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  1. There were 4 total in 1987, two were unaired house shows. There are about a dozen in 1988, I don't know if any of them aired. They almost all ended with Dillon submitting.
  2. Pure speculation but I'd guess it was to set up Hogan-Warrior II, but then they switched gears to Slaughter, and we got left with a Hogan and Warrior are BFFs finish.
  3. I DVR both shows but haven't watched Wednesday in months. But come on, in retrospect, head to head I'd watch Io-Sasha over Best Friends vs. anybody. I actually DID watch Io-Sasha after the fact.
  4. Up and comer... Powers had been with the WWF for six years at this point. And got a PUSH three years prior. He was the opposite of up and comer.
  5. I thought the same thing. Especially if the opponent lived after.
  6. I have all the respect in the world for Renee Young. You've GOT to take care of yourself. Because no one else will. And anyone in the company mad at her about it can go fuck themselves. I work as an "essential" employee so I'm around people and I know the company doesn't really give a shit about me if I caught it, but at least they'd go through the motions.
  7. Aren't those two it? Eddie Ellner and the late Dan Shocket were definitely real. Dr. Sydney M. Basil and WWF "expert" Thomas Pillard were fake people used for quotes though.
  8. You only get to retire once. And when you renege, it's bullshit. He "retired" against Roman Reigns and just kept going. He's going to keep going.
  9. I love that some of the biggest names in wrestling of all time are practically hidden in this photo and fucking Bagwell is front and center.
  10. No because WWF punished him for leaving by having to job in every match. The few matches he did do he lost and when you see the matches he no-showed, you can tell who was taking the fall. He disappeared because he wasn't going to be part of that boom.
  11. Sorry, you're right. In fairness, that SNME was a GREAT match...
  12. Somewhere Earthquake and Dusty get counted out. Warrior and Bravo get a double DQ. Perfect was still undefeated so it probably comes down to Hogan/Beefcake vs. Savage/Perfect. Zeus comes out, ruins everything and we get some weird beta-SS91 bullshit where everyone gets DQ'd except Mr Perfect. Keeping his perfect record intact.
  13. I think they were testing things. He was still seen as a tag guy (Harts were champs at the time.) The crowd totally bought Bret though, and as a PWI Weekly dorkboy at the time, Bret was booked in more singles matches after this and almost never lost. Bret/Savage was two years prior. But Bret had a GREAT match with DiBiase on a 1990 PTW too which made this even more exciting.
  14. Survivor Series 89 was a WEIRD show... Hogan and Jake Roberts were suddenly BFFs for no particular reason even though Hogan and Beefcake had been teaming for months prior (and reformed as soon as the show ended.) The Powers of Pain pin Demolition. Which leads to nothing. And the team splits up months later. Piper and Snuka were on a team and WWF was notorious for pretending the past never happened but even with this they had to acknowledge their feud five years prior. And Warrior ends the show main eventing against a guy who loses immediately because he can't go more than sixty seconds and a manager replacing someone else (Tully) who had been fired. And it was the first 4 on 4 show, so there was already on odd vibe going. 5 on 5 was the standard. I'd argue Bret Hart got more over losing at Survivor Series 90 than all of your examples combined though.
  15. Glacier was literally Sub-Zero. And that's why they don't do those angles. Because they fucking sucked. And people who pitch Mortal Kombat angles don't realize, they DID. And they failed miserably. The problem too is, Glacier beats Wrath and Mortiis...then what? Mortis feuds with Hacksaw Jim Duggan? The heels are done.
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