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    They bring the military in because in there view the military fight to protect everyone's right that the flag stands for except the ones those people don't agree with. So the argument goes by protesting the flag your disrespecting the military men and women who died to protect the right to freedom of speech and assembly that the players and others are invoking. Which is the very reason that so many vets openly say they have zero issue with people kneeling or protesting because that's why they did what they did.

    Wait so yours saying HAVE more basketball when people are already complaining about teams sitting players to get them 'rested' before the playoffs? Also owners would never go for a system where they make the playoffs (thous having to pay the players and coaches) but get no money from it. while 8 others teams get all the money. 3) There are so many teams in the 5-6-7-8 range that are one player away. Portland has a great backcourt but they're sort of stuck now in the 6-9 range. Memphis the past few years were a pretty beloved team just one great shooter away from doing some real damage. These are all really well-run teams that are just a player short. We should reward them. If there so well run why arn't they using there assets like draft picks and players to get that one missing player? Why haven't they used free agency or the draft to get that player?

    Isn't that like rule one of being an exec of a Boston pro sports team?

    oh the NBA CBA is hard to fallow

    So Boston just f'ed Thomas over for what he had been looking for. Lol
  6. The Board Game Thread

    My group of over 10+ years uses mini's we also invested in gridded white boards to draw the battle area in. Helps alot with line of sight and range and such. Nothing worse then asking the DM how far you are from an baddie, then the next guy standing next to you asks the same thing and the DM gives a different answers

    Can anyone help me with this...but isn't there a clause that to be eligible for the Super Max deal (ie the one thats like 200+ million) you cant have been traded?
  8. I think that study is flawed if out of 110 nfl players studied 111 had cte. Unless one of them had two brains
  9. Marvel Universe TV Thread

    So let me get this, Jessica Jones has super powers, Luke Cage has super powers, there friends with a blind lawyer who can do karate acrobatics. In the greater world there is a guy who was frozen during World War 2 and now is alive and running around, a guy who can turn into a giant green monster, two guys with flying suites of armor, a Norse God that walks on earth, and a kid who flings himself around New York solving crimes. But a guy who can channel his chi is a bridge to far?
  10. Games of Thrones Unsullied thread

    Piracy and you have to remember unlike network television HBO doesn't get to go to advertisers and say GoT is the top rated show so a 30sec ad this year is going to cost you 35% more.

    Also lets not forget about the things like up down were heels and faces interact all the time
  12. Games of Thrones Unsullied thread

    I think Sam will learn of his dads passing when he stops back at his family home on his way to winterfell or the wall
  13. Games of Thrones Unsullied thread

    If that was the case then so many people wouldn't be complaining about it recently
  14. Games of Thrones Unsullied thread

    I'm shocked someone hasn't spent the time to figured that all out
  15. 2017 NBA OFFSEASON

    California has legal medical weed but even in states with legal weed there are limits to the amount you can have on your person without it being a crime.