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    So you're saying with Orton, there's an Evolution, but You Can't See such change with Cena? C'mon now, Cena looks different. Sometimes his hats are red, sometimes they're blue or green.
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    Today in things I didn't know I wanted until I heard the idea: JeriKO Buddy Cop movie I want this more than my next breath.
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    Vince would just buy the Globetrotters and try to blow everyone's mind by parity booking them against the Generals.
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    Lodi should be the sign guy for the Wyatts.
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    Why is Anton Chigurth on that poster?
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    And don't forget that their (step?)father-in-law will be Johnny Ace! Can you imagine when the Bella children start dating and their boyfriends/girlfriends come over for a family gathering and have John Laurinaitis, Daniel Bryan and John Cena there?!
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    On a side note, it's probably a real sign of the times that we're a week removed from the Rumble and the most in depth conversations I've had in a while here were on Lodi and the XFL
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    I'm not shocked that they would be really good friends. Reading the Oral History of Saturday Night Live (Dick Ebersol) took control of the show a couple years in after Lorne Michaels left and Jean Doumanian was dumped), Ebersol sounds a lot like Vince McMahon. He would carry a baseball bat around the offices, get into screaming matches with talent, and constantly be photographed at various NYC nightspots always with a different "stunner" or young model at his side. The guy sounds like the Vince McMahon of NBC! I read Bob Ackles (longtime CFL exec) biography once because he was a big part of the XFL and I'd never read much at the time on the subject (This was prior to the oral history turning up a while back) and what really stood out to me was how quickly everything had to be put together and that seems like it doomed the project from the start more than anything. It was less than one year from being announced before it began. You look at the NHL right now (The only major sports league that is currently expanding) and they talked about expansion for the better part of a year before announcing the process had begun in 2015, then okayed a franchise in 2016 which is finally going to begin play in the 2017-18 season. So that's the better part of 3 years for ONE TEAM to begin playing. Then you look at the XFL and it was less than a year to get EVERYTHING going. It's so Vince in that it's basically "I had an idea, let's do it RIGHT NOW!" (The Invasion, NXT (the show), the rebirth of ECW, brand split).
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    That got hot quickly....lol. What the fuck was that guy even talking about? Haha...thanks for reshuffling the card.
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    You people fucking hate your colons
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    I may be in the minority here, but I'd think that Pete Gas has an interesting story to tell. Think of all the McMahon craziness in the 80's he must have seen as a kid.
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    I just feel bad for anyone that put in money for Pro Wrestling X. That game has literally been in development for 10+ years, its been on Steam for 2.5 years and still isn't close to done. People need to do a bit of research before giving money to some of these developers.
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    (Vince standing over a furiously typing Sami) "Yeah pal, you tell em' you're not buried. He's gonna...he's gonna...he's gonna tweet!"
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    You get a difference in the money if you downgrade. Like I told Cristobal earlier. Trade all of your massive garages for the cheap two-car ones on top of the map. You can still call them in, it just puts them in storage, and you get a sizeable monetary difference. Unless you like walking into a 10-car, and observing your vehicles while pantsless.
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    Guys...guys...I have to ask. Do you think Russo is back involved in this? It feels like there is no consistency whatsoever. Guys turn from week to week, turn back, act heelish or faceish depending on what feud they want to shoehorn them in with. It reminds me a lot of Russo's shades of grey booking. As for the show, I hope this is the end of the briefcase nonsense because the booking made everyone of those guys look stupid, in all honesty. 1. Jeff Hardy has his pick of the roster, can do whatever he wants, so he books Lashley in a straight one-on-one match. Why wouldn't he choose a three-way match with his brother to put the advantage on his side? Or a ladder match in order to be a match of his specialty and what that could conceivably handicap Lashley? 2. The DCC has second choice, can choose whatever they want (Save for a World Title match or a tag title match the latter of which doesn't really make much sense but whatever), so they choose a Falls Count Anywhere match against Decay? Why wouldn't they pick a 3-1 match against Steve or Abyss? Or ban Rosemary from ringside? Or go after the Impact Grand championship? Or anything other than a rematch of a match they already had and only lost on DQ during which they beat up Decay? 3. Trevor Lee has the third case and can challenge for anything he wants, so he chooses a ladder match. This one made the most sense, but it would have made even more sense to make it a 3-way with him and Everett to give the added advantage? 