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  1. lol I'd forgotten before today that Ultimate Shithead tried to sue Something Awful for making fun of his homophobic, racist website http://www.somethingawful.com/legal-threats/legal-threat-ultimate/1/
  2. So, this isn't the *best* Halloween Havoc match of all-time: That distinction belongs entirely to Eddie vs. Rey from HH '97. [stephen a voice] HOWEVA [/stephen a voice] Goldberg vs. DDP is my *favorite* match ever from Halloween Havoc. Up until the Brock match at this past year's Mania, this was easily the best Goldberg match -- which is a low bar, since your other option is maybe the Scott Steiner match (also Halloween Havoc, I believe). But this was a genuinely kick-ass match. Everything about this, from build to execution, was so well done (aside from, yanno, WCW actually airing
  3. Oh yeah, absolutely. It's crazy how much money WCW left on the table not running a proper Jericho-Goldberg match on PPV (by proper, I mean Goldberg destroying him, which is exactly what the fans would've been paying to see). I also felt like they were building to Jericho-DDP in late '98 when Page but that never panned out, either. God, that company sucked.
  4. The Enzo Amore Show: Mondays on CBS, right after The Big Bang Theory, and before Young Sheldon!
  5. Is that Ciclope? NO! IT'S DEAN MALENKO! My God was that pop INSANE. Dean Malenko was so over in 1998.
  6. I don't know that I ever watched all of No Mercy 2001; I'd just started college so between that, and my general disinterest in the product once the InVasion started playing out as another McMahon angle, I wasn't paying a whole lot of attention at the time. I have seen Jericho-Rock, however, and that's a ***** match for me.
  7. I also just realized I'm a dolt for not including the Title vs. Career Match against The Miz last year, which was TREMENDOUS. Still, I'd say the list for a guy who's been around nearly a decade (in his current gimmick) and was touted as a super worker is incredibly short.
  8. Piggybacking off @JohnnyJ, I think of Ziggler's great matches: 1 was the 2014 Survivor Series, which was a multi-man, and his Ladder match with Luke Harper the following month. Luke Harper could carry me to a good match, if he had to. That's quite honestly all I can think of. He was the worst part of the Rusev-Lana-Summer angle, and that's saying something because that angle was abominable. His bumping is supposed to be an homage to Mr. Perfect, I guess, but it looks like more Shawn Michaels taking the piss out of Hulk Hogan. It's tiresome. Now, there are plenty of bad wrestlers wh
  9. I don't remember what else was on the card, so I can't definitively call No Mercy 2002 the BEST B-show of all-time (Backlash 2000 or IYH: Canadian Stampede might be No. 1 & 2 for me), but it might have the best B-show 1-2 of all-time between Brock-Taker in the HIAC and Rey/Edge vs. Angle/Benoit.
  10. @Craig H I was a Day 1 subscriber and didn't receive the gift, either. I cancelled this year from just after Mania for a few months, and the first survey I ever received came less than week after restarting my subscription. On another note, I see Dolph's Twitter and he is the most aggressively unfunny MF'er on the planet. I see this shit he tweets and I just can't imagine how terrible his stand-up must be.
  11. Roman's SHOOTZ~ have been "What's wrong Sid, can't find your scissors?" levels of cringey. Shame this was the go home show, I think we were a week away from Roman going George Costanza on Cena.
  12. I like (love, really) the Suzuki run-in if it means we get Tanahashi-Suzuki. Have they ever wrestled one-on-one? That's a dream match, to me. Curious who Roppongi 3K is going to be.
  13. The rest of the card is so good, it makes me forgive putting trash Enzo in the Cruiserweight title match. God, I hate Enzo.
  14. 1. I've seen Shibata vs. Riddle in its entirety and can confirm it's awesome. 2. Cage vs. Omega stateside for the United States title would be aaaaamazing. I might be biased as a Southern Californian who'd throw my wallet at NJPW if it happened, but, I tend to believe that with the success of the Long Beach show, New Japan could run regular satellite shows in the Los Angeles area. A card headlined with Kenny vs. Cage for the United States Championship, with the Bucks somewhere underneath and a sprinkling of NJPW "names" working indie talent would do strong numbers.
  15. Can "X-Pac heat" please be renamed "Ziggler heat?"
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