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    RAW is live and this benefits Mark Henry. Now he can stop the attack since Big E Langston traveled back in time and warned him about it.
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    I guess Cena forgot his DVDVR password.
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    Disliking punctuation is just weird enough a belief system for me to get behind. Where can I purchase your very hard to decipher newsletter? http://www.f4wonline.com/newsletter-archive/wrestling-observern
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    Mark Henry has been diagnosed with a moderately split wig. Further diagnosis coming.
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    I actually think Yoshi Tatsu, WWE: TNA champ could be great. He'd be so earnest about it.
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    Also, why has no one mentioned Bad News Barrett rising up with a gavel? Then proceeding to inject WAY too much truth in his rant?
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    I can't wait for Total Divas season 2 when Brie is forced to go live with Bryan in a dilapidated cabin in the swap-filled woods while Nikki smirks about how amazing life in Cena's vast mansion is.
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    Aksana randomly winning was great because it allowed her softcore porn Cinemax theme to finally be played on RAW.
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    A porno star who is popular in the gay community.
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    Given how the Skins played this year, he has plenty of experience in doing nothing for $7 million a year
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    I know it's been said a few times, but the Xavier Woods/Brodus Clay thing is all backwards, Woods just looks like a dick, and Clay like some ineffective man-child.
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    If anyone here let WCW "just die", there would be next to no wrestling discussion on DVDVR. THEN WE COULDN'T TALK ABOUT BARRY WINDHAM!
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    I really liked Corino's run in the main event run in 2000. On the ECW/NWO revivalists, a few years ago a bunch of regional theatres surveyed all their subscribers to see what sort of plays they wanted to see in the coming seasons. Almost all of the subscribers submitted a list of plays that they had recently seen or had fond memories of, but the theatres that embraced those results had poorer attendance because the subscriber bases all felt as though they had no reason to see the same things over again. I feel like the same thing is true for wrestling audiences right now. If polled, the majority of people would say they want things booked like they were when we first started watching, but if that actually happened, most long time fans would end up feeling alienated and the program would inevitably look worse because the viewer would constantly be comparing to an angle that has become untouchable in their eyes. Gosh, I hope that makes sense and doesn't come across as completely nonsensical.
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    Jarrett leaving TNA to start his own promotion would be excellent. Akin to Michael Scott threatening to leave the Michael Scott Paper Company to start his own paper company.
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    ECW was actually really underrated in 2000. The in ring work tended to be good with guys like Corino and CW Anderson coming to the forefront, along with Tajiri, Kid Kash and the FBI. The booking got pretty bad* by the time the TNN show was ending. With main events ending in disqualifications and other non finishes. *Compared to modern booking by WWE and TNA, it is about average.
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    Obesity and chin beards are pro wrestling FANS
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    Don't worry, the bi-weekly roster emasculating wank fest that'll probably start off RAW tonight will kill that off.
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    Seriously. If HHH put out a comedy DVD I might buy in. King of Kings of Comedy.
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    I knew I should have just gone to the last post instead of reading the whole thread first
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    I had a friend that used to call them "Super Moves." I used to correct him every time. I would say, "This isn't Street Fighter man." “@KingJames: Who do i need to talk to to get one of those World Championship Belt? WWE belt. The real ones”. Luc Longley. — Coach (@CMPunk) December 30, 2013 You need one? I may have one 4uRT @KingJames: Who do i need to talk to to get one of those World Championship Belt? WWE belt. The real ones — John Cena (@JohnCena) December 30, 2013 @KingJames Got your back. I'll take care of it tomorrow and hit ya back off line. Done. — Dwayne Johnson (@TheRock) December 30, 2013
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    RE: Heyman. Only interesting part of Lita's book is when she talks about, when ECW was going down the tubes and checks were bouncing and whatnot, Heyman was giving yet another motivational speech to everyone in a meeting and how she instantly recognized how full of shit he was and that he'd pretty much built his company on lying to everyone . He's a great talker and talent obviously, but he strikes me as absolutely one of the last people you'd want in your life on a personal/professional level. I don't think he's that much different from Bischoff, whom he despises. Can talk a good game, but not much else.
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    ...BUT THE FUTURE REFUSED TO CHANGE... JL Sigman may be the only person on here I know of who's played enough Squaresoft Games And Like Football enough to find that funny, so I hope she sees this.
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    Romo usually drags it out with more flare and drama, ever the showman. But Kyle Orton, classic game manager, gets right to it with artless efficiency.
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    I think Web Conn needs to add some random punctuation to his user name just to troll people a little harder.
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    I ran out of breath reading that IN MY HEAD.
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    I just got a bunch of dvd's from Goodhelmet and I'll be goddamned if Barry Windham isn't one of the top 5 in-ring guys I've ever seen in my life. Amazing.
