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    RAW is live and this benefits Mark Henry. Now he can stop the attack since Big E Langston traveled back in time and warned him about it.
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    I guess Cena forgot his DVDVR password.
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    Disliking punctuation is just weird enough a belief system for me to get behind. Where can I purchase your very hard to decipher newsletter? http://www.f4wonline.com/newsletter-archive/wrestling-observern
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    I've talked so much shit and the Lions are picking right after the Bills. I've made a huge mistake.
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    I actually think Yoshi Tatsu, WWE: TNA champ could be great. He'd be so earnest about it.
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    I ran out of breath reading that IN MY HEAD.
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    Given how the Skins played this year, he has plenty of experience in doing nothing for $7 million a year
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    ...BUT THE FUTURE REFUSED TO CHANGE... JL Sigman may be the only person on here I know of who's played enough Squaresoft Games And Like Football enough to find that funny, so I hope she sees this.
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    Romo usually drags it out with more flare and drama, ever the showman. But Kyle Orton, classic game manager, gets right to it with artless efficiency.
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    Its the internet what do I care. I like wrestling and dislike punctuation .
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    It's funny because his gimmick was a phone.
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    Dude had a sword that's a huge strength in a promotion with no rules
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    Fucking useless fat fuck Andy Reid and the Chiefs have always been a useless leech on the NFL.
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    Considering the resources they had it was very successful. If they had even a portion of the resources TNA had, there would be an ECW Space Station.
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    A porno star who is popular in the gay community.
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    Obesity and chin beards are pro wrestling FANS
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    Don't worry, the bi-weekly roster emasculating wank fest that'll probably start off RAW tonight will kill that off.
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    Seriously. If HHH put out a comedy DVD I might buy in. King of Kings of Comedy.
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    I knew I should have just gone to the last post instead of reading the whole thread first
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    I had a friend that used to call them "Super Moves." I used to correct him every time. I would say, "This isn't Street Fighter man." “@KingJames: Who do i need to talk to to get one of those World Championship Belt? WWE belt. The real ones”. Luc Longley. — Coach (@CMPunk) December 30, 2013 You need one? I may have one 4uRT @KingJames: Who do i need to talk to to get one of those World Championship Belt? WWE belt. The real ones — John Cena (@JohnCena) December 30, 2013 @KingJames Got your back. I'll take care of it tomorrow and hit ya back off line. Done. — Dwayne Johnson (@TheRock) December 30, 2013
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    RE: Heyman. Only interesting part of Lita's book is when she talks about, when ECW was going down the tubes and checks were bouncing and whatnot, Heyman was giving yet another motivational speech to everyone in a meeting and how she instantly recognized how full of shit he was and that he'd pretty much built his company on lying to everyone . He's a great talker and talent obviously, but he strikes me as absolutely one of the last people you'd want in your life on a personal/professional level. I don't think he's that much different from Bischoff, whom he despises. Can talk a good game, but not much else.
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    You should change your user name to WWE E Cummings.
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    I think Web Conn needs to add some random punctuation to his user name just to troll people a little harder.
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    I'm just not that good of an Internet user
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    Because Web Conn doesn't really do punctuation and/or sentences?
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    The heart wants what it wants.
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    Do they have an annual Terryman holding up Terry Funk retirement issue?
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    I'd think he'd get there by the fact he's the champion and for the second time beat the best fighter in the history of the sport.
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    Ran out of likes (Go Pack Go), but thanks for that. Probably for the best of us all that he's in a robe.
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    Like pretty much every new guy that started in the "Paul E phones it in" period. Nobody was looking to accentuate the strengths and hide the weaknesses of The Musketeer
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    Don't be shy to express your feelings now. The internet was not invented for people to be calm during sporting events. That's for damn sure.
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    You're gonna hate the last match.
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    I just got a bunch of dvd's from Goodhelmet and I'll be goddamned if Barry Windham isn't one of the top 5 in-ring guys I've ever seen in my life. Amazing.
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    You saw a lot of crazy shit in that match, like a pile of great mat wrestling at the start, a Shiranui (I TOLD YOU THE FUCKING MOVE WOULD SHOW UP), and Cena's moveset being broken up every time it got standard by Rollins. That was a great fucking match. Cena's selling was off the charts, Rollins' confidence was too, Ambrose got kicked right in the face accidentally by Reigns coming over the table. That was really, really good. EDIT: I also have to mention how good the Shield was on the apron, going from antagonism to dejection towards the end, with shots of Ambrose rolling his eyes and Reigns having a "sitting at a funeral" look on his face. Meanwhile Rollins never missed a beat, always looking mean and confident. Great stuff.
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    I may or may not be masturbating furiously as we speak.
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    http://youtu.be/sWUMv9m76eY As a big Air Coryell fan as a kid, this was one of the most upsetting losses I ever suffered. Still think they got hosed by playing in the Miami sauna the week before and then frigid Cincy.
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    it's the second time in the last few weeks where they taped out of chronological order (12/23 Raw was taped on 12/17, 12/20 Smackdown was taped on 12/18). So they've done two variations of taping out of order due to Christmas/New Years being on a Wednesday. As for "Mark Henry can avoid the attack due to the warning from Big E".... that just made me think of someone doing an astrology gimmick. I think that might be a bit too over the heads of the 11 year olds to have a fortune teller wrestling Let's not.
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    Man an ECW full of AJ Styles Joe Daniels American Dragon Spanky Paul London Red Low-Ki Homicide The Maximo's Michael Shane The Briscoes Punk Cabana then later Shelley Sabin Eric Young Bobby Roode Petey Williams (the Candain Destroier would've been over huge there) Lethal Aries Strong would've been epic
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    On the other hand, Red And Gold are the Lannister colors and Jim Harbaugh is possibly the most unlikeable asshole this side of Walder Frey, so this Aaron Rodgers King In The North thing may have legs on the other side of the equation, after all.
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    Hey guys, I'll just pull up a chair over here next to the brats and wonder how much money Jay Cutler is going to make.
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