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  1. According to this article, she got picked up by the police. She said she smoked at home and did a urine test that came back positive. https://www.sankei.com/smp/affairs/news/180516/afr1805160002-s1.html
  2. https://twitter.com/strigga/status/995614954748305410?s=21 https://twitter.com/strigga/status/995666259902689282?s=21
  3. So I finally finished the Seadlinnng 1/14 show, thought it was good. Nakajima and Ohata was the best match of the night. Hamada/Yoshiko was good but it didn't reach the next level of great I thought it would. It's something that you could apply to both with their recent matches even though Hamada/Taya was great
  4. I'll give it two more years before WWE will start looming in terms of her future. Even if they revert back to the Divas era direction for the women, Hana would fit in.
  5. I'll add that I think Kaho stayed with Ricky Marvin's family the first time she went to Mexico. Totally agree that she's awesome and this match was one of my favorites of hers in 2017: her & AKINO vs Syuri and Hikaru Shida. It's also one of Syuri's last matches before going to the UFC. https://rutube.ru/video/823ccbd8bf60dc634fcf1e567d4d0425/?pl_type=user&pl_id=1067514
  6. Tam and Kagestu are full time with Stardom now but they've been full time with Stardom anyway this year since they rejoined. https://twitter.com/we_are_stardom/status/925945144813035520 Also Nanae Takahashi is teaming with TARU against Chigusa Nagayo and Masato Tanaka in an exploding barbwire deathmatch which I think is Nanae's first ever. https://twitter.com/nanaracka/status/925982766121938945 I'm still behind on Stardom but I saw the Iroha/Bito match and I didn't feel the MOTY that I saw on Twitter. Meiko/Hashimoto is still the best joshi match I've seen this year.
  7. I fully recommend the Chihiro Hashimoto/Meiko Satomura rematch. It might be the joshi MOTY. I loved it so much cause Chihiro isn't green like last year. Thought they built a great story with Chihiro solidifying herself as the ace of Sendai. Better to me than how Reigns and Cena told that story. I freaked out when Chihiro kicked out of the Scorpion Rising/DVD combo.
  8. Other Io, Hiroyo Matsumoto is a good choice for a challenger to Toni since they went to a draw early in the year.
  9. Yesterday, Sonny (Stardom Admin) on Reddit alluded to why Sareee is leaving as it pertains to Nanae & Yoshiko's treatment of younger wrestlers in a comment. Sareee is going back to Diana somewhat hurts her visibility but she can be the lead there. Also, Toni Storm winning the 5 Star GP today is something as she's been splitting time with WWE, PROGRESS and Stardom. I don't see Rossy putting the red belt on her but stranger things have happened.
  10. Hamada was the original JWP trainer and a referee for them too. He and Gran Apache were over there but from the footage I've seen, they mostly focused on trained their daughters together. It's pretty cool seeing Ayako Hamada training with Gran Apache if you find it. I agree with Kevin that hopefully for the next three months, Mary helps trains everybody cause she was looking like Stan Hansen at the last Korakuen show. Xia and Gabby was doing the Wayne's World "We're not worthy" bows to her after the match.
  11. Also for people that don't know, the Tsukushi story that Meltzer reported on Sunday about her getting arrested for almost stabbing Kagestu is real. https://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/hl?a=20170724-00000053-tospoweb-fight
  12. From this interview, she married a Japanese wrestler and had the two children but she divorced him and he doesn't wrestle anymore. I didn't realize she was in Japan for 6 years. http://micromanfever.tumblr.com/post/157033203214/los-reyes-del-biutiful-muelasdegallo
  13. Mary Apache's daughter, Natsumi, is gonna train in Japan and debut in Stardom next spring.
  14. I agree and even though the ominous "Tournament" looms over the landscape with Joshi, I think Meiko is doing the right thing here with pushing Chihiro as the present and the future while easing down the card to let her shine. I do remember the criticisms of Meiko as a booker when she started Sendai Girls in terms of making new stars. Those criticisms can be validated as former wrestlers have left to become names elsewhere but this time around Meiko has done it right. Even though it's small, they have a roster of really good wrestlers with different looks and personalities. I haven't seen the 12 year old that debuted cause I haven't seen the new Korakuen show (and I can't believe I'm saying that cause I don't like watching or reviewing kids wrestle) but that might be a fad cause of the teamDATE stable with the 12 year old that won a MMA fight. Other than that, having Chihiro, Dash and Cassandra on your shows is pretty good by themselves let alone adding Meiko.
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