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  1. Women's match was okay, but it's kinda lame when the winner spends half her time taking a nap on the floor. Men's match did an excellent job making almost the entire face roster look like the biggest fucking idiots: Owens, Joe, Riddle, Strowman, Lee, Black, and Ricochet all managed to look like total job guys (though not as much of jobbers as the first 12 guys in the match.) Never thought I'd say this but Reigns/Corbin was probably the best match of the show. It had a fun atmosphere and the crowd brought it up.
  2. TMZ is saying his 13 year-old daughter was on board. A shit day getting even shittier.
  3. This angle has made me turn the corner on Page. I don't know if this is on purpose, but Page is TOTALLY the face in this angle so far. He's made it clear he's not part of the Elite, Omega forces him to team with him anyway, Schiavone completely blows him off in the post interview, and the Bucks have to Hogan their way into everything Page does. I'd turn on them too.
  4. I think another issue with Charlotte is that she hasn't really evolved. At all. Look at where the Horsewomen (and even Asuka) were five years ago. They've all changed or updated their character to some degree. Becky was able to break out because of it. But Charlotte is exactly the same as she was in 2015. And yeah, she can't sell an angle worth a shit. Becky turns on her, she just looks mildly annoyed. Asuka mists her, she acts like she's been spit on instead of treating it like she's in blinding pain.
  5. Rey Mysterio and Dustin Rhodes are both Five Decaders now too.
  6. The show after Survivor Series Vince was raving about the incredible debut of "Cain (or Kane)." No Undertaker reference at all. Survivor Series he was The Undertaker. His first Superstars appearance he was "Cain The Undertaker." Then Cain was dropped. It's amazing how I can remember that and not know where I parked my car when I get off from work.
  7. Pretty sure if the Undertakers took the yearly fee, Vince wouldn't have paid a single year. At least they got a few paydays out of it. And Undertaker wasn't even going to be his name. The Superstars that aired after Survivor Series (but was taped before) called him Kane.
  8. Man, I disagree with that one. I thought for 80's WWF standards, the Bees had one of the best gimmicks going: the good guy team giving heels a dose of their own medicine by putting on masks and blatantly cheating to win. And the fans LOVED it. This was 85-87. They were Rooster level in 88.
  9. Pfft, that's what WWE does. Take something special then run it into the ground...
  10. You chose Steph. That's your own fault.
  11. Honestly, I'd be happier if he gave it to someone down on their luck...but to each his own.
  12. I thought that was the highlight of the show: MJF on his phone while DDP cut his promo. Can someone tell AEW to stop debuting people nobody knows by having them emerge from under the ring? Surprises work when they are SOMEBODY. And if that works, can you then tell them to keep Brandi away from a mike forever? That was heel Michael Cole agony tonight.
  13. That was absolutely during his "comeback" after the Randy Savage bell incident. Steamboat had a match with Tiger Chung Lee during that time, Lee kicked him in the throat, and Steamboat struggled to finish the match and little me thought "Savage is going to murder him at WMIII."
  14. I love that they felt the need to explain that Gaylord Peacock was a colorful extrovert. What else would he be? And I REALLY LOVE William Regal being known as "Blackpool's Nature Boy."
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