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  1. Harden scored five points tonight. FIVE. On 1-10 shooting. I'll be honest, watching the Bucks destroy the Nets in the first half, I've watched the NBA long enough to know...Bucks were losing.
  2. I think my issue with Charlotte/Asuka matches is that one has earned her wins and the other gets hers handed to them. But hey, who wins more?
  3. Maybe if that's your proposed finish, come up with something better? If Jericho isn't going full Foley, maybe not book a Foley finish? It was a deflater of a finish, and it made the Inner Circle look like idiots. "NO! Don't throw Chris onto a mattress!!" AEW books better and feels more legit than WWE. They don't get passes when they are worse. Chris himself should have known how bad that was going to look.
  4. ECIII is in the hospital possibly for something serious...and the next two posts are random dick jokes... Come on, assholes...pay attention.
  5. I don't disagree with anything you say, but that's a shitty place to work at if your job ends because Vince just has a sudden change of heart. Random people were fired where I worked at last month because it was "required." Vince didn't look at any of the people who were let go today and really thought about it. It was just "Okay." And they were fired. That's not WWE either, that's life.
  6. "This is Awesome" ruins any good match and takes down a notch any great ones.
  7. I'm on the fence with you. I'm either dropping $10 for their four month special (with ads) or just saying F it and dropping it altogether. Which shows you how valuable WWE PPVs have gotten and how valueless streaming services are becoming, when even $2.50 a month (with a ton of non-wrestling stuff for free) doesn't seem like that great of a deal.
  8. Buff Bagwell in a Clinton mask. Because it was WCW.
  9. Says the woman who couldn't sell a serious bump for more than three seconds without adjusting her outfit.
  10. Collateral is one of the great movies that turned into the Hollywood happy ending at the end. The nightclub scene is one of the most intense action sequences ever with a shock payoff. And I've usually stopped watching the movie five minutes later because that's a more accurate ending there than the last thirty minutes.
  11. Pretty sure the follow-up to the MGK angle was telling him to fuck off since he no-sold the table-break and ran off. I do love how WWE pretty much fell into getting one of the hottest acts right now when you guys shit on Vince for being decades out of touch. Then he gets someone big that a lot of you have never heard of. And now you don't know what to do.
  12. Heenan joined WWF in 1984, Haku came in a year later and ironically had his first feud with Heenan's Big John Studd after he (as King Tonga) slammed Studd. He turned heel and joined Bobby in 1987.
  13. That and the electricity may or may not be on the entire game... OKC rightfully threw a shitfit when they were told to limit their electricity use and the Thunder got all systems go for a shit game...that THEY LOST. I'm told to use as little electricity as possible. But lighting up Chesapeake Arena for your team to get their ass kicked...that's PRIORITY.
  14. The "#1 Grossly Overbooked Moment" (and it's a cheat since I was there) was Jim Ross coming out on RAW in OKC announcing he was traded to Smackdown and saying goodbye. That leads to Edge coming out as the new RAW champ, announcing he will never defend the title on RAW and then gets the Edge-Heads to escort JR out. Then Batista comes out and murders Edge. Then CM Punk cashes in the briefcase on dead Edge and wins the title.
  15. Considering the WWE Network won't exist in the US next month, in your world, it would be the "Peacock" belt. And picturing R-Truth with a plume of feathers...that seems pretty likely.
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