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  1. So wait, did you just insinuate that Haku might be a non-athletic fuck?
  2. That was the rumor but having just watched the SNME pre-WMIII battle royal where Hogan pretty much treated Orndorff like he was nothing, I find that a little hard to believe. And Orndorff was off television until May or June, I'm pretty sure he was injured.
  3. I remember some guy telling people that Dustin Rhodes was so incredible, even his 50th best match was better than any match HHH ever had.
  4. He also successfully hit a top rope move on his way to winning the I-C title at Unforgiven 2005. The fans were literally PLEADING for him not to do it, then when he actually hit it, the place erupted. And then Ric took a bow.
  5. NXT

    Agreed. One of those matches where it is obvious who is winning but towards the end, you're not so sure. I don't know if it was planned or Oney just messed up, but Almas' hitting that handspring just looked so much more lethal with the way Lorcan took it. Even better that as soon as the "This is awesome" chants started, the match ended. PLEASE let that chant die. It is MEANINGLESS now.
  6. Gary Hart had heat with Jay Strongbow.
  7. We used to have Jim Ross on our morning show back before our owners bought ROH and when she was there, she was nothing but friendly to anyone who talked to them and seemed to know when someone was uncomfortable by JR's gruffness and was all the more kind to compensate. Incredibly sad situation and I hope JR has the support from family and friends to pull through. And while "wear a helmet" is an important lesson, "don't take life for granted" is an even more important one.
  8. In fairness, the only reason I knew Marc Mero wasn't popular was that Mick Foley used the Mean Street Posse as a code word for Mero in his books. And Foley wrote that while married to a woman so attractive, WCW refused to put her camera thinking that nobody would believe that was his actual wife. Pretty sure the Mero hatred escalated from the Foley books.
  9. Oh my God, THANK YOU for posting that. The Norm Letterman sketches are really some of the nastier bits they ever did and they are not easy to find online. It's funnier with the opening monologue because everybody is laughing at his blatant go-to lines, but this clip starts when he has already done them one time too many and the audience is starting to turn. Which is kind of the point. And I love Norm for it.
  10. I guess Foley getting fifteen seconds of vengeance is the best we're going to get these days. Really wouldn't have killed them to let Foley put HHH out while looking at Steph, and he gets to leave with his head up high. HHH can come to, be furious, demand Foley come back and Rollins comes out, and we can still get that finish, but nope. Gotta make sure the one person who will never get their comeuppance comes off the strongest.
  11. Gotta say, I would pay money to watch that match. And seeing that photo, not counting the non-official title win, has Chris Jericho pinned HHH ever? In any capacity? Could it happen tomorrow?
  12. Oh, give me a break. Wrestlemania XIV proves otherwise. Sable was the star, Mero's injury only prolonged what was about to happen anyway.
  13. I always had the theory that they put the Red X up because Brutus didn't blade enough so that was the cover. It's really not a big deal when you watch it uncensored. It looks WAY worse with the X though, and I'll second that it freaked me out as a kid too. I remember fast forwarding through it when they showed it on the SummerSlam 88 tape. I'm glad that Windham saddle angle was posted, because that's what I think made him in the territory days (that and him turning on Dusty Rhodes.) Not quite sure if the implication then and now are quite the same. My Ron Bass memory is literally going to a January WWF house show (featuring a Goddamn awesome Rockers/BrainBusters match, Jake/Andre headlined) and as much as I enjoyed the show, I couldn't wait to get home to see who won the SNME Beefcake/Bass Hair match. The funny thing is even being 11 at the time, it made no sense to me why Bass was still bald in March.
  14. I feel pretty confident The General is going to make more money off of Shaq than McMahon ever will. Why are we even debating this? Shaq has already wrestled at WrestleMania. And a lot of you have already forgotten that. The celebrity match is so long over. We are living in a world where one of the biggest box office stars in the world was WWE champion WHILE BEING one of the BIGGEST box office stars in the WORLD. And that gave a minor bump in business. Quit wasting your time arguing over whether WWE gets a mention on Inside the NBA or not. Because that's all it amounts to.
  15. I've seen 10 minute Warrior/Andre matches. Those two were doing the crowds a favor by ending their matches as soon as possible.