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  1. "Hi, I have a dumb opinion that would fall apart in a second when challenged so I'm not allowing anyone to do that." This is a prototypical WWE fan.
  2. General Lucha Libre Comments

    I haven't seen the match but I'm presuming the blood from Marco was hardway because he posted an instagram photo with a cut near his eye stitched up and it would seem awfully risky to blade yourself near the eye.

    If this really is the end it will be interesting to read some post-LU interviews where people can speak more freely. I can understand the writers/producers defending the storyline around Sexy Star... the conquering female and all that... BUT if not a single person comes forward and admits casting her in that role was a mistake I'm gonna be very disappointed in the lack of honesty.

    I agree completely on everything re: Penta. I'm not a writer so I have no knowledge of how it works or anything but to me it seemed like they couldn't capitalize at first b/c they taped so far in advance, then they kept coming up with ideas to delay and delay and delay Penta's rise to the top because the chase is cool and all. But the chase is not cool when you have to wait so long between seasons & he's resorting to going back to doing feuds with people he's already run through. This entire universe should be built around him. I don't know either writer personally... DJ has always been cool to me & helped me get tickets for a taping once so I've obviously got nothing personal against him. Just sometimes I feel like the writers on the show think they are the most important people and the actual wrestlers are just playing roles to get the stories over. Like the Sexy Star thing was never working at all but they were hell bent for some reason on doing a woman conquers all story and were going to ride that to the end no matter what even though it was obvious it wasnt working. Or the Famous B/Brenda comedy stuff that seems to get way more play than other acts on the show because clearly the writers love that act. Like why are we wasting time on silly skits with those two? I'm looking forward to next week but at the same time also not looking forward to it. Mixed emotions I guess. I am curious whether they filmed multiple scenes as possiblities to end the season where if they knew for sure they were coming back they have something planned and if they think they may not come back they have a scene where the entire LU universe blows up or something. I read spoilers so I know the match results but it's the story stuff I'm super intrigued to see play out since nobody would have known what they have planned with all that. I think Cubs & I are at an impasse re: the "lord" in the limo. I think it's building up to be an actual wrestler, Cubs thinks it'll just be another celebrity cameo.

    Not completely sure of the accuracy of the report but Observer goes into a bit of detail on the impass over a fourth season and seperates the internal opposing sides. One side is said to have EVW (cool), Dorian Roldan (ew) & Vamp (fuck off). So I'm torn on supporting that side if true.
  6. General Lucha Libre Comments

    I subbed to Konnan's patreon this month just to see last week's CRASH show since the usual video guys didn't attend & only clipped versions are coming out (unless it airs on TV eventually?). Totally worth the sub just to see Fenix vs Flamita. They had a great match a few weeks earlier in San Luis Potosi & just one-upped it here. Materful stuff, easy pick for my MOTY in Mexico so far. It's crazy they don't hype it more that the patreon has unedted CRASH footage because up until recently I was just under the impression they were linking to versions other people filmed on YouTube. But they have their own hard cam setup which is a much better view than the guy sitting second row usually shooting over someone's head or unable to follow action when it leaves the ring.

    I thought it was gonna get the entire episode but now I see they added Texano vs Famous B. Hopefully it runs short. I am expecting madness from Fox/Killshot.
  8. General Lucha Libre Comments

    It's easy to criticize from afar but I'm sure it was a super fun event to attend live. I've never been let down by an Arena Mexico Friday (I know it's not Friday but still) show. It's just such a great live experience, every fan should do it once. I thought main event was great considering crowd came to boo the shit out of them and those guys worked so hard they ended up getting the crowd really invested in the outcome. The exact opposite of how the feud felt in the build-up! Easily my favorite match of the show. Hechicero was just unreal in that opener. He was working as if he was pissed he got relegated to opening match (remember he was semi-main last year...) and was out there to show he was the best wrestler on this show. Others like Sugeith/Zeuxis more than myself. I just couldn't get past the Tirantes nonsense.
  9. General Lucha Libre Comments

    I feel like both Anniversary losers are gonna end up MIA sooner than rather later. Niebla Roja probably leaving Mexico for a bit (if not forever) & Sugeith maybe cashing in her mask and taking a year off to have a kid. Pretty sure on the former, just a suspicion on the latter.
  10. General Lucha Libre Comments

    The micros match from CMLL last night was excellent. Just great pro wrestling. Chamuel is a very nice addition to the crew & Micro Man just keeps cementing his Rookie of the Year status. Hopefully they find a 3rd lil' dude to join up with the tecnicos so we can get some trios action going!

    Last night's episode didn't do anything for me. Boy the people running this thing REALLY like their wacky gimmick matches and comedy gimmicks. Not sure why the Rabbit Tribe needed to get so much shit in on Matanza instead of just getting murdered. The match with the cops was just building to the funny spots instead of being any sort of blood feud. Drago/Mack was fine but super short. At least next week looks loaded. Hoping we can get at least one of the matches without a run-in.

    Posted my BOLA thoughts here: https://t.co/7l9G4QfHkP

    I love when he does that. It's just an easy way to poke the trolls who bother him on twitter all day. Good for Dave to give it back once in a while.

    Honestly... I just hope to god (Rey Jr.) that if the show comes to an end, we get a clean break. All the wrestlers are allowed to go their own way and do what they want. No hassles, no asterisks in the contracts nobody noticed when they signed, no bullshit. The boys have been patient enough & it'd be beyond evil to tie them up like that MTV lucha show for no reason if a show doesn't exist any more.
  15. General Lucha Libre Comments

    BTW One of the hilarious things from the fallout of the incident is 50% of wrestlers on twitter talking about how things needs to change when it comes to bullying/hazing/etc & the other 50% screaming I'M GONNA KILL SEXY STAR WHEN I SEE HER. We need to get on the same page people!