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  1. The question was when did wrestlers get their themes played AFTER they won. No one was asking about when did guys start coming to the ring to music.
  2. It was either with Hogan or Slaughter in 1984. Slaughter was definitely getting his theme played after winning matches during his Sheik feud. Hogan didn't wrestle on TV much so I don't know when they started doing it for him.
  3. Since I'm seeing this shit everywhere now, just Google "Mookie Wilson dinosaur" and realize you should know better.
  4. I immediately assumed it was Christian Bale. The guy was a goddamn skeleton in The Machinist and he bulked up to play shirtless Bruce Wayne kicking ass in Batman Begins in at absolutely most eighteen months. Actually the Wiki on The Machinist says Bale had six months to go from near death to Batman.
  5. That video could literally have shown you all the moves you can do in the game and it's already better than that "Fire Pro" XBox shit a few years ago.
  6. I just think they could have done something as a team on the main roster. Or maybe not, they might have been ruined right off the bat. I don't think they'll ever be anything as singles guys on the main roster. It's like The Shield break-up. They took a great team and ended it because that's just what you do. And I hated that too. On the other hand, I fucking loved Bate/Dunne. Absolutely the highlight of the show.
  7. I'll be in the minority, I don't care. Fucking hated it. Such a total waste of what could have been a much bigger deal down the line.
  8. The one that I remember to this day is how they waited a month to announce the death of referee Joey Marella (randomly on All American Wrestling no less) because they apparently had to burn through all the matches he appeared in first. Rick McGraw is an obvious one since he died before his match with Roddy Piper aired. And to this day people think Piper killed him. Google "Did Roddy Piper" and "kill Rick McGraw" should be one of your top options.
  9. I have to second the love for vanilla ice cream. Vanilla is good and for the most part it's good and non-offensive. But man, once in a while it is done JUST right and when it is, it is FUCKING AMAZING. I might have said something similar to that once after taking a bite. And gotten some dirty looks from the parents whose kids had just heard me say it.
  10. I feel that might be a direct quote from a lot of people teaching our kids these days...
  11. I'm choosing to believe you're wrong, because if you're're kind of a jerk.
  12. That's such an odd photo perspective-wise, since Ivan was barely six feet tall and Ernie was probably closer to seven feet with that afro.
  13. Price Waterhouse is now switching the envelopes and setting fire to any others naming Harden as the MVP.
  14. They just don't have a clue. Or the balls to tell Vince that he doesn't have one.