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    I guess Cena forgot his DVDVR password.
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    Also, why has no one mentioned Bad News Barrett rising up with a gavel? Then proceeding to inject WAY too much truth in his rant?
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    If anyone here let WCW "just die", there would be next to no wrestling discussion on DVDVR. THEN WE COULDN'T TALK ABOUT BARRY WINDHAM!
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    Jarrett leaving TNA to start his own promotion would be excellent. Akin to Michael Scott threatening to leave the Michael Scott Paper Company to start his own paper company.
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    Don't worry, the bi-weekly roster emasculating wank fest that'll probably start off RAW tonight will kill that off.
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    RE: Heyman. Only interesting part of Lita's book is when she talks about, when ECW was going down the tubes and checks were bouncing and whatnot, Heyman was giving yet another motivational speech to everyone in a meeting and how she instantly recognized how full of shit he was and that he'd pretty much built his company on lying to everyone . He's a great talker and talent obviously, but he strikes me as absolutely one of the last people you'd want in your life on a personal/professional level. I don't think he's that much different from Bischoff, whom he despises. Can talk a good game, but not much else.
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    ...BUT THE FUTURE REFUSED TO CHANGE... JL Sigman may be the only person on here I know of who's played enough Squaresoft Games And Like Football enough to find that funny, so I hope she sees this.
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    I think Web Conn needs to add some random punctuation to his user name just to troll people a little harder.
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    Toby Keith was no secret. They lost Direct Auto and Jarrett's been trying to get new investors on board for the past couple of years. Lot of you guys are unneccessarily harsh on Jarrett and blaming him for things that weren't even his fault. Guy mortgaged his home to get TNA off the ground and helped get a lot new guys their first national exposure. That's admirable. His booking was the shits though. You know whose booking isn't the shits? Mine! You people should make yourselves useful and Tweet Dixie Carter, Viacom, Bischoff, Hervey, your mom, etc. and let them know that Ben's the guy TNA needs. Be all, "S'up Dix. You know who your guy is? Ben's your guy! Give Ben money and he'll write good for TNA!" I'm not just joking around. I really want the job. I got the roadmap to BFG '14 marinating in my brain cells already. I got an angle for Kurt Angle that's so good it'll put hair on his head again. I've even got fucking Knockouts ideas. That's 'fucking' as an adjective not a verb but I'm up for whatever they need cause I'm a team player.
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    The reason I love VCU is that I got drunk/slept with ladies/learned about punk rock there in the 80s. Now I love our basketball team because a.) we win a lot and b.) it's all done with guys who will probably never rise above the D-League at best. This site will tell you not just where alumni are playing in Europe, but also what division 3 school your random back-up point guard transferred to when you weren't looking. My fave is that graduate back-up center DJ Hailey is now playing (and getting his master's degree) at USC. Also VCU legend Jesse Pelot-Rosa is no longer in the Israeli league but is deep in the heart of Argentina now. I going to now spend the rest of my free time this morning tracking down where all those Australian thugs from University of St Louis are playing now. http://basketball.usbasket.com
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    I'm tired of the Wyatt's. I signed up for Country Music, anal rape, and Bray instructing Harper & Rowan, while he drinks Moonshine liquor from a jug that has XXX on the outside. But I end up getting repackaged Orton gimmick 3.0.
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    At least in the swamp cabin you can put your gym clothes in any hamper you like.....
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    The people complaining about Bryan joining the Wyatts need to chill the fuck out. Every time they've tried to push Bryan down the midcard it's backfired and made hom more popular than ever. Hell, the Wyatts may end up as faces by the time Wrestlemania rolls around simply because of Bryan joining.
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    I'm sorry, but Daniel Bryan kicking out of a superbomb is some Davey Richards bullshit.
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    Scorsese doesn't try to hide the despicable aspects of these characters if that's what you are worried about. He just isn't afraid to show them, either. He is also smart enough not to attach some sort of "it wasn't worth it" moral to the film, because it's always worth it for people with that type of money. They are above the law and showing that to be the case doesn't condone anything.
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    Wonder how many points that one coaches wife would have scored against them
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    For a women's fighter, I think she get's shit on way too much. Plus, people saying she is ducking Ronda SMH. She has the perfect style to beat Ronda. Good JJ, and enough power to finish her. These other girls are never gonna be able to hurt her on the feet, cause most of em can't hurt anybody on the feet! Cat has a chance I suppose, but people forget Tate was kinda tooling her the first 2 rounds. You are mental. Good JJ? Come on man. She wins these fights because she is bigger and stronger than her opponents, that is it. Her entire record consists of fighting girls who normally fight in lower weight classes. Ronda?
