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  1. sydneybrown

    Raw is Bane Ambrose - 12/3/2018

    Oh fuck that. You think Vince would watch ANYTHING on a Ted Turner network? EDIT: Well, that was weird.
  2. You beat me to it. God, I loved Dr. Katz back in the day. That may be the driest show in television history.
  3. sydneybrown


    How they were able to put Vince in sketches without him actually being there was a riot.
  4. sydneybrown

    RAW is the Revival of Etiquette - 11/26/2018

    I think I have maybe watched at most 5 RAWs live in the last three years. It's like cutting cable. It sucks initially, but within a few weeks you don't miss it at all. Shit, a friend of mine at work excitedly told me RAW was coming to my city in January. I'm not even sure I'd go if I was comped either.
  5. sydneybrown

    Raw is Dean's Love Letters To Seth - 11/19/18

    I like how Braun was crushed to death in a garbage truck last year, but yet somehow I'm supposed to be concerned tonight when he gets an elbow injury? Didn't watch the show, just read the results. But if Burgundy's comment is what happened, WWE can fuck off putting a man's real life-or-death struggle into their bullshit angles.
  6. sydneybrown


    All of you who still think Becky is even sniffing the WM main event after tonight are either new fans or completely delusional. This angle was absolutely designed to set-up a WM rematch to make sure what they were planning all along would still happen. At least they wised up and made Charlotte the heel so when Becky comes back, she'll be the rightful face. And I know "brand supremacy" really doesn't matter, but goddamn, if I wasn't watching Smackdown before, I sure as hell wouldn't now.
  7. sydneybrown


    On the bright side, I'm glad to see they got Tyler Breeze some side work.
  8. I thought WarGames was a LOT better than the first one they did. I fucking LOVED that finishing sequence to Dream/Ciampa. That to me was perfect wrestling booking.
  9. sydneybrown


    Considering half of those wrestlers are touching anything, if some paint came off, they are now worth $40. Nikolai touched Beefcake AND the rope? Yeah, that's like driving a new car off the lot as far as value goes. Nostalgia really does cloud your memories. I love this photo but...these were horrible action figures. You could do next to nothing with them (matches were very clothesline and dropkick oriented) and they became battle-scarred within minutes. The one positive though is that you could have total bloodbaths with red markers and they'd wash off instantly.
  10. sydneybrown


    I grasp it. I don't think anything I said was wrong though, character or real-life. Yay for her Twitter? I'm on the fence with agreeing with you on WM, but they are so dead-set in their ways...I feel like Charlotte beats her just so Rousey gets the payback she never got in UFC at WM. I don't want Charlotte/Rousey now, much less another five build for the rematch. Or did you mean Ronda/Becky? Because you do grasp if there is ever a WM female main event, it's gonna have Charlotte in it. Asuka jobbing to her like a nobody last night on a nothing FB show that was seen by as many people as Nia's Twitter feed all but confirmed that.
  11. sydneybrown


    Um, no? She fucks up the Survivor Series main event and probably fucked up the potential WM main event and SHE'S wanting sympathy? If anything, I wish her fist looked even worse so that maybe it would encourage her to learn how to make it look like she's hurting someone without, you know, actually hurting someone to the point that thanks to her incompetence, they just lost out on a big payday this weekend.
  12. sydneybrown

    SDL is Becky's Broken Face - 11/13/2018

    I don't get these responses at all. Even as a heel, the fans cheered Bryan. Literally his career was made at WM28 AS A HEEL. You guys thinking that Miz is now the face or that the fans are going to be booing the shit out of Bryan against Lesnar. Seriously, who are you people? This is literally a reboot of the Becky Lynch turn, and it's going to have the same reaction. It was a stupid way to do it, but fuck yeah, I am happy that a guy who wasn't even allowed to wrestle when this year started and was booked like shit from he moment he returned is now the champion. Also, they tend to make it all go away within weeks, but I do like when WWE hits that reset button. And holy fuck, did they do it tonight.
  13. sydneybrown

    Survivor Series 2018

    Wait, that was directed at Bryan Alvarez? Jesus Christ, pretty sure more people saw either of Bryan's two matches this year than anything Ryback has done on the indies.
  14. sydneybrown

    RAW is 3 hours.. 11/12/18

    The Becky finish was outstanding... Fuck this Ambrose/Rollins feud. They seriously trotted out the lazy-ass "I don't owe you an explanation! I don't owe any of you people an explanation!" line. Which means they don't know what they are doing or where they are going. So yeah, if you can't bother to actually come up with ANY storytelling, then I'm not going to bother giving a shit.
  15. sydneybrown


    Holy shit. Tyler Bate is Westley. Liv Morgan reverts back to when she was the cute girl next door as Buttercup. And Pete Dunne is Rugen.