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  1. Mike and the please watch us cause if you don't were going to have to fire hundred more people to pay off his contract. (or is that to on the nose?)
  2. The thing you seam to have left out of this report is what was one thing different he did between game one and games two, three, and four? Answer he stopped where is dads company shoe.
  3. I'm not going to hold my breath that he actually sees all 228. Isn't it just as likely they keep doing extensions that bring his single year cap hit down?
  4. I just don't understand that logic on Ainge. What exactly is he supposed to do when one of the chips he was trying to aquire team would take the best offer out of spite?
  5. A side note is Hayward wife is high on Miami as a living spot.
  6. The same odds that Russ likes playing with PG13 so much he goes home to LA with him.
  7. LBJ Irving Love I. Thomas K. Porzingis Antetokounmpo Drummond? Embiid? DeRozen? Bradley?
  8. Does anyone else feel weird all these moves are coming out and Woj is no where to be seen cause of the move to ESPN?
  9. Paul George has told the Pacers hes done with them after next season and wants to sign with them via free agency.
  10. So if 3 on 3 basketball will be played at the Olympics will it be like swimming and track and field where the 3 on 3 team will come from the already assembled national teams or will it be a separate team? And if its a separate team who do we think from the current rank and file NBA would make the best national 3 on 3 teams?
  11. Renee says hello
  12. I know it wouldn't happen but how great would it be if the set in the Hollywood Hotel fell apart while Danica is speaking.
  13. Writers from around the league vote on three teams of five players based on the typical basketball positions, ie each team has point guard, shooting guard, small forward, power forward, and center. Take into account this rule is built off the Rose rule where being an All-Star starter (voted on by the fans) and or MVP (voted on by the writers) could effect contracts.
  14. Don't forget the Vince who proposed He or Shane be relieved as the father of Stephanie's first child to Stephanie.