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    Toby Keith was no secret. They lost Direct Auto and Jarrett's been trying to get new investors on board for the past couple of years. Lot of you guys are unneccessarily harsh on Jarrett and blaming him for things that weren't even his fault. Guy mortgaged his home to get TNA off the ground and helped get a lot new guys their first national exposure. That's admirable. His booking was the shits though. You know whose booking isn't the shits? Mine! You people should make yourselves useful and Tweet Dixie Carter, Viacom, Bischoff, Hervey, your mom, etc. and let them know that Ben's the guy TNA needs. Be all, "S'up Dix. You know who your guy is? Ben's your guy! Give Ben money and he'll write good for TNA!" I'm not just joking around. I really want the job. I got the roadmap to BFG '14 marinating in my brain cells already. I got an angle for Kurt Angle that's so good it'll put hair on his head again. I've even got fucking Knockouts ideas. That's 'fucking' as an adjective not a verb but I'm up for whatever they need cause I'm a team player.
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    I may or may not be masturbating furiously as we speak.
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    The reason I love VCU is that I got drunk/slept with ladies/learned about punk rock there in the 80s. Now I love our basketball team because a.) we win a lot and b.) it's all done with guys who will probably never rise above the D-League at best. This site will tell you not just where alumni are playing in Europe, but also what division 3 school your random back-up point guard transferred to when you weren't looking. My fave is that graduate back-up center DJ Hailey is now playing (and getting his master's degree) at USC. Also VCU legend Jesse Pelot-Rosa is no longer in the Israeli league but is deep in the heart of Argentina now. I going to now spend the rest of my free time this morning tracking down where all those Australian thugs from University of St Louis are playing now. http://basketball.usbasket.com
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    It's pretty much 2+ hours of low cut dresses, bad hair and FUN. Go see this now! It's hard to even comprehend how talented the cast is. Besides the four at the top of the bill, you also have Jeremy Renner as a gullible mayor with a good heart, Louis CK as FBI middle management, a couple Boardwalk Empire cast members and A HUGE UNBILLED CAMEO FROM that produces one of the films only tense moments. All four of the main stars live up to their roles. Christian Bale is absolutely king-sized in this thing, but Jennifer Lawrence pretty much chews up every scene she is in. What a lunatic, ball of energy performance that was. She was so damn good I wish she could go back in time and steal Sharon Stone's role in Casino.
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    See it, or stop talking about a movie you haven't seen.
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    Wonder how many points that one coaches wife would have scored against them
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    I'm fascinated by this statement. With the caveat that you haven't seen the film in mind, are you saying that a movie that features rich people being rich is ultimately pointless? Why is this?
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    With 5 minutes and a Dremel you can mod the cart so that it fits in a US N64. I'd recommend this method since the N64 Gamesharks were janky as all hell. I highly recommend VPW2, as well. Best wrestling game on the system.
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    When Mortal Kombat cosplay goes bad?
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    So Cris Cyborg challenged Ronda Rousey again. Honestly, at this point, I think Cyborg should fight Vitor Belfort. They'd have about the same testosterone ratio.
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    One of my all time favorite ROH moments is in Cage of Death when Hero sets up chairs and weapons....and then puts a dude in a cravats while standing on a chair.
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    I'd think he'd get there by the fact he's the champion and for the second time beat the best fighter in the history of the sport.
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    When did this happen? I've been posting re: the panthers on dvdvr since the sub domain, as has jlsigman. Besides you and Tim Allen, do Lions fans even exist?Shhhhhhhh. Stop using your logic on the handicapped.
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    The NFL would be assisting the city of Oakland in cleanup of whatever natural disaster hit the Bay Area, as that's pretty much the only way Manning won't throw a touchdown against the Raiders.
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    Were any of you guys here reading WCW Magazine near the end of its life? They used to have a feature called "Uncensored" that was a pretty amazing sitdown one-on-one interview with a guy that's as close to being a shoot as it possibly can. I went through and transcribed the entirety of Sting's interview and was pretty surprised at the stuff that was discussed: "Q: When you were pitted against Vampiro during the New Blood vs Millionaires Club angle, there were some who suggested the two of you didn’t work well together. Your thoughts? I have nothing personal against Vampiro. He and I have talked about it and I’ve been straight up with him. I told him there just wasn’t chemistry there. It wasn’t his fault, it wasn’t my fault; I’m not pointing the finger at anybody. For whatever reason, it just didn’t work. I tried everything I could do — we did videos and vignettes. At the end, I finally said, if the bookers or writers are trying to make a new Sting, sensing that Sting has lost his drive or whatever, and they want to capitalize on another painted face around here and they want to make Vampiro that guy, then fine. But let him go off and do his thing by himself. He probably stands a better chance without me involved. Originally, they had Vampiro as a babyface aligned with me, and I think that would have been good if they had continued that storyline. That story could have been something that people could sink their teeth into. Instead, he was slapped up on me, just as Kidman was slapped up onto Hogan, and so on. They wanted to make stars overnight, I guess. But you had guys with very high “Q” ratings and guys with very low “Q” ratings. They were trying to give guys the rub and bring them up, but what happens is that it brings the guys on top down.” The entire interview with Sting is on my site and is too lengthy to post here -- real neat to read since Sting is a seemingly private individual. Other guys that were interviewed were Vince Russo, Goldberg, Bret Hart (AFTER his career ending injuries), and even Buff Bagwell. I'll need to get around to getting all of these online...
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    Because it is written into current WWE scripture that every midcard wrestler has to have a facebuster-style finish
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