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  1. Finished Gold Storm, it was getting pretty great near the end but the last stretch was a bit underwhelming. In the end it was a show greater than the sum of it's parts though. Not as good as most of the other GARO series but still enjoyable on it's own.
  2. Cool, almost near the end of Gold Storm, up to ep 19 so i'll be done with it by the week end. Not sure what i'm going to watch next, got a to watch list a million miles long but i'll add that to it.
  3. Half way through Gold Storm, def a big improvement over the last season with this cast. Only major complaint is the GARO armor itself feels like an after thought and there haven't been any big or memorable suit battles yet.
  4. OK, how come no one told me there's a freakin Aja Kong guest spot in Gold Storm? NOW i'm sold Anyways, watched the Gold Storm movie the other day and the intro hype episode. I can't recall if they did this in Yami or not but there were a lot of scenes where I did notice the cast (especially Rian) over acting in a really cheesy way but at the same time there's a whacky charm to it too. Besides that the movie was pretty good so i'm my hopes are a bit higher now for the main series than they were before.
  5. Bikuu movie was pretty bad ass. You know you've watched too much shit from Japan when they bust out the weird incest sub plot and you're not even shocked. But yeah, great movie, hopefully there's a follow up of some sort as that's what the ending was kind of suggesting with them not tying up loose ends. Since Retsuden features characters from the Gold Storm universe i'm guessing it'll be helpful to watch Gold Storm first so i'll do that afterall I guess.
  6. Yeah what's the deal with Retsuden? Is this just a show with random side stories or a full tied together season focusing on one of the universes? Also, is the 2nd GARO anime any better than the 1st?
  7. K, so after like a year + of not paying attention to the franchise i'm going to get back into GARO soon. Dissapointed to learn there isn't a direct sequal TV Series to Makai No Hana yet. Guess i'll start with the Bikuu movie then and then may or may not do Goldstorm next (will get to it eventually but...meh)
  8. I'm going through and watching all of the Dragon Lee vs Kamaitachi singles matches, are there any tags involving the 2 opposite each other I should really go out of my way to see?
  9. When did Yuki Miyazaki come out of retirement?
  10. Random follow up thought on this, the fact that modern day Psicosis appears to have more or less morphed into New Jack is one of the more surreal things in wrestling to me.
  11. Anyone know, when was the last time Psicosis/Nicho had a great/really good match that wasn't a brawl?
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