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  1. I'm surprised that anyone keeps their old tweets up. Especially since there's many apps and sites to quickly delete. Actually is there a way to quickly delete old DVDVR posts?
  2. I hope Chuckie T wins the title.
  3. At least Brock has a decent chance of winning unlike Yuji Nagata vs Cro Cop or Fedor.
  4. It never said he hit her though. If he had hit her it would have been aggravated battery or assault which would be felonies.
  5. Was slightly leaning for Homna but voted Busick to help neutralize your vote.
  6. Pentagon Jr is really good at promos and never tried to get people to chant rooty tooty booty. Jericho lost to Fandango at Mania, I can totally see Jericho jobbing to Sexy and thinking it's gonna make her huge.
  7. I find it hilarious that gassed to the gills Batista always beat Mark Henry with a spinebuster, but chubby Kevin Owens was able powerbomb him.
  8. IHFP

    NXT 2015 - Q4

    Remember how unflattering Solomon Crowes look was and how everyone commented on it. Bull Dempsey also got a lot of comments about his shitty look and unflattering attire.
  9. What kind of out of touch loser would still have @juno email account?
  10. But we need more roid monsters, there's only Ryback now.
  11. That should be DVDVR's tagline.
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