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    So you're saying with Orton, there's an Evolution, but You Can't See such change with Cena? C'mon now, Cena looks different. Sometimes his hats are red, sometimes they're blue or green.
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    It was easier to restart a thread than have OSJ run in in three days after we have all moved and be all BEFORE THIS GETS OUT OF HAND LET ME SPEAK ON THIS~!
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    A couple of them. She just did a movie with Nicolas Cage and Gina Gershon where I think she might be playing a Lesbian who has interest in Gershon's character. So basically it's the ultimate late 90's movie about 20 years late. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3481634/?ref_=nm_flmg_act_1
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    Today in things I didn't know I wanted until I heard the idea: JeriKO Buddy Cop movie I want this more than my next breath.
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    Lay off him, he clearly has some disease serious enough to require Make-A-Wish...
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    Only reason Spider couldn't wrestle was Joe Pesci shot his foot
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    Mojo Rawley would have been the greatest XFL / WWE crossover guy if he had been around during the XFL era.
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    I feel like he keeps trying other things because he's really insecure and desperate to be seen as more than just a wrestling promoter. Somewhere deep down, he really hates pro wrestling and hates that it's the only thing he's good at. That's just my Sidney M. Basil armchair analysis.
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    I don't think so, but Parts Unknown is the biggest trade partner of the Samoan Isles.....so there are ties there.
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    This is my favourite...NSFW obviously.
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    Vince would just buy the Globetrotters and try to blow everyone's mind by parity booking them against the Generals.
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    Lodi should be the sign guy for the Wyatts.
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    I imagine them looking at him teary eyed and saying, "Let me out, Dough."
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    I was a big fan of XFL. I bought into all the hype with the different approach to football, the hot cheerleaders, the presentation and everything. It's weird seeing this covered as I recall pretty much every single thing about it like it was yesterday. It didn't toot its horn about how NFL utilized some of their stuff until the end, and it seemed pretty accurate in highlighting its failures. It did make me wonder a couple things: -If they had the teams practice for at one more month before this started could it have led to better football? I'd like to think so. And for the second week if there was gas in the generator and SNL went on time after a great game, would that have increased its chances of success? I would think it would have maintained decent ratings for a couple more weeks. The biggest mistake Vince made was thinking he had to work against the NFL. If he tried to work with them instead he might have had better luck. Strike a deal with NFL Films where they can offer ideas to enhance the overall presentation. If egos were checked and things were successful Vince would have gotten a ton of credit for it. Instead it's more "Well, we aped this shit off a shitty league." And if he was bent on doing football after NFL Arena Football was right there. If he founds ways to improve presentation and convince Ebersol to get that on TV it might have fared better. Of course he wouldn't have the sleaze the XFL had so it could have worked.
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    Poor Buttons. Dog does everything he can to keep Mindy safe, yet always gets in trouble with the parents. But at least at the end of the day Mindy always loves him.
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    Why is Anton Chigurth on that poster?
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    My mother is cancer free. First thing the doc said when she had her follow up apt was "well, it's gone" First apt for radiotherapy is this coming Thursday. This one is going to be the most difficult one. A lot of waiting around, a lot of taking clothes off and on again, while they get her cast setup and moulded to her. Then it starts on the daily Monday through Friday for 3-4 weeks. So she's happy she's got a date, but she is BEYOND pissed that her april holiday to Burma with nine of her girlfriends is now cancelled for her. She is super upset about it. 1.5k down the drain as no refunds from the airline or holiday company. Too close to the date of travel. It makes sense for her not to go really; we don't know what side-effects she's going to have or if she'll be seriously adversely affected. One side effect is apparently itchy or inflamed skin around the area where Tony was. Plus if she has any illness over there she'd be a higher priority case. Told her about my writing of the experience of it on here. Really hoping theres not a momma red account setup here in the near future. My 2k17 cuddliest member will be fucking gone.
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    I expect The New Day to show up because Feb. 29, 2017 is a new day on the calendar.
