  11. sydneybrown


    Piper wasn't even there yet, he was still in the NWA working Valentine at Starrcade, which makes his firsthand account even more ridiculous. And again, the match exists on video. Which he clearly had never seen. At least when Hogan bullshits about WMIII, he at least says things that the show can sorta back up. If you can accept that Hulk Hogan weighed 500 lbs that day.
  12. sydneybrown


    Piper said the same thing on Austin's podcast a few years ago and his storytelling was so incredibly wrong, it's hard to take anything he says seriously. As someone else pointed out, Hogan wasn't even in WWF when the match happened. According to Piper, Snuka beat the shit out of Muraco, climbed to the top of the cage, hit the splash...and Muraco kicked out!!! And that killed Snuka especially since Muraco eventually won. When in reality, Muraco beat the shit out of Snuka, Snuka bled all over the place, made the comeback, then headbutted Muraco so hard, Muraco flew over to the door and escaped. Snuka dragged him back in, killed him, THEN hit the top of the cage splash and all but left him for dead as the crowd lost their shit. That's literally THE Jimmy Snuka moment in WWF. That match is easy to find. Never understood why guys make up details about things you can find on YouTube within seconds.
  13. sydneybrown

    Best Mediocre Wrestlers

    I'll throw Bam Bam Bigelow out there. When I was a kid and he was brought into the WWF, I thought he was the next big thing. I LOVED him because he came off as something different and new. And then he just fell off a cliff after WMIV and came off as just another guy for almost a decade before getting a resurgence in ECW. I'd even say his mediocrity is exactly why he was the one who jobbed to LT at WM. It didn't hurt him to lose to him but he wasn't really able to benefit from the publicity either. He was a midcard guy for almost his entire runs in WWF and WCW and that was unfortunately where he probably belonged.
  14. sydneybrown

    Oscars 2019.

    I feel pretty confident Black Panther is going to get a lot of nominations....and then not win any of them. Maybe a few technical awards that box office blockbusters tend to win. Whatever wins Best Picture hasn't been released yet most likely.
  15. sydneybrown

    SDL is The Fabulous Truth - 9/4/2018

    "Hey Joe, when you cut your promo tonight, don't let the fans get to you. Maybe focus on an area where there aren't so many of them." "So where do you want me to look?" "Oh, you'll know."