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  1. I was prepared to be the sole dissident, but I see a lot of you are saying what I'm thinking. The gauntlet was a bad idea. It was clear Kofi was running the table, but in having him get murdered for an hour and still beat 5 guys, he's now turned into SUPERKofi. I was rooting for Kofi because he was the underdog. You're not an underdog anymore when you pin a fresh Samoa Joe and a fresh Randy Orton back-to-back after being left for dead a half hour earlier. Now you're John Cena. So basically you sacrifice two of your main heels and give away the WM title match (yes, I know it wasn't really a REAL match, but I mean, I just saw them have a one-on-one match, and dead Kofi still almost won) to end up right back where you started. Kofi is OVER. Just admit you don't know how it happened and LET IT HAPPEN.
  2. In fairness, that's exactly what's happening this year.
  3. And per his contract, that's the number of times you'll see him on RAW each of those years.
  4. I don't think that word means what you think it means.
  5. Are you fucking kidding me? Him walking to the ring will take about fifteen minutes. Unless they get one of those carts and only show him chest up to make it look like he's levitating.
  6. From Left to Right: 1. This is FUCKING AWESOME, 2. I'll PRETEND its FUCKING AWESOME 3. It's My Show Fuck Everyone Else 4. Let's do this shit, yeah I brought a bottle for them, I'm not drinking it, I know better. 5. Yeah, this sounds great?... 6. I'm supposed to do what?
  7. They really need to build Asuka up as Becky's first challenge and have her destroy someone at WrestleMania. But they can't even have her kill Mandy Rose of all people, Mandy had to almost literally slip on a banana peel to lose, so yeah, she's probably in some preshow bullshit where Lacey beats her because Asuka gets distracted by Lacey's hat or something stupid like that.
  8. My first thought when the match started was "wow, they are gonna kill two guys dead for this Kofi angle" but yeah that match was SO good that the fans couldn't help but appreciate it. Just like Kofi took the ball when Ali got hurt, Ali got his one chance in a World title match and made the absolute most of it. I will say that this whole "no DQs in a three-way" is fucking stupid. Why wasn't Rowan in the ring the whole time? Attacking your opponents is legal, why did he spend most of the match not taking advantage?
  9. Marc is clearly waiting for a pie, slime, water, ANYTHING to get dumped on him. To this day it blows my mind that the host of one of the messiest TV shows ever had OCD.
  10. I feel like the AWA being hired to do random corp shit was so common, Zenk probably didn't even realize how crazy it all was. I bet they did the same thing for a half dozen MInneapolis companies (without it being taped.) This was WWF running RAW at high school gyms. They were so desperate for anything, they took what they could get while pretending they were doing them a favor. Wahoo going all out really was a bummer though.
  11. Joe looked like he was trying to hide just how happy he was. I would love if we get a Cena/Joe WM match out of this. I don't care who wins, I just feel like it would be FUN.
  12. If the options are "job to someone you should be squashing in under a minute" or "don't appear," I'll take plan B every time.
  13. I love how you all are all in on Kofi and are now acting like you were there from the get-go. Yeah, like there was this massive Kofi movement that WWE never listened to. No, Kofi got the chance because Ali was fucked up. He was just some dude. And Kofi told everybody "fuck you" and seized the opportunity. He did this shit. WITHOUT YOU. But keep patting yourselves on the back as if you were responsible.
  14. I'll admit I'm stealing someone else's joke, but man Vega had to be irate watching the guy she manages lose to her husband.
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