4. Eli Drake has the fourth choice and chooses a match against a guy who is injured and outside the title realm? Wouldn't it make more sense to challenge Eddie Edwards for his title shot? Or again challenge Drew Galloway for his title? Or make it No DQ so he can use Tyrus in the match? Really, the way this briefcase deal was booked devalued everyone and everything in TNA save for the World Title, EC3 and Bobby Lashley. Hardy looks weak for challenging and losing to Lashley in a match. The Grand Championship looks like a title that no one wants because no one bothered to use their briefcase to challenge for the title and instead used their briefcases to have non-title matches with people they already faced recently. The DCC look stupid for challenging Decay to a match in which they got their butts kicked, and then barely won. Abyss and Steve look stupid for accepting the challenge, because why would they bother? They could just say "Nah", it was never really established that they HAD to take the match. Trevor Lee looks stupid for not making the match more in his favour and weak because he could only beat a badly-injured DJZ by getting him stuck under the ladder. Eli Drake and Tyrus look like absolute morons for wasting their briefcase on a match against an injured wrestler whom TNA has gone out of their way to point out is struggling and LOSING! It's just weak, weak booking. Spoilered for fantasy booking. Anyways, all that aside -Hardy-Lashley was good. Jeff took two totally unecessarily dangerous bumps in this one that were exciting but lead you to go "Jeez, Jeff, you don't need to do that anymore!" That powerbomb on the stairs was just NASTY. The pescado only to land tailbone-first was just ill-advised. -Those Arron Rex segments were pretty bad. I fast-forwarded through most of them. -DCC-Decay was fun, but barbed wire/tacks in two weeks back to back feels like overkill (And this is even more TNA's fault because they moved matches around only to put it back-to-back with the Monster's Ball match!). Eddie Kingston needs to talk more. Everything he says and does looks so menacing and evil. -I think it's way too early to be turning Drake face (I assume he's going to end up having to team with EC3 and Tyrus to fight DCC). He should stay heel for much longer. I still dislike the no talking thing, but he looks badass with the baseball bat and Tyrus as his back-up.
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    So the other night, I'm in the CEO buzzard terrorizing white dots, and the whole time I'm thinking "why haven't one of you dumb bastards shot me down yet? You all have homing missiles, come on!" When I finally got shot down, I was like "about damn time! Thank you!" This is probably not how the game should work. Probably shouldn't cheer for my own death.
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    All great points also. I wasn't trying to argue with you, and I'm sorry if it seemed that way-- I was just sort of saying that as miserly as that guy can be, concussion protocol is at the bottom of the list for me. For the record, I am in favor of killing the push
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    Foley echoed that in his book. He said that Watts' vision was to turn the Omni into the MSG of the South. Foley said that WCW basically didn't promote his ppv match with Sting and opted to focus on an upcoming card at The Omni instead.
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    I had to tweet that to Mauro. Maryse is Dr. Joyce Brothers. Waiting for him to confirm if JBL is the Dick Vitale of Smackdown.
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    Fairly certain the recipient (Jim Powers?), was the first to suggest "never do that again." Ouch.
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    Rippa right now:
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    Never have I seen an administration actively do so much to either have itself forcibly removed or give it's own party enough reasons to impeach to just get rid of the headache. Dear Republican Party, Trust me, Mike Pence will do all of the same shit you want Trump to do, without all of the headaches, without having to call fucking Australia to apologize, without having to cringe while talking about inauguration attendance, without having to facepalm because your president and blogger in chief forces through such and such bullshit, etc. etc. etc. You have enough reasons to impeach the guy, but still be able to keep the world order, fuck around with public education, fuck around with health care, and more. You know you desperately want to kick this guy to the curb and there's no point in waiting for his approval numbers to drop low enough so you don't need to worry about his army of trolls coming after you. And for you Paul Ryan, you likely get to become VP. Be like Mike and just do it. Please. Love, America
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    The Revival changing their gimmicks to mimic tag teams of the past is something I can get behind
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    bonus points to the artist for having THA MOOOOOOUNTIE sat in the back.
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    I unlocked the achievement for getting a Player Rank of 50 in GoW4 multiplayer yesterday. My Scout is up to Rank 6. There is an achievement for getting a class up to Rank 10 and another for getting at least five classes up to Rank 10. I do not know if I have the patience to work my way towards the latter achievement, especially with ME Andromeda release day closing in. My three open Scout class skill slots have maxed out green skills (+50% Fabricator Power Bonus, +100% Heatlh Bonus, and +100% Shotgun Damage) so I am pretty beast in a fight on Casual mode and Normal mode.. I am really tired of players quitting out because I am catching up to them in the point total. The point of Horde mode is to work as a team and survive. It is not a fucking competition. I really don't care who has how many points so long as I get my bounty done and we ace the Challenge rounds and get the extra supply drops. Speaking of Challenge rounds, I'm also tired of me being the only one trying to get executions, headshots, or bayonet / chanisaw kills during Challenge rounds. I'm doubly tired of being the only player that cares about building and repairing defenses when the party does not have an Engineer.. No one wants to build, upgrade, repair / reload, or replace a fucking turret, but everyone wants to man it after it is up and running. No one decides to build a sentry gun until they figure out that sentry kills go towards your kill count and the there are sentry guns all over the place and they end up getting blown to shit because the player that crafted it does not go back to repair it.
