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  1. Just finished Night 5. Pretty much agree with @sevendaughters I really loved Tanahashi-Nagata. I don't know if I preferred it or Ibushi-Ishii. Regardless, I want to scream from the tallest mountain that I'm in love with this ground-based Ibushi on display the last two matches. Don't get me wrong: Nutso high-flyer Ibushi is aewsome, with or without fireworks. His opener vs. Naito was breathtaking in spots. However, the struggle to survive ZSJ's submissions on Night 3 and the strike-based back-and-forth with Ishii were just the bee's knees
  2. Oh god, was that a rovert SCOOP~? Name a dirtsheet
  3. Und vee git ova da bordair, an' yew giv me only littul bit of fawkin' your coke!
  4. Night 4! Kojima vs. Yano: The Yano goofiness worked well with Okada, but this match was just a slog for me to get through; way too long for a Yano singles match. This was my least favorite of the G1 thus far. ** Juice vs. EVIL: It's a showdown between my two Most Improveds of 2017, and it did not disappoint. Juice coming out on fire set a great tone, and really added a layer to this burgeoning rivalry these two have going. Juice's intensity and fire gave him opportunities to win, but also cost him repeatedly, right from the outset with the miss on the outside. Juice's growing desperation to put EVIL away, compared with the TRANQUILO from EVIL made for a nice dynamic. Great stuff here. ****1/4 Suzuki vs. SANADA: Suzuki is one evil son of a bitch, and I love it. The depths to which he and El Desperado sank and the refusal to DQ him put over two solid elements of the G1. SANADA's character is evolving in the early phases of this tournament, as he's showing off insane athleticism but still cultivating the savvy to harness it. That's juxtaposed nicely with the calculating veteran Suzuki. ***3/4 Omega vs. Tama Tonga: There's no doubt about it, Kenny's a pure babyface and the split's coming. I thought this match did a nice job of establishing Tama Tonga as a threat both to Kenny's position in Bullet Club, and as a challenger in the ring. There's a quality to Tama Tonga that makes me think he could be a high value singles wrestler. His psychology needs some work, but his athleticism and intensity are impressive. ***1/2 BIG MIKE vs. Okada: We have a challenger to ZSJ-Ibushi for Match of the Tournament thus far. From the Ladder Match at last Dominion, Elgin's just brought it for big matches. Here was no exception. I haven't seen a ton of his work, but based on what I know, I feel like Elgin's well-positioned as the Scott Norton of this generation. The tease of the Burning Hammer was SO GOOD -- but not as good as the reversal of the Rainmaker into a lariat of Mike's own. And Okada's just on another level right now. ****3/4
  5. Didn't watch the show, but running one jingoism angle in 2017 A.D. is lame enough. Two on the same fucking show is mind-blowing.
  6. I'll be watching Night 4 later today, but in the meantime wanted to pass along my Night 3 thoughts: - Goto vs. Nagata: Another absolute slugfest for Goto, and another bout from Nagata that greatly exceeded my expectations. Despite starting 0-2, Nagata's been made to look outstanding, which is fitting with this being his G1 swan song. The crowd getting so firmly behind him added to the excitement. ****1/4 - Ishii vs. Makabe: This isn't the heyday of the rivalry, and this was the first singles Ishii in a while that hasn't blown me away. Certainly not bad, but felt far more plodding than most of the G1 to this point. **3/4 - Ibushi vs. ZSJ: Match of the Tournament thus far for me. ZSJ's incredible run continues with the single best performance I've seen out of him to date. His ability to ground Ibushi added so much excitement and drama, and I felt ZSJ came out of this looking stronger than when he went in: Basically dominated throughout, and Ibushi only won on a wing and a prayer, reversing that gorgeous flying triangle into the Golden Star Powerbomb. All praises to the Wrestling Gods for these two avoiding the Purple Roped Purgatory. ****3/4 - Tanahashi vs. Bad Luck Fale: Tremendous storytelling here. Fale looked like a monster; he's settling into the role rather nicely and producing some quality stuff. This joins the New Japan Cup final vs. Shibata and the title match vs. Okada in a pretty strong run for him this year. Tanahashi's selling of the arm was great, especially on the one-armed skin-the-cat attempt. Loved the finish. **** - Naito vs. YOSHI-HASHI: There was a point in the middle of this match that dragged, but boy, did the ending compensate. Exciting, torrid finish. YOSHI-HASHI really impressed me for a second consecutive performance, and what more can be said of Naito? He's one of the absolute best in the world right now. I think he could realistically be the winner of the whole thing, and a credible choice for that Wrestle Kingdom 12 main event. ****1/4
  7. Ha, this reminds me: When Red Shoes first came out on Night 1 in Long Beach, the pop he got was MASSIVE -- so much so, he looked around quizzically, pointed to himself, and then gave bows to each side of the audience. That whole weekend was filled with goosebump moments, and that was definitely one of 'em for me.
