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  1. I was watching on Sling which was two minutes behind for whatever reason. I knew LA won, Davis hit that shot anyway and I was still all "HOLY SHIT!"
  2. Congratulations to the LA Lakers for winning the *2020 NBA Championship before even winning the WCF. THAT'S how it ends? I can see the Lakers being Randy Savage and the Nuggets being the Dynamite Kid. The Heat might be the Junkyard Dog...except that team actually does have more talent than JYD but they still lose...
  3. I only brought it up because Bulldog pressing Ric Flair over his head at Rumble 92 and then just slamming him has always been my one weakness to the match (aside from Savage eliminating himself by accident but getting to come back anyway.) #3 sounds about right in this scenario.
  4. If you can press slam someone in a battle royal, why aren't you immediately eliminating them?
  5. Crocketts could never figure out if it was Wahoo McDaniel or McDaniels either. Neither could most of the roster then...
  6. You're not wrong about quickly since Dusty was fired from Crockett in January 89 and was in WWF by early-June.
  7. For the record, Ahmed is wearing the IC belt, he got hungry waiting too long in Gorilla.
  8. Pretty sure whoever posted it didn't know it was common knowledge. I saw the link and knew what it was all about without even clicking. BTW, that also shows you how out of touch WWE was even then. Angle all but admits he's a prescrip drug addict and they STILL POSTED IT like it was no big deal.
  9. Wouldn't call it essential but his match vs. The Great Antonio is something you should go out of your way to see if you haven't. This big fat guy dicks around no-selling everything. So Inoki puts an end to it by beating the legit shit out of him.
  10. Honestly, I hope this ends the NBA season. And I say this as a Lakers fan who wanted them to win it all. The boycott would be an empty gesture if they just took one or two days off and then went right back to it. If you're done because you're done with this bullshit, be DONE. Also...let these guys go home. The bubble is pretty much a human zoo.
  11. It was a joke. Gobert LITERALLY shut down the league because he got coronavirus.
  12. Stealing someone else's joke but... Giannis winning the Defense award is bullshit. Rudy Gobert should have gotten it. He shut down the entire league.
  13. I think the proper question is who popularized it and made it common. Hogan's "Eye of the Tiger" changed everything. It was perfect for him and others followed. Except a lot of them used that same song and it didn't fit at all.
  14. I always wondered why Vince took forever to air Demolition winning the tag titles back from the BrainBusters, and that story might kinda explain it. Demolition beat them October 2 and the title change didn't air until November 4 (Tully had already been fired by then.) Usually they air title changes immediately to keep continuity on house shows, but the Busters spent the whole month defending a title they had already lost. Curious if Vince was trying to keep them on and would have voided the title change if they stayed.
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