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    I love Rick Rude (RIP) but his top rope maneuvers were the worst. God Bless UW (RIP) for selling that near miss fist like he'd been shot in the face with a cannon. We're also going to ignore the real life physics result where Rude breaks his hand when floating bones strike the solid bone of UW's skull from that height.
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    Also, these people claiming to be the fittest people in the world apparently have never met an Army Ranger or a Navy SEAL.
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    Got to watch this before heading in to work. It was a solid show but I had to roll my eyes a bit during the whole BBB thing. Eddie Edwards is a fucking Oompa Loompa compared to Lashley, so I was surprised that line was booked to get Lashley bent out of shape and goad him into a title shit. Get to the back of the line, Vanilla Midget..
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    Why not start this off with a January list, I do love lists: 1. The Authors of Pain vs. Johnny Gargano & Tommaso Ciampa, NXT Takeover: San Antonio, 1/28 2. The Revival vs. Johnny Gargano & Tommaso Ciampa, NXT TV, 1/11 3. Pete Dunne vs. Mark Andrews, WWE UK Championship Tournament, 1/15 4. Tyler Bate vs. Pete Dunne, WWE UK Championship Tournament, 1/15 5. Sami Zayn vs. Braun Strowman, Raw, 1/2 6. Sami Zayn vs. Seth Rollins, Raw, 1/23 7. AJ Styles vs. John Cena, Royal Rumble, 1/29 8. Jack Gallagher vs. Ariya Daivari, 205 Live, 1/17 9. Neville vs. Rich Swann, Royal Rumble, 1/29 10. Asuka vs. Nikki Cross vs. Peyton Royce vs. Billie Kay, NXT Takeover: San Antonio, 1/28
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    That ending is a kick to the teeth.
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    Perhaps I could interest you in my Ballpoint Pen of the Year Club?
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    I would never have thought Corey would elevate himself so high after having to retire from the ring. Heck, I would say that the neck injury was a godsend and he found his true calling; I daresay he would never have been as high profile in ring, let alone as charismatic. Corey Graves is a WWE success story rivaling that of the Shield and the Wyatts.
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    The Expanse is off to a roaring start. I am all in, again.
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    Okay. This show was great. I enjoyed Dean and AJ very much. Almost more than I did AJ vs Cena at the rumble. The reason is that both Dean and AJ play off each other. They have these fluid exchanges that feel like they belond\g in a movie and while I know people hate that cinematic feel, I enjoy it because to reach that level of chemistry, you have to just know shit. It was a joy to watch. I also love how they built up the Chamber because there are no snap feuds or chemisty needing to be made. Every single one of these guys wrestled or been in the ring with each other. Corbin has been knocking on the door for opportunity and has the Miz and AJ Styles and Dean in his way and has crossed paths with them consecutively. Dean recently took the IC title off the Miz and they had a mini feud. AJ faced all of these guys as WWE champion and has beef with the Miz, Dean, and Corbin. The only outlier here is...Bray Wyatt, but more on that later. So Smackdown has heads and tails above Raw in natural development...well except what happened in the Rumble what ever. Naomi should have had the strap on her since the belt came into fruition. She is the most athletic and talented woman in the WWE. So I am glad that they are running the program with her and Alexa Bliss. Good shit. Alexa is still a little green, but I always thought she had promise because she does facial expressions so damn well. I don't care about Ellsworth and Carmela. It gives them something to do, I guess, but I ready to move past the dude and send Carmela's green ass back to NXT. The John Cena promo...Naw fuck it. @Niners Fan in CT pretty much covered everything I wanted to say about that. I hate this time of the year in the WWE. I absolutely hate it when Vince overbooks and loses complete faith in his roster for the sake of nostalgia and what he perceives as safe. Every time,I watch year around and develop interest and reasons to care for superstars only for this time of the year to remind me that they don't mean shit. I fucking honestly don't know why I bother with these 3 months because it is a waste of time. Vince goes back to what he does and says fuck all the fans who watched the whole year, we going back to Cena and Orton. And yes, I've heard the rumor of what will happen at EC, but even then that annoys me because I fucking hated the Wyatt Storyline. I thought that shit was bush league and hated every stupid segment and stupid turn. And now that shit is going to be elevated in the title scene at the expense of AJ Styles who has been tearing it up. Now they are going to put him in the IC Title hunt. Fuck that. I am sick of part timers. I am sick of Vince not having faith in the roster that was created for him. It's every year that the WWE makes me question why fucking bother. Last year it was AJ Styles and the CWC. I just really hate this time of the year.
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    Is Ben actually Scott Steiner? That was way too accurate to just be a fanfic.
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    Look sir, I'm a late 20's white male from the midwest. Fearing Change is basically all we are good at.
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    Remember, porn stars are whores and as we all know you can't sexually assault a prostitute. Wait, what kind of idiotic logic hole is this? Of course you can. I hate humanity.
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