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  1. Not likely if they go Boss & Hug vs Semi Somalian Slaughterhouse for the Tag Titles.
  2. Why would they need another three way if Becky beats Charlotte?
  3. Some of the other evidence for Ronda disliking the Boos was it wasn't short after the Becky Ronda promo where she fumbled the lines that the reports of her wanting to take time of to have a baby/go part time came out.
  4. Yeah but I can sorta see where Virk is coming from he just signed a four year deal and for everything we know this was a first strike. Why not suspend him for a few weeks and limit his ability to do interviews outside of the mother ship for like a year.
  5. Stop holding him up as the be all end all of wrestling news
  6. I disagree Alexa is his Raw version of Mandy. Just listen to any of her Moments of Bliss.
  7. I fear what would happen if Mandy and Alexa ever face off.
  8. If your going to go with a Ronda passes out to double submissions. Why not just have the match end and have Becky and Charlotte wrestle at the next ppv for the Raw Women's title?
  9. muhammedboehm

    30 For 30

    The part that I don't get is there were at least three different Brave players interviewed at that time who said its no big deal were all behind Deion. And yet the media made it out to be a club house issue.
  10. I love that people are upset that the Chargers have to fly cross country for there playoff game which will have a 10am local start time.
  11. The first round games played at the top 4 schools the weekend after Army-Navy.
  12. Are we 100% sure AEW will actually have a womens division?
  13. If the rumors/talk when the Smackdown deal with Fox was true. Is there any reason to think ESPN would possibly be someone looking at an AEW tv deal?
  14. Any chance Paige could go to the PC or back to her home land and become a trainer or do something with NXT: UK?
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