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  1. Bruno Sammartino has died

    FWIW, that cage match is on the Network on the CHV Inside the Steel Cage tape. Really fun match with Roddy selling like a motherfucker and Bruno just beating the shit out of him. It also has one of my favorite Roddy Piper moments ever. The Bears had just destroyed the Patriots in Super Bowl XX, so Roddy hangs posters of the Bears on the cage before the match even starts.
  2. The Greatest Royal Rumble - 4/27/18

    Oh give me a break. If all of those shows aired on the Network, you'd be only be whining about what a letdown they all were. They shot house shows. You can watch them RIGHT NOW ON the network. Have any of you revisited any of them since? No? That's why they stopped doing them.
  3. How did you feel about The Spirit Squad rule? Because after that bullshit, the Freebird rule is nothing.
  4. Ivan Koloff was a tank in those days, but if you look at his billed weight and height, he would have been somehow more massive than Brock Lesnar. And that's assuming Brock's stats are legit.
  5. 2018 NBA Playoffs: QUARTERFINALS

    Well, Game 2 sums up the Thunder this season...19-0 in the third quarter and all but destroying the Jazz. So of course they fall apart and lose by 7. And yeah, this is turning into a fucked-up week for seemingly all-around good people. I love Pop, and while I don't know Pop's wife, man, she has to be a sweetheart to be with him 40+ years.
  6. Bruno Sammartino has died

    Same here. You see him on these Network shows and the interviews he used to do on the Observer, and there was never even a hint that anything was wrong. He just seemed like the epitome of what you could be at his age. Even though I know he hated his last run, his MSG steel cage tag with Tito Santana against Savage and Adonis was the match that turned me from a casual fan into a FAN.
  7. The Old School Questions thread

    I mean in fairness, summer "unofficially" starts with Memorial Day and pretty much ends with Labor Day. I give them a pass on that one. A WCW thing to do would be to hold Halloween Havoc in February.

    I saw it differently. I think he knew what his last conversation was with Andre and it didn't go well. I only believe that because Andre's last US appearance was on a WCW Clash. And Andre knew what showing up on a Turner show would mean to Vince. That's probably what he was thinking about when he got glassy-eyed. I get why they didn't talk about it, but it is pretty noteworthy that while Andre was involved in the most-watched US pro wrestling match in history (Hogan/Andre II 2/5/88), that match was completely ignored. You'll brag about a fake 93K number but ignore a potential 33 MILLION number?
  9. Tajiri/Psicosis ECW 1999. I was always the wrestling nerd at my first TV job and I was watching ECW on TNN and that match came on and one of my co-workers who would tease me about liking pro wrestling, started watching it, probably preparing to make fun of it. It was an edited match, but he watched the whole thing and he was actually getting in to it. And when it was over he told me "Okay, I get why you like it" and I don't think he ever gave me shit about it again. I haven't seen it in years so it may not have aged well, but I fucking LOVED that match back in the day.
  10. So How's Your Day Going?

    Jesus Christ, FINALLY. Thank you. All these years of "Fat Spanish Waiter is CM Punk" and not getting the joke.
  11. 2017-18 NBA: SECOND HALF

    It's funny. I got home and saw the halftime score for LA/Houston, and I'm like who the fuck is Andre Ingram? One YouTube later, and the Lakers signed the goddamn modern day Rudy. Lakers lost but Andre got 14 pts on 6-8 shooting, 80% on 3s, 3 blocks, 3 rebounds. So happy he got the chance, even happier he made the most of it.
  12. Smackdown is IIconic - 4/10/2018

    You know he's sarcastically mocking the stereotype and not actually behaving like that, right?
  13. Smackdown is IIconic - 4/10/2018

  14. Smackdown is IIconic - 4/10/2018

    I'd be willing to bet it's her thick accent.
  15. Smackdown is IIconic - 4/10/2018

    Dickhead Shinsuke is the best. I'm more in to him now after a 60 second promo than the last year of his entire WWE career. I know he made sure to say "No speak Engrish" on purpose.