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  1. Renee says hello
  2. I know it wouldn't happen but how great would it be if the set in the Hollywood Hotel fell apart while Danica is speaking.
  3. Writers from around the league vote on three teams of five players based on the typical basketball positions, ie each team has point guard, shooting guard, small forward, power forward, and center. Take into account this rule is built off the Rose rule where being an All-Star starter (voted on by the fans) and or MVP (voted on by the writers) could effect contracts.
  4. Don't forget the Vince who proposed He or Shane be relieved as the father of Stephanie's first child to Stephanie.
  5. The only problem and its a sort of a big one on the Schivaone pod cast (at least the early episodes) is how its billed as this look behind the curtin of WCW but any time Schivaone is asked about something controversial or behind the scenes he just deflects it with "I dont know I was just the announcer"
  6. Doesn't that fallow a pretty standard pattern...I mean Ohno will likely work a dark match that night or be heavy on any shows they tape on or around it. Didnt the same happen to Crews when he first came in
  7. How 2k and EA haven't figured out how to do that with there games is beyond me.
  8. You say that like wins and loses should matter
  9. 1-18 per Mark Stein
  10. Pelicans 8th seed losing to the Warriors and Boogie ends up nowhere near the franchise next season.
  11. Don't most NBA players have girlfriends in every NBA city?
  12. If so that's the most Emma thing ever
  13. Fixed that for you.