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  1. Least helpful reply ever dude.
  2. OMG Fenix vs Pindar!!! That almost makes up for not airing the Aero Star vs Pindar dark match.
  3. Still really annoys me the way this show fucks with everyone except Sexy Star. She couldn't even take a pinfall last week so they had Matt Striker scream about how she got DQ'ed because Dario Cueto ordered the refs to be strict and enforce the rules. This was a week after we saw interference in matches. Then this week EVERY MATCH had a run-in or distraction without the refs calling shit. It's super annoying. (Also as pointed out elsewhere - Luchasaurus got counted out to lose his match while Taya/Crane went fighting in the crowd for 10 minutes)
  4. hahaha I totally missed that. Good catch! I'm happy the first round is over. Hoping the next round is a little more competitive and way less overbooked. Every match was either a squash or some nonsense way to get out of a finish. Obviously the common thread in LU is protect Sexy Star at all costs b/c she's the star of the project but that finish today was so lame, made only worse by Matt Striker screaming about Dario wanting referees to call this tournament strict after we've seen multiple tournament matches (including the main event tonight) have interference with no DQ's called. Fuck two weeks ago Paul London's partners literally walked through the ring without even a threat of DQ. The Rey/Mundo build is so great and overshadowing everything about this tournament. I cannot wait for that match!
  5. Why? It's just a stupid title & AAA is a house of cards just waiting to fall. Mundo only works there when they can gather up enough money to pay him. Taya hasn't been showing her dates lately likely due to the same reason. This could be one big dumb working the internet deal that means nothing or Vamp getting annoyed at something and acting without thinking about pissing off the fiancee of the guy who holds all the AAA titles. Either way it's hilarious. (And tweeting about being at RAW had nothing to do with anything.)
  6. Go away loser who prayed there would be no sunset flip bomb to the floor! THERE ALWAYS HAS TO BE A SUNSET FLIP BOMB TO THE FLOOR!
  7. Guys I'm not even joking... the CMLL Universal tournament Block A was fucking great to watch live! 4 really good matches by my count - even DRAGON LEE VS LUCIFERNO! Crowd was so hot for Casas. 56 YEAR OLD NEGRO CASAS TOOK A SUNSET FLIP BOMB TO THE FLOOR IN A POINTLESS TOURNAMENT MATCH! LEGEND! It was a great show.
  8. Travis Banks was asked to work BOLA, decided to pull out of KoT 2+ months ahead of time. Nobody forced him to do anything, he made his own career decision. This is controversial?
  9. Really strong run of episodes continues. All four matches over-delivered. For as gorgeous as Melissa Santos is, her acting is completely the opposite. LOL Were they teasing incest between Marty & Mariposa? I really couldn't tell and I kept watching for something weird b/c DeJospeh was tweeting it was coming but couldn't really tell. Second round is shaping up really strong so far. But I think Sexy Star is back next week so let's see how she manages to ruin things.
  10. The crowd was friggin' molten hot for Volador Jr. in his match with Cavernario tonight. Matt would have been beyond annoyed. But if you're a WWE fan and want to see what a super babyface looks like & how fun a show can be when the crowd gets exactly what they want at the end you should check their match out on the CMLL YouTube account.
  11. I thought Cage was a goner tonight. Ending really surprised me. Another very good epiode. Aero Star was on FYAH hitting some super creative stuff even with a couple noticeable edits to clean things up. Easily the funnest wrestler to watch. His head is always spinning with new ideas! Argenis vs Penta was also much better than I thought it'd be because Argenis actually fought back! Penta's offense is so killer and he's a god in that temple to those fans. Johnny was training in pants! HE LIES!
  12. You guys should keep an eye on my YouTube. Found an external drive with some weird random stuff I'm in the process of putting up. Couple cool rare things. Put up a great 2009 Hechicero vs Caifan match from local Monterrey TV that I'm honestly not sure had been out there yet b/c it's not from Fredo.
  13. Great show last night! That is the episode I would show someone who has never seen Lucha Underground before. Exactly the reason I hope LU never goes away because that show was so different than anything else you'd see in wrestling these days.
  14. Sadly I think we're all gonna wake up to the news Universo 2000, the youngest of the Dinamitas, has passed away. All indication are he's in rough shape after a massive heart attack today. Horrible year for lucha libre.
  15. You know Matt, when you say stuff like that it makes me doubt you are truly going into Volador Jr. matches without a bias. Another fun match I forgot to mention was the AAA TV opener this week. Just a rookies match with no-names but some very cool stuff and two professional rudos just making the tecnicos look like a million bucks which is sorely lacking from certain Mexican companies these days. Hijo de Vikingo has been on AAA twice, has stolen the show each time. Definitely a guy to keep an eye on. He's so light on his feet.