  8. Night 2 thoughts: - Kojima vs. Juice: Holy shit, this was AMAZING. I can't stop raving about how much Juice has improved, and aside from the IC title match vs. Naito, this was his best work to date. Also, how about Kojima finding the time machine and bringing it at 2000s level? ****1/4 - BIG MIKE vs. Tama Tonga: I like the story they're telling with Tama Tonga seeking respect. This didn't really click for me, though. **1/2 - EVIL vs. SANADA: My choice for Match of the Night. I loved the stable-mates heeling it up on each other, and each guy bringing something very different to the table. I've really enjoyed EVIL in a few singles matches now so far this year, between this and the two against Tanahashi from the spring. As for SANADA, this was the first time I've been blown away by him. I love @Oyaji's comparison of EVIL to Ishii and SANADA as the flashy star, because that's exactly what it looked like. SANADA as "It." ****1/2 - Yano vs. Okada: Great fun. Yano is, to me, the perfect comedy character. He provides that different presence needed on cards with so much intensity, but at the same time, can believable win big matches. Fun stuff, and I'm glad Okada didn't need the Rainmaker. *** - Kenny vs. Suzuki: Suzuki is the single greatest heel in wrestling right now, period. The only other person in the running with the same sort of thoroughly loathsome presence is Bobby Roode. If they're serious about an Omega face push after Long Beach, this was the perfect first opponent to put Kenny in there with. ****1/4 I loved seeing Fale come in and destroy TAKA and El Desperado. I'm quite excited to see what direction the Bullet Club split goes; my original assumption was it would just be Kenny and The Bucks, with Cody leading the remaining BC. But after this show, with Fale's save getting a huge reaction and Tama Tonga working quasi-face against Big Mike, I'm starting to wonder if they want split evenly into two entirely different groups.
  9. Gotta go with my favorite match from one of my favorite WWE series ever: Batista vs. Undertaker, Wrestlemania XXIII Honorable Mention: - John Cena vs. Umaga, I Quit - John Cena vs. Shawn Michaels (RAW) - Batista vs. Undertaker, Hell In A Cell (Survivor Series) - Takeshi Morishima vs. Bryan Danielson, ROH Manhattan Mayhem II
  10. Perhaps not, but this could play into turning Roman attempting to straight-up murder Braun with vehicles as a recurring gimmick.
  11. Depending when in the day you asked me, I'll probably give you three different answers for my match of the night. I loved all of the last three so much. - Ibushi and Naito were two of the best athletes in wrestling just putting on a show. I agree the piledriver probably should have ended it, but man, this really was a spectacular match with both guys coming out of it looking stronger than when they came in. I liked the story of Ibushi's emotions coming into play. There's also a great bit where Naito has a look on his face like, "Holy shit, I better take this guy seriously." Very nice, subtle touch, especially with his too-cool-for-school demeanor. - ZSJ is such a perfect heel with that submission offense. The storytelling is great, as it basically lays out the arc for Tanahashi throughout the G1. - Goto vs. Ishii was fantastic. No frills, hard-hitting violence. This is the kind of wrestling I'd have to imagine Nick Saban would enjoy #RollTide. Those three being so awesome almost overshadows how good Yuji Nagata and YOSHI-HASHI were. YOSHI-HASHI looked impressive, and I enjoyed the presentation of the hardened vet in his last G1 giving the up-and-comer what-for.
  12. Dangerously close to Ted Bundy gimmick infringement
  13. ZSJ-Tanahashi Round 1 is such a perfect booking setup. Goto-Ishii could set an insanely high standard for the whole damn tournament right off the bat. Given the awesome year he's had, I wonder if Ishii could get a surprise run to the final akin to Goto last year. Considering the awesome matches he's had with Omega at New Japan Cup, Dontaku and G1 Special, I would be just fine with a quadrilogy.
  14. Speaking of...