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  1. NXT Takeover: WARGAMES~~~!!!

    Uh, Drew winning.
  2. NXT Takeover: WARGAMES~~~!!!

    If Almas was winning the title anyway, Vega's mini-Frankensteiner should have been the finish. That was probably the highlight of the whole show.
  3. Was that the same story where Jericho pitched teaming up with a retired Shawn Michaels to take on the Wyatt Family? Because his idea really was awful.
  4. If you watch the wide shot a few seconds earlier, he had already made one attempt to get in the way and he got shoved hard. This was actually the SECOND time this dumbass tried it.

    Randy Savage once tried to murder Ricky Steamboat then chose to team with him at Survivor Series a year later. Don't act like this kind of thing is anything new. Not to mention the HHH/Rollins feud was boring as fuck. I'm all for them acting like it didn't happen.

    Cultural references to media personalities fade fast. I guarantee anyone under 21 more likely than not probably doesn't know who he is. And why would they? He's from a time and place that is virtually foreign to today's generations. Hell, I work with a twentysomething now who had never heard of "Office Space."
  7. RIC FLAIR 30 FOR 30

    In comparison, the 30 for 30 XFL doc from earlier this year only did 940,000 viewers.
  8. RIC FLAIR 30 FOR 30

    Did a little research and Reid died March of 2013. Flair's infamous drunken RAW appearance during the Shield/Evolution feud was April 2014. I kinda feel HHH's "Shut the fuck up. You're getting help or I'm making you get help" speech had to have been immediately after.
  9. 2017-18 NBA: FIRST HALF

    I know it's early and they'll get their shit together, but wow, Thunder are off to a rough start. After losing to the worst team in the league tonight, they now have played 10 games and have yet to beat anyone from the West. Meanwhile the Knicks are off to one of their better starts in years... I'm sure it's only a coincidence.
  10. RIC FLAIR 30 FOR 30

    I don't know if this fact, but I thought the reason was that Hogan was taking the rest of the year off after Mania (to shoot Mr. Nanny and to let things die down after the steroids scandals), and he wasn't going to lose to Flair. And he couldn't exactly beat him and vacate the title either.
  11. RIC FLAIR 30 FOR 30

    This could have easily been two hours. Even more. A rare show where I see there's five-ten minutes left, and I'm bummed that it was coming to an end. Flair saying he drank from 7am-2am every day for a year after his son died and saying it as if he had no other choice was so painful. And I gained a lot on HHH for stepping in to help. But wow, did HHH kinda just admit their testing policy is BS during this? (We'll test you a second time, and tell you in advance...)
  12. RIC FLAIR 30 FOR 30

    As excited as I am to see this documentary, the irony is the person I least want to hear from is Ric. I'm eager to hear others talk about him, but I feel I'm going to be rolling my eyes a LOT when he's speaking.

    I don't think it is different at all. You've already decided the match will be lame and if it isn't, the people who love it must obviously be lame too, and if you actually watch the match (which you said you won't), you'll find every nit to pick.
  14. NXT Takeover: WARGAMES~~~!!!

    I hate to break it to you, but no one's going to bleed either (at least not on purpose.) I'm not a huge fan of the rules either, but I get it. Honestly, Adam Cole's scared as shit "I DON'T WANT TO DO THIS!" face sold me on the match more than anything else. It may not be a classic, but I think it should at least be really fun.
  15. 2017-18 NBA: FIRST HALF

    Happy to see the Lakers murder someone when I thought they might get murdered. I'm not a fan of Randle off the bench, but he seems to be inspired tonight anyways.