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  1. We’re not gonna fucking cheap out on Leatherface’s mask either.
  2. The Dani scene I was talking about with the bad dialogue...
  3. The opening scene of Terminator: Dark Fate is upsetting a lot of people but for me, it was too quick to make much of an impact. The cast is really strong for the most part. Mackenzie Davis is a welcome addition and it’s great to see Linda Hamilton back. This is easily Arnold Schwarzenegger’s best work in the franchise since T2. I kind of loved the Rev 9 as a a machine. It feels like what the T-X should have been. It’s hard for Gabriel Luna to follow in the footsteps of Arnold and Robert Patrick but he does a good job. Natalia Reyes plays a character (and actress) that is still trying to find her footing here. There’s one scene particular that is quite bad, the dialogue does not help. The action is pretty good, but the end sequence is a bit too over the top for my tastes. It’s literally a combination of all the previous Terminator movies, A-Team and the Fast & Furious franchise. Much like the end sequence, the story is rehashing what has come before it. The future has changed but the past plays out much the same. Still, the leads do a good job pulling it forward. Their performances and the majority of the action scenes made it enjoyable for me. 7/10
  4. They screened it at the Alamo Drafthouse. They were supposed to show T2 and twenty minutes of Dark Fate but surprised people by showing Dark Fate in its entirely. Most reviews are calling it solid and comparing it to The Force Awakens. Praise for Linda Hamilton and Mackenzie Davis.
  5. I thought it was an anthem for hockey teams and that one scene in The Office.
  6. It has nothing to do with Joker hating women. He saw it too, thought it was disturbing.
  7. That’s exactly what a friend asked me if that’s what the movie is about after I saw it.
  8. I’m going for a third time on Tuesday with some co-workers. I know they want to let these directors do their own thing but man, it would be nice for Joaquin to stick around for a while. If the Pattinson Batman takes off just throw him in there. He doesn’t even have to be Arthur Fleck.
  9. I feel just kind of numb to the spoilers that I've read. I'm still going to see the movie but considering Salvation and Genisys, I'm not really expecting this to go anywhere. '
  10. Hello. I saw Joker last night and I loved it. My fear based on early word was that he would either be too sympathetic or they would display him as a hero figure. Thankfully, neither are the case. I did have some sympathy for him early on but that quickly disappears when he you see he's a very, very bad person. A friend asked me if he was a sexist incel, I don't really know where that comes from. Joaquin Phoenix should obviously get an Oscar nomination, I'd like to see Hildur Guðnadóttir get one as well for the amazing score.
  11. The humour felt very Marvel and they are under the same umbrella so..... I liked the movie but what a waste Snoke turned out to be. And your big idea for one of your new heroes was terrible looking CG intergalactic casino horse racing? Seriously, I almost fell asleep during Finn’s scenes. How was I supposed to care/ not be annoyed when they kept splicing his shit in between Luke and Rey?
  12. Justice League certainly has its flaws but I can’t remember ever coming out of a movie feeling that happy and smiling so much.
  13. There are two mid or post credits scenes, both of which have leaked and are pretty fucking great. There's another really big scene that leaked as well, CGI looks poor. If this scene was part of the reshoots, I can't imagine they had too much time to work on it. Still, I really liked this scene. I'm still really excited to see it tomorrow.
  14. Gotham's Scarecrow design is pretty rad.
  15. I went to see Terminator 2 in 3D a few weeks ago. The 3D didn't really do anything for me but hearing the theme blasting from theater speakers during the intro is still fucking amazing. Also, T2 3D in Orlando is closing down next month. Thank god I got to go twice during Mania week.
  16. Tim Miller will direct the next Terminator, he and James Cameron put together the story and Cameron is producing. Linda Hamilton and Arnold will return and it will star an 18 year old female lead. Writers room included David Goyer and Josh Friedman. They're planning a trilogy because of course they are.
  17. Now Matt Reeves is saying his Batman movie is stand alone, Hollywood Reporter said it won't star Affleck but later removed it. Affleck himself talked about working with Reeves at Comic Con. And the Crazy, Stupid Love writers are writing a Harley/Joker movie that may or may not be the Gotham City Sirens movie that is already in the works. I'm confused. But I'm seeing The Dark Knight in a movie theater tomorrow so that's cool.
  18. The best part about the villains was that one scene...
  19. I liked it a lot, thought it was sweet and kind of moving. Gadot is so lovely as Diana when she first arrives in London, just completely lovely and innocent. And when see goes to war and the theme kicks in? Goosebumps. Also, that new DC Intro.
  20. Eh hee, he also wrote the story and cast Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. His hands were all over the DCEU when WW was in production.
  21. Wonder Woman is getting a lot of positive reactions from critics on Twitter. http://batman-news.com/2017/05/18/wonder-woman-critics-reactions/
  22. Dolph Lundgren is King Nereus in Aquaman. FUCK YEAH
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