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  1. CMLL shows only exist live via YouTube because Julio Cesar Rivera wants his voice heard. If he ever fell out of favor or left the company (haha), those streams would be gone in a heartbeat. Mas Lucha streamed a pretty fun Gen XXI show from Queretaro tonight. The Indystrongtibles & Bandido 3 way were fun watches and if an LA Park/Wagner/Demon Jr. house show match is your thing I heard the main was okay.
  2. Vamp was a very lonely guy at Wrestlecon - did little business, wasn't booked on any shows. He dressed up in his Guardian Angel outfit and took his friends around taking pics with wrestlers who were actually working, all the while telling them all how much he loved them. Lucha Underground is all but dead. Basically what I'm saying is Vamp needs a reason to be relevant these days & has never been one to tell a story for attention. Let's see how this one plays out.
  3. They were always gonna be in the opener, we just made a special note since for some reason people were doubting they would appear with MLW happening at the same time. Which is odd since we booked them before anyone & actually helped MLW out by agreeing to put them on early Thursday & late Friday so they could do both events each day. No point being dicks and depriving wrestlers of paydays if there's an easy work around. But the point stands - don't be late! Starting off HOT! Hope everyone has a good time this weekend, come say hi if you see me at the Hilton!
  4. Season 4 was REALLY BAD. It was sad to watch the few fans left who were so attached they would actually defend it. "Nah man this Jack Swagger thing is great! Let's see how it plays out!" I got so much heat for dare pointing out how many friends of friends were suddenly getting on the show to get that El Rey money before it disappeared. Good times.
  5. You'd think so but the legal system is weird & it seems people who AAA wants to torture/blackmail are not going to be given any easy way out. AAA wants to keep control of them.
  6. The company has literally gone underground.
  7. Yeah they run a regular schedule for the most part. Every 3 weeks or so in Tijuana. I was at their last show and it was really good minus the one CMLL match.
  8. Bucks were super over when they worked CRASH about 2 years ago. Before you could argue their popularity in the US exploded with the BTE stuff.
  9. In terms of the major shows this weekend I thought Rey De Reyes completely eclipsed H2L. Not really surprising as the CMLL card wasn't too hot on paper so you would need a good crew of workers to salvage it. CMLL just doesn't have a good roster any more & the few who are left that try are quickly beaten down by the system that discourages effort. It's kinda funny how CMLL has evolved into the pure entertainment for the simple fan company the hardcore fans always associated with AAA. Neither show had any standout MOTYCs or anything like that. Probably best of the bunch was the Rey de Reyes match itself or the CMLL semi-main if you don't watch regularly and haven't seen those teams do that same match but much better in the past. AAA appeared to draw a good house but not a sellout & of course the most interesting thing to the outside world is the Bucks getting absolutely zero reaction to both appearing and eventually winning the belts. But that match/angle was only done for various political reasons so it accomplished it's goal & is nothing some audio overdub can take care of. CMLL drew great for a nothing card which is not surprising and only makes it all the more frustrating that they can literally draw with anyone since their major shows are considered big events to be at... yet they still manage to pick the worst people possible and not even throw a bone to the guys who work hard and show up for every Puebla/GDL show they are booked on weekly.
  10. If Chris DeJospeh recent drunk tweeting is any sign of things... this thing is DOA. Which shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. I hope we're at the point now where people can speak open & honestly on their version of the truth behind LU. Because once we have many versions we can piece together the actual truth.
  11. Shows... not really (until the RIOT show from 2/2 gets uploaded) but in terms of matches CMLL had a fun semi-main this past Friday with Caristico/Mistico/Valiente vs Ultimo Guerrero/Euforia/Gran Guerrero. Good to see some new eyes on AAA. They've had a good year so far and are running more regularly (back on 3/3 before Rey de Reyes on 3/16). The undercards usually have tremendous talent and when it clicks it's really great stuff.
  12. AAA show tonight was the best show I've seen from any promotion this year. 6 for 6 with multiple MOTYCs including shockingly the main event above anything else. The show very much exemplified the reason why AAA has always been my favorite promotion.
  13. Not the first nor the last wrestler Ivelisse will have pissed off. She is not a fan of not getting her own way.
  14. Oh man that post by clint is sad. I always think back to WrestleCon 2016 & 2017 where the LU guys were the most over (except the Hardyz) & we had to basically beg them to consider doing a show which would have easily been super successful only for them to back down each year. It's understandable though since the entire concept of LU seemed to be how to not make actual money. (Anyone remember the lame fair shows which used talent not even in LU at the time like Garza Jr.?) Shitty situation. Happy some wrestlers took action, just wish it didn't have to come to this. I truly believe LU was never going to return but I was kinda hoping we could string it along long enough for Vamp to keep insisting it was and making himself look progressively dumber each passing interview. But something like this will surely be the nail in the coffin. The day it's officially cancelled I'll re-watch seasons 1 & 2 which, in my humble opinion, were the best wrestling TV shows since the original ECW was around.
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