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  1. OK-- who here has read the Pete Gas book? Is it worth $14?
  2. They closed in 1983. Here's an article: http://www.midatlanticwrestling.net/resourcecenter/potpourri/national_hat_shop/hatshop.htm
  3. I may be in the minority here, but I'd think that Pete Gas has an interesting story to tell. Think of all the McMahon craziness in the 80's he must have seen as a kid.
  4. This is the Brody shirt that folks were talking about in the March photo thread worn by Chris Hero. It was sold by Blk-Mrkt.net back in the day. If it looks familiar, this is why:
  5. When I was a mere teen, I went to a restaurant in the big city and was sat next to Telly Savalas and his extended family. They were all ugly and had facial moles.
  6. How is Jimmy Valiant's book? Does it have a lot of content, or is it more of a coffee table book?
  7. I'm still sore about OBJ. Why are the Giants so hapless that they couldn't get a lead going into the 4th and needed OBJ for an 80+ yard TD bomb? Goddamn it.
  8. I'm amazed I won at all with Cutler's performance. You had a good squad, but there is a lot of parity this year. I wish we had one more game before the playoffs, as there are some deserving teams that didn't make it.
  9. I was happy and not shocked that Matt Jones did not get you into the playoffs.
  10. Goddamn Carlos Hyde cost me two games this week. I hope he is this year's Jared Cook-- puts up monster points Week 1 and then proceeds to disappoint all season. I'm not wishing injury on Mr. Hyde, but rather he plays each week with a stat line that goes something like 15 carries for 40 yards. Just enough that you might play him, but always regret it. Kevin, I hope my tears are salty enough for you. Good work.
  11. As a late pay this year myself, could I suggest some sort of tax after a certain date? Ideally, the amount should fit somewhere between "whatever, it's just $___ I'm too busy right now," and "fuck it, I'm dropping out." Any bonus dues for the league could go into a bonus pot like a payout for consolation bracket, a prize for most points during the season, or a boobie prize for worst draft pick.
  12. I have to say that some of my best venue memories are in bars/clubs for various indies. Very intimate, crowds are often rowdy, and you can get a drink. Michael's TWA used to run a rodeo bar here in San Antonio that was just fantastic. I really liked going to the Flagstaff for ECW as well. You never knew what was going to happen-- both in good ways and bad. That being said, Arena Mexico was the coolest place I've ever seen a show. Sightlines were great, there were vendors all around the building selling cool bootleg stuff, and you could feel the history in every seat.
  13. I'm hoping the above is a Mexican remake of "Back to School." Santo will do the Triple Lindy off the top rope, and the professor will turn into a werewolf.
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