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  1. Britt & especially Rosa are not capable of doing what they try to do every time. Rosa got into the game late in her career & was dogshit. Ask anyone who went to those LU tapings. She deserves all the credit in the world for turning herself into a passable wrestler but that's her level. She's passable. That is her bar. But then she goes out there trying to do an athletic match that is way beyond her abilities & we see the same results every time. Britt is no help. You remember the reaction Britt/Tay got on the last PPV? That would have been the reaction here if not for the fact Thunder is over & people are afraid to boo her or she'll pull out the same card she did at Warrior Wrestling when she had an absolute stinker & the crowd let her know. A lot of the AEW women are at a perfectly acceptable level where they can go and get by doing 6-8 minutes... maybe 10-12 at most for certain people. Nothing wrong with that. But every time it's always the same. They want to do their "epic" match & prove everyone wrong. Every time, they fail. The only time they succeeded was the smoke & mirrors match that was taped which allowed for editing. The AEW women's division can be successful if it accepts what it is. Eventually more (better) women will hopefully come along & maybe then it can evolve. The AEW women's division will never be successful if it stays the way it is now with most of the women trying to prove themselves to be what they're not every time out & getting rewarded for every mediocore match by Twitter comments saying "yaaaaaas queens best match of all time" from accounts that troll AEW daily about having more women's matches.
  2. There was an error on the printing of the Mystery Vortex show which is why that took longer. The goal is always to have it the show done in time to sell copies at the next show. Due to the error MV wasn't even available for purchase when people came looking to buy at the September show. Going forward all shows will be up 6 months later on HSWN. It's a start.
  3. Two fans threw things. Both times were at Buddy, not him... which isn't a defense - just pointing it out. The first time was pre-match from the balcony, the second time was during the match from someone near me who promptly got booted. That was a small section of 3-4 very drunk people who were seemingly there to amuse themselves. They got lectured post-match & calmed down a bit. At no point did I hear anything racist or come close to hate speech. The closest that group got was heckling Lio about leaving wrestling to be a rapper but based on their other heckling it seemed to be in reference to him signing with a music label. I don't know if that qualifies as racist but maybe Lio does. Or maybe he was referring to something else completely in which case I didn't hear any of it myself. I would have absolutely alerted Globe security if I hear something & trust me they wouldn't have had any of that shit. I also saw a tweet where someone said the thrown drink led to Lio's injury which was completely false but that still didn't stop twitter from jumping all over another fairytale problematic event from a PWG show. I don't know why people are like this. If you don't like a promotion, cool. By all means, tear it apart. But making up stories to generate group hate is such trash behaviour. The weekend was great. Tons of awesome wrestling! Speedball/Bandido was everything you could have imagined & more. The finals will probably come off better on DVD than live because they spent a good portion fighting on the stage which meant 3/4 of the crowd couldn't really see. The last 8-10 minutes were off the charts with everyone thinking Speedball had it won numerous times & being shocked when Garcia finally made him tap. I actually wasn't as high on the 8 man as seemingly everyone else was as I saw comments ranging from MOTYC to best match of the weekend. The balcony spot was so great because almost everyone was just watching Cartwheel up top... so nobody was paying any attention to Blake. He just flew in at the last second! Even on twitter I saw people posting pictures immediately & everyone thought Cartwheel just did a balcony dive until the video came out later that night. Aramis/Taurus opened up Night 2 with an absolutely insane match. They must have done every single idea they've been waiting to do knowing they may never get the chance again. I also loved Shelley/Garcia but the live crowd wasn't really having Shelley's work for some reason. Was the same on the previous show. Night 1 matches with Taurus/JD Drake & Lio/Cartwheel were also standouts but for me the Blake/Yuta match was second best of the night behind the main event. Yuta showed more charisma than he has in AEW so far & Blake was on fire. They went above & beyond for two last minute subs.
