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  1. I already felt old thinking about that...then I realized I don't think Joe and Punk have been in the same room on camera together in 14 years.
  2. Whatever you do, DON'T listen to Meltzer and Alvarez argue about that very thing... And you made a better point in one sentence than they did in ten minutes.
  3. When your commentators are openly predicting a MJF heel turn, it's stupid to pretend that it isn't happening. I feel they were better off saving it though. The heel turn would have been better for Wednesday. This whole "Cody can't ever challenge for the championship again!" and fantasy angling to get out of it is the dumbest fucking thing. I'm from the world where Randy Savage lost a retirement match at WM7 and was the champion at WM8. Or Vince being forced off TV for losing a match. And was back months later. Those are the obvious. Stipulations don't mean shit. It's been that way since day one.
  4. Granted it's broken down Dynamite, but Benoit vs. Dynamite absolutely happened in the late 80s Stampede reboot.
  5. All it takes is an injury to fuck it up, but good God has it been good to see the Lakers back. They haven't had a 7 game win streak in eight years. Even when the Heat looked like they were about to take over, Lakers responded. And they then murdered them in the 4th.
  6. That could never work now but that was a brilliant angle at the time. You couldn't see a top heel wrestle unless you actually went to the show to see them. I say it was brilliant but it was short-lived and no one really stole it afterwards, so maybe it wasn't.
  7. I love that even the guy who uploaded the clip gave up on it before it ended. For all we know, they're still countering each other.
  8. Man, fuck whoever is in the picture. Can someone check to see if JR is okay?
  9. Columbo was such a great concept. You know who did it the entire time, the mystery is finding out where they fucked up.
  10. That's the point. Orange doing his bit and the heels being all "what is he doing?" kinda expired awhile ago. Orange is awesome on the indies. It doesn't work when a heel acts like a...normal wrestler.
  11. I might take some hatred from this but Pac not looking like a fucking idiot and destroying Orange with a kick makes him the top face in the company in my book.
  12. Great start, great main event...but wow, if they thought RAW and Smackdown viewers were gonna check NXT out, this wasn't the show to do it. I LOVED Matt Riddle going right after AJ in the main event when it should have been Ciampa doing it. Never knew how much I wanted a Matt Riddle/AJ Styles match until tonight. But until they prove me wrong otherwise, they have no idea what to do with Finn Balor. He HAD to come out in the main event...and...that's...it?
  13. Clearly you haven't been watching NXT since he's had the "guy who has done nothing in a year and is a total loser" gimmick up until about a month ago.
  14. When you have everything, you need something for motivation.
  15. The irony is that the only times Rollins ever got over where those times when WWE gave up on him and moved on. When he got moved down the card, THEN the fans organically took to him. And THEN he got cheered.
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