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  1. Sadly not enough. Look for Virus vs Metalico if you haven't seen it yet or Virus vs Electrico in Puebla. AAA show was good tonight. Fenix/Kenny easily a MOTYC. 3 way mixed tag was very fun & Copa Pena was also fun until the final 2 when it got great and is must-see.
  2. haha Yeah that was a rough night for him.
  3. Skayde has kinda been MIA. Navarro missed lots of time due to his heart condition. Black Terry has been on and off injured as well and still had limited mobility with his one arm. So there isn't much unless you are stretching to find good stuff. In other news - CMLL did a rare good thing and put Star Jr. over in the Gran Alternativa. A talented and deserving guy. Curious to see if this was a one-off and he just moves into the mix where Dragon Lee was booked or if he gets a little push as a new star.
  4. Dragon Lee is not signed to an ROH contract. (Or was not when he arrived this weekend) The PWG thing is overblown in terms of overall picture. His recent CMLL suspension was because he decided to do BOLA against orders. The funny thing about that is CMLL specifically didn't want him working with Fenix/Penta who are not even signed to AAA contracts & he had just worked with them in Mexico City on an indy show a couple days before BOLA. CMLL doesn't even know who they classify as AAA talent. They pick Fenix/Penta because of their association with Konnan. For example a couple days before Wrestlemania weekend there was a show in Nuevo Laredo where Laredo Kid *cleanly* beat both Titan & Cavernario in a 3 way match. Laredo Kid *is* a contracted AAA wrestler who was even a double champ at the time. CMLL still allowed it. If CMLL clamps down even further and bans their talent from not only working with Fenix/Penta but also Rush/Dragon Lee - that's a problem for all their wrestlers since you would be hard pressed to find an notable indy show in Mexico that doesn't feature one of those four as headliners.
  5. Your CMLL is dying a rapid death, odessa. Very sad to see the current state of the company.
  6. I don't even understand the point here? It was a series of comps featuring the best stuff over many years. 9 hours actually seems like too little, hence why there were 3 volumes of 3 disc sets. If you watch RAW, Smackdown, NXT, NXT UK & 205 Live weekly you are consuming 9 hours of WWE programming ***on a weekly basis***. I'd saying fuckin' hell to that... LOL And yes if PWG switched to streaming the rules would change but stuff like that just goes over the head of the folks who just say they want convenience but in reality they just want the shows up on torrents faster than waiting a month for the guy who rips it off the DVD to get his order.
  7. Is it a PWG bias or is it that all Dave sees is PWG? Dude has to cover the entire pro wrestling industry every week. It's quite possible the hard working guy with a family doesn't have the time to watch weekly Beyond or every Big Japan show or even Impact which is seen by a couple thousand folks on twitter. He seems to prioritize watching the relevant promotions & when it comes to US indies he attends PWG live since it's one show every couple months in a location close to him. So yeah... he's gonna have a lot of say about PWG & discuss all the great wrestling he sees there. It's not bias, it's just frame of reference. When he manages to get away to attend a big wrestling weekend he covers other stuff (see: AAW in Chicago or the WrestleCon/Bloodsport shows in New York) and often raves about what he sees. As for the person who made a crack about PWG being stuck in 2008... how many other indies that existed in 2008 are still around running in the black? You can argue until you are blue in the face about why PWG should switch to streaming but the fact remains PWG continues to make money using the model they've stuck with all these years. If they switched & things went south, not only would there be no going back but how many of the folks who bitched about no streaming would be there to support the company? They'd just move onto the next group which is why so many indies over the years died out.
  8. Very much agree. I think Cubsfan said it best when he noted something in that PWG match sparked something in Taurus who realized how he should be working as a monster.
  9. CMLL is a strange place. One day they'll discover DVD players and be amazed.
  10. Hell yeah - great meeting you! Show was awesome. There were maybe only 2 things I didn't like but everything else was good. If they had run a smaller building (Ted Reeve) it still wouldn't have been full but would have come off way better. I gotta watch how the main event came off on video but live it was totally wild and those guys were murdering each other. Of course I'm biased so I loved the CMLL trios the most. They really hit a home run and crowd seemed very excited to see something different. They left so quick afterwards I couldn't even reach my wallet to throw some dollars! Crowd hated Taven and he is a total failure as a champ but the match with Shelley was real good. Some of those nearfalls were genius and crowd believed Shelley would win even though pre-match everyone seemed resigned to the fact Taven was retaining. The Bandido tag was real good and progressed the Gresham story. I've said it a million times so no point going through it all over again but ROH has the pieces, they just need to use them better. With all the available talent out there in 2019 you should not be focused around The Kingdom, Shane Taylor & trying to get over a women's division built around the Angelina Love group.
  11. For those who have completely ignored the existence of CMLL Puebla (like myself) - yesterday they actually had a big show and both the Electrico/Virus & Dragon Lee/Volador Jr. matches are worth checking out.
  12. He just showed up and said the trophy meant nothing if he wasn't fighting for it. Ran down Pagano, called him a motherfucker a couple times, threw out the generic mask/hair challenge, tried to yell at Marisela Pena (AAA owner) but they hit his music before he could be too mean. It was really good stuff. The hammer spot worked great because Demon doesn't really have any submissions that would cause any serious threat of Wagner losing if they teased it. But once he smashed his fingers and then put on the armbar submission while squeezing his hand the crowd reacted like OH SHIT THIS IS SERIOUS. It wasn't just about using the hammer for the sake of using a hammer. Also apparently the hammer shots were cut out of the live TV broadcast.
  13. One of the best Triplemanias of the decade... maybe the best? Thought the 3 way trios titles match was best match of the show and a MOTYC. Vikingo is amazing but really everyone was just great in that match. Pre-show opener was psychotic when they got going and lost the nerves. Nothing was really bad. The weakest stuff was probably the women's mess which was expected & the semi-main which should have gone on before Cain came out and for the 3rd time now the Bucks (& now Omega) have proven they just aren't stars in Mexico yet nor do they care to work the style that foreigners should use in Mexico. But they were clearly doing their match for the AEW camera at ringside so they got whistled. The post-match promo stuff was terrible for the live crowd to but AEW is the boss here, not AAA, so this is what we have. Main was not much of a match as much as a spectacle and it was a fantastic spectacle. The hammer spots were great & puddles of blood is why I love wrestling! It was a very AAA show which is a good thing. AAA is unique and I would never change that. Didn't watch in English but heard it was much better with the subtraction of Vampiro as expected. Hopefully Joe keeps coming in for major shows.
  14. There's a good documentary on Freight Train you should check out if you are interested in his story & clearing up the issues you may have.
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