  4. Definitely drunk. But that is an authentic lucha crowd. They just want interaction & ended up liking the guys more who play back at them. Gresham was there to do his super serious polite applause match like he had vs Virus in a full Arena Naucalpan & it wasn't gonna fly after 2+ hours of wrestling where the crowd had already seen 3 different wrestlers work llave style matches. It's cool for the people watching online trying to decide between ***3/4 or **** but this live crowd wanted either action or entertainment. They got neither. It didn't help the crowd was like 50-60 people which is an embarassment for Ledesma. The local Sundays with zero names (mostly rookies & building locals) outdraw him these days. With a crowd that small any one comment gets heard by all. I assume you mean the "you are small" comment directed at Gresham... which is factual but that's besides the point. I've never been to a show in Mexico that didn't have people yelling out insults or jokes at the wrestlers' expense. The ones who play back at them are the ones who end up the most over. I just re-subbed to IWTV to catch up on Lucha Memes & Lee Moriarty gets a similar reaction in Battle of Coacalco. Even the same chants. Yet by the end of round 1 he's cheered by everyone because he had a good match & didn't stop wrestling to just stare angrily at the people for daring to not sit waiting for their cue to politely clap for a reversal. Lucha Libre has changed a lot over the years but drunk fans yelling dumb shit is never going away. They existed back when Atlantis & Blue Panther were working 30 minute mat matches & they'll exist 10 years from now when Destroyers are the opening spots of matches. I'm sorry if this offends anyone but those are way more authentic lucha fans than folks who talk about how great Black Terry's punches are. As long as we're discussing Memes though... wow these shows are bad. I'm not done my entire catch-up but one good match per show is literally where the bar is set. Far cry from Coacalco being packed & guys busting their asses for fans who demanded good matches. Ledesma has no idea who the good young guys in Mexico are any longer & just seems to be pairing up guys randomly. Freelance vs Perro de Guerra, Perro De Guerra vs Avisman, Avisman vs Freelance & so forth. Navarro/Terry are pretty much done no matter how much you wanna sugarcoat it. They are good for one excellent match per year if someone on the other side can carry the load. The lack of environment is a big killer as you could have a decent match end up great if the crowd is screaming, doing duel chants, chanting esto es lucha... whatever. These small crowds cannot provide that atmosphere. The real killer for me is the awful production. Ledesma often like to brag (yes, brag) he doesn't watch his own shows & it's very evident. The guy doing the production is robbing him blind by clearly just using a program that automatically makes cuts at various intervals so it looks like real editing is being done but it's just for show. No human being is making real time calls on some of these cuts. If I wasn't a hardcore lucha fan these shows would be unwatchable. I wish someone was still doing handhelds because I'd prefer those instead of cut to corner cam shooting the opposite ringpost as two guys are brawling on the floor off camera. Que?
  5. Omega vs Vikingo on 12/4. Think I'll head down to see that live. CMLL counters by posting Friday's lineup hours later with Mistico vs Ultimo Guerrero as the semi-main to TJP's return in the main event with Templario vs Volador Jr. & Titan which is probably the strongest non-Hechicero match CMLL can present with their current roster.
  6. The male wrestlers will be happy to hear Dalys will get to eventually go work with the 11th biggest company in Japan while they are left out of work with New Japan.
  7. Should be another interesting week in CMLL as Bandido's Big Lucha promotion announced a combined show with ROH in September. A few of the CMLL guys actually held onto the hope ROH would beg CMLL to take them back & open relations back up. Seeing Bandido's crew working with ROH guys will certainly get more people questioning why they are sticking around if NJPW appears not be sending talent any longer, Fantasticmania is likely done for the near future & now ROH is looking elsewhere for a place to trade talent with. But hey they got Ice Ribbon so good job CMLL for partnering up with the 17th most popular group in Japan who run shows without a ring (I think).
  8. 71 year old Satanico is most definitely coming back to headline Arena Mexico shows in September which is great for a handful of people online who write blogs but is such an indictment of CMLL. As bad as 2005 when Mistico was starting to get red hot & they insisted on still going with Pierroth/Cien Caras matches on top at major shows. No doubt Averno is returning soon so they can do Mistico vs Averno & pretend it's 2006 all over again except this time instead of 13,000 fans they'll have 300ish. It's the UWA death march all over again but this time inside Arena Mexico.
  9. Yeah they used to film that stuff until like 2 or 3am but I believe some of the production crew eventually spoke up & in recent times they've taped more earlier in the day. You can see the difference watching Dark/Elevation these days compared to a couple months ago. Remember production has an early call time usually to get everything set up & ready to go when the "stars" are ready to perform so if they have to be there at 11am, the last thing you want is to still be working at 3am. The announcers do the commentary live so it really makes you appreciate a guy like Excalibur who will do the live show, his 2 hours-ish of Dark, be on the headset to help Schavonie/Wight do Elevation, then repeat that entire process immediatly. Super underappreciated part of the company (maybe not internally but definitely by fans).