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    I'm fascinated by this statement. With the caveat that you haven't seen the film in mind, are you saying that a movie that features rich people being rich is ultimately pointless? Why is this?
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    Yeah but I didn't get into that whole thing until later, when the superworkers and the luchadores (and Jericho) were in WCW, Austin and Foley were in WWF, and what was left was just this cheap-looking super-indy with a lot of hardcore clusterfucks and the mutants talking it up like it was the best ever.
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    Twice probably because he's had to hang up on them
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    With 5 minutes and a Dremel you can mod the cart so that it fits in a US N64. I'd recommend this method since the N64 Gamesharks were janky as all hell. I highly recommend VPW2, as well. Best wrestling game on the system.
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    Can I watch the UFC Singapore card any time after it initially airs? Really don't want to be up at 6:30 am watching a tiny screen.
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    Give me your topology (devices that connect to your network, and how, be it wired or wireless), Modem and/or router type and brand. Causary glance suggests a MAC address issue, or for whatever reason, your router is holding onto an old connection and won't release the lease. That or your neighbor hijacked your wifi. Solutions are simple, but will most likely require reseting the router to factory default.
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    http://t.co/zkXOpoHoiP Pay this man.
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    I thought he was decent enough, I enjoyed the matches him and Balls had vs the Baldies.
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    it's the second time in the last few weeks where they taped out of chronological order (12/23 Raw was taped on 12/17, 12/20 Smackdown was taped on 12/18). So they've done two variations of taping out of order due to Christmas/New Years being on a Wednesday. As for "Mark Henry can avoid the attack due to the warning from Big E".... that just made me think of someone doing an astrology gimmick. I think that might be a bit too over the heads of the 11 year olds to have a fortune teller wrestling Let's not.
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    Disliking punctuation is just weird enough a belief system for me to get behind. Where can I purchase your very hard to decipher newsletter? http://www.f4wonline.com/newsletter-archive/wrestling-observern Legit spit out my drink on that one...
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    At some point Pacino seemingly deciding to stop acting and START YELLING ALL THE TIME.
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    No, it's not! Stopping the attack will only delay Henry from regenerating into Big E. It's all a bit timey wimey.
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    You should change your user name to WWE E Cummings.
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    Its the internet what do I care. I like wrestling and dislike punctuation .
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    I'm gonna sign up tomorrow but may as well keep it. This is definitely the right price range for me.
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    Because Web Conn doesn't really do punctuation and/or sentences?
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    Do they have an annual Terryman holding up Terry Funk retirement issue?
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    I've talked so much shit and the Lions are picking right after the Bills. I've made a huge mistake.
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    I fucking love that talking point. Um, there is a two game difference between a last place and a first place schedule. Yay, they get the.....Rams?
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    Also until they get some players that can actually play offense, who is coaching it is sort of not relevant.
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    Michaels is one of the greatest entertainers in wrestling history. People who don't love HBK epics are dead to me.
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    Rule #1: the time travel in Doctor Who makes no sense.
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    I want a vine video of Dave printing out a link someone e-mailed him and then re-typing it letter by letter for the daily update.
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    Oh yeah, that's right, Vince being Edge's lone backer is awesome. I think some of us have fun making fun of Vince and others tend to think of Vince as this lunatic, but I tend to look at Vince at someone who is first and foremost a fan of wrestling; second, he has his likes and dislikes, just like we all do; and third, he is a fan of all things silly and goofy. Knowing Vince backed Edge and told Edge to prove him right is awesome. Vince owns the company, but even he doesn't want to look like a jackass. I now have this vision of Vince always laughing his ass off at all of the Edge and Christian segments.
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    I wish I wish I wish I could bring back Umaga for one day so that he could fucking spike you.
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    Somewhere out there is a Giant promo from one of the C shows where he rebutted Hogan calling him the big sweaty stinky Giant. One of the greatest lines ever. "Hogan, I'm the United States heavyweight champion, I got the keys to the Playboy mansion, and I smell FABULOUS."
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    I keep holding out hope that somehow sharks being immune to cancer might actually lead to some kind of meaningful breakthrough.
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