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  1. Honestly, Portland could have started the game on a 30-0 run and probably would have still lost by double digits.
  2. That's also how I got in and out of Vegas for $400 a few years ago. Total. Flight, room, food, drink, gambling. I saw super cheap rates for everything and booked it and only later realized I was flying in on Easter Sunday. And it's Fawlty. EDIT: Fucking hate when I make a joke to the previous post and I show up on the next page.
  3. Yeah, I feel like the NBA playoffs are over. I really hope Milwaukee shocks the world but man, Golden State is doing just enough to win so they can probably steamroll any team in the Finals.
  4. Konnan/Jericho/Bigelow and Benoit/Wright are on YouTube. I know I traded for the triple threat in my tape trading days. I assume the whole card exists in full.
  5. I would guess sooner rather than later. The WWE app is being removed from a ton of older platforms next Wednesday, the theory being they aren't bothering to update them when the relaunch comes.
  6. The finish of one of their house show matches (promoting the rematch) is on YouTube. I have always wondered if that footage got lost too because that very angle was brought up on Jake's DVD and there was no footage of any kind to back it up. It was just Jake talking about it. As far as WWE matches go, Sammartino-Morales is the biggest one I'd like to think might be out there (even though I've always heard the match wasn't all that great.) Granted it would have to be fan shot, but that's how he got Bruno/Koloff.
  7. I enjoyed the match and honestly would say it lived up to the hype. Magee definitely was stiff in some places (and that awkwardness was still there in the DiBiase match two years later) but some of those leaps (especially the sunset flip mid-match) was crisp as shit. Gorilla deserves some credit too as he was treating him like the next big thing on commentary. Not a five-star masterpiece or anything, but for a late 86 TV taping match that would have been fodder on Prime Time Wrestling, I thought it more than delivered.
  8. I say this expecting Toronto to win game 7. A nobody market is probably going to the NBA Finals. TWO nobody markets isn't happening. EVER. Bucks-Nuggets or any non-Warriors match-up would be the least-watched NBA Finals in the last 30 years. Warriors should get there anyway. But if they need help....it'll be there.
  9. I know it has been debunked, but man that doc did no favors in making me not believe Gino's dad really was Paul Boesch. That it was never addressed (and has always been the other rumor surrounding him) just set off some alarms. Really good doc, I won't ruin it for anyone who hasn't seen it yet. I do think the conclusion drawn is probably the right one.
  10. Insubordination is the only thing that would make WWE watchable.
  11. It was actually Jericho and Christian. I only remember because Jericho tells the story of how he and Christian came out in towels because the Dudleys stole their gear and then Spike removed their towels, leaving them "naked". And Vince WANTED THEM TO BE NAKED. To which Jericho said "Fuck no." Pretty sure if Vince asked the Revival to do the same, they'd do it.
  12. Well, that's the thing. If I put 10K into WWE stock when it was $11 a share, I'd have $77,000 right now. Granted I could have had $90,000 at its peak, but I'm still incredibly up. WWE stock could lose half its value, I could still cash out and buy a new car with it. No one signed an independent stockmarket contract that says that can only cash out when the McMahons feel like it.
  13. Von Erichs one is the best so far even though it's a story we all know almost by heart by now. Kevin talking about his dad pointed a gun at him saying "You'd kill yourself if you had the guts" and Kevin havin to run away because he could tell his father was thinking about pulling the trigger was fucked up. Especially when he finished the story by saying how much he loved his dad. Fucking gut punch.
  14. No, the laziest thing imaginable is just naming 8 random men and women for MITB and not even bothering to have qualifying matches or do anything to make any of the people in it seem remotely special.
  15. Well, the problem was at the time that there was literally NOBODY else for Flair to defend against that would have been credible. Spring 1990 there was so many people who left or were injured, I think the #2 face was Norman the Lunatic. It was so bad they ended up bringing back Junkyard Dog and gave him a main event push.
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