  10. Volador/Bandido delivered in spades. Copa Junior went loooooooooooooooooooong and had lots of action so they didn't mail it in at all. Too bad CMLL isn't offering a way to watch the show still... that main event is worth seeing.
  11. CMLL might actually be good tonight? Only 4 matches & in theory Bandido/Volador should be great + the 12 man torneo cibernetico will be at minimum good if they just keep it moving. Women will start it off & have their usual barely passable match. Seems like an easy time for Dalys to take a loss in a meaningless opener on a show few will see. Guerrero vs NGD all depends on if they come to work or are just there to do the usual & set up a bigger match for the upcoming TV that was hinted at on Informa. You can never tell with Ultimo Guerrero & all the NGD. I don't know how 3 guys who haven't even been around 5 years are already at the point in their careers where they think they have nothing to prove but here we are. Copa Junior to me is a no-brainer. If Felino Jr. is supposed to be someone of note who matters - he has to win. Especially after losing his debut to Mistico fair and square. We'll know exactly where CMLL sees him b/c these matches tend to do eliminations in order of where you are slotted. If he goes out 2nd/3rd like he would as Tiger - you can write him off already as same Tiger but with new name. The winning idea is to have him go to the end on his side vs 4 or 5 others on the other side and he has to run the table like his dad did back in 1997. I'm skeptical anyone from CMLL remembers that match or cares to book something as interesting. The more obvious outcome is of course everyone goes out in order of their slots & it comes down to Angel de Oro vs either Mistico or Caristico so Terrible can run out and cheat to help Oro win as the new Ingobernables get put over (again). Volador Jr./Bandido should be the best match at Arena Mexico this year if they deliver. The only thing that could hold them back is the sad empty arena environment CMLL has going but if Titan/Soberano Jr. & Volador Jr./Templario could put on MOTYCs - it's hard to see why these two can't. I'm assuming Volador retains since they've pushed it so hard as a dream match with a CMLL guy vs a guy who abandoned CMLL's training system & you know CMLL loves to prove they have the best guys. Maybe everything will suck but people will still be talking about the show if a post-match promo airs on the big screen from Andrade challenging his former best friend to a match on 4/26 (next iPPV).
  12. Canadian Destroyer and Code Red are two different moves. Destroyer is the flipping piledriver, an impact move. Code Red is the sunset flip bomb, also an impact move but ends in sunset flip position so an immediate pinfall. It wasn't smooth but you can give them a pass since Silver was working on one shoulder. But I do like when guys win in different ways than just using their finishers. The Code Red spot is a regular move in Darby's repitoire so hopefully next time he hits it the viewers remember this finish and bite a bit more on the nearfall (or finish if it happens again).
  13. RIOT did their free empty arena 'Covidiotas' show yesterday. Aramis vs Iron Kid & Latigo vs Erik Ortiz are well worth watching but if you just cherry pick one match obviously you gotta go check out the Arez vs Hijo Del Vikingo main event. Just a spectacular MOTYC. I can't see anything in Mexico topping it unless Bandido takes this as a personal insult since this was supposed to be his shining week & drags Volador Jr. kicking and screaming to something wild this coming Friday. I went the full 5 if you are into the stars thing. Vikingo is Vikingo... a special talent... but Arez is just such a complete wrestler who has such underrated ring smarts and a great brain for putting stuff together. His turnaround the last couple years has been incredible and I hope it pays off with an opportunity in a big cmpany in the US some day. Of course don't forget the show was free because it's a donation supported show. Everyone worked free & will get paid based on the funds raised so if you watch and enjoy - even donating just $1 helps out most guys who have been out of work for a year now -> https://donadora.org/campanas/esto-es-riot
  14. I saw a funny reply on twitter saying they were 'assaulting' civilians when the video makes it clear it's all in good fun & in most cases are asking the people if it's okay first. Trust me - in Mexico if you tried to do this to an unwilling person you would quickly have an incident. But social media folks love their causes so there were some real dumb takes in the replies.
  15. IWTV under the Lucha Memes section.
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