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  1. sydneybrown

    Extreme Rules X - 7/15/2018

    I never want to see someone thrown off (or jump off) a cage again. It's been done enough times now that the risk isn't worth the reward. Just cringe-worthy.
  2. sydneybrown


    According to HistoryofWWE.com: Minneapolis, MN 6/17/84 That was the same show that had the Hulk Hogan/David Schultz bloodbath that appeared on Hulkamania.
  3. sydneybrown


    The real story is that the man front and center has barely done anything this year, Demon Balor has yet to make an appearance in 2018 and neither has Dean Ambrose. I feel like this backpack came out at least a year ago.
  4. sydneybrown

    [NXT] July 11, 2018 TV Show

    I thought the main was perfect old-school booking. Loved it. It's so much fun when you have two teams that are so great that you are happy to see either team win. Mustache Mountain upsetting the champ was one of the feel-good moments of the year. And Era getting them right back was one of the more emotional, with the faces having no other option then to throw in the towel. Great storytelling. I may have just now noticed this, but Bobby Fish walking around with the Dusty Cup, just so he has some kind of title to hold is a nice touch.
  5. sydneybrown

    GLOW on Netflix

    Finally finished season 2 and loved it. What to me is so great about this show is that it takes a cliched format like pro wrestling and is still able to add twists to make it clever and original. Pretty much every episode I felt like I knew exactly where it was going...and then I'm proven wrong (Episode 4 being a prime example.) I'll be the nerd to say the anachronisms are a little annoying. It's clearly early 1986, wrestlers weren't charging $20 for a photo, men weren't wrestling women in almost any capacity, and the big finale song came out a year later. The last line makes me fully believe there will be a season 3. It's almost like the writers just added it because they knew. And Maron does a better job in GLOW than he did playing himself in his own show.
  6. sydneybrown


    It really was the only decision that made sense. That contract was absolutely an albatross around the Thunder and I think it is legit addition by subtraction by letting him go. Thunder are really doing everything right in the off-season so far. Though now their younger players have to develop into something.
  7. sydneybrown


    And Dave would give it four and 3/4 stars at worst.
  8. sydneybrown


    I'm an hour in, and as a video production guy, I was actually kinda in awe they put up an hour of a raw camera feed of the Intrepid show. I can't say I feel the same about them doing the same for 10 minutes of a tour bus driving down the road. I actually sat there for five minutes before I realized nothing was going to happen.
  9. sydneybrown

    RAW Is Dr. Diminishing Returns - 7/2/2018

    What a lame attempt at claiming sexism. Rousey was a rehash of Brock killing Michael Cole and Dr. Shelby was a rerun of Bryan and Kane. Blame the lack of creativity and original thought. Speaking of lame, not sure I've ever seen a more pitiful post-RAW forum. Two hours later and eight comments. Clearly FOX picked the right time to go all-in on that hot sports-entertainment market...
  10. sydneybrown


    As much as people are hating this (and count me among them) this is a HUGE gamble Cousins just made. He's already recovering from a serious injury that may make him a shell of his former self and he's not going to get nearly the amount of looks on a Warriors team, so his stats are gonna drop whether he is healthy or not. He's potentially throwing away tens of millions of dollars. Out of spite. And to get a ring. Pretty sure he could buy an NBA championship ring on ebay right now.
  11. sydneybrown


    Julius Randle is going to the Pelicans. 2 years/$18 million. What a weird day.
  12. sydneybrown


    NOT a fan of these last two moves. They already picked up two head cases, now a THIRD? They gonna bring Lamar Odom out of retirement too? I really was a big fan of Randle, I don't get why they are just letting him walk.
  13. sydneybrown


    I'm not a fan of some of these signings but I am absolutely on board with them keeping who they got. Ingram, Randle, Kuzma are their future. Hell, even LeBron is a gamble, he's passing his prime. Trade nobody. Make the Spurs blink. And after two decades, they are about to.
  14. sydneybrown


    What the hell has been happening? Stephenson? McGee? Are we about to get the return of Andrew Bynum?
  15. sydneybrown


    I agree that the Cavs were better but I feel like the Lakers made a DRAMATIC improvement last season to the point that I think they could have been a 7 or 8 seed even without a star player this coming season. I doubt the Cavs make the playoffs now. I think it's crazy we could actually have a Lakers/Celtics Finals 2-3 years down the road.