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    I thought it was gonna get the entire episode but now I see they added Texano vs Famous B. Hopefully it runs short. I am expecting madness from Fox/Killshot.
  2. General Lucha Libre Comments

    It's easy to criticize from afar but I'm sure it was a super fun event to attend live. I've never been let down by an Arena Mexico Friday (I know it's not Friday but still) show. It's just such a great live experience, every fan should do it once. I thought main event was great considering crowd came to boo the shit out of them and those guys worked so hard they ended up getting the crowd really invested in the outcome. The exact opposite of how the feud felt in the build-up! Easily my favorite match of the show. Hechicero was just unreal in that opener. He was working as if he was pissed he got relegated to opening match (remember he was semi-main last year...) and was out there to show he was the best wrestler on this show. Others like Sugeith/Zeuxis more than myself. I just couldn't get past the Tirantes nonsense.
  3. General Lucha Libre Comments

    I feel like both Anniversary losers are gonna end up MIA sooner than rather later. Niebla Roja probably leaving Mexico for a bit (if not forever) & Sugeith maybe cashing in her mask and taking a year off to have a kid. Pretty sure on the former, just a suspicion on the latter.
  4. General Lucha Libre Comments

    The micros match from CMLL last night was excellent. Just great pro wrestling. Chamuel is a very nice addition to the crew & Micro Man just keeps cementing his Rookie of the Year status. Hopefully they find a 3rd lil' dude to join up with the tecnicos so we can get some trios action going!

    Last night's episode didn't do anything for me. Boy the people running this thing REALLY like their wacky gimmick matches and comedy gimmicks. Not sure why the Rabbit Tribe needed to get so much shit in on Matanza instead of just getting murdered. The match with the cops was just building to the funny spots instead of being any sort of blood feud. Drago/Mack was fine but super short. At least next week looks loaded. Hoping we can get at least one of the matches without a run-in.

    Posted my BOLA thoughts here: https://t.co/7l9G4QfHkP

    I love when he does that. It's just an easy way to poke the trolls who bother him on twitter all day. Good for Dave to give it back once in a while.

    Honestly... I just hope to god (Rey Jr.) that if the show comes to an end, we get a clean break. All the wrestlers are allowed to go their own way and do what they want. No hassles, no asterisks in the contracts nobody noticed when they signed, no bullshit. The boys have been patient enough & it'd be beyond evil to tie them up like that MTV lucha show for no reason if a show doesn't exist any more.
  9. General Lucha Libre Comments

    BTW One of the hilarious things from the fallout of the incident is 50% of wrestlers on twitter talking about how things needs to change when it comes to bullying/hazing/etc & the other 50% screaming I'M GONNA KILL SEXY STAR WHEN I SEE HER. We need to get on the same page people!
  10. General Lucha Libre Comments

    Cody speaking out is probably the worst thing for her because for reasons unexplained he seems to be the ruler of indy wrestling - able to work wherever he wants & face whoever he wants. One day someone should do a podcast or lengthy bio or something on Sexy Star. I hestitate to say anything that may come off as a defense of anything she does b/c I think she's a terrible human being (not just wrestler) but this is all learned behavior. She spent the early part of her career getting abused by veterans, mainly both Apache sisters who everyone seems to love. They would routinely kick the shit out of her in matches & still brag about it to this day.
  11. General Lucha Libre Comments

    I don't know. I'm not familar with her aside from her work here locally. I'm just saying the facts - AAA is super into doing dumb worked shoots just to insult the intelligence of internet fans. I can totally believe Sexy Star did it & the match was a mess with lots of communication problems. For what it's worth it is in GFW's best interest to be angry and turn all negative attention on Sexy Star because it gets everyone away from talking about the fact Jeff Jarrett worked his match completely drunk last night.
  12. General Lucha Libre Comments

    Sit on this one for 24 hours and then react. AAA loves to do weird shoot angles to trick the internet and it's not like the folks associated with GFW/TNA are any different.
  13. General Lucha Libre Comments

    There are actually TWO Psycho Clown Jr's! Both equally adorable. The mother is a Casas daughter. So those kids are gonna grow up to be the first generation Brazo/Casas wrestlers and will be the greatest of all-time without question.

    PREACH CASEY! It's hard to believe we're done season 3 (well the tapings are done...) and they've protected Vampiro's charachter way more than Pentagon. I mean... dude is a killer and just walked off sulking after losing last night like he was Cortez Castro or in the Rabbit Tribe. I'm half expecting them to start him feuding with Vampiro again based on that finish since Puma is moving onto Mundo and Penta has nothing to do. Yeah it really sucked going from such a high the previous week to such a low this week. Nothing they do now can ruin the greatness of season 1 & most of the greatness of season 2. They just got way too cute here in season 3.

    Yeah, I dunno how even the loyalists defend the ending tonight. Atrocious straight out of WWE nonsense. 10 weeks of great build down the drain. Dario going full heel so the group with aliens, gods, dragons, time travelers, etc still has to use the heel authority figure trope. I don't know who thought this was a good idea but it killed so much of my goodwill the show had. Tournament final wasn't so hot either but seemed heavily edited. Not sure for messed up moves or time shaving. Vampiro was everywhere including a point in tourney final where camera kept cutting to random shots to avoid showing him doing a lap around the ring even though you could clearly see everyone in the crowd watching and reacting. Super. Dario & Vamp end up as the two most important dudes was the story told. Don't even get me started on the Sexy Star nonsense.