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  1. What could wrong with a Dalys match on a major show?
  2. The more the brothers push for it, the more it won't happen. Also it's back asswards. Espiritu should want to turn tecnico. As a rudo he works 2nd/3rd match. His tecnico brother works 4th/5th matches. Turn to move yourself up, now to bring your brother down.
  3. This one has to be an all-time CMLL bubble moment, right? Having partners who have never even remotely teased problems before (Cavernario/Felino) suddenly attack each other out of nowhere as if they've been feuding for months on a tribute show to their deceased partner. It's quite an incredible company.
  4. I mean the crowd loves the Lucha Bros... and the Lucha Bros wrestle as babyfaces... but they are heels because reasons.
  5. Sorry I forget children don't understand actual wrestling terms these days. Replace the word 'feud' with 'tied in with'. There is zero reason Cody & Dustin should want anything to do with the Lucha Bros when they are TIED IN WITH about 15 other guys at the moment. Why do they want this match? Why does Cody want Darby Allin the week before? Shouldn't Dustin be more interested in the guy who slammed a door on his hand? One of his friends who helped set the attack up? One of the masked men who beat the shit out of him last Wednesday? People here saying hope we get the match beyond w
  6. Cody/Dustin vs Lucha Bros on the 1/8 show sounds cool and all but why are we just throwing out these matches that could be built up and be actual feuds? As of my last count Cody is feuding with Spears, Inner Circle, Butcher, Blade, MJF, Wardlow, Dark Order. That's at least 15 guys right there. Can't we just pick one or two of them? Also, since Cody and Dustin are treated as super babyfaces, does that mean Lucha Bros are officially heels? If so, why? Crowd wants to love them & their moves always get them cheered anyways. Just a weird match announcement if you ask me.
  7. If everyone is a star, nobody is a star. I think it's very nice guys like Omega/Bucks/Cody wanna help everyone of their buddies out & make everyone feel important but that's not how pro wrestling works. When pro wrestling is working well you have either a big star like Hogan/Cena or a group of top guys who are clearly positioned as head and shoulders above the rest. Kenny should not be going 50/50 and needing 15 minutes to beat Kip Sabian. Bucks should not be losing tag feuds to Lucha Bros, LAX, SCU & presumably next to the Dark Order. Cody is currently elevating MJF yet he's also
  8. He also works with his entire body covered most of the time because he has open sores all over like many 70+ year olds tend to have. Still won't do a job though because "it wouldn't be realistic".
  9. They tried the corner thing with Cien Caras like a year ago in a match with Rush & one of his brother vs Sanson & Cuatrero. Originally it was a trios I think with Cien Caras/Rush's dad involved but they realize oh fuck Cien Caras can barely move. So they figured the safe thing was to just have a match where the ***ONE THING*** he needed to do was an easy spot to counter Bestia's interference. So of course the time came for the spot and Cien Caras forgot it was his moment. Which led to Bestia freezing. And the entire match freezing. Then Caras remembered it was his turn to interfere but
  10. Mascaras is done too. We've definitely crossed the threshold where watching some of these guys went from a fun throwback to just plain sad. At least for me. Do we need to see Super Astro slipping off the ropes & almost crashing on a tope? Do we need to see Negro Navarro reaching to reverse a hold but not having the flexibility to grab Virus' arm so Virus has to very obviously move himself closer? Do we need to see Canek being helped to the ring by a child because he can't walk for an extended period on his own. I wish these guys had more self-respect.
  11. Legit the worst match of the night. People don't want to admit it because it marks the end of an era but Navarro is done. Panther is done. Super Astro has it in him to do the one spot we remember of him per match but is otherwise done. Casas is the last one standing in terms of an old legend that can still work at an acceptable level. And even he is not even close to what he was pre-injured by Sam 450 & the health problems that followed.
  12. Everyone should watch AAA's Lucha Capital finale from last night. Superb show with an amazing crowd.
  13. Main eventers get paid main event money for the evening. Efesto has been with the company nearly 20 years. What? Did you think Hechicero was gonna get that spot?
  14. LOL CMLL booking sheets are very much just fill in the names & send them out in the order of pay.
  15. First of all - the entire Joey thing is sad to watch play out. It's going to end terribly & as a wrestling community we shouldn't be enabling him by finding joy in watching what is happening play out in front of our very eyes. People like BJ Whitmer & Kelly Klein should feel worse for using his current state to push their own agendas. This is of course not to say any of the claims against ROH don't have merit. Second - I don't understand the negativity towards ROH in the sense of wanting them to go out of buisness. ROH gives at minimum 20-30 wrestlers (& some staff) a way to m
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