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    depending on leauge scoring it assuming 6pts for a TD then Id be 12pts 6 for the throwing TD and 6 from Receiving TD

    So you now have a unified world title but two brands running 'ppv' every month. Is the champ going to have to defend the belt on both shows ppv and do build for both matches?
  3. 2017 NFL: WEEK SEVEN

    Wait wait wait. You don't think he could tell the difference between, his team mates ( who were in all white uniforms), the chiefs players (in all red), and the refs in black and white stripes?
  4. 2017 NFL: WEEK SEVEN

    Can someone explain to me why offensive penalties with no time outs left under two minutes don't result in a :10 run off?
  5. 2017 The Stuff About Sports Media Thread

    Actually for those thinking Katie will be part of Greenie's show. If you listen to Richard Deitsch SI: Media Podcast, hes said its very likely ESPN wanted Katie on the show but Katie didn't want it because she sees the writing on the wall that if it fails ESPN wont hold it on Greenie but on her.

    Not this year at least. Likely to be a special on TNT one of the Thursdays before All-Star-Weekend. Think they want time to be able to make up unis for everyone and have the teams set for the couple of practices they have that weekend. Personally I think if your going this to do this the NBA should have just gone all in. Top 24 players based on the fan vote, top two captions. if any of those 24 are injured then Silver picks a replacement. The draft is done during All-Star Saturday and Sunday is a shirts vs skins game. Oh and players call fouls.

    Can we just call this the 'We don't want Lebron to lose by 100 in the all star game' rule

    Since the start of this whole thing nearly every early game. The late games usually had a video package coming back from a brake.

    The two sticking points I have are the 'encouraged' to be accessible to fans for interaction before the game. What the hell does that even mean. And second what would prevent a team from listing player a as injured and then sit player b who isn't injured even thou player a isn't really injured?

    If you remove the amateur rule then schools don't have to pay the players a dime. Just allow the players to seek out endorsement deals no different then any other 'entertainer'. Why is it ok for the drama major who might also be on scholarship to be able to get payed for acting jobs while still in school but Joe PG cant?
  11. The Board Game Thread

    Correct me if I'm wrong but its more Nerdist online pay streaming service using Geek & Sundry's name and people.

    They bring the military in because in there view the military fight to protect everyone's right that the flag stands for except the ones those people don't agree with. So the argument goes by protesting the flag your disrespecting the military men and women who died to protect the right to freedom of speech and assembly that the players and others are invoking. Which is the very reason that so many vets openly say they have zero issue with people kneeling or protesting because that's why they did what they did.
  13. 2017 NBA OFFSEASON

    Wait so yours saying HAVE more basketball when people are already complaining about teams sitting players to get them 'rested' before the playoffs? Also owners would never go for a system where they make the playoffs (thous having to pay the players and coaches) but get no money from it. while 8 others teams get all the money. 3) There are so many teams in the 5-6-7-8 range that are one player away. Portland has a great backcourt but they're sort of stuck now in the 6-9 range. Memphis the past few years were a pretty beloved team just one great shooter away from doing some real damage. These are all really well-run teams that are just a player short. We should reward them. If there so well run why arn't they using there assets like draft picks and players to get that one missing player? Why haven't they used free agency or the draft to get that player?
  14. 2017 NBA OFFSEASON

    Isn't that like rule one of being an exec of a Boston pro sports team?
  15. 2017 NBA OFFSEASON

    oh the NBA CBA is hard to fallow