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  1. I love all this talk about Shane destroying KO at SummerSlam as if that's what he does. Shane hasn't won a singles match since 2006.
  2. Depends on the tape and the match. Some matches they only show 1-2 minutes and others you get a full time-limit draw. There are pretty much no entrances due to copyrights so they usually just get to the match. Coliseum was pretty infamous for their bad clipjobs when they did edit though. The British Bulldogs mysteriously disappearing during Survivor Series 87 being a prime example.
  3. Those who liked or loved GLOW should really listen to Marc's interviews with Chavo and Kia. He's clearly "getting it" though I doubt he'll be watching RAW anytime soon. All of his past wrestler interviews are solid too, but by all means, dig up his Bob Mould interview where Marc's mind gets blown learning about Bob's backstage role in WCW.
  4. Photo

    It's nowhere near as bad as Tajiri misting Undertaker and Taker looking annoyed that someone had just spit in his face and then proceeds to no-sell it and murder Tajiri. At least HHH spent a half hour selling it once.
  5. Rock and Cena teamed up to "battle" Miz and R-Truth. DX reformed to take on Orton, Cody Rhodes, and Ted DiBiase. Don't even pretend that WWE wouldn't hesitate to squander a reunion or superteam. They'll do that shit whenever they feel like it.
  6. Also 1/86 and 9/86. That 2/8 show is a favorite of mine with the Savage title win and Bruno just beating Piper into a bloody mess. And Piper has one of the most clever ways to get heat in the cage ever here.
  7. That ranks as one of my favorite Table for 3s. Everything felt so genuine, so real. And this really isn't a spoiler since they bring it up in the first minute, but... EDIT: I didn't even see that the prank was posted earlier. Part of me thinks they knew what was up, and part of me thinks I am such a wrestling nerd that of course I'd remember some angle from 19 years ago that they wouldn't. But that whole "DJ. Who's DJ?" part. I think they tipped their hand a little bit.
  8. Chavo Guerrero and Lanny Poffo were doing moonsaults in the US in 1985, so it's not completely preposterous. I was more irked that they based an entire cold open around Roxette's "The Look," a song that wouldn't even be written for another three years.
  9. That's a good point. What I find funny is that the other random PPV that showed up in the top 10 recently was Backlash 2009 which also had a really good Ricky Steamboat match (vs. Chris Jericho.) Those Steamboat fans have a lot of pull.
  10. Dave lists the most watched Network shows every week. Talking Smack rarely ever cracks the top 10. Hell, one week a Bash at the Beach 1992 airing somehow scored more viewers. And 205 Live is dead in the water because those numbers are even worse. Meanwhile, a new Table for 3 is almost ALWAYS in the top 5. Even week-old Tables destroy Smackdown Live.
  11. Huh? Kennedy was fired for dropping Randy Orton on his injured shoulder. Kennedy had literally JUST come back from injury and then he was fired four days later after Orton complained. All this talk over getting fired for being a Republican, where exactly are you guys working where that would be a normal and accepted thing? "Ken, I just saw your voter registration card...I'm afraid I'm going to have to let you go..."
  12. Photo

    And you think that photo is bad, try this one... I would think Konnan was fired moments after...
  13. Photo

    Konnan himself said that he thinks his match with Louie Spicolli aired, and it was on the same taping that Bret beat Flair for the title, so if any Max Moon matches from September or early October 1992 exist, that's Konnan. Looks like anything after is Diamond.
  14. Photo

    Vince, Konnan, don't know the guy with the boards, and Louie Spicoli is lurking behind.
  15. Photo

    "And we're gonna call you Ko-Bot."