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  1. Can someone please explain one thing about draft pick swaps. If I understand right for this example Brooklyn and Houston. If Houston has a better record or draft spot then Brooklyn they would get the draft pick. But what happens if say Brooklyn has a better spot then Houston?
  2. I would guess if Pac vs Page happened MJF wins the Battle Royal.
  3. How long before the first dirt sheet report that Charlotte complained about not being on Raw with Andrade?
  4. Not to mention its just as likely to change ten minutes into the show as it is ten minutes before the show.
  5. I understand this thinking but also what prevents the WWE from holding another Shake up end of September to get those people moved over?
  6. Evolve annouced there contracts ended earlier this week that's why they weren't booked for Tampa.
  7. Not likely if they go Boss & Hug vs Semi Somalian Slaughterhouse for the Tag Titles.
  8. Why would they need another three way if Becky beats Charlotte?
  9. Some of the other evidence for Ronda disliking the Boos was it wasn't short after the Becky Ronda promo where she fumbled the lines that the reports of her wanting to take time of to have a baby/go part time came out.
  10. Yeah but I can sorta see where Virk is coming from he just signed a four year deal and for everything we know this was a first strike. Why not suspend him for a few weeks and limit his ability to do interviews outside of the mother ship for like a year.
  11. Stop holding him up as the be all end all of wrestling news
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