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  1. The Kids Day micros (not mascots!) match might have been more entertaining in the sense it was the first match so everything was new but I thought the Guadalajara match last night was even better! They cleaned some stuff up and did a couple new things. Micro Man is incredible. Don't sleep on these matches thinking they are just 1980's comedy spots, these guys deserve credit!
  2. I would love to brag but I picked the Leafs to lose in 4. I can't even believe what is happening. I know the Caps are yearly chokers but this seemed fed to them on a silver platter. Young team with zero playoff experience, injured goalie, two injured d-men & Caps had just manhandled them last week of the regular season. Series could easily shift and Caps could win next 3 but this Leafs team is just playing great right now and have nothing to lose. They've won everyone's respect already. Could have quit down 3-1 tonight and down 2 men but they just kept going and Caps seemed to fall asleep until it was 3-3. Honestly if the Caps can win this series, and they still can quite easily, this has to be their year because this is the adversity they need to overcome to be champs. It's weird seeing people actually taking a liking to this young Leafs team instead of just being annoyed at Leafs fans.
  3. Code for Sexy Star I hope.
  4. I really liked it. Terry & Navarro looked amazing considering their age. Look at everything they could do compared to... well... I don't wanna open a can of worms... but that dead guy who is much younger than both of them but couldn't work his simple once-a-year match 2 Sundays ago. ;p I'm so happy they put Panther in there instead of the other Panther kid because otherwise the match would have been much worse.
  5. I'm happy. Mostly because this was so unexpected. The only thing we've won is likely a 4 game series with the best team in the NHL without our #1 goalie but what can you do. Still holding out hope somehow for Leafs/Sens & Flames/Oilers but it doesn't look like stars will allign.
  6. Hopefully the rule of deaths come in 3's doesn't end up true. Rough day.
  7. MasLucha put this one up today - Skyman vs Saturno from the recent CaraLucha show. I thought it was pretty great, combining hatred with some really reckless flying spots.
  8. I think the idea is to get CMLL to use him as well so it's cheaper since they'll cover half the costs if not more. The problem is CMLL is very slow to react on these things & the people who make decisions probably don't even know who Zach Sabre Jr. is. It would be up to New Japan to send him and CMLL will just take whoever New Japan sends. It's a weird deal.
  9. That spear was RI-FUCKING-DICULOUS! I popped so loud. Perfectly timed. Also loved Rush doing the Parka strut at one point. LOL
  10. MasLucha put up the full LA Park/Rush match from last night. You'll probably enjoy it if you liked their wild Arena Mexico match last year. Just be forewarned it's an LA Park singles match so viewer beware! I thought it was pretty great. These guys have awesome chemistry & the crowd really wants to see them murder each other. Hopefully I didn't miss the contextual logic.
  11. It's hard for me to accept that Tatsu was trying to tell any kind of story when I was flat out told he hated Mexico, doesn't wanna come back & his performance may or may not have been purposely to make sure nobody from CMLL asked him to return. I understand art is subjective and all that but I didn't see Tatsu honing any gimmick. I saw a guy being as unprofessional as a possible in order to express his displeasure with his overseas assignment from the home company. The crowd left unhappy. A bit happy because Volador won but generally unhappy because they knew that was a bad match. Whether you wanted to see a typical Volador match or not, they wanted to see it. This is a fact I feel like you often miss when discussing Volador but that's for another discussion. He would have happily obliged if not for an unwilling opponent who showed up purposely looking to sabatoge a match. I understand wrestling is art, art is subjective, blah blah... but this is a factual data point: There was no logic in the match. There was Tatsu trying to annoy everyone involved and deliver the worst performance possible. If you enjoyed it, all the more power to you. But I assure you whatever story you think you saw was all in your own head.
  12. Matt, what story are you planning to pretend Diamante Azul & Pierroth are telling on March 17th?
  13. Ultimo Guerrero is just... a fucking beast. Dude had such an incredible performance. Best CMLL match so far this year. Definite must-see.
  14. The IWRG 1/22 show had a couple good matches. The FIVE MATCH FIGHTERS was awesome! Definitely a must-watch. And the Relampago/Imposible match was a really fun heated brawl. Too bad they skipped the Ninja Turtles vs X-Fly match.
  15. I really enjoyed the Crash show. Big time throwback to 1996 Tijuana stuff so maybe I'm biased. Only bleh match was the Brian Cage tag but that was in a rough spot coming after the hot angle and nobody knew who Scorpio Sky was at all.