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    And don't forget that their (step?)father-in-law will be Johnny Ace! Can you imagine when the Bella children start dating and their boyfriends/girlfriends come over for a family gathering and have John Laurinaitis, Daniel Bryan and John Cena there?!
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    Of course- but at the same time, though (and trying to dance around the subject with how badly the last thread flamed out)...be fair. Most of those things except for Deflategate and arbitrary fines for celebrating TDs could have a case against the WWE for similar problems (and Deflategate, which depending on whether you're a Patriots fan or Patriots hater, could be seen as "They're punishing the best team in the league for arbitrary reasons just because of how good they are and not wanting the cream to rise to the top!" vs. "They're punishing the Patriots and FINALLY killing their push as the top team in the league, listening to how much we hated them since Spygate!"...which sounds similar to a lot of complaints by fans about WWE as well.
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    Couldn't copy it from my tweet, and realise I got the wrong referee, but Hogan overthrowing a Hebner.
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    I'm not shocked that they would be really good friends. Reading the Oral History of Saturday Night Live (Dick Ebersol) took control of the show a couple years in after Lorne Michaels left and Jean Doumanian was dumped), Ebersol sounds a lot like Vince McMahon. He would carry a baseball bat around the offices, get into screaming matches with talent, and constantly be photographed at various NYC nightspots always with a different "stunner" or young model at his side. The guy sounds like the Vince McMahon of NBC! I read Bob Ackles (longtime CFL exec) biography once because he was a big part of the XFL and I'd never read much at the time on the subject (This was prior to the oral history turning up a while back) and what really stood out to me was how quickly everything had to be put together and that seems like it doomed the project from the start more than anything. It was less than one year from being announced before it began. You look at the NHL right now (The only major sports league that is currently expanding) and they talked about expansion for the better part of a year before announcing the process had begun in 2015, then okayed a franchise in 2016 which is finally going to begin play in the 2017-18 season. So that's the better part of 3 years for ONE TEAM to begin playing. Then you look at the XFL and it was less than a year to get EVERYTHING going. It's so Vince in that it's basically "I had an idea, let's do it RIGHT NOW!" (The Invasion, NXT (the show), the rebirth of ECW, brand split).
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    I thought it was great also. I was telling my girlfriend during the show that I almost guarantee the XFL would fare better today. Football is hotter than it was back then, yet the ill will toward Goodell and co. is at an all time high. Fantasy Football is its own cottage industry. And you make a great point about WWE being a PG product now, so the cheerleader sleaze and all that will be gone. I also think you made a great point in the closed thread about maybe working with the NFL rather than against it. Vince is Vince, but he probably learned pretty quickly that the NFL ain't Crockett and this ain't 1988.
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    What a shame I'm automatically predisposed to hating him. And then there's this.
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    I'll wait until McCain actually does something before I pat him on the back. W dragged his war record through the mud when he ran against him in 2000 and McCain still fell in line like a good little Republican after Bush was elected. This is also the guy who held down MMA back in the Zuffa days (testifying that it was "human cockfighting") because he was in the pocket of boxing promoters. The dude has no integrity and has lived off his POW stories longer than Ricky Martin lived off "Livin' La Vida Loca."
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    You people fucking hate your colons
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    ...and now I found this, because of Ernie Ladd Month/Black Future Month and me poking around out of boredom. I'll let you point out what are (not is) wrong with this picture.
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    I wonder if chubster Hero is still in better cardio shape than Captain "I don't know how to do exercises properly" Crossfit was before his knee injury. Probably.
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    I may be in the minority here, but I'd think that Pete Gas has an interesting story to tell. Think of all the McMahon craziness in the 80's he must have seen as a kid.
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    I love in the Orton vs. Cena compilation, Randy is constantly evolving and Cena looks exactly the same.
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    Question: If John Cena proposes to Nikki at Mania, will the fans boo the shit out of it? If she says no, will he spam her with multiple proposals until he finally gets the big win?
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